The Wild Stallion by Cassatt

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Disclaimer: Paramount owns all.

Rating: PG-13 for this part

Summary: C/P - 1/? Response to CPSG challenge - write a "first time" story with either a horse, a dare, or a waterfall.

Copyright August 2001 Cassatt

The Wild Stallion

The dare was simple enough, at least Tom thought so. Although why it was made to everyone at the table he wasn't sure. How it came about he also wasn't sure. One moment they were discussing the latest problem with the gel packs, and the next moment the holoprogram was being talked about, and the following moment the dare was there. Sitting there. Waiting for someone to take it.

All of these things rolled around in his head as he contemplated his options. He really thought it would have been directed to him specifically. After all, he was the man who'd made the one the previous week. That did turn out badly, though. Except the look on his face was priceless and almost worth it. Almost.

Tom slapped his palm on the briefing room table, startling them all. "I'll take the dare. Tomorrow night, holodeck two."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Chakotay smiled to himself and watched everyone react. Harry rolled his eyes. B'Elanna stared at the man as though he was crazy. Neelix grinned widely. Seven was just, well, Seven. The Doctor tried to speak but one look from Kathryn stopped him. She shook her head in mock astonishment.

He was sure that no one saw through his ruse. He wasn't the type of man who normally went for revenge, at least not any more. He'd sworn off revenge. Sworn off the need to get his own back, to make someone pay. To suffer.

Tomorrow night. Holodeck two. He'd be the only observer. That was the advantage of being so damned trustworthy. The smile was no longer contained, but broke out across his face. He met the pilot's blue blue eyes. And was rewarded by seeing a momentary, slight, barely there, teeniest tiniest hesitation. Life was good.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tom felt his hands begin to sweat. Those deep dark eyes said alot. His heart skipped.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"See you tomorrow night, then, Tom," Chakotay said with sincerity.

"Yes, I'll be there, Chakotay," Tom answered.

"Both of you, safety protocols stay on," the captain ordered.

"Yes, Captain," they said in unison.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tom walked through the holodeck doors after being given numerous pats on the back from his friends. He assured them he'd be fine, he'd done this many times, and didn't see what all the fuss was about. It wasn't all bravado. But perhaps the truth was stretched, just a bit.

Chakotay met him just inside. Tom's heart skipped again and he did his best to ignore it. He reminded himself, one more time, that it really wasn't his fault. Last week. The Commander should have known.

* * *

Chakotay greeted Tom with hidden delight. He'd come to the conclusion, that afternoon, that perhaps revenge was still sweet. He looked at the clothes the man was wearing and smiled. Blue jeans and a tee shirt, with some boots was all there was to see. Very simple, and appropriate, he had to hand it to Tom. The shirt was pale blue and... Chakotay stopped the thought before it went any further.

* * *

"So, I hear you've had some experience with this," Chakotay said, his hands on his hips.

Tom's chin went up slightly. "Yes, I have. When I was younger. Before Starfleet."

"I thought you grew up in San Francisco."

"Well, my grandparents didn't live in the Bay Area. I spent time with them. You know, vacations and stuff."

Chakotay made a small noise. "I wouldn't know about that. We didn't have 'vacations'."

"Why not," Tom asked in spite of his intentions to remain aloof.

"Life in the village was, um, life. There was no job to get away from. I was taken on some journeys by my father, but I can't say they were exactly like a vacation, from my understanding of the word."

"Gee, Chakotay, that sounds kind of... difficult." Tom looked at the man, seeing him a bit differently, knowing he really didn't need much more of that at the moment. He was already seeing the dark brown shirt and tan pants... He stopped those thoughts as quickly as he could.

"I survived, it wasn't that bad, not bad at all," Chakotay said quietly. He shook himself. Revenge, he reminded his other half. "So, you ready to meet your match?"

Tom looked at him for a moment longer than necessary. "Yes, I am. Bring it on," he stated with surety.

"Follow me," Chakotay answered.

They walked further into the holodeck. Trees surrounded them, changing from a dense canopy to dappled sunlight. And finally into a large clearing with a fenced in area in the middle of it. And there, inside the fence was the subject of the dare.

Tom gasped. "He's beautiful..." he said softly. And he was. Almost pure white, with a hint of gold in the mane and tail, and deep brown eyes.

It was Chakotay's turn to look at the man at his side. He saw the awe on Tom's face, heard it in his voice. He was surprised, no, shocked was more the word. This revenge thing was not going as he originally planned. Not at all. He coughed.

Tom turned to him. "He's beautiful," he repeated.

"Yes, he is, I mean, thank you," Chakotay said.

Their eyes locked. Tom was the first to break the gaze, looking once more at the penned stallion.

