The Dark Prince by Stormraven23

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Author: Stormraven23

Series: VOY

Codes: C/P

Part: 1/? Work in progress

Rating: NC-17

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me know where.

Summary: The dark handsome Prince Chakotay rescues a

young man from the executioner’s axe by the name of

Tom Paris who is accused of murdering his father.

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He was sentenced to die and waited on the execution

block waiting for the axe to fall and he could be at

peace. The sun glistened off his golden hair matted

with sweat, fear and acceptance of his fate. With

brilliant blue eyes, his gaze swept across the skyline

for one last look at a cruel but beautiful world in

his life. Lying his head down on the block, he failed

to notice a dark handsome prince riding by on his

black stallion watching the proceedings.

The prince gestured for his manservant to find out

about the golden man on the block. His cock stirred

into life as he gazed on the golden vision in front of

him. Whatever his crime was, the prince was sure that

his punishment could be commuted into serving at his

personal slave. It had been a long time since someone

had stirred his interest for the bedchamber.

The manservant came back and reported to the prince.

“This one is sentenced to die for the death of his

father, my Lord. He confessed when they found him

bending over his father’s body still holding the knife

in his hand. The man has not said a word since they

found him and that he accepted his fate without any


“Well they are about to hear some fuss now, Bilo. I

want that golden man for myself and I intend to have

him,” The Dark Prince informed his manservant and made

the stallion walk over to the executioner.

His approach to the gallows halted the proceedings and

all bowed as they recognized their Lord and future

King. The golden man simply did not care nor did he

bow. ‘Fuck you all,’ he thought and felt a tear slide

down his beautiful face.

“I wish this one for myself, Head Executioner,” Dark

Prince informed the man in the mask, knowing he would

be obeyed.

“My Lord, he is a murderer,” the masked man objected.

“I don’t think he did it and I will do my own

investigation of this crime. For now, he is to be

released into my care as my personal slave and I will

do with him as I see fit. Any more objections,” The

Prince asked loudly for all to hear and listened for

any complaints. There were none.

The golden blonde was helped to his feet and his hands

cuffed in front of him while he was led to the

Prince’s horse. Reaching down, the Prince grabbed the

end of the chain and fastened it to his saddle so the

young man could follow his new master. Dull blue eyes

glanced up from under the mat of stringy blond hair at

the dark man in the saddle and wondered what would

happen to him now.

“What is your name, my golden one?” The Dark Prince

asked as he urged the stallion forward at a sedate

walk so the young man could keep up with the muscle

bound horse.

“Tom. Tom Paris, sir.” The young man stammered out

still in shock at this sudden change of fortune and

peeked up at his rescuer from under his shock of

matted and stringy golden hair suddenly aware of how

dirty he was. ‘What did this prince want with him?’ he


“Tom Paris. Your father is Lord Paris, is he not?” The

Prince was aware of the scrutiny the younger man was

giving him.

“Was, sir. He is dead and they say it was by my hand,”

he rubbed his raw wrists under the metal bands while

wishing for a drink of water. It had been two days

since he had had any food or liquid of any kind.

“Why do they say that?” His curiosity was up and he

admired the young man’s firm ass from what he could

see of it through the ripped and torn clothes.

“When I got home from the banquet, I found my father

in the study stabbed to death and I was pulling the

knife out of his chest when the local magistrate found

me. They said it was an open and shut case and that I

murdered my father. I swear I didn’t do it, sir. I

swear,” Fresh tears ran down his dirt stained face

while blue eyes gazed pleading at the Prince.

“I already said I would do some investigating of my

own. Meanwhile, you are going home with me and be my

personal body slave for the time being. I have a

hankering for long legged blondes and I believe I am

going to enjoy you for a long time to come,” He leered

at the young man who blushed when he realized what the

Prince wanted from him.

“Sir, I am a ladies man,” he protested and began to

pull on his chains in a vain attempt to get away. “I

do not go with other men, sir.”

“Whoa,” the Prince told the horse who stood still

while his man Bilo came forward to hold him.

