The Wild Stallion by Cassatt

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Disclaimer: Paramount still owns them all.

Rating: PG-13

Summary: C/P, 6/? - Part 6 of CPSG challenge: The boyz make some headway; the others make some plans

Copyright September 2001 Cassatt

The Wild Stallion - Part 6

"So, how did you like my final message, hm-m?" Tom said, with a grin, his eyes facing directly front, looking at the doors of the turbolift that had just shut.

Chakotay coughed. "I survived it," he answered, one dimple just beginning to show.

Tom put his hands behind his back. "Too bad. Did you get them deleted in time?"


"Whew," Tom said.

Chakotay looked at him and saw the wide grin gracing his face. He put his hand into Tom's, resting on the small of the pilot's back. He squeezed lovingly, then moved his hand further down, barely touching Tom's ass, watching his face. Tom had closed his eyes, his breathing was getting shallow, beads of perspiration were forming on his upper lip, as Chakotay continued the very light, almost caress.

"Deck ten."

Chakotay grabbed a handful of Tom and squeezed hard, eliciting a yelp from the younger man. The doors to the 'lift opened and Chakotay exited, laughing. "Lose your self-control, Tom?"

Tom caught up with him a few paces down the corridor. "Okay, we're even on that one. For now..."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

At the hatch to jefferies tube 14, Tom stood back to let Chakotay enter first. The superior officer looked suspiciously at him. Tom held up his hands in innocence.

"No, sir, I'm not planning anything," Tom said. And in truth, he wasn't, he had other reasons for not being the first one in that had nothing to do with sexual innuendoes. Reasons he hoped he wouldn't have to share that morning.

Chakotay took another long look at him, but decided he believed the man, and crawled into the tube.

Tom took a deep breath and followed. Crawling after the man he'd spent the night being fucked by, fucking, or dreaming about, he had to admit the view was wonderful. "You know, Chak, you have one fine ass," he said sincerely. He heard a soft chuckle ahead of him, but no response. "No, really, it's one of the nicest ones I've ever seen," he continued. This time Chakotay laughed and stopped moving.

He turned around and sat back on his heels. "Tom, I'm going to admit something to you in the trust that you won't use it against me, okay?"

Tom sat as well, worrying that this would be serious. "Okay."

"I did not retain my self-control very well on the bridge, and I came this close to stopping the lift completely, and at the moment, down here on a deck where there's not much activity, in an enclosed space with you, I would really really like to forget we are on duty and roll around the tube together for awhile," he said. Seeing Tom's eyes begin to change color, he held up his hand. "But, we are on duty and I need to try and remember that I am your superior officer," he said with a grin. "So. Nice asses aside, let's figure out a way we can forget what we need to, for the time being. Deal?"

Tom grinned. "It's a deal if you seal it with a kiss. Just one. Fulfill one of my fantasies."

"One of your fantasies?"

"Yeah, of kissing you while we're on duty. I wouldn't have chosen here, but it'll do. It seems...appropriate."

"Just one, Tom."

Tom inched forward until their kneecaps touched. Chakotay rested his hands on his thighs and leaned, meeting Tom's mouth which was already more than halfway there. The younger man put everything he could into that one kiss and if Chakotay had been able to think clearly, he would have admitted it was a powerful one. No one kissed him like Tom did, no one ever had, no one ever could. The taste of him, the scent of him... Just before he lost himself entirely in it, he broke off the contact and tried to breathe. He couldn't look at Tom because he knew what he'd see. A man so completely beautiful and wanting, he'd be unable to control himself.

"Okay," Tom's voice cut into his reverie, "it's a deal. So what should we talk about?"

Chakotay risked a look. Yes, Tom looked beautiful and yes, he looked wanting, but Chakotay could see that he was controlling himself, resting back on his heels once more, taking deep breaths. The First Officer smiled deeply at him. "Well, I'm going to try and locate this mysterious faulty conduit," he said, taking out his tricorder. "Why don't we plan our next fight? Where should we stage it?"

