Foreplay: The drabble series by Mandy

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The Bonus Card series


1. Chakotay's Idea


"You want to have sex in a semi-public place where we run the risk of getting caught?” Tom looked quizzically at Chakotay.


Chakotay nodded. “It wasn't so bad when the others were here. And the banana thing was really rather fun.”


“But you ordered me never to do that again.”


“You won't be. We'll be in this together. Besides, it's just the risk of getting caught. I don't plan for that to actually happen.”


“You've got somewhere in mind then?” Tom was not averse to the idea. “Not one of the Jefferies tubes, I hope. That's so passé.”


“No. Airponics.”





2. One Afternoon in Airponics


Neelix had already been and gone. Nobody was scheduled to work there for the next hour; Chakotay had made sure of that.


Tom pushed Chakotay against the wall as soon as they entered. He kissed him hungrily for a few minutes and then stepped back. “No locks,” he reiterated and dropped to knees.


“Wait, Tom. Behind the seedlings. Please.”


“All right. No point getting caught out straight away.”


Once they were in the far corner of the room, he freed Chakotay's cock, stroked it to hardness and used his hands and mouth to bring him off.


Then the doors opened.



3. Caught!



Tuvok entered the Airponics Bay to check on some transplanted orchids.


Chakotay tried to calm his breathing. He touched a shaky hand to the leaves on the closest plants. He trusted Tom to fix his clothing as quietly as possible.


Catching sight of him, Tuvok spoke. “Commander, I was unaware anyone would be here.”


“Tuvok! We were just... just seeing if any of the tomatoes were ready. Neelix promised us fresh soup.”




Tom stood slowly. “None on the lower levels,” he announced.


“Those trays contain basil and coriander,” said Tuvok dryly. They were playing their game again, he surmised.