Dismounting, the Dark Prince pulled on the chain and

brought the young man up even with him. Tom continued

to try and get away, his wrists were bleeding now and

he let out a small whimper when the Prince caught his

wrists in a strong grip.

“Where do you think you are going, my golden boy,” he

pulled the young man into his arms and studied the

frightened face under the mat of hair. “So beautiful.”

“Please,” Tom heard himself beg. He realized that he

was a couple of inches taller than his captor was, but

the Prince was a big stocky man packed full of muscle.

The intense dark eyes caught his sky blue eyes and

held them mesmerized with Tom finding his will to get

away fading.

The Prince was handsome with his short black hair,

broad shoulders and the curious tattoo on the left

side of his forehead. His full lips drew Tom’s

attention and for a brief moment wondered what it

would be like to be kissed by them. Remembering who he

was he started to struggle against his captor but the

arms were too strong and he was weakened by lack of

food, drink and hardly any sleep. Easily, he was held

until he collapsed exhausted by his struggles.

Smiling, the Prince leaned over the slim man and

kissed him on the lips enjoying the sweet sensations

the pink lips were giving him. Tom whimpered in his

throat when his tears were kissed away softly and a

gloved hand rubbed the back of his neck in an attempt

to soothe him. His knees were threatening to give way

under the assault on his senses.

“Please,” Tom pleaded as he placed his restrained

wrists on the Prince’s chest in a vain attempt to stop

the burly man.

“Why, when you know it will be so good between us.

However, I will indulge you this one time, but heed

me, young Tom, in the future what I want you will give

me no questions or hesitation on your part or there

will be punishment,” the Prince warned as he swung

back into the saddle and started off without looking

back. Tom trotted along very confused by his feelings

stirring for the big dark man.

When the sun started to set, they arrived at the

castle where the Prince resided with his father the

King and the court came out to greet him. Bilo took

charge of Tom while the Prince went inside to supper

with his parents.

Bilo guided the young man to the baths in the back of

the castle so he could get cleaned up and into new

clothes. Much to Tom’s surprise his clothes were

gently removed and he was placed in a tub of hot water

and washed to within an inch of his life inside and

out. He had never been scrubbed so much in his life

and was dried just as thoroughly with soft cloths. His

hair was washed, dried, brushed and pulled back with a

soft leather tie.

New chains were fastened to his wrists and Bilo than

made him bend over so he could inspect the new

territory that the Prince would be conquering tonight.

Tom felt completely humiliated and blushed at the

scrutiny that his asshole was receiving. A cool draft

on his pink puckered opening had him shivering at the

thought of what was going to happen to him when the

Prince got hold of him.

“What was that for?” he demanded to know when he was

allowed upright again.

“The inspection was to make sure you are not diseased

in any way that could harm the Prince,” Bilo said as a

matter of fact.

“Does the Prince have a name? No one has bothered to

tell me anything about him,” Tom demanded as his anger

started to surface from his treatment and his terror

receded for a brief moment..

“He is Prince Chakotay and the next king of the land,

young one. So you would do well to watch yourself

before you end up on the block again. If you behave

and do as the prince wants you will lack for nothing.

If you misbehave, you will suffer the consequences of

your actions,” Bilo warned him as he helped him into a

light soft blue tunic that matched his eyes.

“I see. Do I have any say in my life anymore?” Tom

asked curious.

“No. You now belong totally to the Prince, body, heart

and soul. It will be up to him whether you will gain

your freedom or not, Tom,” Bilo led the young man out

of the baths and up several flights of stairs to the

apartments of Prince Chakotay. “Even if you are found

innocence of your father’s murder, the Prince may

decide to keep you if you please him. Than again by

the time he teaches you what he wants you to know you

may decide to stay at his side of your own accord.”

“I can’t do this,” Tom was frightened again wishing

this just a nightmare and he would wake up to find his

father alive and well and he was safe and sound back

at the Paris estates.

“Tough,” Bilo said and pushed the man into the

apartment. “You belong to the Prince.”