The Dark Prince by Stormraven23

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Author: Stormraven23

Series: VOY

Codes: C/P

Part: 3/? Work in progress

Rating: NC-17

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me know where.

Summary: The dark handsome Prince Chakotay rescues a

young man from the executioner’s axe by the name of

Tom Paris who is accused of murdering his father.

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Part Three

Tom felt every minute of helplessness and lust for the

next three hours before the Prince came back. His cock

was so rock hard that it hurt when time passed and

there was no relief for the pressure on his balls. It

was an eternity before Tom felt hands on his body

softly stroking his cock urging him to release to

orgasm so powerful he passed out in relief. Chakotay

smiled at the limp body beneath him. A few sessions

like this and the young man would be eating out of his

hand so to speak.

Releasing the restraints, Chakotay tenderly bathed the

sweat and semen off the pale body kissing the soft

skin with reverence. Tossing the cleaning cloths to

one side, he gathered the golden man into his arms and

went to sleep dreaming of taking him on the campaign

to keep him company on the long cold nights.

In the morning, Tom found himself wrapped around the

Prince with his head resting in the crook of

Chakotay’s shoulder. He tried to move slightly and

found big arms tightening their grip on him and soft

lips kissing the top of his head. His body was

exhausted but strangely alert and every movement was

sensuous sending the intense feelings straight to his


“So beautiful,” Chakotay opened his eyes and regarded

the wary blue eyes gazing at him. “I have waited long

enough for you, Tom. I will make you mine this


Tom felt trapped by the intensity of those dark eyes.


“Roll over, baby and lay on your stomach,” Chakotay

urged him gently.

He rolled over onto his stomach and cradled his head

in his arms trying to keep his panic at bay and fears

from upsetting the Prince. A pair of board hands began

to massage the tight muscles in his shoulders and

slowly he began to relax under the skilled digits.

Nearly in a light doze from relaxing, Tom didn’t

notice as the hands began to drift down his back to

more erotic spots on his body.

Chakotay let hand gently slide down the cleft of the

pale firm butt cheeks until he reached the pink

puckered opening that beckoned. Feeling the muscles

tense up under him, he began to rub Tom’s lower back

to soothe him. “No danger, baby. Just the road to

delight, my golden one.” The bronze man crooned to the

younger man who was shivering in fright.

Blue eyes filled with fear stared at his pleadingly

and yet there was a instant flash of arousal in them

that Chakotay saw and knew with a little coaxing that

arousal could be there for a long time to come.

Reaching for a bottle of oil, he poured a generous

amount down the cleft of Tom’s ass and tenderly

massaged the area around his opening. Glancing up, he

saw Tom’s eyes were closed and his fists were opening

and closing with the tension and his face was stained

with a bright pink flush. Stroking the smooth back,

the muscles gradually relaxed and Tom’s breathing


He slipped his oiled index finger into Tom’s tight

hole and received a small whimper of need as the heat

spread through the younger man of arousal and need.

Keeping the stroking of Tom’s lower back going, he

slowly prepared the younger man until he was up to

four fingers in that lovely pale ass probing and

stretching the tight muscles. Satisfied that the

golden man was ready, Chakotay withdrew his fingers

and liberally coated his long dark cock with oil

letting it tickle between his balls as well.

Slowly he filled Tom’s hot tight channel with his cock

and let him adjust to the fullness in his ass before

departing on a long slow rhythm that him thrashing

mindlessly beneath his big body. Tom had never known

of such pleasure and gave himself over to the

sensations whimpering and groaning out his enjoyment.

Chakotay increased his pace and hit that special spot

sending Tom into his own orbit and coming without

anyone touching him. Within mere moments of that,

Chakotay himself came with a roar collapsing on top of

the younger man.

It was a long while before either one had any strength

to move.


Captain Donato of the King’s Royal Guard rode to the

Paris estates with a small contingent of loyal

soldiers to him to investigate the death of Lord Paris

and the suspect, his own son, Thomas Eugene Paris, who

was now in the custody of the Prince until the

investigation was complete. After hearing the story

from his Prince, Donato was of the same mind that the

young man was innocent, but the real murderer needed

to be found and the motive to the death.

Lord Paris had already been buried by the time Donato

arrived on the estates, but the local magistrate still

had the knife in his possession, which he gratefully

turned over to the Captain of the Guard and relieving

him of the responsibility of finding the killer. The

Captain spent the rest of the day questioning the

staff about the Lord’s only son and the whereabouts of

everyone on the night of the murder.

Bringing the knife with him back to the palace,

Captain Donato had several questions of his own for

young Lord Paris and no one could place him on the

night of his father’s death. Plus his latest fact that

the knife was from Tom’s collection. It didn’t look

good for the young man after all. This was going to

take some thinking on the Captain’s part, but he did

love a good riddle to solve.


Tom glanced shyly at the man asleep beside him and

wondered again how lucky could he get and how things

in your life could change in an instant. If the Prince

had not come for him he would have been dead and

missed out on how wonderful the love of another man

could be. He was hoping the death of his father would

never be solved and he could stay here in Chakotay’s

arms forever. Sighing softly, he fell back to sleep

with a tear running down his cheek.

His dreams started again. Coming home late at night,

no one noticed as he entered the main house from the

side door hoping to reach his bed before his father

found out he was with the neighbor’s daughter again.

Erin was a girl with a body that wouldn’t quit, only

he couldn’t figure out why his father objected to the

two of them marrying. It would combine the estates and

make the Paris family even more powerful in the land.

Creeping down the hall, he noticed the light was on in

his father’s study and peeked in out of curiosity. It

was quiet and there were no sounds of the feather pen

scratching away at the ledgers that his father kept so

meticulously. Entering the room he saw that his

father’s white haired head slumped on the desk with

his face turned to the side and the lips were blue.

Fear drove his feet to his father’s side as he lifted

the body and saw the knife sticking out of his chest

and the blood that pooled on the desk and on the


“Father,” he cried and knew that his beloved father

would never speak to him again. They had been the best

of friends for a long time outside of his choice in

chasing women around the countryside.

He couldn’t bear the thought of that hideous blade in

his father’s chest so he was gently pulling it out

when the magistrate walked in and found him. The shock

of their accusations sent him into shock and he had

stayed that way not noticing the hasty trial and only

vaguely hearing the sentence of his death by axe until

a certain dark haired man with a strange tattoo on his

forehead made him wake up.

“NO!” he screamed and was relieved to find a set of

strong arms holding him safely while he wept for the

loss of his father.

“Shusss, Tom. No one will hurt you. I’m here, beloved.

Go back to sleep. I will keep watch,” Chakotay

couldn’t stand to see the tears from the blue eyes he

was falling in love with and his heart lurched in

response to the younger man’s suffering. He felt Tom

relaxing and going back to sleep holding on to him



In silence they ate dinner and sat on the divan

snuggling and kissing before going to bed. Chakotay

slowly undressed his golden man sliding his hands up

and down the lean body. He loved the soft feel of

Tom’s skin under his hands.

“Tell me you love me,” Chakotay said to the man lying

beneath his stocky body.

A soft voice whispered shyly back, “I love you.”

Hearing that Chakotay removed his own clothes and

started making love to the moaning man beneath him.

When he felt that Tom was ready, he gently prepared

him for entry until it was time to start thrusting

into the warm and flush body. Thrashing under him, Tom

moaned and arching his body each time Chakotay hit

that little special place. He came with a muffled cry

and a moment later he felt Chakotay released his

fluids deep into his lover’s bowels. Pulling Tom into

his arms afterwards, they drifted off to sleep.