The Dark Prince by Stormraven23

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Author: Stormraven23

Series: VOY

Codes: C/P

Part: 7/7

Rating: NC-17

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Summary: The dark handsome Prince Chakotay rescues a

young man from the executioner’s axe by the name of

Tom Paris who is accused of murdering his father.

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Part Seven

With shaking hands, Chakotay broke open the seal on

the missive and read the words from his father, King


“By order of the Throne of the Maquis,

If the following conditions are met and agreed upon,

Lord Thomas Eugene Paris will be granted a conditional

pardon pending the further investigation into the

death of his natural father, Lord Owen Robert Paris.

Lord Thomas Paris will marry the Lady Mauve of the

King’s choosing to keep the Paris name going and to

sire a new companion for the Prince’s nephew whom will

follow Prince Chakotay as successor to the throne.

An administrator, a schooled manager by the name of

Ben Sisko, has been appointed by the throne to oversee

the Paris estates and will report directly to the

Crown. Lord Paris will receive an income as befitting

his station as a Lord of the Realm. Lord Thomas Paris

will remain as Prince Chakotay'’ body slave and

companion for as long as the Prince sees fit. His

release or status upgraded to purely companion may be

gained on how well he serves and pleases the Crown

Prince Chakotay and his future king.

Lady Mauve will be available at court for Lord Paris

to have relations with once a day until she is

confirmed as carrying a Paris child. Afterwards, Lady

Mauve will retire to the Paris estates to deliver and

raise the child. After the child is one year old, Lady

Mauve will return to court to be gotten with child by

Lord Paris once again. This process will continue for

as long as she can bear children.

Lord Thomas Eugene Paris will take up the call to

service for the glory of the Kingdom and dedicate his

life to Prince Chakotay as a Paris Companion as many

have done through the years to continue the legacy.

Since the murderer of Lord Owen Robert Paris has

apparently vanished and to keep the Paris name in good

standing since all remaining suspicions will likely

fall upon young Paris, thus he will remain in

servitude to the throne for the rest of his natural

life. This stain will be a blot on the family name and

reputation, but should be forgotten in a generation or


If Lord Thomas Eugene Paris cannot accept these terms

for his conditional release, he will be remanded to

Kile Island Prison immediately and all conditions will

be revoked while the Crown will dispose of the Paris

line and property as it see fits.

Kolopak Rexus”


Chakotay looked at Tom whose face was so pale that the

prince feared the young man might faint. As Donato

reached for Tom, his legs gave out and he sat down

hard on the ground of the tent, tears threatening to

fall at any moment.

“I’m trapped no matter which way I choose,” Tom gave

in to the despair in his heart and mind as numbness

filled him.

Chakotay stared at Tom for a moment and realized that

the youngster needed time to absorb the information.

He motioned for the Captain to follow him out of the

tent so they could give Tom some space. Tom did not

even notice that they were gone as his mind churned.

His life was not his own and apparently never had

been. Certainly, his father had never even warned him

that this could happen and now he was angry with him

over that. Tom laughed bitterly over his choices,

Chakotay or Kile Island. Some choice, he was trapped

no matter which way he decided to choose. Slowly, he

crawled into his bedroll feeling sick to his stomach.

The sound of horses stopping caught Chakotay and

Donato’s attention as they turned to see the latest

guests arrive at the camp. To the surprise of the

Prince, it was his manservant, Bilo, accompanied by an

escort of six Royal Guards. The men glanced at each

other at this unexpected surprise since Bilo had never

been know to go anywhere near the battlefield even

back in King Kolopak’s fighting days.

Dismounting, Bilo knelt in front of the bronze man,

“My Prince. Forgive me for the intrusion, but I need

to speak to Lord Tom Paris.”

“Regarding what?” Chakotay felt a chill go down his

back as he looked into blue eyes that seemed familiar

and the facial features now that he thought about it.

“Family business, my Prince.” Bilo refused to say


“Don’t hurt him,” cautioned his future king as he

gestured for the manservant to rise.

“Thank you, my lord.” Bilo mused at the play of

emotions crossing Chakotay’s face. The Prince was

highly curious as to his business with young Paris. “I

have no intentions of hurting him, only passing on

some information regarding his status. I assume you

received the missive from your father, the King.”

