Foreplay: The drabble series by Mandy

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Drabble 8: Visual Fantasy Number 2 - double drabble.

Chakotay opened the parcel and laid out three large, black-and-white toned prints. He picked up the first to study it.

Tom was at a beach, naked and lying prone in the shallows. His head, supported on his folded arms, faced away from the camera. His wet hair curled riotously around his scalp. Small waves washed over his lower body, frozen in time as they caressed his thighs and the crack between his buttocks, the globes of his ass rising just above the foam. Sharp focus showed individual drops of water, discernable on the well-delineated musculature of his back.

The second was almost a side view. Tom was sitting in deeper water, leaning back supported on his elbows, with his face tilted to the sun. His closer leg was stretched out and the farther leg bent at the knee. Waves obscured the detail of his groin. However it was to Tom’s face the gaze was drawn. His eyes were closed and he wore an expression of unabashed ecstasy.

The third was a close-up of Tom, still naked, standing in a myriad of water drops he had just splashed up into the air. He was leaning forward, smiling joyously.

Chakotay inhaled deeply.

Drabble 9: A Little Mystery

Chakotay considered the three prints Tom had sent to him. He had been expecting a blatantly sexual holopic, not three stunningly sensual poses. These were worthy of displaying, though Chakotay did not want to hang them in his office.

He wondered who the photographer was. Not the Doctor. They were definitely not his style. He propped them up on the desk and stood back to get a better view.
The door chimed, Chakotay wasn’t thinking and responded distractedly, “Come.”

“Oh, he gave them to you already. Which ones did he choose?”

“You know about them?”

“I should. I took them.”

Drabble 10: Playing Again

Tom drew a card from the visual pile.

“Do not read this out loud. Ooops!”

He continued silently reading; a smile broke over his features. He tucked the card into his pocket, and drew a ‘couples’ card.

“Aren’t you going to tell me what the card said?”


“Then when do I get to find out what you have to do?”

Tom considered. “In forty-eight hours. We need to invite some people over for cards and supper, if that’s okay.”


“Because. I’ll ask Harry, B’Elanna, Kathryn, Tuvok and Greg. Anyone else?”

“Geron’s with Greg.”

“Okay. Now, ‘a couples’ activity.”

11. A Card For Two

The picture was a silhouetted couple. Tom consulted the rules.

“It’s something we do together, no need to throw the die again.”

He gave Chakotay the card.

“Choose a selection of music and dance together for at least ten minutes. You must have some physical contact with you partner.”

Deemed a useful skill for Starfleet functions, Tom was an accomplished dancer. Chakotay was good but not in Tom’s class. They rarely danced together in public on Voyager, usually just swaying together in a corner. They stood; Tom grasped Chakotay’s hips and pulled him in close. Now they could let loose.

12. Tactile Fantasy

Dancing over, they sat.

“Keep playing, Tom. I haven’t done anything for you.”

“It’s your turn.”

“Eleven…Hands. A tactile fantasy… Two. Give.”… Smiling… “Use your hands and mouth on your partner’s hand and forearm. You have the option to heighten the experience by removing other senses.”

Tom handed Chakotay the blindfold from the box, and extended his left arm.

A single finger traced circles on Tom’s palm. His fingers were stroked slowly, individually, then his forearm massaged to his elbow. A wet tongue followed the same path and then each finger was sucked strongly into a warm mouth and laved.

continued in chapter 3