The Dark Prince by Stormraven23

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Author: Stormraven23

Series: VOY

Codes: C/P

Part: 5/? Work in progress

Rating: NC-17

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me know where.

Summary: The dark handsome Prince Chakotay rescues a

young man from the executioner’s axe by the name of

Tom Paris who is accused of murdering his father.

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Part Five

Tom couldn’t believe his eyes as he read the reply

from Lord Lacey regarding his request for the Lord to

handle his custody and arrange the subsequent marriage

between him and Lady Erin, his daughter. The message


“With all due respect, young Tom, but I cannot have

you with a sullied reputation around my innocent

daughter. I regret I cannot handle you custody for

you, but Prince Chakotay would be the best guardian

for you at this time. My daughter has another marriage

being arranged for her so do not bother her. She sends

her regrets but knows she must do her duty to the

Lacey family and fortune. Good luck in finding your

father’s killer. Much regrets, Lord Cabal Lacey.”

He went into shock as the impact of the letter and his

last thread of hope vanished in his mind and his eyes

were full of unshed tears.

When Prince Chakotay found him later that day he was

sitting in the corner rocking back and forth in his

misery. The Prince’s heart went out to the younger man

as he glanced at the missive on the floor beside. Tom

glanced up at him with troubled eyes and asked, “Why?

What did I do to make someone hate me so much? Why did

my father have to die?”

The Prince pulled the young Lord up off the floor and

into his big warm arms feeling the trembling racking

the slender body. He held him for the longest time

until Tom was nearly asleep from the emotional roller

coaster that was draining his strength. Lifting him

up, Chakotay took the youngster to bed and just held

him all night stroking, patting and trying to rub the

tension out of his body.

“Please,” Tom whispered as he woke up and started to

nuzzle Chakotay’s bronze neck with his soft lips

causing the older man to moan his pleasure. “Make me

forget about everything.” His need was evident by the

hard cock pressing into Chakotay’s hip as the youth

grew more demanding.

“Easy, baby.” The prince growled as he flipped them

over pinning Tom beneath his bulk. They both gasped as

their erections met through the heavy layers of


Whimpering, Tom arched up into the stocky body wanting

as much skin contact as he could get while the prince

devoured his lips and tongue. Neither heard the door

opening to the suite and the man entering the bedroom

like he belonged there.

A loud cough and a throat being cleared made them jump

apart startled by the figure intruding on their time.

“Your highness,” Bilo found their blushing downright

charming. “Princess Kola is in labor and you wanted to

be informed.”

“Yes, Bilo.” Chakotay pulled himself away from the

temptation with great reluctance. “I’ll be back soon,

baby.” He gave Tom a parting kiss and listened to him

moan as he gave Tom’s cock a parting stroke.

Tom pouted as Chakotay stood in the doorway. “Bilo,

will you take care of Tom for me.” The prince asked as

he left the suite.

“Certainly, your highness,” he muttered with glee and

mischief in his eyes. Tom didn’t like the sound of

Bilo’s voice or the look in his eye meant trouble for



The proud uncle of his new nephew and successor to the

throne behind him returned to his suite to celebrate

with his lover at the crack of dawn. Smiling, he found

Tom waiting for him in the center of his bed.

Bilo had taken care of Tom all right. They had bathed

and cleaned the long pale body and restrained him to

the bed. The manservant had placed a couple of pillows

under Tom’s hips to make him more accessible to his

prince and to keep his cock from touching anything.

Tom was spread-eagle on the bed and ready for Chakotay

as Bilo made sure Tom had spent the night in exquisite

torment. Using the almond favored liquor and a certain

massage oil, Bilo had Tom prepared for his cock and

his undulating hips had kept him awake and suffering

from his own hard cock wanting release.

The kicker was the gag and blindfold on his golden

lover so he could only ride the waves of lust and

frustration while not knowing how much time had

passed. It had made the night feel like forever to his

torment. Tom was nearly mad with the sensations and

didn’t know how much more he could take.

Knowing someone was in the room with him, Tom had long

since lost his inhibitions and was moaning loudly

hoping to have someone ease his suffering while

wiggling his hips and ass enticingly and shamelessly.

