Foreplay: The drabble series by Mandy

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20. Evocative Vs Provocative

Geron indicated the board game at the side of the room. It was obvious a game was in progress. He picked one of the cards and read it. He started to speak but Chakotay interrupted.

”Don’t read it out, Geron. Tom and I haven’t read the cards in advance. The surprise is part of the game.”

“But this sounds…fun!”

“It is,” smirked Tom.

“How do you play?”

Tom explained.

“You drew a card that told you to become a nude model?”

“Actually Chakotay had to receive a provocative picture.”

“But Tom, these were evocative. I took some more provocative poses.”

21. Now That’s Provocative

B’Elanna returned from her quarters and handed Chakotay a photograph. It was labeled, ‘The View From the Commander’s Chair’ and showed a back view of Tom seated at the Conn.

He passed it around. Tom guessed what was coming next. Sure enough, the second photo, same pose, was labeled ‘The View the Commander Would Like to Have’. The back of the seat was missing. Tom was wearing only a pair of tight jeans.

B’Elanna presented the last two shots, showing Tom first in a tiny pair of black bathers, then nothing at all.

Heard amidst the laughter,

“Now that’s provocative!”

22. The Banana Instructions

“So, Tom, what were the instructions for …the banana?”

Tom closed his eyes and recited, “ ‘Do not read this card out loud. When you are both in a group situation, choose a piece of fruit and eat it in an erotic but unobtrusive manner. If you achieve this with only your partner noticing, you draw a bonus card. If anyone other than your partner comments on your actions, your partner draws a bonus card.’ Some group situations are then listed.”

“Why couldn’t you read it out loud?”

“Ask Chakotay how he’s felt, wondering what I was going to do.”

23. A Choice Tidbit

Greg considered his best friend. He smiled and spoke teasingly,

“Okay, Tom’s had to send you pictures and …eat fruit…for you; what have you been doing for him?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?”

“You bet! A few choice tidbits?”

Chakotay thought, and answered blandly,

“I’ve given Tom a massage or two, cooked him a meal, we’ve danced…”

“I’ve seen you guys dance. Bor-ring! You just stand and sway.”

“That’s all the crew is going to see…Stop it, Tom!”

Tom had started singing raunchily while grinding his pelvis into Chakotay’s butt and running his hands up and down his lover’s chest.

24. A Package For B’Elanna

“Let’s return to the card game.”

“Tom, you haven’t drawn any cards telling you to turn this into strip poker?”

“Very funny, B’Elanna.”

“I might have wanted to wear extra clothes.”

“You’re safe. The banana was the only outstanding card… this time.”

“If we get other invitations to play cards with you, we’ll know there’s probably an ulterior motive and to come prepared.”

* * * * * *

Tom slipped B’Elanna a package as she was leaving. Neither had mentioned the photos he’d taken of her. Tom hoped she’d appreciate the computer enhancements he’d made to some of them.

25. No Apricots Either

“That went well, didn’t it?” commented Tom as the two men tidied up.



“Tom. You are NEVER to eat a banana in public again.”

“Even if one is all that’s available?”


“What about apricots?”

Tom picked out two apricots from the bowl and rolled them together suggestively. He raised them to his mouth and ran his tongue over the fruit.

“You’re incorrigible! No apricots either. Only when we’re alone, okay?”

“Is that why you didn’t serve any bananas or apricots to me last week? They were on the list.”

Tom remembered the last card Chakotay had drawn.

To Be Continued