The Wild Stallion by Cassatt

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Disclaimer: Paramount owns all.

Rating: R - NC17

Summary: C/P, 3/?. Part 3 of challenge - the boyz are noticed but don't know it.

Copyright August 2001 Cassatt

The Wild Stallion - Part 3

Chakotay stormed the corridors, rounding the bend, heading for his door. He swore to himself - Kathryn was approaching her door as well and she'd seen him. He kept going, having no choice, not particularly wanting to talk to her at the moment.

"Good evening, Chakotay," she said.

"Hello, Kathryn." He gave her a curt nod and reached for his key pad.

"Are you all right?"

He turned and looked directly at her for the first time. Seeing her concern only made him angrier. Stupid old man... "I'm fine. Have a pleasant evening." He returned to his task of keying in his access code. His door opened.

"You too," she called as he entered his domain.

Yeah, me too. Very pleasant evening...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tom sat for only a few minutes in his quarters, staring at the bottle in his hands. God damn it, what was I thinking?! I didn't even listen to him. He told me he wanted me, his tongue was almost down my throat and what do I do? Make him feel like a fool. Jesus, Tom!

He pulled on his boots again and left quickly. He had to talk to Chakotay, had to make him understand. How much he wanted this, how much he cared, how sorry he was. Almost running he hit the lift and to his dismay Gerron dashed in at the last second. He had to make inane small talk with the man, when he would have preferred thirty seconds to himself to think about what he was going to say. His heart was pounding. He walked quickly off on Chakotay's deck and went straight to his door.

He hit the door pad. No response. He hit it again. No response again. He asked the computer if the commander was in there, it answered in the affirmative. Tom wasn't about to go away. He knocked loudly on the door. Still no response. Frustration getting the better of him, he pounded on the door and called out, "Chakotay! Open up, it's Tom!" He pounded again, and yelled again. He rested his forehead against the cool metal of the door and heard another one open nearby. Shit, the captain.

"Tom?" Her voice arrived with her right behind.

He sighed and turned to greet her. "Good evening, Captain."

She looked confused. "What's going on?"

"Nothing. I wanted to talk to the commander, but he's not answering." Tom couldn't pull himself away, however ridiculous he knew this looked. He had to get in and talk to Chakotay.

"I know he's in there, I just saw him." She narrowed her eyes a bit. "He seemed... upset. Did something happen with the dare?"

His mind raced. "Yes, it did, and it was just a misunderstanding, and I really want to talk to him about it but I can't get in there. You know how stubborn he can be. I hate to think he's going to go to bed angry when there's really no need...." He mentally crossed his fingers. Please, Captain, take the bait...

"And would you be asking me, in a roundabout way, to override his door lock and let you in?" She crossed her arms.

He prayed. "Captain, I need to talk to him. It's very important."

She smiled then, a relaxed smile. "Very well, I don't want misunderstandings to continue needlessly either. This is a small ship and both of you are too important to it's peak efficiency." She reached for the key pad and put in an override code.

Tom almost kissed her hand in relief. The door swooshed open to a dim and silent living area. "Thank you, Captain, I won't forget this."

"Good luck, Tom. I have a feeling you're gonna need it," she said, shooing him inside and turning away.

The door closed behind him. "Chakotay?" he called. Silence. He walked toward the bedroom, still hearing nothing. Entering, he noticed it was unoccupied, but he finally heard why. The shower was running.

Without hesitating he went directly to the bathroom. Nothing was going to stop him at this point. He was wrong. The sight before him did.

Chakotay was standing with the water running down his face, his arms raised, hands rubbing his head harshly, suds running down his body. At that moment, Tom decided that no one had the right to call Chakotay an old man. He looked magnificent. Exactly how he had felt for the brief time Tom's hands moved over him. Solid. Muscular. Strong. Bronze. Gorgeous. Tom felt himself harden. He made another instant decision. This man was not getting away from him.

