Gone Fishing by Darksusie

A very, very old story I found on my hard drive

Neelix, Harry, Tom and Chakotay crash land while on an away team mission.

Inspired by Mandy’s Wetfest story

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1. Chapter 1 by Darksusie

Chapter 1 by Darksusie

Tom sat on the grass whittling a piece of wood.  Looking over at Harry and Neelix, he sighed heavily.  “The time would go more quickly if Chakotay would lighten up and let us go explore.”


“You know what he said, Tom, with the long range sensors down he doesn’t want to risk us getting into any danger.”

“But it’s alright for him?”  Tom replied sulkily.

 Neelix shrugged.  He could see both points of view.

 “Three days we’ve been stuck here and he’s not let us roam more than ten minutes walking distance.  I’m sure there’s a stream not far from here.  If there are fish in there we could have a meal fit for a king instead of that Leola Root substitute you found.”

 “You could ask him again.”

 “And he would just say no again.  Voyager could be days away.  They may not even know we’ve crashed.  It could be weeks.  I’ll go stir crazy if we have to stay in this small area, looking at each other, whittling wood and eating rations.”

“Still, Tom, you don’t want to get on Chakotay’s wrong side.  You’ve only just got on his right side again, after the Jonas affair.”  Harry knew that Tom was dangerous when he was bored and given limits he didn’t agree with.”

 “Look, he won’t be back for at least a couple of hours.  I’ll just see if there’s a river and if it’s stocked and safe to eat then I’ll think of a way of persuading him to go look in that direction.  That way, he’ll think the idea’s his own and there won’t be any trouble.”

 “Please, Tom …”

 “Look, it will be alright.  I’ll be back in less than an hour.”

 Harry and Neelix exchanged glances and the ensign shrugged, resigned to the fact his friend would do as he pleased.

 After fifteen minutes, Neelix, who couldn’t take the pressure, began pacing up and down.  “What if he comes back?  He isn’t going to be pleased.”

 “What if who comes back?”

 Both Harry and Neelix jumped at the deep voice behind them.

 “Commander.”  Neelix swallowed deeply.

Chakotay looked around.  “Where’s Paris?”

“He’s just gone to look for supplies.”

“I gave strict instructions that you all had to stay together.  Typical that Paris had to be the one to wander off.  Which direction did he go in?”

“Tom hasn’t gone far, Commander.  He hasn’t been gone long.”  Harry whined, in his most ingratiating voice.

 “I said, which direction did he go in?”  The tone was unmistakeably tense.

 Harry pointed north and Chakotay marched off.

Twenty minutes later the commander still had not found the lieutenant even though he had followed the tracks.  Having lost the footprints, Chakotay stood still, deciding which way to go next.  Out of the silence came the sound of running water.  Chakotay’s ears pricked up.  He’d wager anything that Paris was in the water, up to no good.  Creeping through the undergrowth, he made no sound, wanting to take the lieutenant by surprise.  He was angry that once again Paris had ignored orders to suit himself.  Moving behind a bush, he looked out over the river.  At first all he saw was the expanse of grey water and the gentle undulating hills on the horizon.  Glancing a little further up the river, pale, damp, luminescent skin caught his eye.  Dropping down so he couldn’t be seen, Chakotay took out his viewers.  He wanted to know exactly what Paris was up to, knowing that the younger man was spending his time frolicking in the water instead of following orders. 

