Memories by KarenS

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Chakotay gradually surfaced to the sensation of warmth
and gentle pressure in one of his favorite areas.

"What are you doing, babe?"

Tom inhaled deeply and let out a sigh.

"Mmmmm. Rich and refined with a robust bouquet."
An agile tongue traveled the length of his cock and then
took a leisurely tour around its tip.

"I detect the light taste of pear and possibly? Yes, definitely
a touch of honey." Tom licked his lips and grinned. "I would
have to guess 'Chateau de Cha 2370'. Possibly the Vintner's

Chakotay pulled the younger man up to lie at his side.

"Considering what we did half an hour ago, I'd say the vintage
is a bit newer than that."

Blue eyes sparkled. "Really. It has such a mature, positively
mouth-filling taste."

"You're insane. You know that, don't you?"

Tom laughed. "No, I'm not. I was remembering that winery
we visited while on shore leave last month. They were very
accommodating even if we did keep getting *separated* from the
rest of the tour group."

"I think they got amused after the third or fourth time."

Chakotay sighed as a long, lanky body blanketed his own.

"I think what really amused them, big guy, was you trying to
fasten your shirt and suddenly realizing it was mine. Didn't
the shoulders give you a hint?"

The older man groaned at the sudden attack on his left nipple.

"Gods, Tom, I think you have an oral fixation."

"Only where your body is concerned."

Chakotay gasped as a warm, wet mouth trailed kisses
down his abdomen, but stayed still.

"C'mon, Cha, I'm in the mood to play."

"There's nothing left, Tommy." He moaned at the loss
of sensation but left his eyes closed. Breathing slowed as
Chakotay drifted closer to sleep. He barely felt the dip of
the bed when his lover rejoined him.

Then there was the warmth of whispering lips against his
ear. The heat of slick fingers engulfing his cock.

"Touch, Cha, touch..."

Gods, the brat was going to kill him off yet....


Fortunately, the Captain found his repeated yawns during
the morning meeting amusing.

"Burning the midnight oil, Commander?"

Chakotay shifted in his chair and shrugged at the grins
around the table. Tom was innocence personified. His
halo was almost visible. The older man grinned.

"I occasionally suffer from insomnia... someone else's."

Kathryn nodded seriously.

"Have you considered a sleep aid? Say, restraints?"

Tom sat up straighter. "As a matter of fact, Captain, I was
just telling him the other ni--" A large brown hand covered
his mouth. Its owner sighed and the meeting was completed
without further incident.


"I think we have our 'old Tom' back."

Chakotay looked up from his screen at Kathryn's murmured
comment. "To tell you the truth, I hadn't thought about that
for a while. The nightmares have stopped and there are a
few things that he still doesn't remember, the night of the
attack being one, but we haven't talked about any of that
for weeks."

Janeway grinned. "I hear newlyweds are like that." Chakotay
turned red, but smiled in return.

"You're right. We can't get enough of each other and even
though we were living together before, he still had his own
quarters. Combining our things in one set of quarters has
been interesting."

"You know, Chakotay, as a married couple, you qualify for
larger quarters. Talk to Tuvok."

The big man rolled his eyes. "We just got the last of Tom's
things situated and the furniture arranged to where we don't
have to use a trapeze to enter our quarters."

Kathryn chuckled at the mental picture.

"It's up to you, but the longer we're out here, the more things
you are going to acquire."

Chakotay sighed. "I know. I think it's some little known
law of physics. It's like your expenses growing to fit your
wages; no matter how much more they give you. It just

Kathryn grinned in response.

"Captain, we are picking up what appears to be some sort of
a distress beacon." She turned to look at Tuvok.


"Not far. Approximately half an hour's distance at our current
speed of warp three. It would, however, require a course change
of three degrees to port."

Tom grinned. "So...that would be fifteen minutes at warp six?"

The Vulcan all but rolled his eyes. "No. Accounting for
certain variables, we would incur--"

"--I'm kidding, Tuvok."

"That would be my sincerest hope."

Kathryn cut off any further remarks. "Warp six sounds
good, Tom. Heading, Mr. Tuvok?"

Tom gave a brief nod. "Already laid in, Captain."

"Then put it in gear and let's go, Lieutenant."

Chakotay snorted and leaned toward Kathryn.

"I think most of the Admiralty would have a stroke if they
heard our bridge chatter. Definitely not 'by-the-book'."

Janeway smiled serenely. "We've become a sort of extended
family. We follow protocol as much as possible. But face it,
with as little chance to get away from one another as we have
being stuck on one small ship, we'd kill each other if we
didn't make allowances for personalities." She gestured with
her head towards Tom. "Take our bratty little brother over

The brat swiveled in his seat and raised one eyebrow.

"You two should be aware that your voices carry very
effectively. Isn't that correct, Lt. Tuvok?"

"That is correct. I believe Ensign Kim will confirm that as
well, once he has recovered sufficient decorum."

Harry slowly rose to stand behind Ops. Whether he was
trying to smother a laugh or attempting to choke to death
wasn't clear.

Kathryn raised an eyebrow to match Tom and Tuvok.

"Make that three bratty little brothers. Helm, increase speed
to warp seven. We have a distress beacon to check out."


Tom turned slowly in a circle, tricorder held high. The falling
snow was rapidly turning into a full-fledged blizzard.

"Chakotay, tell me again, please, why I am standing here in
a snowsuit and mask with my balls attempting to disappear
inside my body?" His voice sounded tinny over his helmet's
comm system.

The older man pointed off into the distance and they began
to move again. Slowly.

"We couldn't transport through the atmosphere safely and
decided not to wait to see if this would clear up." Chakotay
made a sudden grab at his mate as a gust of wind threatened
to send the younger man sprawling. "You know all of this."

Tom straightened. "Thanks. Yes, I know all of this...I was
just bitching. And I'm not kidding, I think everything I have
has tried to crawl up and hide."