He unzipped his boots and toed them off right there. Undoing his jeans, he dropped and stepped out of them, pulled off his shirt, his briefs and his socks and took a deep breath.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kathryn was brushing her teeth, thinking about the odd goings on between her pilot and her First Officer. High emotions were certainly evident. She couldn't imagine what had happened when Tom tried to ride Chakotay's horse, she hoped the younger man hadn't damaged the program somehow. Chakotay was so angry, she was at a loss to see what else he could have done to piss the man off so.

"... TOM! What the...." was heard from the bathroom next door, through the vent system. This was followed by a loud thud against the wall.

"Oh my God, he hit Chakotay..." Luckily, she still had on her uniform pants and tee shirt. She grabbed a phaser from her desk and ran next door, keying in a second override and dashing to the bedroom. She heard the shower running and had a moment's confusion. Intent on her mission, she tripped over something in the doorway. Looking down, she saw boots. Then a pile of clothes. Jeans, underwear, a pale blue tee shirt. Still her mind was not computing what she was seeing. Raising her eyes, her mind almost shut down completely.

She saw a tall, pale, clearly male back, with dark hands running up and down it, familiar hands moving down, massaging one of the most adorable asses she'd ever seen. Pale legs next to dark ones. A blond head moving against black haired one, moving to one side just enough to see the telltale blue lines on a forehead she knew too well... Oh my God... she had the strong urge to giggle. Oh dear. This, she knew, would fuel her fantasies for a long time to come. Hearing moans coming from the two men, she shoved her fist in her mouth to stifle her response and got out of there, fast. Heading back next door, to start a bath, get out some candles, and have a good time, with herself, listening all the while to the goings on next door.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

They were both in sensory overload, bodies moving, writhing, erections rubbing together and against their stomachs, their mouths moving along with everything else, giving deep, penetrating kisses as though they wanted to devour each other. They couldn't taste enough. Couldn't feel enough. They wanted more.

Tom pulled back slightly. "Now do you believe me, Chakotay? How much I want you?"

Chakotay grabbed his head and brought him back. Tom gave no resistance, only a deep moan as that lucious tongue snaked its way back into his mouth.

"Why didn't you talk to me..." Chakotay's words were said without breaking the kiss.

"Cause I'm an idiot...sometimes...." Tom pulled away and fell onto Chakotay's neck with a vengeance.

Chakotay's hands returned to what was fast becoming a favorite place for both of them, Tom's ass. He pulled him more tightly, causing both of them to groan at the increase in pressure. "Don't think you're an idiot...."

Tom stopped his sucking, looking at the mark with a satisfied grin. Mine. He moved his head back enough to meet those deep, dark, brown eyes. Why had he never noticed before how amazing they were?

Chakotay looked into the blue and saw three different colors. Two blues and one lavender, just a hint of lavender. He'd had no idea how beautiful they were.

"I could very easily fall in love with you, Chakotay," Tom said quietly, his heart pounding.

"And would that be a bad thing, Tom? Because I don't think it would be, to fall in love with you, that is. Not at all." Chakotay felt his breath catch in his throat.

"Does that mean you could?"

"Yes, without trying too hard. And do you think falling for me would be bad?"

"No, I don't. I think it would be wonderful," Tom said, a smile breaking out across his face that he couldn't and didn't want to control.

"Good. And now, Tom Paris..." Chakotay bent his head and kissed Tom's neck. "I am going to mark you," he nibbled softly, "as you marked me, and then, we are going to bed to fuck each other until we pass out..." he latched onto the skin of Tom's neck and sucked intensely.

Tom laughed out loud, hard, once, from sheer giddiness, the noise quickly turning to a loud moan as Chakotay's tongue licked him in the midst of the sucking, sending electrical shocks directly to his groin. Mark me, yes Sir. He shoved his pelvis into the other man, gratified to hear and feel a groan vibrate against his neck. At that moment, the bed seemed very, very far away.

End part 3, TBC.