The Dark Prince by Stormraven23

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Author: Stormraven23

Series: VOY

Codes: C/P

Part: 2/? Work in progress

Rating: NC-17

Archive: Wherever just leave the credit please and let

me know where.

Summary: The dark handsome Prince Chakotay rescues a

young man from the executioner’s axe by the name of

Tom Paris who is accused of murdering his father.

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a lot of.

Disclaimer: They belong to Paramount and I just take

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sometimes I keep them over night. No monetary gain


Part Two

Tom found himself in a richly opulent suite styled in

tan and gold, which would show off Prince Chakotay’s

coloring beautifully. He was currently in the day

room, which had a divan, two low tables, three chairs

and a fireplace. There was a serving area on one side

of the day room which had several different drinks to

chose from. Pouring himself a cup of rich red wine, he

explored the rest of the suite while waiting for his

captor trying to find any and all escape routes.

The bed in the master bedroom was a huge four-poster

framed with curtains to ensure maximum privacy and it

was decorated in dark tans and browns. Swallowing

nervously, Tom finished his wine and headed back to

the serving area to pour another drink. Maybe, if he

got drunk enough, he wouldn’t have to remember what

was going to happen to him tonight. He gulped that

glass and quickly poured another starting to feel the

effects of the alcohol in his system.

Chakotay slipped silently into his apartment and found

the young man passed out on the divan from too much

drink. Sighing in disappointment, he signaled for Bilo

to take all of the alcohol out of the rooms and leave

only water and fruit juice. Slinging the young man

over his shoulder, Chakotay took him into his bedroom

where he undressed him and threw him on the bed

watching the long slim body sprawl in a graceless


Pulling some restraints out of a drawer in the

armoire, he chained the pale long limbed body to the

four corners of the bed with fur lined cuffs so he

could not injure himself. Stripping down to his sleep

pants, the Prince crawled into the bed and laid next

to the blonde so he could take his time exploring his

new found toy.

Blunt fingers ran through the red-gold hair on top of

Tom’s head down to his forehead caressing the

aristocratic features to the slender sensual pink

lips. He spent several moments rubbing his thumb back

and forth over the lips reveling in their softness and

very much aware of them begging to be kissed. However,

he would wait until Tom was awake to enjoy the

attention Chakotay was going to give him.

In the early hours of the morning, Tom slowly awakened

to a pounding head and unable to move his limbs. Not

only were his limbs restrained to the bed there a big

bronze body was draped over his naked body with an

obvious erection poking into his inner thigh.

Panicking, Tom tried to get free waking up the Prince

who merely rolled over and lay on his side watching

the young man fight the restraints.

Moments later when he had exhausted himself Tom turned

his tear-ridden eyes to the Prince. “Why?”

“Because I desire you. You stir things in me that no

one has done for the longest time.” Chakotay stroked

the soft cheek wiping the tears away. Tom ducked his

head and closed his eyes in shame as he felt a slight

stab of desire himself towards the man beside him.

“There is nothing to be afraid of, my golden one.”

“My life is spinning out of control. I’m scared. I’m

being held for something I didn’t do. My father is

dead. You are making me feel things I don’t want to

feel or think about and now your telling me not to be

afraid,” Tom’s voice was getting louder and louder

with his hysteria and he started struggling in his

restraints again.

“I have patience, my dear.” Chakotay said as he

yawned. He had stayed up all night admiring this young

man and now he wanted a nap while Tom was learning to

adjust to his new life. Curling up on his side and

ignoring the outbursts of the blonde, Chakotay fell


Tom lay there and listened to sound of Chakotay’s

breathing while he slept taking advantage of the

moment to study his opponent. He was not going to make

it easy for the Prince to take advantage of him.

However, the man was gorgeous with black hair,

handsome face and had a rock hard body to die for.

Where did that come from he wondered to himself

wishing he could move but the restraints kept him

outstretched and at the mercy of the Prince. Plus the

man gave off an intense sex appeal like animal


Looking down at the firm round ass on the Prince, he

found himself staring into a pair of intense dark

chocolate brown eyes fill with wonder, curiosity and

desire framed with long black lashes.

“So beautiful.” A bronze hand came up and caressed his

cheek causing him to flinch in fright. “Don’t be

afraid. I would never hurt you intentionally.

“Please,” Tom cursed himself for begging as fresh

tears fell from his liquid blue eyes. “Please don’t.”

“Why not? I want you and you want me. You just don’t

know how to ask for it yet.” Chakotay said as he moved

his hands up and down the lithe pale body at his

discretion drawing grasps of pleasure from the young


The golden skin excited him and he couldn’t get enough

of it as he lay his entire bronze body on top of the

long lean body in his bed establishing tactile contact

as much as possible. Using both hands to cradle the

golden head gently, Chakotay proceeded to ravish the

pink lips with his own full lips until he had the

young man whimpering with need. Tom looked so

beautiful with his glazed blue eyes and swollen lips

and his body wiggling with passion to be taken by the

dark man above him.

“Please,” Tom found himself begging shamelessly

wiggling his body in invitation.

“Please, what?” Chakotay asked as he lowered his right

hand gently stroked the long pale cock, which was

standing up and pleading for attention.

