Hinc Lillae Lacrimae by Sam

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hinc illae lacrimae - part three

for disclaimer etc, see part one

Sector 009,
Earth calendar date: May 12th 2378 (7 months later)

Night had fallen on Voyager and the halls were filled with the silence of quiet reflection. After those difficult years in the Delta Quadrant, after all the time spent wondering when they would get home, the fashion in which they had, almost seemed a type of anti-climax. Modifications on this, modifications on that, a little picked up here, a little picked up there. And then they were home. It was over and there was a certain strangeness about it. But they were happy. Very happy. They were currently on route from Deep Space Three. Over night, they would dock at Earth Station McKinley and in the morning, the crew of Voyager would face the welcoming committee and re-unite with family and friends. Lieutenants Paris and Torres lay peacefully sated in bed. Limbs entangled, they contemplated their last night on the ship they had called home for seven years. The ship that had given both a second chance. It would be sad to say goodbye but they were already planning their new life back in the Alpha Quadrant. Their hands entwined, their wedding bands lay against each other, reflecting the light from a dull lamp. The shadows falling gently across the newly rounded stomach on which their hands rested.

In the sickbay of the USS Enterprise - E, things were far from peaceful. Curses were being flung from one of the biobeds at anyone who happened to cross Deanna Troi's path. Having been in labour for nearly twelve hours, her temper was understandably frayed. With one last expletive uttered under intense pain and at a loud volume, the room was filled with the wail of a newborn. A girl with jet-black eyes and a dark crown of hair. Immediately, the whole ship was buzzing with the announcement and the com system flooded with offers of congratulations. In the midst of the chaos, Will Riker and Deanna Troi both slept soundly, their daughter cradled gently between them. As sickbay gradually quietened, the Captain and his Chief Medical Officer stood watching the scene in silence, the lights dimming slowly.