The Wild Stallion by Cassatt

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Disclaimer: Paramount owns all.
Rating: NC-17

Summary: C/P, 4/?, Part 4 of challenge - Cross purposes.

Author's note - A very small homage to "Six Feet Under" is given here.

Copyright August 2001 Cassatt

The Wild Stallion - Part 4

"Chakotay..." Tom moaned softly. One of his errogenous zones was still being assaulted and his legs were giving out. The hot water was still pouring down on them. He thought he might faint. Still the wet, dark head was against his neck, sucking and licking with abandon. "Chakotay..." he repeated.

"Mm-hm," the older man answered. But the assault continued.

Tom briefly wondered if he did collapse, would Chakotay be able to catch him? This intense of a reaction was unexpected. Many people, men and women, had found pleasure in his neck, hell, he had, too. But this.... "Chak..." He tried again, but his brain was shutting down.

Chakotay moved his head away and looked at him. "Chak?"

Tom breathed deeply and tried to feel his toes. "Yeah, it's all I could manage. Jesus, your mouth should be classified," he said huskily. "Bed. I need to be in bed with you." He was still moving against the other man, however, and falling dangerously back into the dark eyes.

Chakotay filed away the fact that the one spot he had latched onto was a very big weakness of Tom's. Filed it away with a number of lusty possibilities for that spot. He leaned sideways slightly and reached for the shower controls, looking deeply into Tom's eyes, which had changed color drastically. All three colors were darker. He got the water turned off at the very moment Tom began to kiss him again, deep, thorough kisses. Sweet, intense kisses from a sweet mouth that he couldn't get enough of. He stopped it this time. "Bed, yes, Tom, bed. Now."

"I can't walk," Tom said with a smile.

"Come on," Chakotay answered with a smile of his own, tugging Tom out of the shower. He found towels for them both and they dried off, drawn together to kiss as they rubbed terry cloth quickly over their skin. Quickly. Very quickly. And finally falling onto the bed after Chakotay pulled the covers down. Very quickly.

They came together, entwining legs, wrapping their arms around each other as tightly as they could, feeling the heat of their bodies in full, relaxed, delicious contact. Chakotay ended up on top only because he was faster to pounce, doing it with a grin. Latching onto Tom's neck again, but briefly this time, stopping as soon as the man let out a loud moan. He moved his mouth up to meet Tom's, thrusting his tongue in, feeling Tom thrust back, with strength, and passion. Their hips began to move, giving mutual friction to their already very hard erections.

Chakotay pulled back, panting. "We forgot something."

Tom was mystified. "What?"

"Are you a top or a bottom?"

Tom smiled deeply. "Oh, that. Let's say I'm ... versatile. You?"

"I'm versatile as well. With you, definitely versatile," Chakotay answered, showing Tom both dimples.

"I see. Well, then, I seem to be on the bottom at the moment," Tom said, moving his pelvis suggestively, "and quite frankly, loving every nanosecond of it, and the thought of you inside me is enough to ... so..."

Chakotay smiled another slow smile. Tom smiled back. The mouth on top fell onto the one below and the hot, deep kisses resumed. Then stopped. They both knew it was time, no foreplay was needed, they wanted to connect, primally, immediately, now. Chakotay moved off enough to get the drawer opened next to the bed. Pulling out the tube, he flipped it open and their eyes locked.

"Chak," Tom said, his heart pounding loudly in his ears, his hands continuing to roam up and down the bronze skin on top of him.

"Are you going to call me that now?" He really didn't mind it, truth be told it made him feel young and in love. He still couldn't believe he was in bed with Tom. Teasing him was a bonus he planned to enjoy, hopefully for a long time to come.

"Yes, I think I like it," Tom answered. He watched Chakotay's face lit up.

"Okay," Chakotay said. He continued to move his hips into Tom's, and gave an extra sideways move, causing Tom's eyes to close and a soft moan to pass his beautiful lips. "So, Tom, did you just want to say it, or did you want to tell me something, hm-m?" Watching the man below him beginning to writhe, he couldn't help it. He fell on Tom's neck again, this time gently, but deliberately kissing and licking him.

"God..." Tom groaned. He pulled his legs apart, and Chakotay settled in between them. He wanted to squeeze the man to him, tighter and tighter. "Later, talk later..."