Chakotay grinned and looped his arm through Tom's.
"You're not alone. Mine may need a map to find their way
back out." The resulting laughter warmed him a bit. Tom
stopped suddenly and pointed.

"According to the readings, the ship should be about fifty
meters beyond that rise. It's a shame that this terrain is so
uneven. It's going to be a hell of a walk back to the shuttle
with any survivors, maybe impossible if we have to carry


The alien craft was similar in shape to a federation shuttle
and with a certain amount of digging, they were able to
uncover the hatch.

They took turns pounding on the ship for some time, but there
was no response. Using his tricorder, Chakotay was able to
find and activate the external controls. The hatch slowly slid
up into the roof of the ship.

Praying that the occupants were still alive and friendly, Tom
never-the-less pulled his phaser before entering. Moving
quickly to get out of the older man's way, he scanned the
dimly lit shuttle.

Chakotay followed and hurried to close the hatch. He turned
to find Tom leaning over a control panel with his tricorder.
There was obviously still power, but the lights flickered
almost constantly.

"I'm reading one lifesign aft. Atmosphere, a little more
oxygen than we're used to, but OK to breathe. Temperature,
10 C." Tom turned to look at Chakotay. "Warmer than I
had expected."

The older man nodded and then removed his helmet. Cool,
but doable. Tom removed his gloves and helmet, and shivered.
Chakotay patted him on the shoulder.

"Let's go find our survivor."



Silence. Chakotay gestured for Tom to check the bunks
on one side of the darkened room while he took the other.

Finishing his side, Chakotay moved to join Tom and almost
stumbled over the body of a humanoid male. Tom knelt and
pulled out a medical tricorder.

"Dead less than an hour from the looks of things. Massive
internal injuries. From the extent, he should have died almost
immediately." Tom's eyes were red. "He fought hard to stay
alive." A small moan drew the men to the last bunk.

"Gods..." Tom sighed, and then smiled at the pale woman
lying before him. "We're here to help you. My name is
Lt. Tom Chakotay-Paris and this is Commander Chakotay.
We're here from the Federation Starship Voyager." Tom
kept a soft running patter as he ran various diagnostics.
Chakotay watched as his spouse paled and grew silent.

"I am K'Shaan. My mate...?"

Chakotay drew closer. "I'm sorry. Your mate was too
severely injured to survive." He stopped as Tom touched
his arm and gestured towards the door. "Just lie still
and we'll be right back." He turned to follow Tom.

"Can she be moved?"

Tom shook his head. He was white to the lips. Chakotay
hugged him tightly and whispered again.

"Tommy, what is it? Is she dying?"

Tom sighed. "There is nothing that we can do. Her spine
is shattered and there is some intercranial bleeding. I am
amazed that she isn't in a coma. It's a good thing that her
pain is minimal because I can't give her anything without
possibly harming the baby."


"Shhhh! She's terrified as it is!" Tom ran a shaking hand
over his face. "I've got to get back to her, she's in early
labor and the baby looks to be full-term, you just can't tell
with her bundled under all those blankets. God, it's an
absolute miracle, but the baby appears to be completely
uninjured." He shook his head. "The big problem is that
her injuries appear to have stopped any movement of the
baby into the birth canal. I'll have to do a cesarean."

Chakotay blanched. "Do you know how?"

Tom nodded slowly and began to move back towards the
room. "Holo sims. Dozens of them. But never on anyone
this badly injured."


Tom stood at the door to the ship and felt more fear than
he had in his entire life. Chakotay had gone into the near
white-out to try and bring the shuttle closer. It was most
likely impossible but they had to try.

Gods. It had taken them an hour just to get from the shuttle
to the ship, and K'Shaan's life signs had begun to dip badly.
Saying a silent prayer to whatever deities were listening for
all of them, Tom headed back to his patient.

Thirty minutes later, Tom smoothed a tendril of hair out of
the young woman's eyes and leaned into her line of sight.

"I'm going to have to begin now. Can you feel this?" Tom
touched her stomach and smiled as it moved.

K'Shaan's eyes were sad. "No." A labored breath. "I am
dying, this is true?"

Tom closed his eyes briefly and then forced himself to look
at the brave young woman.

"I can't help you and we can't get you back to the ship in
time. I'm sorry."

"You can save my son?"

Tom nodded. "The baby doesn't appear to be injured. How
soon were you to have given birth?"

K'Shaan smiled. "Mere days. K' mate was a
healer. He was to have delivered K'Ethyn."

Tom bared the distended belly and cleaned the incision site.
He started at a rattling cough, and moaned as the tricorder
began to flat line. He worked rapidly, but K'Shaan was gone.

Closing off his grief, Tom reset the tricorder for the fetus and
quickly began the procedure. He had just opened the uterus
when he heard Chakotay call his name.

"Back here. Scrub up before you come closer." Tom gave
a slightly hysterical giggle. "Not that it will harm her any
more, but there's still the baby to consider." His statement
wobbled and ended with what could have been a small sob.

"Tom?" Chakotay moved closer and blanched at the sight.
Tom's hand disappeared and then returned to sight with a
small head of wet curls balanced carefully.

"Get a towel and get ready to take K'Ethyn when I sever
the cord." Chakotay was too in awe to question the name.


Immersing himself in the safety of caring for the child,
Chakotay bathed, diapered and dressed the little boy,
all the while cooing nonsense.

He greatly resembled his mother with a tiny heart-shaped
face. Curly black fuzz covered the child's head. Chakotay
grinned at the tiny pointed ears, thinking that they would
have to ask Tuvok to be the child's godfather. He sat up
with a start.

//Don't get too attached, Chak. Tom might not be that
thrilled to become a parent less than two months after being

The big man gently placed the swaddled infant on his side
in the tiny cradle, and grinned as large violet-blue eyes blinked
drowsily at him.

"A hell of a way to start life, eh, kiddo?" Chakotay
murmured and then returned to Tom's side.

The older man's heart wanted to break as he watched his
mate painstakingly regenerate the incision. The quiet
blond worked calmly, his intense trauma only shown by
the glistening trail of tears down each cheek.

