The Soul Keepers by Katta

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After the screaming had died down, the man crouched, and ripped the knife from the now dead victim's back. A laugh escaped his lips as he looked down at one of the all so powerful Keepers. He had crushed him with out straining a muscle, or even gaining a bruise. He must be the one who could finally lead the Dark Keepers to their rightful place on top of the main hierarchy, and become more powerful than their now only enemy. All other threats to their scheme had been eliminated. Only one remained, and none of them had foreseen the final enemies they would have to destroy before the ultimate power was taken, would be themselves.

"No, they’re not like us. They don’t understand our ways are better!" The man with black eyes screamed at the walls, letting his anger flood through him. A chime rang and he turned to see the second in command of the ship he currently resided on.

"Sir we have arrived at Mars," The man moved closer to the Commander, he saw fear in his green eyes. He thought these Terrans as quite gullible. First they believed he was a citizen who had had his ship stolen. And secondly, like good Starfleet officers, they had given him a lift. Of course, he had the power to transport himself anywhere in the universe. But he was tired from killing beings that fought or tried to fight back. He really needed easy prey. The Commander’s voice once again came to his ears.

"Sir." Smiling devilishly he walked closer and looked around.

"Thanks for the lift, and please call me Matt, I was just wondering how many people are on this ship? I've always wanted to know what a ship like this usually takes," Matt said politely. He knew he sounded perfectly polite and normal. And could physically see the man not suspecting that within a minute he would be dead.

"Well, usually 215, but at the moment only 206 including myself," The Commander said smiling. Matt started to walk toward the door, but stopped at the Commander who had not yet spotted the dead body in the corner of the dark room.

"Are you sure, there are 206 people walking about on board now?" Matt said with a fake surprised smile.

"I know all the figures, it’s one of my many jobs," The Commander said smiling. Within that second, Matt spun to face him. With the slightest movement of his hands he snapped the unsuspecting officer's neck in a clean swipe. The man fell to the floor, and Matt smiled down at him.

"Are you sure you don’t mean 205?" Matt asked the unresponsive body. "What? No answer, well because of your manners I have 205 more people to go see. People today, tut tut." Matt stepped over the body, and walked calmly out of the door. Spotting a young crewman he started over to her.

"Excuse me, miss," Matt walked over with a charming smile," Could you tell me where the shuttle bay is?"

"Sure, follow me," she answered with a smile. She had no clue that she would soon be like the Commander who lay dead in the guest quarters not 10 meters from where she stood.

*Pity she has to miss my main show* Matt thought following the crewman *the massacre! *


She looked at the picture again. *Why would he draw such a thing? * She hadn’t been able to get anything out of him at dinner and had given up. B'Elanna knew it was time to tell the Captain of his behaviour, and that was where she was going now. Walking onto the bridge she signalled the Captain to talk privately in her ready room. Once inside B'Elanna began her tale.

"What did you want to talk to me about B'Elanna?" Janeway said in a hurried voice, as if she wanted to have this over and done with quickly.

"It’s about Tom," B'Elanna started, but was cut off by an uplifted hand.

"Is this really important? You know that this area of space is highly volatile." Janeway said with a sigh.

"It is very important, I found this in his quarters. And he's been acting really strange lately," B'Elanna said, thrusting the paper in front of her Captain's nose. Taking the drawing Janeway looked at it and was slightly startled at the content.

"Ok, I’ll get the doctor to take a look at him, see if we can get to the bottom of this. But we really can’t do anything about it now. Ok," Janeway said softly, putting the paper in a drawer of her desk. With that Janeway and B'Elanna, both hoping that whatever was wrong could be fixed.


He’d had another vision, and again it was a Mid-way. But there was something more disturbing about this vision. He had recognised and named the face. He knew who it was and why he was receiving the flashes of Keepers deaths as if by his own hand.

"Matt," Tom whispered shuddering. He’d known Matt for his entire lifetime. Why? Because Matt was his brother.

