The Dark Prince by Stormraven23

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Author: Stormraven23

Series: VOY

Codes: C/P

Part: 6/? Work in progress

Rating: NC-17

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Summary: The dark handsome Prince Chakotay rescues a

young man from the executioner’s axe by the name of

Tom Paris who is accused of murdering his father.

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Part Six

‘This campaign business is not for me,’ Tom complained

to himself for who knows how many times in the last

few weeks. He was dead tired, but still kept going as

he mended a leather jerkin for the Prince while

sitting in the shade of the tent during the late

afternoon. The chain around his ankle attached to the

center pole was a painful reminder of his first night

on the campaign trail.

On the first night on the road, Tom had been left

alone in Prince Chakotay’s tent adjacent to the

command tent. Chakotay was in a strategy meeting and

expected to be up quite late so he told Tom not to

wait up for him. After the prince had left, Tom had

grabbed a few items made a dash for freedom, had been

caught and was not kept chained in the Prince’s tent.

“I was hoping to be able to trust you, Tom,” Chakotay

had said quietly while watching the blacksmith attach

the anklet to Tom’s left ankle along with a length of

sturdy chain.

The final blow to Tom’s stubborn defiant mood and

fašade was when the tears of disappointment had fallen

from those soft dark brown eyes. “I’m very

disappointed, Tom,” Prince Chakotay said as he walked

away and disappeared into the command tent.

Chakotay’s remark shattered his defiant spirit and

made him feel lower than the bugs crawling under his

feet. Feeling ashamed of himself for putting the hurt

look on the Prince’s face, Tom crawled into his

bedroll and cried himself to sleep. He didn’t hear the

blacksmith fasten the chain to the center pole of the

tent and leave shaking his head at the foolishness of

the young Lord.

Dark eyes that were once filled with desire had turned

into cold black eyes full of disdain as he was led

away the next morning to have his custody remanded

over to the head cook. Under the head cook’s

supervision, Tom spent the following two weeks

miserably peeling roots, scrubbing the big black iron

kettles, tending fires and every other menial task the

cook could come up with.

During travel time his chain was fastened to the back

of the wagon and he was made to walk from before dawn

after a cold breakfast was served till the caravan

stopped for the night. The cook would give Tom at

least a few minutes to himself to tend to his personal

needs and than off to work with the food until late at

night. Only when the wagon was repacked for travel the

next day was Tom allowed to crawl under the wagon for

some much-needed sleep.

One week into his cooking detail, Tom overheard the

conversation that rocked him to his foundations. He

was under the wagon trying to sleep when a couple of

the Royal Guards wandered near unaware he was under

the wagon. Holding his breath, he listened in

astonishment at the words about the Prince and


“What will happen to young Paris if he continues to

reject the Prince?” the tall guard asked in concern

for his Prince.

“Most likely he’ll end up on Kile Island prison while

they try one of the cousins, Kato,” the shorter guard

remarked in anger. “Lord Paris should have told his

son about this instead of keeping him in the dark.”

“Why did he do that? He was aware that Tom was most

likely to be picked,” Kato mused. “I mean most of the

cousins are not half as good as Tom is for Prince


“Who knows? No one will ever know since Lord Paris is

now dead and his son is highly suspected it of doing

the evil deed. Also who knows what was going through

young Paris’ mind that night in question,” Shorty

said. “There has always been a Paris companion to the

Prince or King going back many generations to help

keep the rage under control.”

“Sounds like Paris could have a very good thing for

himself if he thought about it the right way. I mean

the Prince has been miserable these last few days,”

Kato commented. “He has it bad for the Paris kid. It

was the other way around when Bilo came to court for

Kolopak. They hit if off right away with no trouble at


The two guards moved away leaving a stunned Tom Paris

behind trying desperately to put all the facts

together. Sleep eluded him as his mind started to put

the pieces of the puzzle together.

That he was more than likely to have been picked as a

companion to Prince Chakotay. Paris companions have

been around going back several generations-the Paris

males who went into service to the throne.

‘More like whores to the throne. Where was the fucking

honor in that?’ Tom decided to fight harder against

becoming a pawn in the Royal politics. He was going to

have to bide his time, let the Prince think he had

capitulated and make his escape to parts unknown. Let

the Prince have one of his cousins, no good,

money-freeloaders as his father had called them.

A soft sob escaped him as he realized how much he

missed the gruff old man with a little resentment as

to why he had never been told about the Paris

companions. Just before dawn, he fell into a troubled



Chakotay felt cold inside while his blood raged on the

battlefield against the raiders. Every fall, the Royal

family sent out the military to guard the southern

borders from the raiders. This year there were more

than usual and there were frequent pitched battles,

which the Dark Prince was enjoying way too much.