"Tommy..." Chakotay placed a gentle hand on the other
man's arm.

"I know she's gone, Chakotay, but I can't leave her like
she was some experimental cadaver. She had such dignity,
even as she was dying." Tom carefully drew the edges
of her gown together and turned.

"Did you bring the shuttle back?"

The Commander frowned. "The terrain was just too
rough. The snow is still pretty bad, and from the looks
of things could go on for days. We have to get whatever
we need for the baby and get out of here." He ran a
frustrated hand through already tousled hair.

"I've already used a phaser to dig a large grave for them,
and as much as it pains me to do it, we're not going to
have time to give these people the memorial they deserve."

Tom finished cleaning his hands and looked towards
the baby.

"I think that in their eyes, saving their son would be
more than sufficient." Tom hugged his husband. "Why
don't you take the father out now. I don't think you want
to be here for what I have to do next."

Chakotay grew concerned at Tom's careful lack of

"I have to withdraw as much of her milk as I can for the
child and as soon as possible. I have no idea whether
our replicated formula will be sufficient for his species."

Chakotay didn't argue. He carefully wrapped the young
father's body and carried him outside. Tom went about
his tasks; removing as much milk as possible and placing
it in containers. He was pleased to find that there was
a bottle among the child's things. It was carefully sterilized
and filled for the first feeding.

Tom began packing what he could. He had removed all but
one of several pictures of K'Eiran and K'Shaan from their
frames when Chakotay returned. Holding up the remaining
picture surrounded by a beautiful silver frame, he smiled and
then placed it and the other pictures in the duffle.

"I think we'll take one of these intact. I hate to leave *any*
of this behind, but I think we need to pack as lightly as possible.
There is also a lot of clothing here that is obviously handmade.
I want us to be able to show him some of his heritage when he
grows older."

Chakotay was pleased to hear the 'us'.

"Sounds good, Poocuh, but we better get out of here. I'll
take care of K'Shaan while you bundle the little one up
for the trip."

Tom nodded. "I want to give him his first feeding before
we leave, too. It shouldn't take long as young as he is."

Fifteen minutes later, a tall blond was struggling to place
a cap over a head of black curls without bending a pair
of tiny pointed ears. It was to this sight Chakotay returned.

"I managed to download the part of their databanks that
were still functioning. Hopefully it contains data on their
physiology. You two ready?" Tom nodded and began to
unzip his tunic.

"Tommy, what are you doing?"

"Chakotay, it's twenty degrees below freezing out there
and dropping. He has no snow suit. This is the best that
I can do."

Tom carefully placed the blanketed body inside his shirt,
zipping it up until only the child's head showed. His
husband smiled as he carefully checked that the baby was
comfortable and breathing well, and then helped him
to don his parka. Tom took his gloves from his pocket
and picked up his helmet.

"Lay on, MacDuff."


"Any sign of our honeymooning couple?"

Harry grinned. "Sorry, Captain. I'm reading the shuttle,
sort of. And I'm reading the other ship...again, sort of.
The atmosphere of this planet leaves a lot to be desired."

Kathryn nodded and walked towards her chair. "It's
still two hours until the deadline for communication. I
hope that no news is definitely good news."


Tom peered around Chakotay's shoulder for any sign
of the shuttle. It was growing almost too dark to see,
and it had already taken a half hour longer than their
original trip.

And still no sight of the shuttle.

They were moving against the wind, and progress had
been small to none for the last few minutes. Both men
knelt in the deepening snow while the Commander took
their harnesses and connected them, keeping Tom behind
him to reduce the buffeting of the wind.

Tom pulled the tricorder from his pack and began to

"According to this we're still on course, Chakotay.
The shuttle is about one hundred meters dead ahead,
even if we can't see it." He shivered as a particularly
heavy wind battered them.

"OK. I've got these double hitched. Try and stay behind
me as much as possible." Chakotay turned and peered
at Tom. "How's the little guy?"

Tom traded for the medical tricorder and ran a quick

"Looking good. Temperature and respiration are fine,
and I felt him moving a bit ago."

Chakotay nodded and pulled Tom to his feet. A brief
hug and they were on the move again.


"One step at a time, Tommy boy... One step at a time."

Chakotay smiled at his spouse's self-exhortations. He
knew how Tom felt. Hypothermia wasn't really a
problem...They were both OK, but as the snow deepened
so did the effort needed to move forward.

"Cha, is there a lot of snow on Dorvan V?"

Chakotay laughed aloud at the small whine in his
lover's voice.

"Actually, baby, I was feeling right at home when you
spoke." He smiled at the groan that came over the comm.

"That does it. We're settling in Arizona when we get
back. I don't care if I ever see snow again."

"I thought you were going to teach me downhill
skiing and snowboarding."

Tom grunted and stopped for a brief rest. "I've
decided that they're both highly overrated. Ow!"

Chakotay moved closer to block any wind. "Your
legs cramping?"

Tom pulled his parka open a bit and fished inside.
Finally, he sighed and grinned.

"The little shit managed to get a handful of chest


"Mr. Kim?"

Harry shook his head. "The shuttle is still in the same
position, Captain. However, the storm seems to be
letting up some."

Kathryn glanced over at Tuvok. "Suggestions?"

"The Commander and the Lieutenant are very resourceful
men. Commander Chakotay's own homeworld has a
season during which the conditions are quite similar."

"In other words, I'm probably worrying for nothing."

"That is a excellent one."

Janeway grinned at her friend and then turned to Harry.

"Let's give them another thirty minutes. In the mean time,
have B'Elanna ready another shuttle and find a pair of
volunteers." She glanced at Tuvok.

"Just in case."


Chakotay pulled the phaser from his belt, setting it on low
in the same motion. He quickly melted the snow surrounding
the shuttle door while Tom huddled nearby checking the
child. A thin cry could be heard over Tom's helmet comm
and Chakotay sped up his efforts.

