The Soul Keepers by Katta

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Tuvok was the first to recovery from the initial shock from seeing what looked like human; appear out of thin air in front of them. He reached down and quickly drew his phaser and pointed it and the women. This brought the rest of the senior staff out of their reveries, and Captain Janeway stood up and looked at the women, completely ignoring Tom's recollection when she had first appeared.

"There is a phaser pointing at your head, what are you doing here. Or more so how did you get here, what type of transporter doesn't have a beam?" The Captain said, then looked at Tom with an angry glare, "and how do you know this women Mr. Paris."

Tom looked at her and then at the others in the room. He could see them all awaiting his answer. He was going to give them it; they deserved to know the truth. After all with him being here, their lives were in danger, if he was here. Before he left for good they should know the truth. Tom stood up tall. It was strange to see him so tall, the voyager crew hadn't realized it but usually he slouched. He started walking around the table towards an old friend. He smiled ever so slightly as he reached as pulled her into a hug that shocked the officers in the room.

"It's been awhile," Jennifer said returning the hug. "Sorry for coming without warning. Tom was about to reply when he saw something in the corner of his eye. The Captain nodding to Tuvok to stun them. Tom saw the phaser fire; he held out his hand the beam just stopped in mid air. Waving his hand slightly the beam turned to a glittery dust. With a larger wave of his other hand he disabled all the weapons now pointing at them. He turned to the Captain, a frown appearing on his face.

"We are not your enemy. And to be honest we don't have time to argue," Tom said his gaze falling upon the entire group. Janeway seemed lost for words, but she regained control.

"Who are you? Or should I ask what are you?"

"I am human, just a different type of human." Tom answered his voice sounding slightly rushed. Matt would be coming soon, and he needed to get as far away from anything that could get caught in the crossfire, namely the voyager crew.

"There is only one type of humans Mr. Paris." Tuvok said, even the Vulcans didn't know about the Soul keepers.

"We are the soul keepers," Tom said plainly.

"What's that, why do you keep souls," BE'lanna spoke up, Tom could tell she was angry. Tom walked to the top of the table and told them everything. How the plan to produce a world full of pure soul keepers had gone wrong when Mid-ways were found. And now the evil was greater than the good at a ratio of 5:1 and rising.

"So you were trying to populate Earth, take it over 300 years ago." Harry busted out, getting the wrong end of the stick in his emotional state.

"No, You see we thought people had either a pure or evil soul. Crime and death was rising quickly, we had to do something. So we decided to turn all of the pure souls and then destroy what was left. There would have been an immortal society where there was no crime or poverty."

" But that's what the federation is like now, did you succeed," Janeway asked, getting to grips with the situation at hand.

"No we only got through two percent of the population then. Then we found out about the mid-ways. They were stronger when turned and could turn either way. Pure or evil. We did control them, kept the mid-ways pure, but now, Pure soul keepers are being killed, and evil souls are being turned. Listen there is a powerful midway out there that is looking for me. I must leave, I have to stop him."

"Why can't someone else do it?" Harry asked looking frustrated, he didn't understand why.

"Because he's the only pure mid-way left, he got to Markesan," Jennifer said walking forward. Both the soul keepers turned to one another suddenly and nodded.

"I need to go, he's on his way. Just do one thing for me, don't follow," Tom turned and BE'lanna called after him, he turned back to see her with tears threatening to fall. He walked towards her, he didn't want too leave her, but he had to. Leaning toward her he kissed her, he felt her tear fall. He forced himself to stop the kiss before he changed his mind and he brushed her tears from her face. She spoke first and last.

"Your not coming back are you," Tom didn't reply as he walked away, he turned and looked at everyone, though he refrained from looking at BE'lanna.

"Stay safe," And Tom disappeared with Jennifer.

BE'lanna collapsed in tears on the table, she didn't care that people were watching, the man she loved had just said he was never coming back. Janeway looked shocked, even Tuvok looked shaken. Harry just looked plain angry.

Janeway looked around the room, she decided there and then they would get him back weather he like it or not.

"Well we better start finding out where he went and how to get there if we want him back," Her staff looked shocked, but then a second later they all understood, he needed than a lot more than he realized. ****

The room was so huge, Tom questioned if it was never ending. But then a scream cut through the room. Jennifer lay dead on the floor and he knew there was nothing he could do about. Her eyes were still open; at least it had been quick.

"Such a shame, she was a nice girl, a good friend of yours if I remember correctly like Sandrine was." Matt spoke with spite towards his brother, "Long time no see Tom,"

"Let the battle begin already," Tom said walking towards Matt, but after a couple of steps, an energy barrier threw him back.

"What the hurry. What did mother use to say. There is always a compromise, well I've got a compromise brother, you join me and I'll stop killing the pures,"

"And if I don't," Tom hated to admit it but he was questioning if he should compromise for the soul keepers sake.

"You die and so do all of your friends, including the one's on Voyager," Matt said with a smile.

You'll never find them, I masked the ship," Tom said with his own smile.

"Oh but I think there coming to me," Tom sighed, he should of known they would try and find him, and no doubt Matt was making it possible for them to get here. But the big question on his mind was should he fight, or Compromise.