His advisors feared that the rage would come on and

his Royal Highness would become unmanageable. Chakotay

would call for a bottle of the finest red wine to be

brought to him each night drinking himself to sleep.

The prince’s temper grew shorter and shorter with each

passing day and finally Captain Donato was called to

intervene before the Prince went on a rampage.

Turning his unit over to his second in command, Donato

started staying with the Prince keeping the bronze man

on an even keel. Each night, Chakotay’s pain-filled

eyes would find the kitchen tent looking for a blond

head by the cooking fire. It hurt the Captain to see

his future King in pain and decided to have a talk

with the young Lord.

When Chakotay fell asleep, Donato wiped the tears off

of the grief stricken face and pulled the bed covers

over the stocky body. He felt the pain of his Prince

as he smoothed the raven black hair back from his


“Tom,” he whispered hopefully in his sleep. “Please.”

Scowling, Donato left the tent.


Tom jumped awake when he felt a foot kicking him under

the wagon along with an angry voice that sounded

familiar to his sleep-laden mind.

“Get up, you little worm. If it wasn’t for Prince

Chakotay, I would escort you to Kile Island myself.”

Donato got angry when the young man came up from his

bedroll with defiance and bitterness in his stance.

His face was unreadable.

“I wish I was at Kile Island instead of here playing

whore to the Prince,” Tom figured he had nothing to

lose at this point as he glared at the Captain of the


Tom’s anger at the entire situation had left him

unprepared for the gloved hand that slapped him to the

ground spitting out blood from a split lip and cut

cheek. His anger propelled him to bounce back up only

to have a fist in his gut put him retching in the


“One week at Kile Island will show you what a true

whore is as you use your pretty face and ass just to

stay alive. Why is it so hard for you to understand a

simple concept?” Donato asked vehemently as he hauled

Tom back to his feet. “It is a simple duty to your

kingdom and the throne."”

“Then you do it if it means so much to you, bastard,”

Tom spat bloody foam in the Captain’s face in pure


“I would do it in a heartbeat since I love the Prince

that way and always have, Tom. Only two things keep me

from it,” Donato confessed as he dropped the blond to

the ground.

“What’s that?” His anger left him at the sudden

confession from the Captain.

Donato ducked his head, “I am not a Paris and the

Prince is not in love with me as I am not a blue eyed

blond. No matter what I would even do the Prince has

his heart set on you and I think you would be a total

fool to break his great heart.”

“I didn’t ask for any for any of this, Captain,” Tom

didn’t believe him as his voice grew icy again and he

crawled under the wagon into his bedroll.

“I use to think you were a smart man, Paris. Now I see

a fool about to meet his own worst enemy.” Donato

remarked with a twinge of envy. “Chakotay would have

given you the world for just a little bit of love from


The Captain spat his contempt turned on his heel and

left Tom to his misery.

As Tom tossed restlessly hoping for some sleep, he

tried to remember Erin Lacey’s hazel eyes and red

hair, instead a pair of deep dark brown eyes framed by

raven black hair tormented what little shut eye he got

that night. Eyes that were filled with a soft love and

concern for him only to turn cold when he tried to run



“What are you looking at?” A very hung over Chakotay

opened his bleary eyes the next morning only to find

Donato waiting for him.

“A drunk pretending to be a Prince of the Realm. Why

haven’t you made sure this whole situation was

explained to Thomas so that he understood what was

going on after you rescued him from the headsman axe?”

Donato asked for an explanation sure that Thomas was

so confused that he didn’t know what to expect or how

to handle this whole situation.

“I was waiting for the King’s judgement, Donato,” the

Prince snapped as he groaned into his hands with his

head. “I was hoping he would feel something for me at

that would make him stay of his own choice.”

“Sounds like you both need a good long talk with each

other and be honest. And be sure that you tell Tom

everything,” Donato advised.

“I’ll take it under consideration after I’m alive once

again,” Chakotay snorted.


Kato and Shorty were assigned to bring Tom back to the

Prince’s tent for service at the end of his second

week. They made sure that he was bathed and put on

fresh clothes. After checking to make sure the ankle

chain was fastened to the center post, he was left

alone in the tent wondering what to do. His bedroll

looked inviting and he decided it would be a good time

to catch up on his sleep and deal with other things


Chakotay found the young man still asleep when he

entered the tent that evening.

Tom was regulated to doing menial chores and body

duties for the prince, but the dark man never laid a

hand on Tom. He only spoke to him regarding his duties

and nothing more.


Four weeks later,

The King’s Courier arrived on his lathered steed

dismounted and handed the message pouch to Captain


Tom breathed a sigh of relief knowing that it would

finished one way or another once the missive was read.