Triggering the entry, Chakotay reached for Tom and pulled
him into the shuttle. He helped the younger man remove his
gloves and helmet, and then began on the parka. The baby
was crying steadily now and sounded very healthy in his

While Chakotay removed his own foul-weather gear, Tom
quickly unfastened his tunic and undershirt. A red face
soon appeared.

"I bet someone's hungry, huh?"

Chakotay looked up to see Tom fishing the bottle out of
his pack while gently swaying from side to side.

"Let's get this heated and then you can eat to your heart's
content, baby boy. Cha, when you get a chance, take the
rest of that milk and get it refrigerated."

The Commander grinned. Tom might be easier to persuade
than he thought. He placed the containers in a cooling unit
and headed for the pilot's chair.


"**Cochrane to Voyager. Come in, please.**"

"Captain, receiving audio only from the Cochrane."

Kathryn sat straighter. "About time, gentlemen. What is
your status?"

A bit of static and then Chakotay cut in. "**We have one
survivor, Captain. A child. Both parents are dead.**"

Janeway sighed. "Do you know how old the child is?"

The amusement came through clearly. "**About four hours.
Tom delivered him.**"

Kathryn chuckled. "Give our budding physician's assistant
a 'well done' and then get on back here, Commander."

"**Will do, Captain. Cochrane out.**"

Kathryn stood and faced the rest of the bridge crew.
"It sounds like we have another junior crewman." She
turned and walked briskly to the door of her ready room.
Just before she disappeared, she called out:

"Call me when they return. I'll be replicating cigars."


Kathryn watched in amusement as the holoDoc, Tom and
Chakotay fussed around their charge like a group of hens.

The doctor finally looked up. "Well done, Lieutenant. The
infant is in excellent condition and with the breast milk
you brought back we should have no problem replicating a
substitute. I will advise you later of what information we
retrieve from the data chip."

Harry nudged B'Elanna as the group watched Tom re-dressing
K'Ethyn. "I told you that Tom would make a good mommy."

The mommy in question kissed a small button of a nose and
then smiled at the infant's attempt to suck on whatever came
near. Scooping up what he hoped to be his new son, he crossed
to his friends.

"Actually, that brings up a good question, Captain. Are we
going to be allowed to keep the child?"

Janeway smiled. "I think that is only fitting if that is what
you both want. Chakotay?"

The big man looked up from the tiny fingers that he had
been nuzzling. "I'm game. Tom?"

"I'm scared spitless at the thought, but yeah. I dunno what
it is, but I feel like he's part of me already."


A small mew from the corner of the cabin was greeted with
two groans. Tom placed a hand in the middle of his spouse's
chest and pushed.

"It's your turn."

The older man retaliated by taking Tom in his arms and rolling.
After a brief bout of vertigo, Tom found himself sitting rather
precariously on the edge of the bed.

"I fed him last," came from under a pillow.

Outweighed and outranked, Tom stood and made his way to
the wooden cradle. He was greeted with silence. K'Ethyn
was asleep. The younger man returned to the bed and crawled
far-from-gently over his husband.

"Gods, Tom, that used to be my kidney." Consciousness returned
with a rush. "Are you nuts? You could hurt the baby doing that!"

"Only if I'm carrying the little elf while I'm doin' it. Relax, Papa,
it was a false alarm."

"Are you sure?"

Tom lay back with a groan and began to 'rescue' his share of the
covers. "I may not be an expert on the subject, but I would imagine
that feeding him while he is asleep could result in drowning."


The younger man shook his head and settled in. "Nothing, babe.
Go back to sleep. You're going to be up in about an hour."

"Huh-uh. You didn't feed him, you just looked at him."

"Nice try. It still counts."


"Fine. Just stick to that story when you find yourself *just getting
looked at* without *getting fed*..."


Breakfast was an interesting affair with Tom feeding the
baby and Chakotay feeding Tom and himself. The older
man sat back and grinned at the conversation between
'his kids'.

"Tom, how much of that do you think he understands?"

Tom grinned and wiped a froth of milk bubbles from the
tiny lips. He sing-songed, "It doesn't matter how much
he understands, we're bonding. I can say anything and
as long as I smile and coo a bit, he's happier than hell."

Chakotay watched the pair in bemusement and was forced
to agree. Tom had stopped speaking and two pairs of
blue eyes, one set sapphire, the other violet-blue, stared
intently at one another.

Tom blinked several times rapidly and looked up.

"Chakotay, we need to talk to Tuvok. I think K'Ethyn may
be telepathic."

The older man smiled. "Tom, he's less than twenty-four
hours old. What could he possibly tell you?"

Tom frowned. "He's not *telling* me anything. But I keep
getting these...well, flashes of emotion. Warmth. Curiosity.
Just now I got a feeling of being sleepy and content." He
looked down at the child who was now asleep. "Maybe I
*am* nuts, Cha, but--"

Chakotay shook his head.

"Let's go see what the doctor has managed to get from the
data chip."


"Well, there are elevated levels of electrical activity in
the infant's--"


"Pardon me?"

Tom grinned. "His name is K'Ethyn. K'Ethyn Kolopak
Chakotay-Paris to be exact."

The doctor straightened. "I'm well aware of the patient's
name, Lieutenant. I'm merely maintaining an adequate
level of professionalism."

Tom rolled his eyes. "He won't understand professionalism,
but he'll understand his name sooner if we use it."

"There are no studies that indicate--"

Chakotay cleared his throat and the hostilities suddenly
ceased. "Elevated electrical activity in what portion of
K'Ethyn's brain, Doctor?"

If the holoDoctor noticed the Commander's slight stressing
of the baby's name, he ignored it.

"Yes. There doesn't appear to be much in the medical
portion to the database that you brought back, but the
increased activity is in a location that corresponds with
known telepathic races."

Tom nodded. "But we'll have to wait until he is older to
find out what level, right?"

"That is correct."

Chakotay wrapped an arm around his mate. "Do you want
to go ahead and ask Tuvok to check K'Ethyn out?"