Chakotay stopped enjoying the delicious skin and pulled back. He brought the tube in between them and put some on his fingers. Their eyes locked again. Tom put his ankles on Chakotay's shoulders and the older man began to prepare him for entrance. First one finger, then two, then three, opening him up, to Tom's intense pleasure.

They were both panting by this time, and as Chakotay put some lubricant on himself his heart started to race. He wanted this, had wanted this for so long. He got in position and began to enter Tom, accompanied by the most wonderful sounds coming from his partner, that he thought he might come before he even got all the way in. But he slid until he was fully sheathed and then, and only then, breathed. Tom moved his feet down until he could wrap his legs around Chakotay's chest. Their eyes had never waivered.

Tom raised his head and grabbed Chakotay's, bringing him down to kiss him deeply, needing to taste him, overwhelmed by the feeling of the man inside of him, his erection throbbing, his heart thudding. Their tongues began to dance together and that's when Chakotay began to move.

He stroked out and in, long deep strokes, and seeing Tom react when he changed angles he continued giving him the stimulation, almost out of his mind once more with this man. Out of his mind, hearing the moans, tasting the excitement building between them, as he tried to hold back.

Tom was almost out of his mind, he'd never experienced anything like this before, with anyone. Whenever their mouths met, his climax approached quickly, as though between the two of them there was one continuous loop of sexual excitement. He felt Chakotay change angles, and his prostate was stroked. He groaned, and the man stayed right there and did it over and over and over again until Tom was almost out of his mind. And he hadn't even been touched.

They were close, both close, and they both knew it. Like magnets, their mouths came together again, and this time Chakotay slowed down, propped himself on one arm and reached between them, taking Tom in his hand, pumping him, tasting the change and feeling it affect his own climax immediately.

Tom's body registered Chakotay's hand before his mind did. Then he was going over the edge, his whole being becoming still, then convulsing as the powerful orgasm ripped through him, shooting his seed onto their stomachs.... Chakotay came the nanosecond he felt Tom's climax hit, shoving deeply into him, spilling himself, breaking the kiss, hearing some primal noise come out of his mouth, from deep in his soul, as Tom's legs tightened around him, fiercely... Reeling, Tom pulled him closer, with legs and arms, feeling the man collapsing on him, words finally forming in his mind, saying "Oh, God, Chak, oh God," over and over and over until he collapsed, too.

They came together once more during the night, changing roles and positions, this time with the foreplay of mouths, tongues and hands seeking out each and every errogenous zone the other possessed, culminating in Chakotay getting his gland stroked by Tom's thrusting, again experiencing almost simultaneous climaxes, amazed and overwhelmed by the intensity of it all. After cleaning themselves they curled up together, spooning, and fell deeply asleep.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The alarm went off and Tom stirred. He tried to turn it off, but then remembered where he was - his voice wasn't going to get the computer to shut up. Rolling over, he wrapped himself around the sleeping man, gently snoring so peacefully.

"The time is 0600, the time is 0600, the time..."

Tom pulled himself up the snoring one and started to kiss Chakotay's neck while running his hand up and down the muscles of the man's chest and stomach. He finally came to, calling out in a surprisingly clear voice, "Computer, end alarm." Following it with a hug for his new lover, who gratefully snuggled into the embrace. Tom wondered if this was what heaven really was.

"Have a question," Chakotay mumbled.


Chakotay's hands took their turn, rubbing Tom's back idly. "How did you get in here last night?"

"I grovelled to the captain for help," Tom said, feeling a grin break wide. "She wanted us to work out our little misunderstanding."

Chakotay chuckled, a lovely sound, particularly heard reverberating in his chest, as Tom could attest, his head at exactly the right place to hear it that way. The chuckle morphed into a laugh, and this time Tom joined in.

"So," Chakotay said, "what do we tell her?"

Tom was jiggled up and down again by his pillow chuckling. "Well, I think we should tell her that we're still fighting. Just for fun, to throw her and everyone off the track." He grinned at his lover.

"Okay, I could use some fun," Chakotay said, also grinning.

"But, I really have to go - get ready for shift." Tom pushed himself off reluctantly, kissing the smooth chest in front of him before rising.

"Tom...." Chakotay held his arm.

Tom sat back on his heels, putting his hand on Chakotay's thigh. "What?" he said softly.

"What did you want to say to me last night?"