“Yes, we just gave the news to Tom a little while ago.

He’s not taking it very well,” Donato said as he felt

the tension rising between the two.

“I shall talk to him now, if you will excuse me,” Bilo

dropped his gaze at the cold stare of his prince. The

man scurried away into the tent.

“Something is up, Donato,” remarked the Prince to the

Captain of the Guard, his sixth sense warning him that

his manservant was no longer to be trusted. “When he’s

done talking to Tom, I want him sent back to my father

with a fresh set of guards.”

“Yes, sir,” Donato flashed him a wide smile and walked

away chuckling under his breath. This could prove to

be fun.


Hands pulled him roughly out of his bedroll and he

blinked in sudden confusion stumbling to his feet.

“Get up, you stupid asshole.” A familiar voice made

his eyes open in shock at the sneer on Bilo’s face.

“What do you want?” Tom didn’t understand why Bilo was

here when it was his job to care for the Prince here

on the field. Besides, his mind was still reeling from

the King’s missive.

“To talk some sense into you, nephew,” Bilo smiled as

realization dawned in Tom’s sky blue eyes as he tried

to pull out of the older man’s grip, but Bilo held

onto him easily.

“Uncle…Uncle Bill?” he relaxed in the grip and looked

closer at the older man. “You’re the Paris companion

for King Kolopak?”

“Yes, I am Bill Lowell Paris, brother to your father,

Owen Robert Paris,” Bilo said calmly. “I used to visit

you when you were a little boy before your father

forbade any further visits.”

Memories of a tall blond man, presents and stories

visiting him in the nursery as a small boy. Warm

gentle memories of a man who had no hesitation about

playing in the dirt or playing at whatever game he was

asked too. His favorite times were of being held in

the big strong arms while Uncle Bill told him stories

of the King, his son the Prince and service to the


“But…why did you…stop visiting?” Tom wanted to know as

Bilo sat him in a chair and poured him a glass of

wine. Two shocks in one day were taking its toll on

the young man.

“Owen heard me telling you stories of the Paris

companions and sent me away. He banned me from ever

seeing you again." Bilo handed him the wine and poured

himself one. “Only it was too late, the King had

approved my choice of you for his son, Chakotay.

Needless to say, we had to wait till you were of age

to arrange for you to be taken by the Prince.”

“Why me and not one of the cousins?” Tom took a big

gulp of wine nearly spilling it with his trembling


“None of them were good enough to be a Paris companion

like you. You fit the qualities the throne looks for

with your honesty, goodness and willingness to serve,”

Bilo remarked as he took a swallow of his own cup

aware that Chakotay was nearby and he needed Tom to be

aware of his upcoming responsibilities. The Prince

needed Tom since he was so fixated on him to keep the

rage under control that plagued the Maquis Royal line.

“Bullshit,” Tom snorted.

“Believe me, you are more than worthy. Owen was mostly

mad because I got picked and he didn’t. He wanted to

be in service for as long as I can remember as

children where as I wanted to run the estates and be a

manager. Shall I tell you the story of Maquis and the

Paris’, Tom?” Bilo sat back in the chair and watched

Tom’s interest perk up with the lifting of his

eyebrows. He seemed calmer and more in control of

himself as he nodded yes to the question.

Bilo began:

“About fourteen or fifteen generations ago, the Maquis

line came to power over the throne becoming the new

Royal blood in our Kingdom. At the same time, the

Paris family were moving up in the ranks and starting

to become noticed by the upper echelons for their

military and administrative abilities.” He paused to

refill their glasses with some more wine. Tom’s head

began to buzz a little bit. “Within the next

generation, it was becoming apparent that there was

something wrong with the male Maquis in power. They

had been fighting for so long that the rage of battle

had become part of their nature. Since we were at

peace, the rage had nowhere to go or be diverted into

something else. The first Maquis King turned his rage

on his wife and killed her. What made it really bad

was that she was also pregnant with an unborn

daughter. Everyone agreed that something had to be


“Good Lord,” Tom sputtered. “What did they do?”

“They covered up the fact that the King had killed his

wife by saying she had had an accident. It wouldn’t

look good for the new King to be deemed a murderer and

mar the Maquis name. No one ever found out and it

became part of the Paris companion history. The Paris’

during this time were starting to attend court when

the King noticed Passer Paris.”

