Hinc Lillae Lacrimae by Sam

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hinc lillae lacrimae (hence those tears) - part one

by Sam (lullaby_psyche@hotmail.com) May-October 2000

disclaimer: they aren't mine - they're Paramounts. they just need to be played around with occasionally

summary: a little bit of post-Unimatriz Zero for P/T and post-Insurrection/Lifeline for R/T

feedback: yes, yes please!

Sector 001
Earth calendar date: October 14th 2377

Deanna Troi dropped the bag she was carrying on the floor, sighed and fell face down on the bed. The USS Enterprise-E had been investigating spatial anomalies just outside the Earth's Sol system for slightly under two weeks. For the last three days of that time, she had been a visitor to Jupiter Station as a favour to her old friend Reg Barclay. It seemed Reg had befriended the most awkward man ever to step off Earth and he wanted her help to knock some sense into him. the whole scenario became rather bizarre with the addition of several holograms and a talking iguana named Leonard. To compound this, rather trying, trip she ahd felt tired and ill the entire time. Now, with the situation successfully sorted, all she wanted to do was curl up in bed with a very large mug of hot chocolate. I f she could even be bothered to do that. Will was off-duty soon, and hopefully she could cuddle up to him. Even as she thought his name, the door opened with its customary swish and she knew it was him.

Will entered his and Deanna's living room. They had shared the first officer's larger rooms for almost a year and a half, pretty much since the Briar Patch. And now Deanna was back onboard after being away and he had missed her. He had felt her presence from the moment she stepped off the shuttle and he could also sense her complete exhaustion. Receiving an unintelligible grunt in response to his calls, he traced her to the bedroom where he found her sprawled fully dressed across their bed. Carefully, he turned her over despite her mumbled protests and, quickly divesting both her and himself of their uniforms, picked her up and deposited her under the covers. Wrapping his tall body around hers, he felt her relax and fall fast asleep and he pressed a kiss to her temple, slipping into sleep herself.

Delta Quadrant - approx. 28,000 light years from Sector 001
Earth calendar date: October 20th 2377

Tom sat on the couch in B'Elanna's quarters, clutching the discarded bathrobe whcih still held her scent, replaying the last week through his mind. It seemed that he had been running on autopilot ever since the moment in engineering when his lover announced her intentions. That she would be joining an away mission already deemed suicidal by most of the crew. One that he personally, and others as well, had tried and convicted as an unnecessary risk, as dangerous and she wanted to be a part of it. His heart had stopped and he wasn't sure it would ever start again. He hoped to all the deities that she knew how much he loved her. Gods, he wished he had just told her properly, said those words. He prayed what he had said conveyed his real feelings because he wanted her know. When Chakotay had given the order to leave, so much of him wanted to scream and rant but his mind had become numb the instant he realised what she had become. She was Borg. And now sinking further into the couch, trying desperately to hold onto her, he fell into a restless sleep.

Two of Three, Quaternary Adjunct of Unimatrix Five stepped into its regeneration alcove and closed its eyes. The drone awoke seconds later in Unimatrix Zero and it opened its eyes as B'Elanna Torres. During these times she was herself again but otherwise she didn't know who or what she was. All she knew even now was that she wanted to get this mission over with and get home. Home to Voyager and Tom and her engines. If all went according to plan, she, the Captain, Tuvok, they could all be back on their ship before they knew it. She was pretty sure that Tom was going to be mad, that he was going to be upset was a given but he hoped he would understand. Only the three on the away team plus the Doctor and Chakotay had been aware of the real plan. That they themselves were carrying the virus and were intending to be assimilated all along. He would know by now but she couldn't take the time to dwell on Tom. If she wanted to see him and touch him again she needed to concentrate. Steeling herself for the fight ahead, B'Elanna stepped forward and joined the crowd.