Foreplay: The drabble series by Mandy

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13. Teasing Chakotay

“Everyone’s coming?”


Tom arranged supper, including a bowl of fruit, while Chakotay set up chairs.

They took seats opposite each other at Tom’s insistence.

“We can play footsies.”

“Is that what the card said?”

“No, but we can play footsies anyway.”

“Are you going to make faces at me?”

Tom leaned back, partially lowered his eyelids, and lasciviously licked his lips.

“No, not faces,” he laughed.

“Just a hint?” Chakotay pleaded. For two days he had tried to find out what the Foreplay card had instructed Tom to do.

“It was just a ‘Torture Chakotay’ plot, huh?”

“Not exactly!”

14. Visual Fantasy 3; double drabble

Tom chose some fruit from the bowl and returned to his seat. He caught Chakotay’s attention, quirked the corner of his mouth and lowered one eyelid.

He sat and unobtrusively placed a banana on the arm of his seat, then licked a large strawberry with the tip of his tongue, before biting into the ripe flesh. He ran his tongue around his lips…twice.

Cards were in hiatus. Tom joined in a discussion about modifications to the Delta Flyer. He ran his index finger along the banana several times then grasped and, seemingly unconscious of his movements, peeled it…slowly, caressingly.

Chakotay tried to listen to Greg and Tuvok’s conversation, without drawing attention to the fact he was watching Tom’s performance. This was what had been written on that Foreplay card.

The top of the banana was inserted into Tom’s mouth, and withdrawn without a single bite having been taken. It glistened in the light from the room. B’Elanna was involved in a detailed explanation that did not require any comments from Tom, so he was able to repeat the maneuver twice more, the banana going a little further each time.

That was around the time Kathryn Janeway realized something was happening.

15. The Horns of a Dilemma

Kathryn Janeway was on the horns of a dilemma. Should she get coffee, which she sorely needed, and risk missing part of the performance, or should she remain seated and distracted?

B’Elanna now had a PADD and was using it to demonstrate a point to Harry. Greg had turned towards Tuvok as they talked, so at least three of these four were unaware of Tom’s antics.

Kathryn was amused to observe Chakotay had broken out in a light sweat and was squirming uncomfortably.

Unexpectedly Geron caught her gaze. He winked, and nodded towards Tom, who was now deep-throating the banana.

16. One of Those Moments

It was one of those moments, when something in the air causes all conversations to stop simultaneously, and everyone’s attention is drawn to one event.

Tom’s head was tilted back, his eyes were closed and seven people with varying expressions watched as his throat muscles swallowed several times. As he lowered his head, the saliva-coated banana was slowly withdrawn.

He returned to the present and realized he was the centre of attention. A wicked expression appeared on his face as he looked directly into Chakotay’s eyes. He licked along the length of the banana, and then bit off the top.

17. Please Explain

Tom finished the banana and smiled beatifically. He began cataloging everyone’s reactions.

Tuvok predictably raised one eyebrow, though not to its maximum height.

Geron grinned widely.

Greg turned to Chakotay to stir him.

Harry blushed, and a comment by B’Elanna only deepened it.

The plan had been to go with ‘subtle’ and stop if anyone other than Chakotay noticed him, but he’d become immersed in a private fantasy and…

“Tom…” It was a rare occasion Kathryn was lost for words, but this was one. Taking refuge in her command persona she started again.

“Mr Paris. Would you care to explain?”

18. It’s all A Game

“The devil made me do it?”

Tom’s angelic expression was too good to be true. Janeway shook her head.

“C’mon Tom. What gives?” Harry spoke out.

Tom looked at Chakotay, who shrugged, then nodded.

“It’s a game.”

“A game?”

“Actually part of a board game we’re playing,” Chakotay confirmed.

“You’re both playing?”

“We’ve been playing for about two weeks now.”

B’Elanna snapped her fingers.

“The photos were for the game! Neither of you let on.”

“What game?”

“What photos?”

Anyone going to the bathroom would see the photos displayed on the wall, so Tom led an entourage into the bedroom.

19. What is That Game?

“Your photography is of a high standard.”

Tuvok broke the silence. He made further some comments about light, shade and artistic composition.

“You’re a lucky man, Chakotay.”

Kathryn turned to Tom. “Be proud. They’re beautiful!”

She beckoned and he leant down. She whispered something, causing him to grin and blush.

Embarrassed, Greg nonetheless asked, “B’Elanna, could you take some pictures for us?”

Harry looked from Tom, to B’Elanna and back to the prints. Once, he glanced at Chakotay. He shook his head, and enquired, “Why did you need to get these photos taken? What is the game, Tom?”

“It’s Foreplay!”

continued in chapter 4