"Why not? He might have some suggestions if the baby
is telepathic."


"It would seem that you are correct in your supposition,
Lieutenant. The infant does appear to have telepathic

Chakotay and Tom glanced at one another and smothered
smiles as the Vulcan tenderly stroked K'Ethyn's cheek
with one long finger. Tom finally voiced his chief concern.

"Will it hinder his abilities to be raised by non-telepaths?"

"There are a number of telepaths in Voyager's crew. It is
doubtful that you will have any problem if you find someone
to tutor the child once he becomes older."

Chakotay reached out to receive the baby from Tuvok.
"What about yourself? Would you be willing to train him?"

"I would be honored. I was merely attempting to give
you the option of another crew member should you take
exception to my participation in the child's training."

Tom looked up from the tiny ear that he was caressing.
"The honor would be ours, Tuvok. I can't think of anyone
that I would rather have involved. Cha?"

The Commander smiled. "Sounds like the job is yours
if you'll accept, Tuvok."

The Vulcan merely nodded, but Tom was sure that he
had seen a gleam of satisfaction in the older man's eyes.


The Captain gave the two men a week to settle in with
the new addition to their family. Upon the realization
of just what it took to keep an infant comfortable,
Chakotay had taken Kathryn's advice and sought out
Tuvok for larger quarters.

There had been a number of volunteers to 'baby-sit',
but most of the actual transfer of possessions had
been done by Tom and Chakotay.

"Gods. I think that's everything."

Tom lay sprawled in one corner of the couch, K'Ethyn
firmly ensconced on his daddy's chest. 'Papa' set the
last container of clothing on the counter in the bedroom,
and then claimed the other end of the sofa.

"I'm sure that Tuvok will return anything that he finds,
if there are leftovers." Chakotay had been surprised
when the other man had stated his intention to move
into their former quarters.

Tom grinned. "I can imagine his reaction if we've left
any toys."

"I think the man can deal with a rattle or two."

"I was talking about 'our' toys."

Chakotay closed his eyes and chuckled. "I bet he
wouldn't react at all."

Tom sat up, kissing K'Ethyn's forehead. "Maybe not
externally." He cocked his head. "The short one is

Chakotay opened one eye and glanced at the pair.
"He is or you are?"

Tom looked surprised. "You know, I'd never really
considered that. I mean, some of it is a given...things
like suddenly feeling sleepy are obviously K'Ethyn.
But with the other stuff...I just know. It's like I am
hungry, but it's more of a head thing-- I *want* to
eat rather than real hunger pains."

Chakotay pushed himself up and off the couch.
"I was just wondering. For some reason he doesn't
do that with me."

"That's odd. You feed him as often as I do, and he
definitely likes you to hold him," Tom mused, smiling
as he thought of the bath he had walked in on that
morning. It was a toss-up as to who was wetter, the
occupant of the bathroom sink or the big man carefully
juggling his delicate burden.

Chakotay re-crossed the room and handed Tom the bottle
of replicated milk. They had been pleased at how well the
infant had taken to it, the only real upset caused by a bit of
over-exuberant burping by Papa.

"He's doing it again, isn't he?"

Tom slowly turned his head to look at his lover.

"He was *talking* to you again, wasn't he?"

"Just sharing his approval of his repast." Tom smiled
at the baby. "It's sort of a strange feeling. I can see
where we may have to get Tuvok to teach him some
manners when he gets a bit older. Otherwise, he may
start doing this to everyone and I don't think that the
crew would appreciate it."

"I'd be happy if it happened just once."

Tom missed the slight frown that accompanied the
quiet statement.


The week went quickly and Chakotay returned to his
duties. Kathryn had decided to give Tom the standard
two months of maternity leave, much to the amusement
of Harry Kim.

"Hey, Mama! You two finally decided to brave the
mess hall, huh?"

Tom rolled his eyes at his friend's attempt at levity,
and placed the infant seat on one side of the table
facing Harry.

"You two get to know each other while I go get
something to eat." It hadn't gone unnoticed that
Harry had kept himself scarce since K'Ethyn had
been on board.


Tom didn't wait for an answer. Nodding at Sam
Wildman as she gestured that she would watch the
pair, he took his place in line at the counter.

"Motherhood becomes you."

Gods, everyone was a comedian today. Tom turned
to face Miguel Ayala.

"It may take a while to get my figure back."

Geron leaned around Ayala and grinned. "I think
most everyone on the ship would agree that your
figure is just fine."

Tom laughed. "Miguel, are you corrupting this young

Ayala reached behind him and drew the smaller man
to his side. "Daily," he said, winking.

Everyone had been surprised when the two had begun
to see each other. Tom had come in one evening to
find a troubled Ayala talking to Chakotay. The age
difference, the fact that Geron had never had a male
lover-- Tom secretly suspected that Geron had never
had a lover, period, but he kept that to himself...all
served to worry the quiet man. So far, everything
seemed fine. In fact, Geron seemed much more
outgoing and happy than anyone had ever seen him.
His joke was definite evidence.


The trio turned to find Harry holding K'Ethyn at
arm's length.

"I think he did something. He smells...funny."

"Harry, at his age it's not that bad."

From the look on his friend's face, he wasn't convinced.
Tom sighed. Apparently, today wasn't the day for eating
in the company of friends. Tom squeezed Miguel's
shoulder and then patted Geron on the back.

"A mother's work is never done..." Laughter followed
him back over to Harry and the now-crying baby.

"Uh, Har, he probably wouldn't cry if you held him
in your arms."

Kim shook his head. "No way. I have to be on the
bridge in ten minutes, and there's no way I'm calling
the captain and telling her that I'm going to be late
because I have baby poop on my uniform."


"Oh, yeah, right there, Cha...."

Tom lay with his hips propped on a couple of pillows, legs
spread to heaven to accommodate his lover kneeling between
them. The full effect was gorgeous-- flushed pink, grinning
and completely unselfconscious. Chakotay growled his

"You know, I bet we could find something much more
interesting for you to stick in my ass than those fingers."