"Well," he said, moving toward the fence, "I'd better get in there..." Tom admitted to himself that he was feeling more than a bit apprehensive, seeing the look in the horse's eye. Holographic or not, this was one wild animal. But a dare was a dare, and he'd be damned if the thoughts in his head would distract him from his mission. Particularly thoughts of how he'd like to show a certain commanding officer that he could do something the other man believed he couldn't. Then do something else to that same officer. Tom smiled to himself and began to climb the fence.

Chakotay watched him and for the first time was glad the safety protocols were in place. Revenge was taking a back seat to a little concern.

But Tom lowered himself slowly to the ground on the inside of the pen. The horse made some noises and moved, first back then a little forward, then back again. Tom continued to stand completely still.

Chakotay knew the horse wouldn't exactly hurt Tom, he did respond to his maker calmly, smoothly, allowing both bareback riding and saddled. He'd just never been approached by someone he didn't know. Chakotay watched as blond met blond.

Once the horse had stopped moving so restlessly, Tom took a few steps in his direction, gauging the reaction, meeting his eye directly, beginning to make soothing noises from deep in his belly. Each time the stallion balked, Tom stopped. Then began again when things calmed down. They continued this dance until eventually Tom was just a foot away and the horse was still quiet. His eye never left Tom's face, however, and the man continued to move incrementally closer to the animal. Tom reached out and let the horse sniff his hand. It was acceptable and so, keeping up the soothing voice, human hand touched the horse's neck.

Chakotay exhaled. As though Tom's hand was actually reaching out for him, he felt enchanted. He watched his horse bounce his head up and down as Tom stroked the pale coat, his voice still heard, the words irrelevant. Chakotay couldn't take his eyes off Tom's hand, moving along his horse's neck, stroking, patting gently, mesmerizing the animal. His mind began to wander as he watched that hand.

Tom finally felt as though he could increase the contact and put his face against the horse's neck, still stroking him. The soft coat felt like velvet against his cheek. It had been too many years since he'd been with one of these magnificent beings. He closed his eyes and let his head rest against his new friend. This beautiful, powerful, gorgeous new friend.

"Looks as though you won the dare, Tom," Chakotay said quietly.

How he kept himself from jumping out of his shoes, Tom had no idea. This had been said directly behind him, maybe as close as a foot away. Perhaps it was just the serenity of the horse that kept him grounded while his heart thudded loudly in his ears. He slowly turned around. "But I haven't ridden him yet," he said.

"I don't think he's going to reject you." Chakotay watched Tom's eyes change color and a faint blush grace his cheeks.

Later, neither would be able to say what happened, or how, or who instigated it.

They came into each other's arms, their mouths meeting quickly, moving together, soft kisses that turned to persuasive, insistent kisses as their lips parted and their tongues met. And tasted. Pulling each other deeper and deeper into the sweetness of it, both men trying to breath and not moan too loudly, but unable to stop the noise that came from the back of their throats. And throughout this, the horse never moved. Even when Tom was leaning back against him, with Chakotay pressing him gently onto the white velvet, still the horse didn't move. He wasn't agitated in any way. Quite the opposite of the two men with him.

They were pulling each other closer, their growing erections straining against the confining fabric, moving, touching, their hips beginning to rotate to increase the friction of hardness on hardness. The moans were no longer possible to contain.

"I want you..." Chakotay said huskily as he finally pulled his mouth away.

"You can have me," Tom said quietly, staring into the depths of dark brown that held him.

Chakotay moved his hands up Tom's sides, to his neck, finally holding his face. "Don't go anywhere."

Then he tapped his comm and requested a site to site to his quarters and a moment later all Tom saw was shimmering blue, then nothing. He was reeling, his mind trying to process what had just happened, his body on fire. He turned and wrapped his arms around the horse's neck and rested his face against him, trying to breathe. But the scent that permeated his nostrils was now mostly Chakotay's.

Images were beginning to flood his mind as he waited. Chakotay's face in the briefing room the day before. Tom thought he'd looked, what, triumphant, pleased, a little too much like the cat who'd caught the canary. Caught. He was certain that a type of revenge was going to be exacted tonight. And now here he stood, filled with desire, and want. Alone. Waiting. After telling the man he could have him. He didn't say 'I want you, too,' for that would have been too much of an admission. He couldn't do it. But what if that's what the other man needed to hear? What if that's what Chakotay was thinking, in his quarters. He'd wanted to exact something on Tom. What if he had?

Tom's chest turned cold. He pulled away from the horse and tapped his commbadge. This time it was the white animal who saw shimmering blue, then nothing.

End part 1, TBC.