Compromise. Or fight. Tom never thought that this decision would ever be on his mind. Could he trust his brother or more importantly, could he trust the evil that resided in Matt.

Trusting Evil. There was something you didn’t do every day. Could evil be trusted?

He could fight, if he won all would be saved for a while, and Pures could take back and control the universe, but if he lost. Game over, not only for the soul keepers, but for his friends on Voyager too.

Compromise. It was selfish he knew that much. He knew he had to fight, but part of him feared killing his brother. Part of him feared losing and killing Voyager. Either way a part of him was going to be lost. Which piece was up to him?

Family or friends?

Friends or Family?

“Hurry up my dear brother, I haven’t got all day you know,” Matt said pacing around the pitch-black room. “Have you decided what you’re going to do?”

No, he hadn’t. He wanted more time. He needed more time. But since when did he ever get hat he wanted. He wanted to be back on voyager, BE’lanna in his arms. He wanted to be normal, to be human. And sometimes he wanted to have his brother back.

Like now.

But could he face the idea of being like Matt.But that didn’t matter, he knew he couldn’t give himself in. Once he was bad Matt would just use his help to kill the pures a lot easily.

No, his decision was made.

“I am sorry brother.”



“How are we even going to find him, let alone stop whatever is goings on are happening,” Harry said scanning the area where Tom had just disappeared mere minutes ago. “Your saw what they could do. We wouldn’t stand a chance.” Harry sometimes wondered where that optimistic young man, straight from the academy had gone, but as Tom would say it’s not pessimism just realism. But the question that popped into Harry’s mind was could Tom Be trusted anymore. He had lied to them all through his time on Voyager. He wasn’t even completely human, or not their kind of human anyway. If he didn’t understand Tom before this secret was revealed, how the hell was he meant to understand him now.

“Well we have to try,” BE’lanna said, still looking on the brink of tears since Tom had all most told her straight out that he wasn’t planning to come back. She had noticed the looks she had got from the senior staff. Harry hadn’t been that shocked that the unbreakable Klingon had cried. Janeway also had seemed only to share the heartbreak of her loss. But the rest of them had seemed slightly in despair. Even Chakotay seemed confused by her crying, and he had been her shoulder to cry through many bad times. She realised Chakotay must of only began to realise the extent of their love towards one another. Yes, he knew they were in love. Everyone did. But how much was never really revealed as public knowledge. Now that he was gone, she regretted all the times she had moved away form him when someone came down the corridor, as if they were still hiding there relationship. She didn’t really know why she did that, probably because of fear.

*Fear of what* Her mind screamed cruelly, she had lost him now, and she knew that she had more to fear than ever before.

“Excuse me, hope you don’t mind me coming here unexpected,” Matt stated walking into the room and, sitting in the captains vacant seat. “So this is the magnificent voyager crew.”

“You’re a Soul keeper,” Chakotay said looking at the strangely familiar man in front of him.

“And a gold star goes to Chakotay”

“But the question is, are you good or bad,” The captain said walking towards the soul keeper.

“Well your beloved Tommy is my brother, does that answer your question.” Matt said cryptically.

“ The admiral only had one son,” Janeway said knowingly before thinking it over.

“ And what does the admiral have to do with anything, he is just Tom’s cover father if you will. Just for this life span,” Matt said looking slightly cross at these peoples lack of understanding. He slouched down further into the seat and grinned. He could just see the look on his brother’s face now, after watching his brother disappear right before the final fight. No doubt e was trying to get back to the ship, because no doubt he had worked out where Matt had gone. Voyager.


“Damn, how could I have not guessed. He wouldn’t fight me without wounding me first. And I bet I know where he’s gone.” Tom attempted to get back to the ship, but nothing happened. He didn’t move from his spot. And that could mean only one thing, that this place was shielded. Matt had planned this all along. He had known long before Tom had that he would never compromise, and so had gone to Voyager. Of course, there was no way to get through the shield, but Tom had a gut feelingly that he wouldn’t have to. That Matt would be returning soon, and not without hostages.


“I know where Tom is by the way,” Matt said out of the blue. He had already been interrogated about his intentions, but had not fought to stop them. Let them think he was on there side. Deceive them, and then lead them to watch the fight of, well this century at least.

“Where,” BE’lanna shouted louder than she had intended, but she didn’t care. Matt knew that if he was going to use these people to get to his brother, she was the one to choose. Brunette, petite, dark eyes, she was all most certainly Tom type, he knew his brother well enough.

“It can’t be said only shown, and it is too unsafe for anyone person to go,” Matt said finally looking out the window. Then the word he wanted came to his ears.

“Then we will all go,” Janeway said quickly, thinking of safety in numbers.

All Matt could think as he nodded and transported them all to Tom’s location was.



She awoke in a cage, surrounded by the worried senior staff. They were staring out behind her, at what she didn’t know. BE’lanna saw the look of worry on Chakotay face as she caught her eye. Then caught a glimpse of sympathy. She knew what she was about to see before she looked behind her.

Tom, Tom in trouble. And there was nothing she or any of the over voyager senior staff could do about it trapped in this cage.