The older man chuckled. "Such a delicate way of putting it,
my love."

"Just stating the facts, big guy. Now, you're ready, I'm fact, if I were much more ready the game would
be over."

"OK, OK...I can take a hint. Brace for impact, Helmboy."

Tom laughed and then moaned into his mate's searing kiss.
Chakotay straightened and pushed Tom's knees up and
back. Eyes closed, the younger man gasped as he was filled
with delicious heat. Squeezing the other man's hand, he
waited for Chakotay to begin his thrusts.

And waited.

Opening his eyes, he looked up to see Chakotay staring
across the bedroom.

"Chakotay, now is not the time to go on a vision quest.

"He's looking at us," the older man whispered.

"Wha--?" Tom turned his head to find a pair of intent
eyes peering from the cradle. "Oh, for-- Chakotay, he's
not even a month old! I doubt that we are going to scar
him for life. We'll just turn off the lights if it bothers you
that much."

Chakotay didn't move. "Shhh. Tom, look at him. He's
staring right at us. Do you feel anything?"

Tom punched the mattress with his fist and furiously
whispered, "Hell, yes, I feel something! I'm getting
cramps in my thighs from standing on my head with
my legs spread!" He spoke up, "Computer, lights off."

Chakotay leaned forward and muttered in his ear, "You know
what I meant. Can you feel anything from K'Ethyn?"

"Cha--" Tom lightly bit the fingers that pressed down over
his mouth. Acceding to his husband's silent request, Tom
lowered his voice. "I only pick up on his emotions when I'm
holding him. We're not going to give the little guy some sort
of sexual vibes by making love. Now c'moooooonnnn!"

Tom groaned as his husband pulled slowly out and then
released his legs. "Chakotay--"

"I can't do it. I *know* that he's laying over there staring
at us."

"Chakotay, I can barely see you and I'm directly under you.
I doubt that K'Ethyn is going to be able to see anything."
He sighed at the other man's silence. "I know we were going
to wait until he was older, but do you want to move the cradle
into his bedroom?"

"No. I don't think either one of us could sleep with him all the
way in the next room."

Tom groaned. "Chakotay, I'm not talking about later, I'm talking
about now. We can always move him back in here when we're
done." He was feeling more ridiculous by the moment whispering
furiously due to the presence of a three-week-old infant.

It was Chakotay's turn to sigh. "No, we can't keep moving him
in and out of the room every time we want to have sex. What
about the couch?"


Kathryn did a double take as Chakotay eased into the
chair next to her the following morning. He was obviously
uncomfortable, but there were no discernible injuries.

"Mr. Tuvok, you have the bridge. ready


Kathryn grinned furiously into her coffee cup, well aware
of the effect that her amusement was having on her second-

"So, the couch was a bad idea..."

Chakotay groaned and leaned back into his chair. "It was
a fine idea until I sort of forgot where we were. Tom still
wasn't speaking to me when I left the cabin."

"Well, you realize the nature of his injury will go on his
medical record. Yours was minor enough that Tom could
take care of it for you."

The big man growled. "I don't know what he was
complaining about. I was the one that got the lecture
about spousal abuse."


"B'Elanna, I really appreciate you watching K'Ethyn for
a few hours." Chakotay pulled off a burgundy tunic and
reached for a vee-necked sweater of dark mocha.

"Chakotay, you look fine. Kahless, what is with you
tonight? It's not like you two are dating or anything."

The Commander turned and slumped down onto the edge of
the bed. "This morning Tom and I had a sort of falling-out."
He suddenly grinned. "Actually, it was more of a falling off."

//I knew it.// "Ohhh, this sounds like a good one! Spill it."

"I--" He stopped at the sound of the main cabin door opening.
Tom walked into the bedroom and looked amused to find his
husband and close friend sitting together on the bed.

"Is there something you two want to tell me?"

Torres grinned. "No, but I think I was really close to finding
out why a certain someone has been limping around the ship
all day."

Tom laughed. "Not if all he wants to do is limp."

Chakotay glanced at his love's face and saw that the comment
was only partly in jest.

"B'Elanna is going to watch K'Ethyn for a bit. I've reserved
some time on the holodeck, and thought you might want to
go for dinner and maybe a little dancing."

Tom looked doubtful. "Are you sure you want to go dancing?
I mean, we could just stay here and cuddle on the *couch*."

B'Elanna snorted at the older man's flinch. Oh, yeah. There
was a story here, somewhere. Maybe Harry had gotten it
out of Tom.


"This is much better than dinner and dancing. I'm glad
you thought of it."

Tom grinned down at the man lying next to him. Reaching
across Chakotay, he picked up the bowl of melon and grapes
and placed it on the other man's bare stomach.

"That's cold!"

"Sorry." Tom picked up a sliver of melon and ran it gently
up the length of his husband's cock. "Better?"

Chakotay shivered and then grinned. "Oh, yes. That certainly
did the trick."

Tom placed the strip of melon between his own lips and
sucked it slowly into his mouth. "I wonder what else that
would cure?"

Chakotay moved the bowl and pulled Tom over to lie
on top of him. Taking another piece of the fruit, he placed
it in his lover's mouth and then pulled him into a lengthy
kiss, sharing the melon. "Hiccups maybe?"

Tom laughed.

"Well, we have a lot of fruit left and two more hours here
in Tahiti, I say we test our theories fully."


"That wasn't so bad."

Harry looked at B'Elanna in disbelief. "That's because
*I* changed his diaper! You haven't touched him since
we got here."

"I have, too. I held him while you heated his bottle, and
I burped him. That was the gross part, not one measly
dirty diaper."

The two adults looked at the sleeping infant who quietly
lay between them on the couch.

Harry sighed. "Don't ever tell Tom I said this, but I
can't believe how good he seems with the baby."

B'Elanna grinned. "About nine months ago they were
about the same age, at least mentally."