Chakotay was surprised to see that Paris was fishing.  Tom stood, totally still on a rock, holding a spear made from a sturdy branch and the knife he had been using for wood carving.  Chakotay watched over the fair, still figure and as he looked he realised just how good looking the pilot was.  It had been a long time since he had seen another man naked.  Far too long.  He adjusted the viewer to zoom in and focused on the feet.  Tom had nice feet.  Droplets of water clung to the fine, blond hair covering the nimble toes.  Chakotay sighed and moved up the firm legs to settle on the strong thighs.  He hadn’t realised how well toned Tom was.  The shapeless Starfleet uniform covered up a multitude of delights. As Tom tensed, Chakotay admired the taut muscles.  Moving up to look at the expanse of chest, Chakotay’s breath caught in his throat.  The pilot had a physique to be proud of.  The dusting of fine curls glistened in the sun, freckles dusted the pale torso and rivulets of water trickled down to add to the tantalising sight.  Tom pulled back his arm, ready to strike with the spear and Chakotay was taken by surprise when his cock twitched into life and began to swell in arousal.  He tried to push the image from his mind as he looked over the strong forearms but the thought of being held down and kissed by the pilot jumped into his imagination and refused to leave.  Chakotay groaned as his cock now began to ache with want. 

Lifting the viewers higher, he focused onto Tom’s face.  The blue eyes were startling and Chakotay wondered why he’d never noticed the colour before.  None of them had shaved since they had crashed on the planet and the short growth of beard gave Tom a rough and ready look.  A look Chakotay’s cock found very appealing.  Lastly he moved the viewers down to the one part he had so far avoided looking at.  A flaccid but impressive cock lay nestled in a thick bush of blond curls.  Gasping, Chakotay zoomed in a little further, as Tom’s cock began to spring to life.    Tom placed the spear on the floor and slipped of the rock into the water.  Leaning against the rock, the water lapping around his thighs, Tom took his hardening length in his hand and began to stroke.  At the view in front of him, Chakotay groaned in frustration. He took it in turns to view the stroking hand and then the face thrown back in ecstasy.  For a moment Chakotay let his hand rest on his own aching bulge but a sense of guilt at jerking over a crewmate stopped any further movement, though it didn’t stop him watching.  Chakotay attention stayed on the man in front of him as the creamy fluid erupted from the pulsing, pale cock and then he quickly moved the viewer to the agonised look of pleasure written all over Tom’s face.  The pilot dived into the river and came back up shaking his head to spray the water all over.  Chakotay backed away from the scene and began to walk back to camp.  As he retraced his steps his mind wondered to who Tom could have been thinking about to become so quickly aroused.  He walked into the clearing to see a look of worry on the other two men’s faces.

“You didn’t find him?”  Harry asked in alarm.

Chakotay shook his head.  “When Mr Paris returns send him over to the shuttle.  I need to speak to him.”

As he pretended to try to repair the communication system he thought over his reaction to the view of the naked pilot.  Now he had put some distance between himself and the vision in the river, Chakotay could put a more logical view on things.  It was obvious now that has someone who hadn’t had sex in quite a while he had just been stimulated by the erotic image.  His reaction had been nothing to do with Tom.


Chakotay turned around and looked at the pilot.  He said nothing as he looked straight into open, trusting and deeply sexy eyes.  The voice was throaty and had a touch of vulnerability, another thing that Chakotay had never noticed.

“Chakotay, I know you are angry that…”

“I’m not angry with you, Tom.”  The surge of anger that had rushed through Chakotay, had been replaced by another emotion.  One that the commander couldn’t quite put a finger on.

“You’re not?  I only went to see if I could catch some fish for our supper.”

Chakotay stepped forward, unable to drag his eyes off the man stood in front of him.  “And did you?”

Tom felt unnerved by the commander’s scrutiny and quiet manner.  “Yes, Neelix’s just preparing them.”

“Good work, Tom.”  Chakotay reluctantly tore his eyes away and turned his back, once again futilely trying to repair the broken equipment.

For a moment Tom stood, looking puzzled, shook his head and walked out of the shuttle to join Harry and Neelix.

“So did he kick your ass?” Neelix asked, concerned at Tom’s serious look.

 “No, in fact the opposite.”

“He’s changed his tune then, he looked angry when he left here.”

“Something must have changed his mind.”