“Why do I feel like this?” he was confused. His

upbringing told him this was wrong, but what was

feeling so right could still be so wrong according to

the way he was raised in the beliefs of his father’s


“When two people love each other the feelings are

there and the bodies call to each other despite the

gender.” The Prince nipped his way down to the pale

chest beneath him and gently bit the nipples there

causing Tom to lose any more semblance of speech.

Feeling the body arched up under him wiggling an

invitation, Chakotay decided it was time to stop and

forced himself away from the beautiful man beneath


“Don’t leave me like this,” Tom wailed in despair

pulling on the cuffs feeling empty without the man

standing over him.

“You need to eat and regain your strength before I

introduce you to the delights of my bed, Tom,”

Chakotay put his robe on and left him lying there with

fresh tears running down the beauty’s face.

“Did I do something wrong?” Tom asked outloud in the

empty room. No one answered. “Don’t leave me, please.”

In the outer room, Chakotay rang for Bilo and gave him

instructions concerning the young man in his bed.

“I wish for Tom to have food and juice, no alcohol and

something to relax him. Also, I want the best man

possible to investigate Lord Paris’ death, Bilo. Who

do we have for that?”

“Donato the Captain of the Guard is very good with

mysteries sir, shall I ask him?” Bilo advised.

“Yes, please do.” He took a seat at the window and

watched the scenery in front of him. This was his

favorite window with the view of the valley and the

mountains in the background inspiring to do a lot of

his meditation here.

“As for the young man in your bed, may I release him

from the restraints or feed him like a baby,” Bilo let

his distaste at that thought show.

“You may release him, but watch him I have a feeling

he’s a tricky one,” Chakotay smiled remembering the

feeling of that long lean body wiggling underneath him

inviting him to take him. “Also have a selection of

oils and other things available for me when I retire

tonight with my new toy.”

“Yes, sir. Will you be dining in this evening or with

your parents?” Bilo asked as pulled the bell rope to

summon the Prince’s servants.

“With my parents, Bilo. With the campaign coming up, I

won’t get to see them for quite a while.” Chakotay

rose to get ready for dinner with Bilo helping him.

“Very good, sir,” Bilo sighed as he thought of the fun

that young man was going to present when he was

unfastened from the restraints after the Prince left.

He could sense a strong will beneath the surface of

that one and hoped the Prince would not be to badly

hurt if the young man failed to please him.

“Bilo, if he gives you any trouble use the almond

flavored liquid. Some of the ingredients have some

pleasant side effects and will ensure his cooperation

if needed,” Chakotay grinned in anticipation as he

left his suite for dinner with his parents and the

meeting with the military leaders to begin the final

plans for the upcoming military operation.

With two burly servants backing him, Bilo released Tom

from his restraints and let him relieve himself in the

side room provided for that service. Tom was taken to

the baths and cleaned up before going back to the

Prince’s apartment. Bilo saw that he ate decently and

only had water and fruit juice to drink. They didn’t

want the young man to drink himself senseless again.

“Time to return to the bed, young one. The Prince will

be returning soon and wants you ready for him,” Bilo

announced after the supper dishes were cleared away

and they were relaxing in front of the fire.

“No,” Tom said as he jumped up and made a dash for the

door. The two burly servants stopped him and he began

swinging his fists hoping to get away. However, he

still had not regained his full strength and they

easily took him to the bedroom.

“Cooperation is so much easier, Tom,” Bilo admitted as

he approached the now nude golden man with the bottle

of almond flavored liquid in his hand. “Hold him

still.” He commanded the servants.

“I won’t cooperate with you,” he yelled and gave one

last struggle before his strength was gone and he

sagged bonelessly in his captor’s arms.

“Drink this. You will feel better,” he tilted the

bottle into the young man’s mouth and poured a

generous helping of the drink down his throat. There

was a tear in Tom’s eye as he gave in and swallowed

the good tasting liquid.

“I hate you,” he spat as the servants undress him and

placed him on the bed while fastening his arms to the

bedposts once again but left his legs free for the

time being.

“You can hate me all you want as long as you please

the Prince and make him happy, nothing else matters,”

Bilo answered calmly as he waited for the almond oil

to take affect.

“Bastard,” Tom closed his eyes so he didn’t have to

look at the manservant.

Bilo sat in a nearby chair and waited. The effects

were not long in coming as the young man began to move

restlessly against his bounds seeking yet not knowing

what he was trying to find.

“Oh gods!” Tom screamed as a powerful shudder of lust

tore through his body and his cock became hard. “What

is happening to me?” He panted feeling frustrated that

he couldn’t play with his cock and his hips undulating

back and forth looking for some kind of friction to

obtain some kind of release and satisfaction. “Please,

I feel so strange.”

“Now I see what the Prince means,” Bilo remarked as he

watched the young man fight for his self-control only

to lose under the power of the aphrodisiac.

“Please. I’ll do anything you want. Anything.” he was

begging now and his blue eyes were dilated with lust

while lifting his legs in an oblivious invitation.

“Fuck me.”

“Sorry, that pleasure is reserved for the Prince, my

sweet,” Bilo chuckled as he left the room.