Christmas Presence by mort

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Sequel to "The Ghost of Christmas Future"


Filling his mouth with the last of the wine, and replacing his empty glass on the bar with a shaky hand, Tom dove for Chakotay’s face. As the older man responded by opening his lips invitingly, Tom clamped his own mouth firmly to Chakotay’s and then let the wine flow into the other man.

Chakotay jerked with surprise as the warm liquid spilled over his tongue, a delicious cocktail of alcohol and the essence of Tom. Spreading his legs wide as he balanced precariously on the small barstool, he clutched Tom’s shoulders firmly and pulled the pilot tightly towards him until the younger man was firmly lodged between his open thighs.

Feeling the unmistakable bulge in Tom’s trousers pressed against his own straining erection, any lingering doubts were finally cast aside. He ground into Tom, filling him, possessing him, his tongue hot and demanding as it thrust between Tom’s slack lips.

Eyes closed, face flushed, Tom moaned and writhed under his assault, his hips twisting excitedly as he rubbed against Chakotay’s groin with animalistic desire. Chakotay felt a growl rising from deep in his throat as Tom abandoned himself to the sensation of friction, now humping against Chak so enthusiastically that the older man had to clutch the bar for support.

Checking over Tom’s shoulder that the only other occupants of the bar at this late hour were too engrossed in their own seductions to notice them, Chakotay reached down and unzipped Tom’s fly and slid a hand inside.

Tom’s eyes flew open in shock and he broke the kiss in confusion

"Wha –" he gasped, looking around in panic for any voyeurs even as his cock wept blissfully in appreciation of Chakotay’s teasing fingers.

"Relax, babe, no-one’s watching," Chakotay murmured, as his other hand released the buttons on Tom’s shirt, completely unaware that Tom was staring straight into the grinning eyes of Harry who had snuck behind the bar to help himself to more illicit drinks, crisps and dips.

Then Chakotay leaned forward and nuzzled his head between Tom’s shirt until he found the erect nub of a nipple and bit gently.

Tom squealed and came, his whole body shuddering with reaction. Chakotay’s lips trailed up to Tom’s neck and sucked hungrily, his teeth scraping gently against the tender skin.

Tom’s eyes rolled with bliss and he gasped as Chakotay’s relentless fingers began to tug his shirttails out of his trousers.

Meanwhile Harry gaped in complete disbelief as he saw his best friend, previously the self-proclaimed ladies man of Voyager, writhing helplessly under Chakotay’s assault. Tom seemed to be as bewildered by his body’s reaction as Harry was. His wide blue eyes met Harry’s in helpless shock.

For a moment Harry wondered whether to interfere. A discrete cough would probably be enough to halt the Commander’s assault, and then he saw Tom’s eyes glaze again as his spine arched helplessly in reaction to Chakotay’s wandering hands that were now undoing the waistband of Tom’s trousers and easing them down his hips.

Catching Tom’s eyes again, Harry grinned, winked and gave the stunned pilot a thumbs-up sign and then crept away to collect Megan and the other couple of late-night bar flies, leaving his tray of stolen goodies abandoned on the bar. He had the distinct feeling that the stoic commander had finally lost control and at the rate he was currently undressing Tom there was going to be hell to pay tomorrow unless Harry cleared the room.

Chakotay, who had indeed lost all self-control, having been unexpectedly given a lifetimes worth of Christmas presents all wrapped up in one delicious package called Tom Paris, was too busy unwrapping his surprise to even notice the others tiptoeing out of the room.

Tom, on the other hand, could only watch in complete mortification as one by one they all gave him their silent, somewhat drunken approval with a series of obscene gestures and ribald grins.

Embarrassment made his temper flare and he raised his hands to shove Chakotay away from him. Since the older man took that exact moment to lean down and swallow his cock, Tom’s hands descended not in a blow but in ecstasy, his fingers clutching spasmodically at Chakotay’s hair.

"Ooooooohh" Tom wailed as Chakotay’s tongue ran teasingly over his weeping slit.

Chakotay grinned ferally around Tom’s swollen cock. He couldn’t believe how fast Tom had become erect again. Not only was Tom the best present he had ever received, but he had even been delivered with fully charged batteries.

Chakotay slid off the barstool and sank to his knees, the new position not only facilitating his eager devouring of Tom’s succulent cock, but also enabling him to continue the process of removing Tom’s trousers.

Tom’s shoes gave him a little difficulty, since all he could see was Tom’s reddish gold pubic hairs, but manfully he pursued his goal so that by the time Tom screamed and came again in a frantic fountain, the pilot was completely naked.

Chakotay raised his head, licking his lips in satisfaction as he gazed into Tom’s stunned expression of satiated lust. Then he rose slowly, still clutching Tom’s buttocks possessively and sat back on the barstool.

"WOW" Tom finally managed to utter. "That was – that was - WOW," he finished lamely

"It gets better," Chakotay promised in a low smoky voice that sent shivers down Tom’s spine and the older man began to unzip his own trousers. Tom watched in fascination as Chakotay’s swollen cock emerged, its entire thick length pulsing with promise.

"Wow," Tom managed in a very small voice.

