Payback's Bitch by Beth P
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1. Payback's Bitch by Beth P

Payback's Bitch by Beth P
Payback's a Bitch
by Beth P

"I said I was sorry," Tom whimpered for the twentieth time since returning from the cancelled Vicars and Tarts party with his pissed off lover, Chakotay.

Ignoring the blond pacing back and forth behind him, Chakotay continued to scrub at his face, ensuring every scrap of makeup was washed off.

Closing his eyes, Chakotay remembered the acute embarrassment that flowed over him as he entered the room and realised he was the only one in drag.
The total silence that swept over the mess hall as everyone took in his appearance was mortifying. He turned slowly in shock to see his lover, Tom, smiling smugly at him. In that instant he knew he had been set up.

Turning quickly he fled out of the mess hall and down the hall to escape to his quarters. He couldn't believe that Tom would do this to him, let him be embarrassed like that.

Hearing his lover apologizing again he turned and glared at the younger man, but softened slightly when he saw the remorse shining in his lover's eyes.

Walking out of the bathroom he entered the bedroom and sat down wearily on the bed.

"Why did you do it, Tom?" Chakotay asked his lover when he followed him out of the bathroom.

Sitting beside his lover on the bed, Tom gently picked up one of Chakotay's hand and held it in his own.

"I'm sorry. I was just so embarrassed when you told Neelix about the pink baby doll outfit. All I could think of was getting you back."

"I embarrassed you in front of Neelix but you embarrassed me in front of the whole crew. Including those homophobic assholes that we're negotiating with."

"I'm sorry. I was wrong, I know that know. What can I do to make it up to you?" Tom asked pleadingly.

Chakotay thought for a moment, "Well there is one thing you can do."

Tom brightened at the statement. "Anything, baby. Anything."

*****Next Morning*****

"Good morning. This is another installment of 'Briefing with Neelix'.
Today's guest is Tom Paris, and we're broadcasting from inside the quarters he shares with Commander Chakotay. Tom can you tell us about the interesting outfit you're wearing?" Neelix asked cheerfully.

Tom sighed and pushed up a fluffy pink bunny ear that had flopped down to cover his eye. His cheeks flamed as he tried to figure out what to say.
Chakotay had told him he would forgive him if he went on 'Briefing with Neelix' dressed in his pink baby doll outfit with a few modifications. He also had to wear floppy pink bunny ears and a poofy bunny tail. He didn't know it but he looked totally adorable.

Clearing his throat, he began. "Well I'm dressed like this to improve crew morale."

'Yeah that's good,' Tom thought to himself before continuing. "We've been under constraints ever since the Ambassador came on board, so I thought I would dress up as a treat for the crew."

Tom stood up so he could show off his whole outfit to the crew as per instructions from Chakotay.

"Well, this has got to be the most entertaining installment to date," Neelix said with glee. "Have you anything else to say Mr. Paris before we finish?"

Blushing brightly again he cursed Chakotay and the little speech he was forcing Tom to say. "Yes there is Neelix. I just want to let the whole crew know that Chakotay is one hunk of a man. He fulfils my every need and puts up with a little shit like me. He is the best man in the quadrant. Nothing makes me happier than that man of mine."

"Well, Ok," Neelix said almost speechless. "Tune in next week for the all new episode of 'Briefing With Neelix'."

Tom looked up to see his lover standing at the other side of the room with a look of pleasure on his face. Walking over to him, Tom hoped that the older man had finally forgiven him.

He didn't have to wait long to see Chakotay's approval. As soon as Tom was close enough, Chakotay reached out and pulled the slender man to him and planted a passionate kiss on his lips. Breaking away he looked into the glazed eyes of his lover and said, "I forgive you, Tom. Now let's not put that delicious outfit to waste." Chakotay took his hand and lead him to the bedroom as Neelix made his way out of the quarters.

Chakotay smiled to himself. He still hadn't decided if he was going to tell Tom that the episode wasn't broadcasted live as usual and that no one but Neelix would see Tom dressed up as a bunny.

Smiling openly as he led his lover to the bed, he decided to keep that piece of information to himself for a little while longer.

The End
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