Tom wasn't sure he had the nerve, now, in the light of morning. After thinking for a minute, he decided he didn't. "I ... I'd like to see you tonight, if you want."

Chakotay looked intently at him, knowing that wasn't it. "Of course I want to see you, spend time with you. I'll reserve some holodeck time. But how about breakfast? Meet you in about 30?"

Tom wanted to sing. "Yeah, breakfast would be good. 30 minutes. We'll see what glop Neelix has this morning." They smiled at each other. "I gotta go, Chak," Tom said quietly.

"Okay," Chakotay answered, just as quietly.

Tom sighed deeply and left the bed, headed into the bathroom, put his clothes on, splashed some cold water on his face, his hair and in his mouth. He wanted to stay so badly, he was afraid that once he left things would go back to the way they were before last night. Taking a deep breath, he returned to the bed, sighing again to see the gorgeous specimen of manhood lying there. He promised him thirty minutes and left.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tom was relieved to see an empty corridor as he exited Chakotay's quarters. He walked quickly to the lift and headed to his own deck. Stepping out, looking down the corridor his heart jumped. Harry and B'Elanna were at his door. He steeled himself and walked towards home.

"Good morning, you two," he said cheerfully.

They turned suddenly. "There you are," B'Elanna said.

"What do you mean?" He keyed in his access code and they all entered. Wanting to get rid of them so he wouldn't be late he walked directly to the bedroom, taking his combadge off and pulling his tee shirt out of his pants. "Well, what do you mean? Quick, I have to get ready..." He sat on the edge of the bed and worked on getting his boots off.

"Tom, we have a confession to make," Harry said.

Shit. "What's that, Har?" He pulled off his socks.

"We heard a rumor that you and the commander had an argument last night."

"And how did you hear that?"

B'Elanna snorted. "Dalby saw Chakotay leaving your quarters, and he described him as, quote, in full Maquis mode, end quote."

Tom pulled off his shirt and stood. "Fascinating, I'm sure. But I've got to get ready, so unless you want a show B'El?" He began to unbutton his jeans. He watched them look carefully at each other. Harry nodded, then turned to his best friend.

"Okay, Tom, but listen, if you want to talk..."

Tom interrupted him. "I know where to find you both. See you later," he said pointedly.

B'Elanna gave him a stare. "Yeah, okay. We'll be in the messhall."

"Fine." He put his hands on his hips. His friends left, and he almost sat on the bed as the tension left him. Fuck, this is going to be complicated. Stripping, he got into the shower and let the body memories of his last shower come over him in waves, knowing that no matter the complications, he was not going to let Chakotay get away from him. As long as the other man would have him, that is.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Chakotay was stepping out of the shower when the captain called him over the com. He debated not answering, making her wonder if he was too upset to talk, then began to laugh at the thought. No, I am definitely not upset. Out of my mind, yes. She called him again. He took the towel with him to the dresser and tapped his combadge.

"Yes, Captain?" Rubbing his head with the towel he glanced at the bed and smiled. He realized with a start she'd been talking and he'd heard nothing. "I'm sorry, could you repeat that?"

"Have I caught you at a bad time, Chakotay?"

He could have sworn he heard laughter in her voice. "No, not at all, just drying my ears."

"Oh. I asked if you'd like to have breakfast with me this morning?"

Damn. "No, thank you, I have plans already."

"I see. Dare I ask with whom?"

"Excuse me, Kathryn?" Since when did she give him the third degree?

"Just curious, that's all, like to keep on top of things around here, you know."

"I didn't realize that my choice of breakfast plans was something you kept track of."

"Never mind, Chakotay... see you at the briefing then. Janeway out."

He hadn't missed the tease in her voice this time. Sighing deeply, he continued with his morning routine, not wanting to be late, already thinking about seeing Tom again, looking into those beautiful blue eyes. Standing in front of the mirror, shaving, he wondered if anyone would be able to tell by looking at him that he'd just had one of the most important nights of his life. Then he wondered if he'd ever be able to tell Tom that.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tom came into the messhall with a pounding heart. He was kicking himself for his nervousness, not having felt this since the first days in the DQ, when everyone but Harry looked at him with undisguised hatred and contempt. This morning, in a strange twist of fate, he again wanted to be left alone, to find a table by himself, so that he could sit with his new lover and be ignored. He looked over the room to see if Chakotay was there but unfortunately, his two friends were, and they met his eyes and waved. Shit. He hadn't thought this breakfast date through to it's logical conclusion. Shit and damn. He waved back.

