The Dark Prince by Stormraven23

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Author: Stormraven23

Series: VOY

Codes: C/P

Part: 4/? Work in progress

Rating: NC-17

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me know where.

Summary: The dark handsome Prince Chakotay rescues a

young man from the executioner’s axe by the name of

Tom Paris who is accused of murdering his father.

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Part Four

Upon his return to the castle, Captain Donato

requested an interview with the Prince and his new

slave he was told to report to the Prince’s apartment

first thing in the morning.

“Wake up, Tom. We’re having company this morning,”

Chakotay whispered in the younger man’s ear and

nuzzled on his neck until the blue eyes opened all

dreamy eyed and contentment.

“Do we have too? I’d rather spend the day in bed with

you,” he whined beautifully and stretched his long

limbs gracefully like a feline sending a chill of lust

down to Chakotay’s groin.

“Sorry, sweet thing. Captain Donato of the Royal Guard

has been investigating your father’s death and has

some questions for you to answer. So get up,” the

Prince was back and Tom knew he had to obey.

“Yes, sir,” he obeyed authority figures automatically

that training his father had instilled that in him as

a young lad and the training stood him in good

standing these days living with the Prince in the

capacity as his body servant.

Getting up, he helped the Prince dress in his good

clothes while he put his own sky blue tunic on along

with a darker pair of leggings. He waited until the

Prince sat down in front of the vanity and began to

brush the long black hair out and plait it into a

single long braid that would lie in the middle of his

back. Than he brushed his straw colored hair and let

it flow free as the Prince like it that way so he

could touch it anytime he wanted too.

Chakotay reached down and drew Tom into his arms and

gave him a deep kiss leaving him shaking with desire.

“Turn around, Tom.” He asked quietly. “I have to do


“What?” Tom was wary, but did as Chakotay asked.

Turning around, the Prince fastened restraints on his

hands leaving him bound. Feeling betrayed, tears

filled his eyes as he looked into the Prince’s dark

eyes questioning these actions. “Why?”

“You are being questioned as a suspect in a murder

case and they would not want you to bolt if guilt is

eating at you,” Chakotay replied kissing Tom until he

needed air and used his hands to try and reassure his

body slave. “This won’t take long at all.”


Tom sat in front of Captain Donato with his beautiful

face full of dread and upset at the first question of

the interview. They were seated in the receiving area

of the suite with the Captain sitting across from

them. Chakotay and Tom were sitting side by side on

with the younger man curled up to the Prince as close

as he could get with big burly arms wrapped lovingly

around him.

“Why did you kill your father, Thomas?” Donato asked

in a cold voice while his brown eyes searched the

young lord’s face for clues to his guilt or innocence.

“I did not kill my father. He was already dead by the

time I got home that night,” he replied. “I was with

someone that night.”

“You have an alibi than. Who were you with, Thomas?”

Donato wanted to know. A collaboration of places and

times could save this young man’s life from the

headman’s axe.

“I can’t say, Captain. It would ruin her reputation,”

Tom was going to defend Erin under a gentleman’s honor

to protect the ladies honor.

“You should tell the Captain, Tom. You can trust him

to be discreet and not ruin the young lady if it will

save your life,” Chakotay said softly suddenly afraid

he might lose this young man and he silently vowed to

do whatever it took to keep Tom with him always.

“If you don’t tell me and we can’t find out who the

real killer is, there is enough evidence to try you

for the murder of Lord Owen Paris,” Donato informed

him in a neutral tone believing the young man’s

innocence, but the laws were a given in this land.

Since Tom was the last one with his father and

actually had the weapon in his hand when found was

enough to get a trial started on a charge of murder

unless the King intervened.

“I can’t. It wouldn’t be right. I have her honor to

think about,” Tom pulled against the restraints that

bound him and tried to escape the arms holding him as

his frustration built up and he started to look for an


“Her honor versus your life, Tom. It’s not that

difficult of a choice,” Chakotay said as he held onto

the struggling young man. “We can always see to it

that she has a good marriage for the right dowry and

no questions asked.”

“That’s not the honorable thing to do, Prince,” Tom

cried out in disbelief and struggled harder to get

away from the man he thought he knew.

“I’ll do what I have to too keep you by my side, Tom.

What did you plan to marry the girl yourself?”

Chakotay asked as he turned Tom to face him searching

for the truth. He saw the look on the Tom’s face and

knew it for a fact. “You did intend to marry her, but

your father didn’t want the wedding. Why?”

“I don’t know. He never told me and I never got the

chance to ask why when he was murdered?” Tom sagged in

his Prince’s arms his fight gone with his head bowed

in defeat.