"I want you, Tom Paris," Chakotay purred hungrily and Tom shivered deliciously.

Chakotay turned Tom around until his back was facing the older man and then he pulled Tom down to sit on his lap, his coltish legs dangling on either side of Chakotay’s muscular thighs. Tom trembled as he felt Chakotay’s erection digging into the small of his back, but Chakotay’s hands were running over his nipples, pinching and squeezing and then Chakotay sank his teeth into the back of Tom’s neck.

Tom yelped and squealed, squirming on Chakotay’s lap as the delicious mix of pain and pleasure overloaded his brain. To Chakotay’s complete astonishment he realised that Tom was hard yet again. Spirits, the beautiful blonde was insatiable.

His own cock surged desperately against Tom’s velvet skin. *Shit, shit, shit,* Chakotay thought, as he realised he had nothing to use for lube and he wouldn’t dream of hurting the wonderful man who was sitting so trustingly on his lap.

He began to rub Tom’s latest erection in the hope that Tom’s semen might do the trick, though given the size of his own dick he doubted it.

*Shit, shit, shit,* and then he spied Harry’s abandoned tray. He wondered for a moment where the hell it had come from and then shrugged. The spirits moved in mysterious ways. Dipping his fingers in the various dips, until he found a bland innocuous cheese flavour, he then proceeded to liberally smother his eager cock with the greasy dip.

"Lean forward, honey," he whispered to the nearly insensate Tom and the younger man complied until his head touched Chakotay’s trembling knees and Chakotay could finally see the puckered entrance to a cavern of unbelievable pleasure.

With a tentative finger he rimmed the soft skin. Tom shuddered and jerked at his touch and Chakotay froze until he heard Tom actually purring in anticipation. With a relieved grin he pushed his finger slowly between the tight muscles, exploring and stretching. He was amazed at how quickly Tom relaxed. Within minutes he had three fingers inside the pilot’s body, stroking and caressing him in preparation. Tom’s trust in him brought literal tears of joy into his eyes.

"Oh my love," Chakotay whispered. "You are so beautiful Tom, so perfect, I love you."

The endearments made Tom thrust back against his questing fingers.

"More Chak, please. Please, I need more!" Tom groaned.

Chakotay was only too willing to comply. Holding Tom’s hips in a firm but tender grip, he eased Tom backward until his cock was perfectly positioned for entrance, and then with extreme care he eased between Tom’s cheeks.

Tom groaned in pain as Chakotay’s thick organ slowly stretched and filled him. He felt the older man freeze.

"Don’t stop, Chak, please don’t stop," he begged desperately.

He hadn’t wanted to admit to the older man that he had been a virgin, in case it had stopped the wondrous assault. He trusted Chakotay with his life, and he had been prepared for some discomfort but even so, Chakotay’s entrance had been more painful than he had expected. But now the worst was over, all he was aware of was the fact that Chakotay was filling him, claiming him. Making him his own.

"I don’t want to hurt you," Chakotay replied.

"It’s okay, I’m okay, PLEASE don’t stop now," Tom wailed, needing more, uncertain of exactly what that more implied but trying to impale himself further just to prove the point.

When Chakotay had heard Tom’s pain, his heart had been seized with fear. He hadn’t realised how intense his own distress had been until Tom’s obvious enthusiasm lifted the dark cloud that had descended. With a relieved grin he slid the rest of the way home. Tom yelped in surprise as the end of Chakotay’s penis rubbed his prostate and sent an unbelievable jolt of pure pleasure though his groin.

Then Chakotay gently pulled Tom up into a sitting position. Tom’s own weight forced Chakotay even deeper inside his body and he moaned with pleasure, gasping at the new sensations that flooded his body.

Then wrapping his large hands around Tom’s slim hips, Chakotay began to move Tom up and down on his lap. It didn’t take long for Tom to understand the concept. Taking his weight back on his own feet he began to control his own rise and descent, freeing Chakotay’s hands to attend to his own neglected erection.

"Oh Spirits, Tom, that’s so good, so nice," Chakotay encouraged as Tom pleasured himself on his cock. With evident enthusiasm Tom was experimenting with the sensation, slowing down, speeding up, changing the angle slightly to fully investigate the possibilities of his own prostate.

Chakotay let Tom play until his own cock was so sensitive from the younger man’s actions that he couldn’t contain himself any longer. Firmly he pulled Tom down and increased the friction on Tom’s own cock. With a startled scream, Tom came and his internal muscles clenched tightly around Chakotay causing him to erupt inside Tom with a howl of pleasure.

With a gasp, Tom’s head fell back against Chakotay’s own heaving chest as he felt Chakotay’s cock softening and sliding out of him, leaving him strangely bereft.

"Wow," Tom gasped. "I never knew. "

"Never knew what, babe?"

"That it was so good with a man. Shit, I can’t believe how much time I’ve wasted on women."

"I’m your first man?" Chakotay asked in shock.

Tom twisted on his lap and stared at him solemnly, his blue eyes bright with happiness

"You’re my ONLY man, Chakotay, and now my only ANYONE forever!" he promised solemnly

And Chakotay’s heart soared with joy.

"Forever," he agreed.

*The End*