They became quiet as Chakotay came over to join them, grabbing some of the vegetarian stew that Neelix had cooked the day before.  The others tucked into their fresh fish with relish.  Eating their meal, they chattered about anything that came to mind.  Chakotay joined in only a little, his mind preoccupied with the images and feelings of earlier.  In all the time he had known the pilot, Chakotay had never once found him attractive or thought of him in a sexual way.  He was unsettled that he should now find himself curious what it would be like to kiss the tempting lips and touch the pale, down covered body.  In the end, the inane chatter got too much and Chakotay said his good nights and retired to the shuttle.  He was still trying to find some logic in his unexpected feelings when the others joined him to spend another night in the sleeping bags.  Pretending to be asleep, though half opened eyes he watched Tom strip off his uniform and prepare for a night’s sleep.  Soon the close confines of the shuttle were filled with soft snores and heavy breathing.  Chakotay opened his eyes and looked over Tom, who had pushed the sleeping bag down, exposing his chest and broad arms.  Chakotay reached down and touched his own awakening cock.  He stroked it a few times, moaning at how good it felt.  As he thought about pushing the pilot onto his back and forcing his hard shaft into the younger man’s mouth, Chakotay knew he would have to have some sort of release.  Quietly he stood, took another look at Tom and left the shuttle.  Making his way hurriedly to a small glade he had come across, his only thought was release.  Leaning against a tree, he pulled down his sleep pants and moaned in pleasure as his hand glided along the stiff, moist cock.  He didn’t attempt to disguise the groan of satisfaction.  Thinking about Tom in the river, it didn’t take long for Chakotay to come, with a force that buckled his knees.

Tom stood peeping from behind a tree.  He had been concerned about the commander since their exchange earlier.  Chakotay had been subdued.  When he heard shuffling and glanced over to see the commander leaving the shuttle, Tom had given it a minute and then followed.  He wasn’t sure what to expect, but the older man jerking off certainly wasn’t what he was prepared for.  He watched as Chakotay caressed himself and quickly climaxed.  One thing was plain, Chakotay was as horny as hell and as Tom hurried back to the shuttle, he wondered just who had got the commander into such a worked up state.

For the next few days, things settled back down just a little more subdued than before.  Neelix commented on it to Harry but the ensign wasn’t sure what had happened between the two men, he just knew something had changed the delicate balance of the group.  Three days after the incident, Chakotay called a meeting.

“Tom, I’d like you to go fishing again.”

“Good.  I mean, thanks.  It might be better if Harry accompanies me, that way we could catch enough for a couple of days.”

“No, I intend to go foraging myself and I don’t want to leave the camp in the hands of one person.”


Chakotay turned around and gave Tom a sharp, direct looks that brook no argument.

“Okay, I’ll do my best.”

“That’s all I ask.” 

For a moment they shared a lingering look before Chakotay took his eyes off the pilot.  Tom set off, unsure what had just passed between him and the other man. 

Chakotay turned to Neelix and Harry.  “You two stay here, not matter what.  Try to work on the communication system.  Do you understand?”

The two men looked at each other and nodded.

“You don’t leave for any reason, understood?”

“Yes, sir.”  Neelix replied, standing to command.

“Good.”  Chakotay turned and walked off in the opposite direction to Tom.  Five minutes later, he skirted around the encampment and followed Tom to the river.  It took a while to find the place Tom had picked to do his fishing.  Again, the pilot was stripped naked.  Chakotay watched for a long time as Tom speared fish.  Eventually, the pilot put down the spear and lay on the rock.  Tom closed his eyes.  Chakotay watched in amazement as the dew covered cock slowly began to rise without being touched.  Tom ignored it, concentrating on playing with the rosy nipples.  Unable to stand the pressure any longer, Chakotay undid his trousers, caressing his own hardening cock. By the time he looked back towards the pilot, Tom had moved to fondling his heavy balls.  Chakotay moaned and began sliding his hand over his glistening shaft.  Tom, now fully aroused, mirrored Chakotay’s movements.  Chakotay came first, unable to hold off any longer.  Tom, unaware he was being watched, followed seconds later.  Diving off the rock, Tom swam around, splashing and being playful.  Chakotay slipped to the floor, resting his back against a tree trunk, drained and confused.  Minutes passed before reality returned.  Disgusted with his weakness, Chakotay quickly straightened his clothes and set off as far away as he could get.  It was three hours later when he trudged back into the camp.  All three men jumped to their feet.

