Foreplay: The drabble series by Mandy

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31. An Olfactory Fantasy

“They say the scent of vanilla increases lust. Are you feeling lusty?”

“I might be. Let me smell it again.”

“Well, what about cinnamon? Surveys show one of the most arousing scents for men is the smell of warm cinnamon rolls.”

“Can we warm it up?”


Tom poured a little of the cinnamon scented oil onto his hands, rubbed them together, and then inched them under his shirt and massaged over his belly and chest. He waited a minute and then moved next to Chakotay.


Chakotay raised Tom’s shirt and ran his nose along Tom’s torso.

“Mmmmm…I’m aroused.”

32. Sensual Heaven


The other sock was removed. Chakotay landed on another ‘Tactile’ space.


Chakotay stood and peeled off his shirt…slowly.

Tom’s protests of ‘rigged’ died away. His favorite view was mouthwatering. He grabbed the bottle of cinnamon oil, poured some more into his hands and proceeded to attack the smooth bronze expanse. Chakotay gave up trying to draw his card and enjoyed Tom’s ministrations.


“Hmmm?” Tom was in sensual heaven…

“About my Bonus Card…”

“Hmmm?”…licking and biting cinnamon flavored nipples…

“Six people noticed your performance with the banana. I think that deserves six Bonus Cards, don’t you?”

“Hmmm?…Sure…Six cards…Whatever…”

33. Teasing Tom

“But I wasn’t concentrating. Well, I was, but…ummm…not on the details of what you actually said.” Grumbling.

“You agreed to six Bonus Cards, Tom.” Patiently.

“But Chakotay, that’s not fair.” Whining

“Don’t you want to play any more?” Teasingly.

“Yes.” Pause. “You’ll use all the Bonus Cards up.” Triumphantly.

“Where are the cards, Tom?” Sternly.

“There’s a packet in the bottom of the box. The Level One cards are in the blue envelope.” Huffily.


“Found it.” Pause. “Listen to this. ‘As the winner of a Bonus Card you may choose whether you give and/or receive the fantasy.’ ” Suggestively.

34. Another Tactile Fantasy

“Should I have my regular turn first, before I check out the bonus cards? It’s another Tactile Fantasy.”

“Tactile, hmmm? And I’m receiving again?”

“Yes. You wanna play now?”

“Okay – I really like these tactile things. Don’t forget I want to try out that vibrating glove some more.”

“ Me too. One Tactile Fantasy coming up. ‘ Experiment with …’ hang on; this will be better if you don’t know what’s coming. Get your shirt off and go lie down on the bed again. Afterwards we’ll play with the glove.”

“That good is it?”

“Oh yeah! Trust me…”

“I do.”

35. Fire and Ice

Tom lay spread-eagled on the bed; naked, blindfolded, restrained.

His mouth was dry with nervous anticipation as he waited for Chakotay.

Several unidentifiable clatters sounded from the side of the bed, signaling he was now in the room. There was a rustle Tom’s experience told him was Chakotay undressing. The edge of the bed dipped, but not a word was spoken.

A warm tongue licked along one thigh.

A huff of air…


…was followed by…


…as a whistling breath was blown over the dampness.

Goosebumps appeared on Tom’s skin, his breathing became irregular and he moaned with the repetition of licking, huffing and blowing in unexpected places.

A hand applied oil to Tom’s thigh. Breath caused the lotion to heat.


The sexy-toned voice had roughened.

Another fragrance, complimentary to the first, permeated the air as different oil splashed onto Tom’s other thigh.

Now the breath chilled his skin to the sound of …


One hand then the other stroked Tom in random order, so he never knew whether to expect heat or chill.


That sent a chill, as hot candle wax dripped.

An ice-block stoked his skin to the sound of…


And Tom burned.

to be continued