Harry grinned and then sobered abruptly. "You know,
there were times that I never thought we would get our
Tom back."

Torres silently nodded. Looking down at K'Ethyn, she
smiled sweetly. "But he is back, Harry. Maybe a little
softer around the edges, not as sarcastic or cynical, but
he is our Tom."

Harry watched B'Elanna carefully pick up the baby and
place his cheek against hers.

"You look good like that, B'Ela. I bet you would make
a good mother."

B'Elanna's eyes shot open and moved the baby down to lie
against her chest. "I don't think so. I'd probably end up
just like my mother."

"You really think so?"

The young woman studied the infant in her arms. "I don't
know. Sometimes I think about it." She looked up into her
friend's eyes. "Truthfully, when I used to imagine having a
child, it had blue eyes."

Harry slid over and slowly slipped his arm around B'Elanna's
shoulders. "Do you still love Tom?"

B'Elanna smiled. "Maybe...if Tom and Chakotay hadn't
fallen in love there would have been a chance. But Tom
and I were never in love, we were just friends."

"Then why imagine yourself with his baby?"

Torres laughed. "Harry, in all the time we've been out here,
the only men that have come on to me were Tom, Vorik, and
Freddy Bristow. Which one would you choose to daydream

Harry grinned. "Umm, none of them?" He got a swat on
the arm for his trouble, and then both of them froze as
K'Ethyn stirred and yawned.

"Wow. I thought Tom's eyes were blue."

B'Elanna smiled at the baby, and gently kissed his cheek.
"It's a different kind of blue. That's right. You've got
violet eyes."

Harry looked agog as the woman fawned over the baby.


He opened his mouth and then realized that he would
prefer to live another day.



"Cha, we're taking him to Sickbay for his well-baby
check-up, not skiing in the Alps."

"Tom, the ambient temperature on the ship is only 20
degrees. Since we keep it warmer in here, he could
get chilled very easily."

"That might be preferable to heat stroke, big guy."

Tom leaned past his husband and removed one of two
receiving blankets and K'Ethyn's thermal cap. The infant
wriggled in seeming appreciation.

"There! He still has on his booties, diaper, undershirt
and gown. With this lighter blanket that will be plenty."
He took in the older man's look of concern.

"Chakotay, he has to get used to the temperature on the
ship or he'll be sick all the time."

A big sigh. "I know you're right, but he's so little."
Both men just stood and looked at K'Ethyn for a moment.
Finally, Tom slipped an arm around his lover's waist.

"Every once in a while it just hits me. That's our kid.
Our son." He hugged Chakotay tightly. "Are we nuts for
trying to raise him ourselves?"

The older man hugged Tom tightly to his chest and then
kissed him thoroughly.

"There are other people on the ship with more experience
with children, but I don't think that necessarily means that
they would do any better at raising K'Ethyn. Anyway if
you ask me, the little one has already made his choice.
Lots of people hold him, but you are the only one that he
has really bonded with."

"That bothers you a little, doesn't it?"

"A little."

Turning slightly in one another's arms, the two men
embraced and gazed at the little boy who was making
some interesting changes in their lives.

Finally, Tom straightened and gestured for Chakotay to
take the infant carrier while he grabbed the diaper bag.
The younger man shook his head in wonder.

"Chakotay, look at us. We look so...domestic. You're
wearing a wedding ring and carrying a kid. I'm carrying
a bag stuffed to the gills with diapers, wipes, bottles,
ointments, powders...shit. All we need is one of those
holocubes of baby pics and we'll be all set."

Chakotay frowned. "You knew when we started this
that we would have to make a lot of allowances for the
fact that we would be raising a child."

Tom smiled. "I'm not really complaining, it's just so
different to what I imagined our lives would be like."

The older man triggered the door and led the way
to the lift.


Chakotay smiled as he watched Tom making faces
at K'Ethyn. "My mom used to say that my face would
stick that way."

"So did mine. I think we did OK, though."
Tom chuckled. "Did you happen to catch the faces
that B'Ela was making at him last night? I think
that deep down inside she would love to have a kid

Chakotay studied Tom. "Did you ever hope that it
would be your child she carried?"

Tom leaned over and pressed his lips to K'Ethyn's
forehead and then did the same to Chakotay. "Yeah,
for a while." He smiled rather diffidently.

"Don't be embarrassed. I had some of the same
ideas about my relationship with Kathryn, but I knew
that it was completely out of the question until we
got Voyager safely home."


"Well? How is my godson?"

Tom smiled over Kathryn's head as she plucked
K'Ethyn out of her first officer's arms.

"Doing good. He has gained a bit, his lungs are clear,
and in general, is one healthy baby boy."

Kathryn ran a gentle finger over the tip of a tiny ear,
and beamed at the wriggling smile she received.

"You like that, don't you? Yes, you do!" She looked
up and pretended to frown at the snort coming from
across the table. "You'd better be choking, Mister."

Chakotay swallowed a grin and replied. "I was just
trying to picture some of the crew if they heard you
talking like that."

Kathryn smiled in return. "I don't think that's going
to be a problem. None of them have the same effect
on me."


Chakotay entered their quarters and stopped dead.

"Uhm...hello." Tom's face was red, but composed.

"What the hell are you doing?"

Tom set down the padd that he had been reading and
attempted to answer casually. "He's already eaten
and I tried the pacifier, but he just kept spitting it out."

Chakotay fumbled his way into a chair across from the
couch and just stared. And stared. Finally, gesturing
with his head at the rather unusual sight,

"So you decided to let him nurse?"

"No! Shit... No, I didn't *let* him nurse. It just sort
of happened."

Chakotay realized that he was still nodding, and stopped.
"I'm all ears, Tommy."

Tom rolled his eyes and sighed. "I went in and took a
shower." That explained why he was sitting in the
living room wearing nothing but a towel. "I heard him
fussing, so I came in here and picked him up. I checked
his diaper...nothing. I offered him the bottle
I tried the pacifier...he spit it at me. I even checked him
with the tricorder. He was just fine.

