The Wild Stallion by Cassatt

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Disclaimer: Paramount owns all.
Rating: NC-17

Summary: C/P, 5/?, Part 5 of challenge - A fifth person joins the mix.

Copyright August 2001 Cassatt

The Wild Stallion - Part 5

Tom hit the doorpad to Chakotay's quarters. The door opened but as he was stepping over the threshold, seeing Chakotay's smiling face, he heard the captain calling to him. He saw Chakotay roll his eyes and put his hands on his hips. Tom turned.

"Yes, Captain?"

"Did you get everything straightened out with the commander last night? Oh, excuse me, I didn't realize his door was open," the captain said as she approached.

Tom heard Chakotay sigh in exasperation, and glancing over his shoulder, saw him coming to the corridor.

"Well, yes and no," Tom answered, trying to figure out how to play this. He wanted to scream Leave us alone!

"Good morning again, Captain," Chakotay said, now standing at his side. "Lieutenant Paris and I were just going to discuss a few matters. I believe our shift doesn't start for another twenty five minutes."

"Carry on, then, don't let me disturb your privacy, gentlemen," she replied, giving them an enigmatic smile. "See you at the briefing." She continued down the corridor after they said their courtesies.

Chakotay grabbed Tom gently, by the upper arm, pulling him back into his quarters. When the door shut, he pushed Tom against the wall and kissed him, the kiss turning immediately deep and intense.

Tom felt everything fall back into place as Chakotay took his mouth possessively, thoroughly, more than willing to give in to this man. Forever, if he could. He ran his hands over the body pressing into him, even through the uniform he found places he knew, the cut of his shoulder blades, the curve of his ass, the muscles in his back. They were both hard and getting harder by the minute. Chakotay broke the lip lock, panting, glassy eyed, gorgeous.

"Did you have something to tell me," he said, his voice thick with passion. He looked at Tom standing there, his face flushed, his lips slightly swollen, his eyes now dark blue. He looked wonderful. "Something to tell me, Tom?"

Tom had no idea what he was talking about, he was so far gone. And so rapidly. He pulled Chakotay's mouth back to his and kissed him just as possessively as he had been. The older man groaned softly and pushed his hips into Tom's. That did it. Tom reached between them and began to unzip Chakotay's pants but his hands were stopped.

Chakotay said, "Me first." He pulled Tom's hand and walked them quickly to the couches, then pushed Tom to sit. He did, his heart hammering loudly.

Chakotay dropped to his knees and moved Tom's apart, then unzipped Tom's pants and freed his very full erection. Chakotay thought it was beautiful, just like Tom. Somewhere in the recesses of his mind he knew they didn't have a lot of time so with a smile to his lover, he took it into his mouth with gusto.

Tom tried to keep his eyes open to watch but his head kept falling back on the couch. Chakotay's tongue was working him, his teeth grazing the underside of him over and over. His orgasm was spiraling up so fast he couldn't believe it, he was already close, on the verge, he raised his head and looked and the stars exploded behind his eyelids as he sent his load down Chakotay's throat, the aftershocks deep and intense. Tom's head fell back again. He felt himself being licked clean and put into his pants. Then felt the heavy weight of Chakotay sitting next to him. He opened his eyes. His lover's were almost black with desire. Tom grinned to himself.

"Now me," Tom said, somehow getting off the couch and onto his knees, between Chakotay's. He opened the uniform in front of him and pulled out Chakotay's erection, the head already weeping. Tom knew this wouldn't take long, this time letting his grin show. He loved the taste of this man, the smell of him. He fell onto the shaft with delight, taking it in as far as he could.

Chakotay also tried to watch and was more successful than his lover had been. As Tom worked him expertly with his tongue, his climax approached with remarkable speed. He knew he wouldn't last long, and didn't want to, so when Tom began to suck, moving his head up and down, Chakotay let himself reach the precipice without fighting it. The suction increased another notch and he moved against Tom, unable to control it. He was there... and he went over with a loud groan, shooting his seed down Tom's throat, again and again as the waves of release washed over him. Then, as he had done, Tom cleaned him up and put him away.

Tom joined him on the couch, and they somehow found a way to hold each other tightly, letting the afterglow bathe them both, if only for a short time.

"Chak..." Tom said quietly.

"Mm-m, what?"

"I think B'Elanna and Harry suspect something."

"I was wondering, they were looking at me strangely," Chakotay said with a sigh.

"They were at my door when I got home this morning. Dalby saw you leave my quarters last night, ready to kill..."