“Now the Maquis are very lusty lovers and they love

both men and women. King Kotapak soon had Passer as

his lover and for some reason seem to settle down

while Passer was at his side. In the meantime, another

wife was found for the King and they had three

children to continue the line. When the King felt his

rage coming on, he became focused on Passer staying

settled down. That was the start of the Paris


“As the generations passed it was found that having a

Paris nearby whether as a lover or not has kept the

rage at bay. Mainly, we advise, sooth and comfort the

King or Prince and sometimes we have become the power

behind the throne.” Bilo paused to wet his dry throat

with the rich red wine.

“Talk about being a fancy whore to the throne,” smart

mouth Tom said in disbelief. “I refuse to be a whore

to anyone.”

Moving fast, Bilo back handed Tom so hard he fell over

backwards out of the chair spilling his wine all over

him. “You thick-headed little twit, this isn’t about

me or you or what we do for the throne, it’s about

keeping the peace and harmony for the Kingdom and the

people. Not what we want, but for the good of the land

and the Royal line who have kept the peace largely for

the last fifteen generations. I’m not about to let you

ruin all that work the Paris’ have done.”

Standing over the prone body, Bilo watched as the

pieces of the puzzle fell into place. Extending his

hand, he helped Tom to his feet. “I think I can

understand this.”

“You were stuck no matter what, Tom. Chakotay is

fixated on you that he can’t see straight sometimes.

There was no way he was going to let you go,” Bilo

said as he made to walk out.

“Where are you going? You just got here,” Tom cried

out. He wanted to know more.

“Back to my King. You’ll have to wing it from here,

Tom. Each Maquis has his own way of being handled by

his companion. Good luck to you and Chakotay,” Bilo

walked out of the tent, mounted a fresh horse and left

the camp followed by his escort of fresh guards.

Tom sighed and crawled back into his bedroll trying to

absorb and process all the stuff his uncle had told

him. The wine he had taken was making him sick to his

stomach, but his confusion was nearly gone.


When the tears finally came, he did not even try to

hold it in. The dark prince who was sitting just

outside the tent could hear the sobbing. Chakotay did

not know what to do. He wanted Tom to stay with him,

but if it was going to cause the blond this much

grief, maybe he should let him go.

The sobs were tearing at his heart and the next thing

Chakotay knew he was kneeling beside the bedroll

gathering the slim man into his arms. Tom buried his

face into the Prince’s neck flinging his arms around

the board shoulders seeking comfort. The Prince sat

there and let the younger man cry his heart out.

“I’m sorry, Tom. I never meant to cause you any

suffering,” Chakotay said softly as he kissed the top

of Tom’s head. Tears of his own were falling from his

dark eyes and landing on Tom’s cheek.

The tears of the Prince caused Tom to make up his mind

right then and there, but only if the Prince answered

one question for him the right way. If Chakotay had

real feelings for him, really cared for him, he could

do this in good conscience. If his father had taught

him one thing it was to accept his duty and


Tom looked up at the dark man holding him with hope in

his blue eyes; “Do you love me?”

“RAIDERS! The camp is under attack, Chakotay,” Donato

yelled as he drew his sword to protect his Prince from

the doorway of the tent.

Chakotay turned around pushing Tom behind him drawing

his own sword. Galloping horses and the battle cries

of the raiders tore through the camp while the

soldiers rallied together to fight them off.

“Don’t leave me helpless,” Tom shouted out swiftly

taking in the situation.

“Not a problem, babe,” the Prince used his sword and

chopped the chain on Tom’s ankle a mere three inches

from the anklet. “Stay with me, I need to get to the


“Right behind you,” Tom answered as he followed

Chakotay out of the tent and into the battle zone.

Slaying the raiders in front of him, Donato pushed the

dead off of his sword and joined his Prince as they

pushed to gather with the others.

Tom scooped up a sword sticking out of a dead raider

as they ran by. Shouts from the west side of the camp

indicated where the latest fighting was taking place.

Other soldiers and officers joined the group as they

saw their Prince heading into battle. No one

questioned Tom’s right to be by Chakotay’s side as the

next batch of raiders, about eight to ten, charged the

small group.