“Chakotay, where have you been?”  Tom moved forward.

“Just walking and thinking.  Sorry if I worried you.”  Without a backward glance, Chakotay continued towards the shuttle.

Tom looked to the other two men.  “Something is really amiss with Chakotay.  I haven’t seen him this subdued since that Seska business.  I’ll go have a word, though I doubt he’ll tell me what is bothering him.”

Tom stepped through the shuttle doors. Chakotay was stood, staring out the helm window. 

“Chakotay, is something bothering you?”

Slowly, Chakotay turned and looked at the pilot.  “There has been something on my mind, something that this little inconvenience has brought to the surface.”

“Anything I can help you with?”

Chakotay looked into the clear, sparkling eyes and took a step forward.

 “Voyager to Commander Chakotay.”

Their eyes stayed locked.

“Voyager to the away team.”

Chakotay turned away.  “It’s unimportant, Tom.   Commander Chakotay here, we’re receiving you loud and clear.  The shuttle has crashed.  Can you transport us aboard?”

“We’ll send a team down for repairs.  Can you be ready to beam aboard in five minutes?”

“I’ll get the others.”

Tom reached across and placed a hand on Chakotay’s arm.  “Once we’re back on Voyager, you know where to find me if you still need to talk.”

Chakotay nodded and walked out of the shuttle.


Tom walked out of the holodeck, whistling a cheery tune to himself.  It had been five days since they had returned to Voyager and Chakotay had not mentioned what had been bothering him so Tom had filed it away and forgotten about it.  As he jauntily walked around the corner, he ran into Chakotay.

“Opps, sorry Commander, wasn’t looking where I was going.”

“It’s alright, no damage done.  You sound in a good mood.”

“Shall I tell you a little secret?”

“If it makes me as happy as you, yes.”

“Down on that planet, I discovered something.”

“What?”  Chakotay asked, warily.

“Fishing.  I haven’t done it since I was a child.  I’ve recreated the river on the holodeck and by the time I’ve finished, all the tension’s disappeared.”

“Fishing, is that all you do in the river?”  Chakotay’s voice was barely a whisper.

“What do you mean?”

“Do you swim as well?”

“Oh, yes, sometimes.”

“Sounds good.”

“I’ve got a session booked for tomorrow. You can join me if you want to?”

“Thanks, I’ll think about it.”

The next day, Chakotay paced up and down outside the holodeck trying to make some sort of decision.  When crew walked by he took an inordinate amount of interest in his shoes.

“It’s only fishing, for spirits’ sake,” he muttered out loudly to the empty corridor and pressed the control panel.

It took him five minutes to walk through the trees and come across the river.  Tom stood on a rock, spear in hand, cut-off jeans hugging his body.  Chakotay, dressed in his uniform, stood on the riverbank.

“You’re not exactly dressed for a bit of casual sport, are you?”  Tom shouted.

“I didn’t know what to wear.”

“Have you got some underwear on?”

Chakotay nervously nodded.

“Well strip off and get in the water.”

Chakotay turned his back and began taking off the clothes.  He’d ditched the regulation grey underwear for black silk boxers and he was glad of the coverage.  Moments later, as he waded into the water, he realised he had made a mistake.  The damp cloth caressed every bump and curve of his semi-hard cock.  He dived into the deeper waters and hoped the cold would cure him of his awakened ardour.  Swimming over to the rock Tom stood on, Chakotay found a spot that allowed the water to come up to his waist, covering any embarrassment.

“Are you joining me fishing?”

“No, I’ll just swim around.”

Chakotay pushed his body away from the rock and swam away.  Slowly, in the coolness of the water his arousal began to wane.  He was just catching his breath, further down the river, when a head bobbed up beside him.  “Do you feel a little more relaxed?”

“Yes, thanks for inviting me.”

