Time's Orphans series by Kiff

Published: 15/09/03 | Last Updated: 15/09/03
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A series of "anniversary" stories, done in "real time"; i.e., I write and post exactly one a year, with one exception, as you'll see below. This is an AU based on "Year of Hell" in which the Krenim have destroyed Voyager and stranded Tom and Chakotay on an isolated planet.

A Time to Mourn: Tom and Chakotay, one year after being stranded by the Krenim. This is the first in my C/P "Time's Orphans" series and is a sequel (of sorts) to "Time Enough to Love." Completed July 1998.

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1. A Time to Mourn by Kiff [Reviews - 0] (1795 words)
2. A Time to Gather Stones by Kiff [Reviews - 0] (3631 words)
3. A Time to Heal by Kiff [Reviews - 0] (4438 words)
4. A Time to Kill by Kiff [Reviews - 0] (3035 words)
5. A Time to Seek by Kiff [Reviews - 0] (3712 words)
6. A Time to Love by Kiff [Reviews - 0] (2443 words)