The Wild Stallion by Cassatt

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Disclaimer: Paramount owns all.

Rating: PG-13 for this part, too.

Summary: C/P, 2/?. Second part of challenge fic - Chakotay and Tom are not seeing eye to eye.

Copyright August 2001 Cassatt

The Wild Stallion - Part 2

Chakotay beamed back into the holodeck but all he saw was the horse. His heart, which had been hammering away at a steady pace, slowed considerably. He was shocked, he was hurt, he was angry. He had no idea what happened, or what he had done, but a suspicion was forming. He slapped his chest hard and asked for the location of Tom. He was in his quarters. This surprised him, he'd expected him to be out, with his friends, perhaps even on the other holodeck.

The horse whinnied behind him. Turning, their eyes met. He approached the stallion without hesitation, getting a nuzzle on his head, stroking the white neck as Tom had.

"There, boy, that feels good, doesn't it..." The horse bobbed his head and made a few more noises. "Yeah.... you met a new friend tonight, didn't you?" Chakotay continued to move his hand up and down the soft coat, eventually placing his head against the strong neck. He caught the scent of Tom and his heart jumped. He pulled back quickly and gave one last pat. "Maybe we can ride later on," he said.

He shut down the program and left for the pilot's quarters.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tom was sitting on his couch, drinking a syntheholic beer, staring at nothing in particular, letting his thoughts wander. Trying to keep them far away from a certain dark haired commanding officer who kissed like nobody Tom had ever kissed before. And who was likely just as manipulative as most of the people Tom had ever become involved with. Only he wasn't involved this time. And wouldn't be. He took another long drink. This isn't working, Tommy boy...

His door chimed. Hoping it was Harry, who was due at some point in the next hour, he called the door open. His heart fluttered to see Chakotay walk in. Then his stomach began falling down toward his knees.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Tom," Chakotay said. He walked right up to the younger man and waited. His heart had started to pound again seeing Tom, sitting there in that pale blue shirt.

"Chakotay," Tom replied. For once, he didn't know what to do.

"May I sit down?"

Tom shrugged. "Sure, if you want."

Chakotay sat, keeping two feet away from Tom's personal space. He was feeling half angry, half out of his mind. He could see that Tom wasn't going to say anything, so he did. "Why did you leave?" He regretted his sharp tone but chose not to apologize.

Tom could not believe what he was hearing. He stood quickly, pissed beyond reason. "I'd won the dare, you said so yourself, what was the point in hanging around any longer?" Just to suffer some humiliation?

Chakotay's anger took over. "What was the point?"

"Yeah. I had things to do you know."

"I see. Important things, no doubt." He stood up as well.

"My time is valuable, too valuable..."

Chakotay interrupted him, "Too valuable to wait around for me, clearly. Another conquest for you..."

Tom felt that one right in his heart. "That's me, just going from person to person."

Chakotay felt like a fool. An old fool. "Well then, sorry to have kept you from something more important. But in case you care, I didn't plan on being gone as long as I was."

Tom didn't want to hear it. The lies, the bullshit. "It doesn't matter," he said forcefully. He met the older man's eyes directly for the first time since he'd arrived. What he saw completely threw him. A flash of hurt moved across Chakotay's face, followed by the look that Tom was all too familiar with. Fury.

Chakotay'd had enough. He stalked to the door. Turning at the last minute he pulled something out of his pocket and threw it against the couch. "The captain called me." Turning again, the doors opened and he left as quickly as he could get out of there.

Tom went to the couch and found what Chakotay had thrown. A small bottle of lubricant. His heart took a dive, only ending when it reached his toes.

End part 2 - TBC.