Tom rubbed his hands together in delight. "Great idea, Chak. Okay, where... well, it has to be the mess hall, since we're busy tonight. So over lunch. But what topic...."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kathryn got off on deck ten, hoping she wouldn't run into anyone. She'd taken care of the combadge problem, by overriding the computer's commands to not accept any signals from either Chakotay's or Tom's badges. She'd also put a secure lock on one hatch of the jefferies tube that even Chakotay couldn't override. It paid to be the captain sometimes. Now all she had to do was take care of the other hatch.

She rounded the last curve of the corridor and approached the entrance to tube fourteen. Overhearing very familiar raised voices, her heart sank. She stood outside the entrance, glancing up and down the corridor, seeing no one. She listened.

"I saw how she was looking at you," Chakotay thundered.

"Oh yeah? Well at least she looks," Tom countered sarcastically.

Oh dear, as delicious as this was, a true lover's quarrel, it didn't seem to be anything that mediation would help.

"That's only because you... you... you walked right in front of her!"

A laugh was heard. "Well I had to get to the counter, how else could I have my breakfast?"

"It's not funny, Tom." Chakotay's voice got dangerously low and Kathryn had to strain to hear it. "Think ... means ..." She couldn't hear the rest. It didn't matter, she'd heard enough. She closed the hatch quickly and put in her secure locking code. "There," she said with satisfaction. Nothing would get them out now but an order from her, and she planned on leaving them there at least an hour. That should be enough time for them to come to some resolution.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"I think this means there's nothing wrong with any conduit here, so why the hell..."

The sound of the jefferies tube hatch shutting harshly interrupted Chakotay. Tom, who had been laughing quietly, whipped his head around to the opening.

In increasing panic, Tom crawled as quickly as he could to the hatch. He keyed in an opening code. Nothing happened. The lights were blinking indicating the hatch was locked. Shit, shit, shit. "Chakotay, it's locked," he yelled. "Give me a command code!"

Confused, he called out, "Chakotay beta two two nine."

With shaking fingers, Tom entered the code. The lights stayed blinking. In frustration he tried to open the hatch anyway. A hand touching his back startled him and he almost hit his head on the ceiling.

"What the hell?" Chakotay asked the air, ignoring for the moment the reaction his lover had given to his arrival. Reaching over the younger man's shoulder, he punched in a few more codes but nothing happened. He tapped his combadge and called for engineering. No response. He tried the bridge and the same thing happened. He suddenly realized that Tom was shaking and beginning to rock back and forth. Sweat was breaking out on his forehead, dripping down to his cheekbones. "Tom.... Tom, what's happening?" He made his voice as soothing as possible.

Shit, shit, shit, fuck... Let me out of here....

"Tom, talk to me, tell me what's happening, then I can help you," Chakotay said again.

Tom wanted to do anything but tell this man what was happening to him. He was kicking himself, he should have found some way to get out of this little job, claimed he needed to go to sickbay or something, anything. Fuck! I need to get out of here!

Chakotay saw that Tom was beginning to hyperventilate. He was getting the picture, loudly and clearly. Claustrophobia. He pulled on Tom's shoulders and the younger man turned panic-stricken eyes to his. "Come on, Tom, back up, come with me, let's get to the middle of the tube," he said, continuing to pull him gently backwards by the arm, grateful that it was working. "That's right, just come with me, love..." When they were, hopefully, far enough away from the hatch, Chakotay sat propped against the wall and guided Tom to sit between his legs, resting back against his chest. Tom was still breathing too shallowly, but his shaking had abated somewhat. Chakotay instructed him to breathe deeply, following the rhythm of his own chest moving up and down slowly, and gradually Tom's breathing evened out, his hands, holding Chakotay's, became less clammy, and his head dropped back to rest on the older man's shoulder.