Chakotay interrupted him. "I was not ready to kill anyone."

"No, not anyone. Me. Not that I blame you," Tom said.

"Tom, I was not ready to kill you. I was mad at you, but more angry with myself."

Tom raised his head and peered at him closely. "You didn't do anything."

"Let's forget it, it's over and done with, okay?" Chakotay reached up and caressed Tom's neck. Tom nodded. "Now, what are we going to do about our friends?"

Tom's stomach flip-flopped. "Well, that depends, do you want them to know?"

"Not just yet, I want to keep it to ourselves. For a little while at least. No well-meaning comments from people, nobody waiting to see..."

"Waiting to see?"

Chakotay grunted softly. "I don't exactly have the best track record when it comes to relationships."

Tom chuckled. "And I do?" He immediately regretted his words. The last thing he needed to do was remind this man that he was a screw-up when it came to romance.

"What about you, Tom? Do you want to tell them?"

"No, I don't. I'd like some time and space, some privacy, too." Besides, he was pretty sure what the reaction would be - all of it negative. He didn't want to hear it.

"The time is 0750, the time..."

"Computer, end alarm," Chakotay said. He met Tom's smiling eyes. "What? I just wanted to make sure we weren't late." He smiled as well, however.

Tom leaned over and kissed him, a slow, languid, sweet kiss that he returned in kind.

"Thank you, Chakotay," Tom said.

"Thank you, Tom," he replied. He untangled himself from the pilot and stood, holding out his hand. Tom took it and rose as well. As they approached the door, Chakotay turned to him, reached out and smoothed his hair. "You look a bit, well..."

Tom's heart swelled at the tenderness of the gesture. "Like I've been making out?"

Chakotay laughed. "Yes, a bit."

Tom pulled away and dashed into the bathroom. He came out a minute later. "Now?" he asked with a grin.

"Like a very efficient Starfleet officer. Good enough to..."

Tom stopped him. "Don't say it, or I'll be calling in sick to the captain and so will you. Commander."

"Very well, Lieutenant. Let's go to work. Game plan in place. We hate each other."

The door swooshed open. Walking down the corridor, Tom leaned over and whispered, "I'll show you tonight how much I really hate you, Chak." He was rewarded, hearing a sharp intake of breath from the other man.

"And you keep talking like that and I'll take you in the 'lift," Chakotay whispered back.

Tom stared at him in mock horror. They grinned and stepped in said 'lift, calling for the bridge.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Good morning, gentlemen," the captain said as they entered the briefing room.

"Good morning," Chakotay answered, taking his usual seat to her left.

Tom merely nodded at her and sat on the opposite side and opposite end of the table. He greeted Harry, B'Elanna, Seven and Neelix who had been chatting amongst themselves.

"Tom?" Captain Janeway called to him.

"Yes, Captain?"

"Did you and the commander finally get everything straightened out?"

Chakotay groaned internally. Tom answered. "As much as it will be. Thank you for asking."

She turned to her First Officer. "Do the two of you require some mediation?"

He blanched. "No, that's not necessary. Everything is fine." Drop it, would you?

"Well, my curiosity is getting the better of me," she said with a crooked smile. "How did the dare go last night?"

B'Elanna snorted. All eyes turned to her. "Apparently, Tom lost it. He isn't the horseman he told us he was," she said with a smile.

Tom was getting honestly angry. "I am too," he said without thinking.

"If you had been, you wouldn't have lost the dare, Lieutenant," Chakotay said sarcastically.

The Captain held up her hand, a slight look of confusion on her face. "Thank you. Tom, I'm sorry you lost it. I guess that's one up on Chakotay's side of the ledger then. Shall we get to work?"

"Just a moment, Captain," Tom said with force.


"It's not one up on the commander's side. At least not until after tonight."

"Oh? And what happens tonight?"

Tom realized with a start that he had been really feeling defensive, his ego bruised by the charade. Shit. "I get another chance at the horse," he said, trying desperately to sound cocky and not meet Chakotay's eyes.

"I see," she answered. "Well, perhaps this time we can all watch and see how you do."

Only Chakotay saw the gleam in her eye. It confused him.

"No, no, that's okay, Captain, really. I'd... I'd prefer not to have any more of an audience than I already have," Tom said. "The commander is enough, quite frankly." He put as much veiled hostility as he could into the statement.

Chakotay jumped at the chance. "It wasn't my presence that made the horse bolt."

"It was, too, you were... distracting it!"

"He can just tell when someone doesn't like him, that's all," Chakotay said, proud of himself for thinking off the cuff.

