Foreplay: The drabble series by Mandy

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Disclaimer: I don't own the rights to anything Trek or the real boardgame 'Foreplay'. Not having personally played it, I don't know how much Tom and Chakotay's game resembles the real thing.

1. Foreplay

Tom set out the board game on the table, placing the cards, counters and dice with care. The box of props was on the floor nearby. He moved to the replicator to program supper, and then returned to the sofa to further study the instructions while he waited for Chakotay to return. They often played cards, together and with others, watched vids or used the holodeck for relaxation. Tom hoped Chakotay would enjoy the change.

Chakotay entered and warmly greeted Tom with a kiss .

“What have you got there?”

“A new board game. Wanna play?”

“What’s it called?”


2. Let’s Play


“Yes. A game for couples. I found it in the database and replicated it. I thought it had…possibilities. Also a change from Strip Poker!”

Tom retrieved the supper from the replicator and sat opposite Chakotay, who studied the board with interest.

“So how do we play?”

“We move our counters round the board in turn and draw cards from the appropriate piles. You read out the instructions, and roll the dice again. Evens you are the giver, odds you receive from the other player whatever the card says. I’ve only put the first level cards out ”

“Let’s play.”

3. First Move


Chakotay moved his counter eight places.

“I’ve landed on the eyes. What now?”

“Take the top card from the ‘Visual’ pile.”

“Do I read it out now?”

“You can choose whether to find out if you give or receive, or read the fantasy first. It doesn’t matter.”

“I’ll read the card out first. ‘Do a striptease for your partner. You may use music if you wish.’” A smile spread over his features. “Now what?”

“Roll one die to find out if you strip for me, or I strip for you.”


“Odds - you watch.”

Chakotay prepared to watch.

4. Visual Fantasy

Tom stood. He was glad he was out of uniform. He called for a suitable musical selection, and began to move.

He crossed his hands over his chest and caressed his shoulders, gradually moving them down his body and thighs. He flung a saucy look at the man sprawled on the sofa, licked his lips and turned seductively, swaying erotically to the music. He undid his shirt, and shrugged it from his shoulders, briefly touching his nipples. Jeans went next, leaving him clad in black briefs. He flashed one ass cheek, then the other, and removed the last item completely.

5. The Next Move.

“We’re supposed to keep playing this game now? After that little performance?”

“That’s the beauty of it. We can stop the game now and play ‘something else’, or we can keep going for a while.”

“You haven’t rolled yet, Tommy, so let’s keep going. Aren’t you going to stay naked?”

Tom shook his head, pulled his jeans back on, but left them undone.

He threw the dice, and moved seven, to land on a free space.

Chakotay threw again, and landed on another set of eyes.

“Send your partner a provocative picture within a week.”

“Now one die.”

“Three – receive.”

6. A Card for Tom

Tom rolled again, and landed on a space showing an ear. He drew the top card, and before reading it, threw the die.

“Four. Evens. Give.”

He flipped the card.

“Tell your partner about a fantasy you have never shared with them.”

Tom leaned back, stretched out his legs, placed his arms behind his head and drew a breath.

Chakotay found his gaze focused on that chest as it rose and fell. The tip of his tongue unconsciously outlined his lips.

“Lie back, close your eyes, Chakotay and listen to my voice. I’ll tell you my ‘Fuck or Die’ fantasy.”

7. Aural Fantasy

Tom’s voice unconsciously assumed the cadence of Chakotay’s story telling inflexions, as he began his fantasy set in the early years of Voyager’s journey. Janeway had sent the two hostile men on a mission which ended in a situation where they had to ‘fuck or die’.

“…by now we know longer remember the audience. You are on your hands and knees, moaning. I lean over you, kissing, nipping, licking your back, as I push one finger into you. So tight…”

Tom finished. In unspoken agreement the two men stood and moved towards the bedroom. They would continue the Foreplay tomorrow.

continued in chapter 2.