“What is her name, Tom? We need to clear this matter

up?” Donato asked in a firm voice. “You do her a

disservice if I find out from another source who she

is and the word gets out about you sleeping with her.

Of course, she would be ruined and no one would have

her in marriage than.”

“The Lady Erin Lacey, daughter of Lord Lacey, from our

neighboring estates,” Tom confessed full of weariness

as fresh tears ran down his face. Would this nightmare

never end? “I honestly wanted to marry the Lady Erin,

but now I don’t know.”

“Thank you for your help, Lord Paris. Now if you will

excuse me my lord, I have work to do and not that much

time before the campaign begins,” Captain Donato took

his leave of the lovers who were in intent only on

each other.

Tom was exhausted as he let Chakotay lead him into the

bedroom and laid him down on the bed, he fell into a

deep slumber while the restraints were removed and a

blanket was pulled over his long body.


He was thirsty when he awoke later in the afternoon

and his stomach let him know in no certain terms that

he required nourishment. Twisting in his blanket, he

found himself alone in the room and felt abandoned for

a moment. Raising, he took care of his personal needs

and wandered into the receiving area looking for

something to drink, but all he could find was water

and fruit juice, all the alcohol was gone. Come to

think of it, he hadn’t seen any alcohol since the

first night he had come to stay in the Prince’s suite.

Getting some juice to ease his thirst, he sat on the

chair by the large window and stared off into the

fabulous view thinking.

Chakotay watched the blonde from the darkness of the

doorway silently and was puzzled by the display of

emotions on his beautiful face. Finally with a deep

sigh, Tom stood up and saw his lover watching him.

“Supper is on the way up. Do you want to get cleaned

up, Tom?” Chakotay asked softly as Tom approached him

for a hug. He felt comforted having his arms around

him and could feel the slim body trembling.

“Yes,” Tom answered wearily. “Will I ever stop being

so tired?”

“Once this is cleared up, I suppose you will get your

full health back. The emotional roller coaster ride

that you have been on for the last fortnight is enough

to wear anyone out.” Chakotay kissed the top of his

head. “You can lean on me as long as you want, love. I

will never leave you.”

“Thank you.” Tom nuzzled his neck. “I would like to

get cleaned up for supper.”

“Good. I have some news to share with you over food,”

Chakotay smiled as he let the young man go and got

himself a drink of water from the sideboard.

The servant arrived and set up supper for the couple

and left them alone when the food was served. Tom

picked at his food still upset over naming Erin in his

alibi and how at one time he really had good

intentions of marrying her if his father had allowed

it. It’s amazing how fast your life can change by one

action or decision. Chakotay watched him with solemn

eyes and hoped he would take the news in a good way.

“Tom, you know the campaign season is ready to begin

in a couple of days. I’ve made arrangements for you to

accompany me as my body servant unless you care to

make other arrangements,” Chakotay told him over the

roasted chicken he was tearing apart with his bare


“What kind of arrangements could I make?” Tom asked

wondering where he could go and did he really want to

leave the Prince and the new world he had opened up

for him in the bedroom.

“The prison here in the castle town or the one on Kile

Island. Both have accommodations for suspects,” he

offered knowing Tom would more than likely turn them

both down.

“Prison? You said accommodations!” Tom exclaimed in

anger and slammed his utensils down on the table.

“That is totally unfair. I’m convicted before I even

have a trial.”

“If one has money one can have a fairly comfortable

life in prison, Tom,” Chakotay said flatly ignoring

the outburst.

“Why can’t I just go home until this is all over

with?” He whined as he got up from the table and

headed for the bedroom wanting to think, but he was so

confused these days. Did he really tell the prince

that he loved him? What was he thinking? This whole

situation was fast spinning out of his control.

However, he did know that he did love Erin Lacey and

would gladly make her his wife in a moment despite all

the new things the Prince was showing him and making

him feel. “Father, why did this have to happen now of

all times?” he cried to the heavens for answers to the

questions which could only be answered on his plane of


If he left the Prince, he would simply be exchanging

one prison for another it seemed like from all

accounts. With a heavy sigh of despair, he sank to his

knees and laid his head on his arms off the edge of

the bed and tried to think and go over all the options

and choices available to him. Not many. Prince

Chakotay or one of the two prisons unless Lord Lacey,

Erin’s father took him into his custody. Lord Lacey

had always been favor of the marriage for the two of

them. He wiped the tears from his eyes and set his

resolve to try and get a message to Lord Lacey.

Chakotay watched him from the doorway, knowing that no

matter what Tom decided he would do his best to keep

the slim young man by his side. The more he was with

him, the more he wanted him like a growing addiction.

He wanted to soothe the battered spirit, protect him

and never let anyone ever hurt him again.