Hinc Lillae Lacrimae by Sam

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hinc illae lacrimae - part two

for disclaimer etc, see part one

Sector 023
Earth calendar date: October 23rd 2377

Musing on the biobed, as to how exactly she had ended up in Beverly Crusher's sickbay, Deanna Troi drew a blank. Beverly's face swam into view on one side of her, and Will's on the other. She felt faintly sick and so deigned not to attempt sitting up. Then it all came rushing back to her. How one moment she was rising from her chair on teh bridge and the next she was falling. Her face reddened with the mortification of passing out on the bridge. But at least she hadn't taken anyone out with her. Small comfort to her though, as apparently both her lover and her best friend found the situation amusing, judging from the large grins on each of their faces. Except that wasn't why they were smiling, as Beverly explained animatedly. Deanna was pregnant. Around eight weeks to be exact. And she had fainted due to low blood sugar. Half listening to her friend, who was in the midst of running through a list of dos and don'ts, an increasingly large smile spread across her face. A relieved Will took her hand in his, his previous expression, which had fallen slightly at her lack of reaction, glued firmly back on his face. They both recieved some curious looks as they walked hand in hand back to their quarters. Because they were both grinning like idiot and the odd tear was known to escape down Deanna's face.

Delta Quadrant - approx. 28,000 light years form Sector 001
Earth calendar date: October 23rd 2377

Tom stood in the middle of his quarters, simply stood there. he knew B'Elanna was being released from sickbay at that moment. He also knew that he didn't trust his emotions enough to be anywhere near her in public. He wasn't one for dissolving into tears in the presence of commanding officers. Before she had come safely back on board, there had been a few moments when he truly believed he would not see her again. He had seen her whilst the Doctor and he had been treating the whole away team fro the last few days. He'd been heartbroken seeing her like that and it had taken all his self-restraint not to walk straight back out of sickbay. Then he had left before she had regained full consciousness. Now, his door swished open and he felt her walk in her. Coming up behind him, she gently touched his shoulder. Choking on a sob, he spun around gathering her into his arms and held on tight. Between the shudders of his own tears, he felt her heaving for breath as she too cried into his shoulder. Their legs gave way, and, still grasping each other as if their lives depended on it, they sunk slowly to the floor. Eventually, the sobbing subsided but they remained where they were, each drawing comfort from the presence of the other. She was the first one to move, disentangling herself and outstretching her hand to him. Grasping it, he led he to the bed and they slept pure untroubled sleep, a commodity short of late, and enjoyed the sensation of being together again.