Chakotay felt his cock leap to attention at the feast

in front of him and all thoughts of sleep was left

behind as he felt Bilo take his coat and helped him

get undressed. His dark eyes stayed focused on the

body in front of him the whole time. There was a light

sheen of sweat glistening on the long legged blond and

his cock hardened further at the beauty of the man.

“Does this meet with your satisfaction, my Lord?” Bilo

asked knowing the answer all ready from the lustful

look on the Prince’s bronze face.

“Yes, Bilo. Thank-you,” Chakotay said absently to the

manservant as he knelt beside the restless blond who

was moaning even more loudly while pulling restlessly

against his restraints his head whipping back and

forth seeking but not finding, his muscles straining

for some kind of relief.

Chakotay settled in between the long pale legs and Tom

increased his writhing hoping to get some attention

from his lover. Tom could hear the prince’s breathing

but it was his smell, which drove him to a higher

level on intensity. Putting a dark hand on each leg,

he ran his fingers up the legs reveling in touching

the silken skin and the ripple of the muscles. Leaning

over, Chakotay ran his tongue hard from the pale hairy

balls to the weeping purple head of the long pink cock

giving Tom the friction he needed.

Screaming into the gag, Tom came and came shooting his

cum all over his stomach and chest while Chakotay

watched the movements of his body slave. The release

and relief was so great that Tom passed out from the

intensity. While he was out of it, the prince removed

the blindfold and gag so he could see the beautiful

blue eyes and kiss those soft lips he had yearned for

all night. He could never get enough of those lips.

He settled on washing the younger man clean of sweat

and semen while enjoying the feel of the silky skin

beneath him. There was too much temptation and

Chakotay laid claim to his prize.

Tom moaned under his latest kiss and woke up when he

felt the long dark shaft entering his puckered orifice

while Bilo had kept ready for the prince all night. He

felt full and connected to the prince while feeling

out of control as his orgasm built up again. “Please,

take me, your highness, I’ll do anything you want.”

“Do you mean that, Tom?” Chakotay asked as he slowed

his rhythm down and watched the play of emotion on

Tom’s face.

“Don’t stop, please,” Tom was wiggling for all he was

worth as a light sweat broke out on his body. His face

was pink with shame and embarrassment at his actions.

He shamelessly begged, “Anything, please, don’t stop.”

“Do you mean it, Tom? Tell me and I’ll start again

otherwise I can stop and wait.” Chakotay felt a rush

of power knowing his actions were controlling the

amount of pleasure or pain he could give to the young

man under him.

“Yes, I’ll do anything you want, I promise,” Tom said

between clenched teeth fearing he would go mad if

Chakotay didn’t get going again. That bastard Bilo had

made him drink that stuff again while rubbing some

similar all over his body making him feel out of

control. Tom was very much beginning to hate the

manservant of the Prince.

“Thank you, my golden one,” Chakotay slammed home into

Tom’s ass taking him long, hard and lasting quite

awhile while Tom screamed his way to another climax.

Several moments later, the prince groaned loudly and

collapsed on top of the pale body in pure pleasure of

satisfaction and some contentment.


Bilo was summoned to the King’s private chambers,

where the elderly version of his bronze prince


“Your majesty,” the servant bowed deeply and knelt

beside the King’s left knee in supplication.

“How is my son, Bilo?” A large hand rubbed his graying

blond hair in affection. Blue eyes gazed at dark

intense eyes gentle with love.

“Content for the moment, Kolopak. However, the young

one is fighting and will not be easy to tame,” Bilo

reported to his long time lover.

“Mayhap he will prove to be a challenge for my

Chakotay and make him work for that love. At least, we

have similar tastes and longings for blue eyed

blondes.” Kolopak chuckled smiling at Bilo who blushed

even after all these years.

“It would have been easier if the young Lord had not

come home that night and someone else had found the

body like we planned,” Bilo admitted. It was the first

time he had made such a mistake in the service of his

king and lover.

“I don’t blame you, Bilo. If Paris had been more

cooperative, he would still be alive and young Paris

would still have his father," Kolopak was still upset

over the incident. “I trust the Lacey’s are taken care


“Yes, my lord,” he kissed the palm of his king’s hand.

