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Voyager is probably my favorite Star Trek series, though I am liking the new universe with the most recent movie and think it was very smart for the brand- I am looking forward to that.

As far as fanfiction for the fandom, I am a slash writer, and with VOY, I am addicted to good angst fics. I'm sad that the fandom has slowed down so much, but I'm still looking forward to writing for it.


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Stories by Lady Shadow

Breathe by Lady Shadow

Rating: NC-17 (Reviews - 1)


"If he'd been a mediocre pilot he would have never been cashiered out of the fleet, would have never been picked up the Maquis, and would have therefore never been saved from prison by Kathryn Janeway and catapulted 70,000 light years from home.

Consequentially, he would also not be sitting in another stinking cell on an another alien planet with only the dubious hope of rescue to keep him from going insane."

Category: Tuvok/Paris Fanfiction | Genres: Angst, Hurt/Comfort
Warnings: Non-con, Rape
Challenge: None
Chapters: 2 (Table of Contents) Series: None
Completed: Yes | Word Count: 7048 | Read: 9945

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Published: 12/02/11 | Last Updated: 01/04/11

Don't Fall by Lady Shadow

Rating: NC-17 (Reviews - 1)
Summary: They think he's betrayed them again, and they're entirely unforgiving this time. Other pairings eventually, though they're undecided that the moment. Most likely C/P and/or P/Tu, because they're my favorites.
Category: Ayala/Paris Fanfiction | Genres: Angst
Warnings: Violence
Challenge: None
Chapters: 5 (Table of Contents) Series: None
Completed: No | Word Count: 28200 | Read: 15630

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Published: 13/07/05 | Last Updated: 30/12/07

The Paris Redemption Sagas: Book One by Lady Shadow

Rating: PG to NC-17 (Reviews - 0)
Summary: Tom gets left on an alien planet. Not quite so typical as you might think. Not what you might expect from me, and I can safely say that I, at least, have never read anything quite like this.
Category: Paris/Harry Fanfiction | Genres: A/U
Warnings: None
Challenge: None
Chapters: 4 (Table of Contents) Series: None
Completed: No | Word Count: 16527 | Read: 10749

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Published: 18/07/05 | Last Updated: 15/09/05