Swinging his sword and shouting his own battle cry,

Chakotay gave way to the rage that was in his blood.

Tom had never fought in a real battle before but he

was learning quickly that the raiders had no

hesitation about fighting dirty.

Donato pulled a raider from his horse killing the man

with his sword through the ribs. The horse kicked in

terror and caught the Captain in the thigh with one

back hoof. Both Tom and Chakotay heard the bone snap

and the yelp of pain as the man went down while the

horse ran off. Catching him, Tom drug Donato to a

nearby tent while the Prince and others formed a

protective circle around the men.

“Tom, behind you,” Donato said hoarsely as his hazel

eyes got wide.

As Tom twisted around and thrust his sword into the

enemy’s ribs, he saw Chakotay go down bellowing his

outrage. And then there was blood everywhere.

Everything went into slow motion as he dove to the

side of his Prince slashing and pushing the enemy out

of the way. Dark eyes filled with the pain of his

injuries locked onto the fear filled blue eyes.

Falling to his knees, Tom’s whole world focused solely

on the bronze man lying in front of him. He was

obvious to the fighting around him.

Blood was gushing from a deep slice to the Prince’s

left side just about his hip, but his eyes were locked

on Tom. Ripping his tunic, Tom wadded it up and put

pressure on the wound.

“Tom,” Chakotay hissed in between gasps of pain and


“Stay quiet, my Prince. We need to get this bleeding

stopped,” Tom ordered. He heard Donato yelling for one

of the field surgeons to attend to the Prince.

Chakotay fainted from the blood loss. The field

surgeon had to move Tom out of the way so they could

stitch their Prince up. He fought with them. Keening

his distress at the thought of leaving the injured man

caused a shout from Donato having the surgeons backing

off and letting Tom stay seated on the ground holding

Chakotay’s head in his lap.


The battle was over and the military won but only

marginally as the raiders had done extensive damage to

the camp. Twenty-three were dead and sixty-seven were

injured including the Prince.

With his thigh in a splint, Captain Donato took charge

of the camp and got things organized. Patrols were

doubled and a burial detail was established while

everyone else worked on repairing the camp and tending

to the injured. Donato was glad that relief troops

were due any day and they just needed to hang on until


The Prince was running a high fever and the wound had

become infected. Despite the danger to Chakotay’s

health, Donato was glad to see that Tom had stayed by

the Prince’s side and had refused all offers of help.

Tom preferred to take care of the Chakotay himself.


“Hot, too hot,” Chakotay whimpered trying to push the

blankets off. Cool hands captured his hot ones in an

effort to calm him. He felt coolness on his forehead

and soft words in his ear. “Easy, my Prince. You’re

not well. Sleep.”

“Tom, please, don’t leave me,” Pain filled dark eyes

opened for just a moment catching startled blue eyes.

The proud Prince begged in his delirium. “Please

stay.” A tear fell.

“I don’t know, Cha. You haven’t answered my question,

but I will ask again when you are well,” Tom kissed

the bronze cheek as tears of his own fell. Everything

would hinge on the Prince Chakotay’s answer.

Tom was so tired that he fell asleep while resting his

head on Chakotay’s chest. Broad arms pulled him into

the cot so he was lying beside the Prince. Chakotay

smiled up at Donato as the tucked of them both in.

“Go back to sleep, Chakotay,” Donato teased as he saw

the lustful look in the dark eyes.

Chakotay’s fever had broken a few hours ago and the

Maquis men were famous for their recovery time. The

big man just grinned at the Captain who left the tent

while the sleeping blond was having his clothes pulled

from his slim body.

Tom woke up and found Chakotay lying on top of him

with his cock buried to the hilt in his own ass that

made him feel full. His own body was betraying him as

desire coursed through his veins and he wiggled his

ass to entice the Dark Prince to move above him.

“Please,” Tom begged as he ran his hands over the

smooth dark skin of the Prince’s back. Chakotay loved

the touch of willing hands.

“I love you, Tom Paris. Will you stay with me?” There

was hope and fear of rejection in the soft dark eyes.

Tom felt his heart and mind lighten at the Prince’s

words. He could do this. “I will stay, Chakotay. I

will stay.” A pair of lips found his ending any more


“Let me show you the way home.” The Dark Prince did

just that.

The End?