“Ready for some fun.”

Tom disappeared and Chakotay felt his feet give away as his legs were knocked from under him.  He remerged from the murky waters, choking for breath.

 “I’ll get you for that, Paris.”

Tom was the better player and it took some time for the commander to get the upper hand.  Eventually Chakotay manoeuvred them so he was in the more powerful position.  Chakotay grabbed Tom’s wrists, pinning him to a rock, their bodies lightly touching.  As they realised their closeness, their breathing deepened.  Chakotay moved to get a better position causing their erections to touch and eliciting a moan from them both.  Chakotay let go of his grip and made to move away.  Tom returned the grip and held their position.

“It’s driving me crazy.”  Chakotay made no effort to move but swayed slightly towards Tom, pressing their bodies together a little more, and once more gripping Tom’s wrists.

 “What is?”  Tom relaxed, enjoying the feeling of Chakotay’s tight grip.

“Who you were thinking of?”

The movement of the water pushed them together.  They both moaned as an electric shock of excitement pulsed through their bodies.

 “When?”  Tom muttered in a low voice.

“Down on the planet, the first time you went fishing.  I followed you.  I saw you.”

Tom leant forward and placed his cheek close to Chakotay’s, whispering in his ear.  “You watched me, jerking off?”

Chakotay kissed the pale neck.  “Who were you thinking about?”

“Nobody in particular.  I was just horny.  Did you watch me the second time?”  Tom sucked on the bronze earlobe.  Chakotay’s grip on the pale arms intensified.


 “The second time, I was thinking about you.”

“And what made you think about me?”

 “You got up during the night the first time I went fishing and I followed you.  The last thing I expected to see was you pleasuring yourself.  Who were you thinking about?”

 Chakotay sucked on Tom’s neck, gliding their erections against each other.  “You.  I found I was attracted to you and I couldn’t get the thought of you touching yourself out of my mind.”  Chakotay’s hand moved to undo the cut-off jeans.

Tom put his hand on Chakotay’s and stopped the movement.  “You’re being a little presumptuous aren’t you?”

Chakotay froze.  In his lust, he hadn’t thought Tom would refuse.

“Shouldn’t we have at least kissed a little before we make love?”

Chakotay’s lips touched Tom’s.  Tom’s tongue slid into the warm mouth to be instantly sucked on.  Chakotay’s hand once again moved down to the tight waistband.  This time Tom didn’t stop him.  As Chakotay struggled to relieve himself of the silk boxer shorts, Tom whispered in his ear.  “Don’t take them off yet.  I like the feel of you silky cock rubbing against mine.”

Chakotay leant closer and rubbed harder. 

 “Do that again.”

Chakotay pushed his body forward.  Tom thrust back.  Suddenly Tom stiffened, gripping Chakotay’s body hard.  “No.  No, it’s too quick.”  He shuddered as he climaxed.

Chakotay pushed hard, rubbing frantically to get release.  “Spirit’s, I can’t wait any longer.”

They clung to each other until the feelings lessened. Not knowing what to do or how he should react, Tom swam out, splashing and frolicking in the river.  They played a little longer in the water until Chakotay hauled himself onto a nearby rock.

“Penny for them”


 “It’s an old saying.  Penny for your thoughts.”

“I was just thinking about what happened between us.  We’ve never been attracted to each other before and now suddenly…”

Tom climbed up beside Chakotay, draping himself over the solid chest and nibbling the moist earlobes.  “Don’t analyse it, Chakotay, just enjoy it.  I didn’t expect it either.  Now I just want to enjoy the ride and see where it takes us.”

Chakotay closed his eyes and smiled.  He heard a loud splash as Tom jumped back into the river.

“Come on in, the water’s lovely.”

He opened his eyes and watched Tom, slashing and laughing.  “I’ll join you in a moment.”  Chakotay closed his eyes again.  He wanted to hold onto the image of Tom’s face as he climaxed.  Then the image was gone, as he felt a warm, wet mouth encase his reawakened passion.

 The end

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