The ship docked at the Mars port like it was meant to, and the Captain of the base waited for the shuttlebay doors to open and the crew to leave. The Captain was not waiting alone, as many impatient family members surrounded him. It was said that this ship had gone through thick and thin too get home for Christmas, and when the news had come through saying that all two hundred and six of them had survived the now raging war between the Cardassians. The families had rushed to the Mars port to meet them. The talking died down as the shuttlebay door started to open, and the now smiling families got ready to search through the expected crowd for their loved ones. The whispers suddenly stopped, and everyone glared at the now open shuttlebay. No one was there; they had said that everyone had been ready and waiting to depart just ten minutes ago. But, no one was there. The silence was broken by footsteps walking out from the shuttlebay; a young man appeared from the shadows, and walked casually through the shell-shocked crowd. A security team ran over to him and restrained him, as they were trained to do.

"Where are they? There are no longer any life signs coming from that ship!" The Chief of Security shouted, drawing attention to the scene. "Where have you beamed them? Where are they?" Matt smiled, and looked at him innocently.

"Why, they're all on the ship, all two hundred and six," Matt said looking at the ship and then back at the Security Chief. The guards tightened their grip and their superior spoke again.

"I just told you that there are no life signs," the man growled at Matt, getting annoyed with his sardonic wit. "Why do you still attempt to lie to me, they are not on the ship, where are they?" Matt’s smile grew even bigger and he looked at the upset and panicked crowd that had now gathered around.

"I told you the truth the first time. They are on the ship," Matt paused and looked at the ship again, "But, I didn’t say they were necessarily alive now, did I." The room suddenly gasped, as realisation sank into the surrounding families' heads. The Chief quickly turned around to look at his other officers.

"Go check it out. Now!" He called; he had never been in such a situation in all his years. But even if he did have experience in this type of situation, nothing would or could have prepared him for what he was about to witness, or not. Matt was gone, as if he was never there in the first place.

"What the… where did he go? We had four men holding him down. Where did he go?" The officer said to his colleagues.

"Sir, I don’t know what happened, I just blacked out, we all did." One of the other guards said looking at the place where the man had just seconds ago stood.

"Sir," A shaking voice sounded through the crowd. "They’re all dead, every single one of them," The people in the room reacted instantly but there was one thought on all their minds. How could one man, do such a horrific deed, and in just ten minutes.


The time had come. She had wanted to wait, just a while longer. Give Tom a little more time in a life, which to him would seem like bliss. But things had got too far out of hand, and now only two unturned Mid-ways were alive. Tom and her. She had to see him, and she had to see him now. If they were going to defeat Matt, they would need to be prepared. But there was one thing Jennifer was not looking forward to, and that was ripping Tom from a life which was about to become, once again too good to be true.


Tom wasn’t concentrating on the meeting this morning. His mind was still mulling over what he had seen in his vision. His brother, killing a Mid-way. He knew that Matt had turned. He had been there when his blue eyes and blonde hair had disappeared, only to be replaced with black. Matt had turned because his fiancée had been murdered. He had been unable to control his anger and had killed the suspect. This hatred had turned him, and Tom would never forget that day. Suddenly a sound echoed through his ears, a sharp trill. He knew what it was. It was an incoming Keeper. Tom knew the others couldn’t hear it, only he could. The noise got louder, the Keeper was getting closer. Tom knew it could be another Keeper, or Matt. Either way his life as he knew it was over. Tom looked up and watched the scene in front of him. He could no longer hear what they were saying. He caught Tuvok’s eye, and noticed the minute look of confusion in his eye, something a Vulcan rarely let show. He could sense something was wrong. Tom looked away but his eyes soon found Janeway’s. She was looking at him and moving her lips. She was asking him something. Suddenly the silence stopped and his hearing came rushing back. "…Paris have you got the helm r…" Janeway didn’t have time to finish as a white light filled the room. When Tom opened his eyes, the light was gone. Everyone around the table turned to stare at the blonde female intruder who stood in front of them, although her glare remained firmly on Tom.

"We need to talk Tom, we are in a lot of trouble. And I had nowhere else to go," Jennifer said in a calm voice. Everyone now had turned to look at Tom awaiting an explanation. And they got one that they didn’t expect. Tom stood up and pointed to the chair.

"I know, let’s just say Matt’s been keeping me well informed," Tom, said sitting back down, he looked at the others in the room.

"Welcome to my world." He shrugged off their shocked expressions. It was time to finally stop Matt from bringing the worst upon the world. Who knew, maybe they could save him before it was too late. Maybe one day he and Matt would once again be fighting on the same side, like brothers should.