"Couldn't breathe," Tom whispered.

Chakotay disengaged their hands and wrapped Tom in a gentle embrace. "I know, just keep your eyes closed, listen to my voice, okay? I want you to try and picture that we're sitting on the beach somewhere, looking out over the ocean. Where are we?"

Tom sighed. "Ocean Beach. Near the Academy."

Chakotay spoke slowly, in a low voice. "I like that one, too. We're leaning up against the wall, it's the middle of the afternoon, and the sun is warm. There's just a breeze today, the waves are calm, there's only a few other people here, it's the middle of the week. Someone's just thrown a ball down the wet sand, and a dog is running after it, chasing the ball before it goes into the water. We're watching the dog, and the people, and I'm holding you, we're looking at the ocean, and the birds... How are you feeling?"

"Better. I'm sorry, Chak." This was something he'd hoped Chakotay wouldn't find out about for awhile yet.

"Sh-h, don't worry. Auckland?"

Tom nodded his head. "I try to stay out of the tubes, unless at least one hatch is open." He'd also been doing his level best to remain distracted.

Chakotay was beginning to understand what was happening here. The captain. He promised himself he would not get angry, but intended to have a long talk with her whenever they got out of there.


He bent his head and kissed the blond hair near his chin. "What?"

"Talk to me, tell me about DorvanV, your village, your family..."

And so he did.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"But, Captain, do you really think that would work?" Harry looked at his commanding officer with what he hoped was nothing but respect. He glanced at B'Elanna, pleased to see his skepticism reflected on her face, too.

"I do. They need a crisis to overcome. Together."

The three of them were sitting on the upper level of the captain's ready room. Captain Janeway had called each in for a conference after B'Elanna asked her to join them for lunch to discuss the Chief Pilot and First Officer's fighting. Neither Harry nor B'Elanna knew if the captain understood the possible extent of the men's relationship and both were loathe to tell her. They couldn't imagine she'd be anything but very unhappy. After all, this was Chakotay. Her Chakotay. And Tom, her personal reclamation project. They'd have to be very careful what they said, and they both knew it by merely meeting each other's eyes.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"He sounds like an interesting person," Tom said. "I think I would've liked him."

Chakotay laughed softly. "Yes, he was and you would've. His sense of humor was very much like yours." They had been talking about a cousin of his, the one who was closest to him in age, though opposite him in temperament. The young man had had grandiose dreams for the future of Dorvan, one that would never come to pass. As far as Chakotay knew, he'd been killed along with everyone else from his village.

"Did he like to gamble?"

"Not like you. But he was a risk taker."

"So it runs in the family," Tom said. "Did his parents like that in him? In you?"

"My aunt and uncle did, since he stayed on Dorvan. Mine weren't so pleased."

"Yeah, I know what you mean."

Chakotay took the opening presented and encouraged Tom to talk about his parents, his father, whom Chakotay knew some things about, and his upbringing. He relaxed against the wall as Tom began to open up.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"All right, so we're in agreement. Harry, you'll arrange for the instrument panel to show that the oxygen levels in the Flyer are getting low and make sure the computer doesn't argue with that. B'Elanna cause the warp drive to go off-line thirty minutes after they leave. And all communications will be cut off between the Flyer and Voyager for at least thirty minutes, no let's make that forty-five." Kathryn looked at her two coconspirators and felt rather pleased. This was a good plan. Those two men needed to realize they couldn't live without each other.

"Captain," B'Elanna said, "what if something happens to them?" She had a bad feeling about this whole thing.

"We've performed long range scans, haven't we? This part of space seems to be completely uninhabited. Nothing's going to happen. Except that the commander and the lieutenant might have a change of perspective."

B'Elanna merely nodded in response. Harry met her eyes again and another unspoken communication was sent. He thought that perhaps just talking to the two of them would be far more productive than this.

