Foreplay: The drabble series by Mandy

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26. A Fantasy For the Taste Buds

“ ‘If you want to know how somebody is during lovemaking, watch him closely when and how he is eating.’

Below is a list of edible items. Prepare your partner a pleasing meal choosing from these ingredients:

Anchovies, asparagus, chocolate, licorice, onions, oysters, pinenuts, celery, artichokes, scallops, ginseng, honey, chili, bananas…”

Chakotay stopped reading the card he’d drawn as Tom started laughing.

“Oh man! They are all aphrodisiacs, aren’t they? Go all out Chak, I’ll spring for half the rations.”

“Onions? An aphrodisiac?”

“Yeah. They restore sexual vigor. And the smell of black licorice increases penile blood flow.”

“No kidding?!”

27. Aphrodisiacal Delights

Chakotay stripped the artichoke of its leaves, dipped each in melted butter and held them up to Tom, who scraped the tender flesh with his strong white teeth, occasionally licking or nipping the brown fingers.

Some asparagus spears followed accompanied by a flavorsome dipping sauce. A green asparagus tip traced Tom’s lips, before being slid between them.

Small pots of spicy vegetarian chili, accompanied by saffron rice and salad followed.

Chakotay solemnly informed Tom that saffron made erogenous zones more sensitive, and avocado was known as the fruit of the testicle tree.

A classical aphrodisiac finished the meal; chocolate-dipped strawberries.

28. Strip Foreplay

Tom drew another Couples card.

" 'Chose a card game you know and play the 'strip' version.' "

Chakotay shook his head.

"We've played strip poker before. Let's keep playing this."

"Okay. How about 'Strip Foreplay'?"


"If you throw a six, you have to remove a piece of clothing."

"We're using two dice - do you mean a total of six?"

"How about totalling six, and if a six appears on either die, plus
it's two pieces for a twelve?"


Chakotay threw a twelve, smirked and removed his shoes.

"Tactile. Six. Give."

Off came a sock, and he flipped the next card.

29. Another Tactile Fantasy

Tom was on the receiving end of another massage from Chakotay.

Chakotay often worked the kinks out of Tom’s back after he’d spent a long day at the helm, but this was different.

He lay face down, spread-eagled on the bed. He’d elected to wear the blindfold again, as that was not something he did for a regular back rub.

Tom shivered, lost in a sensual haze as Chakotay’s large hand, encased in a nylon glove, stroked along his spine, hips to neck only, as per instructions. Lightly, firmly…
And then the vibrations started.

“It’s a Fukuoku glove,” murmured Chakotay.

30. Tom’s Turn Again

“A Fukuoku glove?”

“You’re not the only one who can research items in the database.”

“Leave the glove here. I can think of some other places that should be vibrated!”

Tom began pulling his clothes back on.

“Why are you getting dressed again?”

“Gotta have something to take off in case I roll a six. Now back to the game. It’s my turn.”


“Eight.” …Grin…”Olfactory. Four.”…Another grin.

“ ‘In the box you will find a selection of oils. Atomize the scent throughout the air and place on the skin. Discuss with your partner which aromas they find sensual.’ ”

to be continued