"Hi, Tom," came a soft voice from a foot behind him. A voice guaranteed to send ripples down his spine. He turned and met smiling deep brown eyes.

"Hi, Commander," he answered, unable to control the smile that broke out.

"Now, Tom," Chakotay whispered, "I thought we covered my name last night."

The line moved in front of them and they followed the herd.

"And I think we're on duty," Tom whispered back.

"Not yet, we're not. Let's try it again. Hi, Tom," Chakotay said softly.

Tom looked behind him but there wasn't anyone there. He smiled. "Hi, Chak," he answered.

Chakotay smiled deeply. "Thanks, I needed that."

"Glad I could oblige. Chak." Tom smiled, but knew that one little thing couldn't convey the depth of his feelings at that moment. Nothing could. Other than pouncing on the man that is...

"Do you two want some breakfast?" Neelix said cheerfully, a bit loudly.

They were a good six feet from the counter, the line having been served while they talked. They grinned sheepishly at each other briefly before approaching the breakfast choices.

"I'm afraid we're going to have to join Harry and B'Elanna. And something happened, I need to tell you about," Tom said in a low voice as they walked away from Neelix.

"I don't mind sitting with them. We can stop by my quarters before the bridge and talk, okay?"

They were almost at the table. "Yeah, that'd work." Tom hoped Chakotay wouldn't find out for himself as they ate. He had his doubts.

"Morning, Chakotay," B'Elanna said, smiling. "How are you?"

They sat, next to each other, luckily. Tom drank some coffee and studied his friends over the rim of the cup. Chakotay glanced at them both and, rightly, got a very strange impression.

"Fine, B'Elanna, just fine. How bout yourself?"

"Just fine. Heard some interesting rumors last night though. So, how did the dare go?"

Tom groaned to himself.

"The dare, well," Chakotay said, hesitating for a moment, "I think that Tom failed it."

Tom sputtered in his coffee. He looked at the man sitting next to him, who met his eyes. Chakotay gave him the subtlest of winks. Tom turned back to his friends.

"I disagree. I passed with flying colors. So to speak," he stated with conviction.

Chakotay ate some breakfast before replying. "No he didn't. He failed." He gave it his best command voice. He downed his juice quickly.

Tom pretended to be getting angry. He ate his breakfast, not meeting his friends' eyes. When he'd had enough food, he finished his juice. He threw his fork down. "Listen, Commander, I won. You said so yourself."

"Lieutenant, we've been through this a number of times. You did not win the dare. But, I'd be willing to give you another try. If you think you're up to it." Chakotay drank his tea.

"If I'm up to it? I don't think you could find anything that I'm not up to. Sir." Tom said with as much sarcasm as he could muster. He couldn't meet Chakotay's eyes, because he'd lose it for sure then.

"Great. Then how about tonight? Same program as last night. Let's see what happens this time." Chakotay got up. "Now, I have some work to do before bridge duty. See you all at the briefing," he said, glancing at Tom and giving him another subtle wink.

Tom met his eyes briefly, then stared at his plate, saying nothing.

Harry and B'Elanna bid him good-bye, both of them staring at his back as he left the room. Tom followed him surreptitiously, supressing the desire to run out and tackle him in the corridor. He'd stay for five minutes. He finally looked at this friends. They appeared confused.

"It looks as though Dalby might have been right, after all," B'Elanna said.

Screw the five minutes. Tom stood. "See you guys later," he said.

"Where are you going?" Harry asked.

Tom picked up his tray. I'm going to go kiss my lover... "To take a walk. Work off this anger before I have to sit on the bridge with him." Shove my tongue down his throat... He left quickly.

"Harry, what the fuck is going on? Chakotay's furious last night, then Tom spends the night in his quarters, he has a hickey the size of a fist, they look all cosy in line, then they snipe at each other?" B'Elanna was banging her knife on the table.

"Beats me, B'Elanna..... I think we have our work cut out for us," Harry responded.

"Got that right, Starfleet. I guess that means the big guy is mine?"

"Yeah, Maquis, I'll tackle Tom."

They shook hands on it.

End Part 3. TBC