Kathryn watched them. She had no intention of telling either of them what she knew of Chakotay and Tom's new relationship. She would guard their privacy diligently. It was the least she could do for spying on their private moments.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Chakotay was relieved to feel Tom completely relaxed against his chest. He risked tightening his hold. Tom sighed in response, running his hands over Chakotay's forearms.

"Do you know why we're in here, Tom?"

"I have my suspicions. The captain."

Chakotay grunted. "I agree. The captain. Apparently she has high hopes that this little stunt will force us to get along better. Don't worry, she and I are going to have a little talk when we get out of here."

Tom tensed. "No, Chak, no. Don't, please. She doesn't know..." He faltered.

"Doesn't know about your claustrophobia? But how..."

Tom interrupted him quickly, "I, I haven't told anyone. Not even the Doc. The authorities at Auckland weren't particularly concerned so they didn't put it in my permanent record. No one knows. Except you," Tom finished quietly. He waited for the boom to be lowered. For the disapproval that such a thing had been kept from the command staff of the ship he was now serving on. Instead he felt kisses on the side of his head, moving toward his cheek.

"Oh, Tom," Chakotay said softly in his lover's ear. "Why didn't you tell us? We wouldn't have thought any less of you... the captain could have kept you from being in any situation that would have caused you problems...."

"I didn't need any help. I still don't," Tom said defiantly.

"No, I know that, you can take care of yourself," Chakotay said, though he didn't really believe it to be completely true.

Tom relaxed again. Regardless of his words, he knew full well that this man holding him had saved him from a serious episode. "Chakotay?"


"Thank you." He was surprised that had been so easy to say.

"You're welcome." Chakotay sighed in contentment this time, tightening his hold again, happy for the first time since the hatch was locked behind them.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"One more thing," Kathryn said. "I need you two to back me up. When the commander comes asking, as we all know he will, tell him there was a computer problem that caused the jefferies tube to stay locked and their combadges not to work."

They both looked at her in surprise.

"I can make it an order if that would make you feel better." She smiled.

"No, that won't be necessary, Captain," Harry said.

B'Elanna nodded her agreement. She was afraid to meet her friend's eye this time.

"Good. Now, I'm going to go an unlock that hatch. Let's see how they are when they come out, shall we?" Kathryn stood and motioned the senior staff members out of the ready room, back to their duties. All in all, that had gone well, and she was pleased.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"You do know when we get out of here, she's going to be watching us like a hawk," Chakotay murmured in Tom's ear.

"Yeah. So I guess we'll give her a good show, I plan on being quite angry, having to be cooped up in here with you," Tom said with a smile. "Aside from my, um, trouble, it's been kinda nice, cozy even ... you make a nice pillow." He chuckled softly.

"I'm quite willing to be one for you, too. Anytime."

"How about on the holographic beach?"

"Soon, when we're sure we feel comfortable, Tom, absolutely."

Tom picked up Chakotay's hand from his arm and laced his fingers through it, studying it, in awe of how comfortable he did feel. "If we argue in front of the captain, she's sure to try and lock us up together somewhere else..."

"She wouldn't dare."

"She would, too. Maybe we could use this, you know, just keep fighting in front of her and we'd never have to do another duty shift, she'd just keep finding ways of locking us up somewhere or another. We could have a lot of fun." Tom sat up and turned around in Chakotay's arms. With relief he saw the man's smiling deeply at him. He slipped an arm around Chakotay's neck and pulled them together, giving him a slow, thorough kiss. When they broke the contact, Tom saw his eyes dart toward the hatch.

"Gods, the lights are off... it's unlocked," Chakotay said quickly.

Tom spun around on his hip and crawled rapidly to the hatch, put in an opening code and almost cried in relief when the draft of air entered the tube.

Chakotay looked at him with all the love he felt as Tom turned to meet his eyes. He followed him out of the tube. They both stretched upon standing, gave each other a high five and headed for the bridge.

End Part 6, TBC