"He did too like me," Tom said rolling his eyes. He was proud, also, this was going well.

Chakotay laughed evilly. "You..."

The captain interrupted them, raising her voice along with her hand this time. "Gentlemen! Please. Enough. Good luck tonight, Tom, I look forward to hearing all about it tomorrow. Now, can we get back to work...."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The meeting over, Kathryn sat in her ready room thinking over what happened. She felt badly. After last night, she'd gotten to contemplating the combination of Tom and Chakotay, realizing it was a good one, for both parties. They could bring out the best in each other, their strengths, considerable strengths, could play off the weaker aspects of their personalities. All in all, a good match, and one she was looking forward to observing. Though it also saddened her, that more people were finding happiness where she could not, she loved Chakotay and she loved Tom.

So she wondered what had happened. They clearly were enthralled with each other when she'd played unintentional voyeur and what she'd heard through the walls had given her... well, she couldn't bring herself to name it, much less remember it, as the blush spread up her cheeks.

She decided she'd have to do something. After all, these were members of her family, and she wanted them to be happy. The journey was too long to throw away chances at joy. She pondered her options as the ship continued moving through space under the very capable hands of Tom Paris, pilot extraordinaire.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Said pilot was busy sending messages to his lover, of course while doing his usual excellent job. With the captain off the bridge, he knew no one would see what he and Chakotay were saying to each other. Which was a good thing, considering.

"No, the program will be run tonight, I have plans, trust me. C"

"Good plans? T"

"T - only the best, the horse misses you. C"

"I miss him too, our time together was too short. T"

"Sorry about that. C"

"Don't be C, you were much better than the horse could ever hope to be. T"

"No comparison? C"

"Compare riding a horse to you and me? Are you crazy? T"

"Well, you haven't ridden him yet. C"

"Haven't ridden you either but I'd bet my last ration it would be beyond great. T"

"Giving me a swelled head, Tom. C"

"Giving me a swelled something else, Chak. T."

And it was true, Tom said to himself ruefully, as he squirmed to get comfortable in his seat. It was not working very well. He heard a soft chuckle behind him. His console beeped again.

"You're squirming. C"

"Shush, or I'll make you squirm, too. T"

"You couldn't, I have too much self-control. C"

"Is this another dare? T"

"Let me think on that one. C"

"Too late, time's up. I dare you to retain your self-control. T"

"You are wicked, Lieutenant. C"

"I love to suck you off, Chak to feel you fill up my mouth, to lick and taste you,"

He hit the send command the moment he heard the ready room doors open, and it was all he could do not to turn around and see the look on Chakotay's face. He controlled his impulse and settled in for a boring remainder of his morning.

But a boring morning was not exactly what Kathryn Janeway had in mind for her First Officer and Chief Pilot. She'd decided that perhaps all they needed was some time together in an enclosed space, away from everyone. Ideally, with a small threat of danger in the mix, so that they'd have to rely on each other to survive. That was the part she didn't think she could manage on her own, so she'd settle for the first part. For now.

"Commander, there seems to be some trouble in jefferies tube number fourteen on deck ten. You take Tom down there and see if you can find the blockage in the access conduit."

Tom turned around at that.

"Excuse me, Captain," Chakotay said, "you want me to go and check this out? What's wrong with the engineering staff?" Tom felt as confused as Chakotay looked.

"B'Elanna has them in a very important meeting at the moment. I only trust you to do it," Kathryn said seriously. She didn't care if it sounded suspicious, or even ridiculous, she was the captain, after all, and people would do her bidding, or else. "So, you and Tom, tube fourteen, deck ten. It needs help now. Find a replacement for the helm."

Chakotay glanced at Tom, who shrugged his shoulders incrementally. He turned back to his commanding officer. "Very well, we'll be in the tube," he said. After calling Ensign Chansel to relieve Tom, the two men got into the turbolift once more, to fulfill their captain's very strange request.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Harry watched this exchange, mystified. He knew B'Elanna did not have a staff meeting. He also knew there was nothing wrong with the conduit, because he'd checked it as soon as the captain said anything. So for some reason, she wanted to put Chakotay and Tom into a jefferies tube, and if their angry mood was any indication, sparks would be flying that would have nothing to do with a fake faulty conduit. And if this little project of hers extended into the lunch hour, neither he nor B'Elanna would have the chance to talk to their friends. But the more he thought about the captain's order, the clearer he got about it. She was smart, no doubt about it. Maybe he and B'Elanna should ask the captain to lunch instead.

End part 5 TBC