“The marriage of Erin Lacey to the prince’s cousin

will more than make up for the lose of the Paris

estates to Lord Lacey’s credit.”

“Join me,” Kolopak led his lover over to the bed.

“Always my love.”


Prince Chakotay and Tom Paris sat in their receiving

area talking with Captain Donato once again regarding

the death of Lord Owen Paris. Tom was not restrained

this time, but the Prince had his arms around the slim


“The investigation is at an stand still, your

highness. There have been few clues and vurtially no

witnesses to the murder and Lady Erin has verified

young Tom’s alibi,” Donato reported nervously.

“What happens to me now?” Tom asked unsure of his

future. He would now always have the stigma of his

father’s murder hanging over his head no matter where

he went. He was still greatly disappointed of Lord

Lacey’s desertion and Erin’s regrets and new marriage.

“I have to make a report and it will be in the king’s

hands. He will make the final determination,” the

Captain felt bad for the young man, but knew the

Prince could give him a good life if he would let him.

Donato could see that the Prince was head over heels

in love with young Paris.

“I’ll take care of you, Tom,” Chakotay said hoping Tom

would believe him. “Don’t worry about a thing, baby.

If you let me, I’ll always take care of you.” That’s

when the Prince knew himself he was in over his head

with the blond in his arms.

“Thank you for all that you did, Captain,” Tom said

softly realizing his future rested in the hands of the

King, the father of his lover and captor.

“I wish I could have done more, young one. Will you be

joining the Prince on the campaign?” Donato asked

hoping for a chance to get to know Tom Paris.

“I don’t know,” Tom stammered and turned to Chakotay

for help. He looked into a pair of soft dark brown

eyes full of love, care and felt his own heart thaw a

little. ‘Oh, shit, he was beginning to feel like he

was in over his head and didn’t know which way to swim

against the current.’

“Please,” Chakotay asked and kissed the tip of his

nose while gently hugging Tom.

“Won’t it depend on what your father says?” Tom asked

with concern.

The Prince signed and leaned his head on Tom’s

shoulder; “I suppose so.”

There was a knock at the door.

“I’ll let them in. I have to go anyway,” Donato said

as he stood up.

“Thank you, Captain,” Chakotay said.


The King wanted to talk to his son regarding young

Lord Paris. Chakotay was a bit apprehensive as he

entered his father’s rooms and found him waiting for


“Have a seat, my son,” Kolopak noticed his son’s

nervousness as he sat his stocky body down.

“Father,” Chakotay intoned hoping his father wouldn’t

notice his fearfulness over the possibility of losing

Tom to prison or the headman’s ax. He just couldn’t

bear it if that happened.

“I wanted to talk to you about Tom Paris, my son,” the

King could see the tension in the broad shoulders and

the worry lines around his eyes.

“What’s going to happen to him?” He burst out.

“That will depend on Captain Donato’s report and what

I learn from you, Chakotay,” said Kolopak as his son

finally let his eyes meet his father’s dark eyes.

“What do you wish to know, father?” His father’s eyes

held only love and concern and there was no

condemnation anywhere.

“Do you love him, Chakotay?” The voice was caring to

his ears, as he blushed hard enough to see against his

dark skin to tell.

“Yes, I do.” Chakotay admitted as his heart started to

pound in fear.

“I see.”

“Are you going to take him away from me?” Chakotay’s

fear was increasing over the blond.

“I don’t know. I’ll let you know what is going to

happen to young Paris after I’ve spoken with Captain

Donato. But I believe he can stay in you custody for

the time being,” Kolopak was realizing how scared his

son was of losing the young lord.

“Thank you, father,” Chakotay kissed his father’s hand

in relief and hurried back to his suite to make sure

for himself that Tom was still there.

Tom was waiting for Chakotay in the day room. “Do you

require anything, my lord?” Tom asked seemingly

resigned to be the Prince’s body slave once again.

“Just the pleasure of your company, Tom,” Chakotay

said quietly as he gathered the young man in his arms.

“We leave on campaign tomorrow and you will go along

with me. Father will have to send word on your

disposition with a courier.” The Prince grinned at the

sudden plan.

Tom sighed and leaned into the big man.