"I sat down on the couch and tried rocking him and all
of a sudden he latched onto my...uh, nipple and started
sucking away." Tom grinned. "A real interesting
sensation, I tell you."

"I've had my nipples sucked on a time or two, thank you."

"This is a bit different. I think this is one of the reasons
that he bonded with me so quickly. I had him inside my
shirt while we hiked to the shuttle." Tom looked down at
the tiny face pressed against his chest. "I think it comforts
him, being this close to me."

Chakotay moved over to sit next to the pair.

"I can see where the bare skin might make a difference.
After all, your scent is probably stronger. But, nursing?"
He grinned in amusement and reached for K'Ethyn.

There was a soft, wet pop...and a wail.

Chakotay quickly handed the baby to his mate and watched
K'Ethyn nuzzle and then begin to suck.

Tom raised one eyebrow and smiled.

Chakotay shrugged and looked at the contented infant.

"I hope he doesn't get hairballs."


"Cha.... Cha!"

Chakotay slowly raised his head and grinned.

"I can see where K'Ethyn might find sucking comforting."

Tom dropped his head back onto the pillow with a groan.
"Since he was attached to something entirely different, I'm
not sure that we can compare the two."

Allowing Tom's penis to ease from his mouth, Chakotay
rose and pulled his lover onto his knees. Tom moaned at
the loss of sensation, but quickly turned to kneel at the head
of the bed. Spreading his thighs, he thrust his hips back in
offering. Chakotay hastily oiled his throbbing cock and
pressed forward, sliding deeply into the hot grasping flesh.

Oh, yes! All thought was quickly driven from his brain, as
he drove himself into Tom's body, again and again. His
lover was in no better condition, any brain function beyond
the ability to moan, "Harder, Cha...Gods, Harder!" seemed
to be gone.

Finally remembering to reach around his mate's hips, Chakotay
closed his fist around hot, hard flesh and began a massaging
motion. With a groan, Tom bucked first into the tight hand and
then back to grind his hips tightly against his lover's groin,
his hot seed splattering against the head of the bed.

The feeling of Tom tightening on his cock was exquisite.
He let go of the younger man's softening cock and wrapped
both arms around Tom's writhing body. With a heavy shudder,
Chakotay roared out his release and then pulled Tom down
onto the bed.

"Chakotay, you woke the baby."


Tom rolled his eyes. Post-orgasm had never been the big guy's
finest moment, but--

"Nice try, Cha. Go get the baby."

Chakotay grinned into his pillow and then rolled onto his side.

"It *is* your turn, you know."

Tom returned his grin in spades. "It was also my turn to top.
Either go get the elf or prepare to be boarded."

"You'd let the baby cry just so you could have your way with
me?" Both men were laughing by now.

Tom shook his head and sat up. "No, that's not what I said, but
don't worry about it. I'll go take care of our son and then I'm
going to take care of you."

Chakotay sighed as his favorite pieces of his lover's anatomy
disappeared under a heavy silk robe. He lay back and listened
to Tom soothe their son back to sleep over the nursery commlink.

Five years ago, all he had wanted was to get his fellow Maquis
back to the Alpha Quadrant and back into the war to save their
home worlds. Now, he had friends, family and happiness beyond

He still worried about his loved ones back home, and over the
war against Cardassia. He still wondered how they would be
treated if and when they finally returned. However, these
were no longer the first things he thought of in the morning,
nor the last things at night.

Chakotay grinned as a certain blue-eyed blond re-entered the
room and removed his robe. Opening his arms, he pulled his
husband's lean body to lie against his own and just shook his
head at the questioning look he received. Tom seemed to
understand, though, and drew him into a deep kiss.

Their lives had certainly changed. Two bitterly angry men
had managed to set aside their differences. The road had been
long and frequently hard. But that same hard road had also
strengthened and matured them to the point that they could
become comrades, hesitant friends, and then finally lovers.

Chakotay looked up and smiled. Life with one Thomas Paris-
Chakotay would never be dull. Adding the little pointy-eared
bundle in the next room had also proved interesting. He chuckled
and squeezed Tom until he yelped. A wail rose and then grew
in the nursery.

With a small sigh, Chakotay crawled across his lover and headed
for the next room, grabbing a clean diaper along the way. At his
appearance K'Ethyn abruptly quieted and then grinned, arms
and legs flailing wildly.

Diaper changed, belly full and comfortable, the newest Paris-Chakotay
settled into the rocker on his Papa's chest.

"You two, OK?"

Chakotay looked up and nodded.

"Just a bit of quality time," he whispered.

Tom crouched next to the rocking chair and ran a finger over the
dark curls surrounding one tiny ear.

"More like spoiling time, Papa. He has us both wrapped around
his little finger." Tom stood and then leaned to kiss Chakotay's
love swollen lips. "And it's exactly where we both want to be,
I think."

Chakotay smiled. "You're absolutely right. The only person
that has me wrapped tighter than this little one, is you."

"I doubt that."

Chakotay reached up and pulled Tom back down to his level.
With a small grunt and a grin, Tom settled back onto his knees
and looked into his husband's eyes.

"Was there something you wanted to say, Big Man?"

"Just one thing. If you only believe one thing in the rest of
your life, believe this. I love you. I love you and would
do anything to keep you safe."

Tom blushed. "That's two things, but I'll cut you a break.
Sort of a two for the price of one sale."

The older man closed his eyes and gently shoved his lover
so that he flopped backwards onto his ass.

"I try to be romantic and what do I get? Lip."

Tom rolled onto his hands and knees and crawled towards
Chakotay. He reminded his husband of a lazy cat. He
certainly purred like one when you got him going.

"Let's put the short one back to bed and I'll show you
what else I can do with these lips."

"It's a deal."

Chakotay rose and followed his mate, smiling as he watched
the roll and sway of the creamy hips and ass. Gods, he
loved this man.

And *that* was something that would never change.

The End
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