Business as usual by Darksusie
Summary: A short tale of hot bodies for hire, lust crazed jealousy, a wager that goes wrong and most importantly, chocolate. Warning: Written in a rush, with no beta (what
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1. Chapter One by Darksusie

Chapter One by Darksusie
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Paramount. Adamson belongs to me.

Commander Chakotay wrapped his hand around his hot, straining shaft and began slowly stroking himself to orgasm. It was the only way he knew to get rid of the build up of tension. It was either jerking off or the boxing simulation. The holodeck was out of the question; Paris had it booked for some romantic tryst. At the thought of the pilot, getting down and doing the dirty, Chakotay let out a strangled growl and came, splattering his chest and the bed clothes with a bountiful amount of love juice.

It had been six months, three weeks and four days since he had fucked another person. They had been on shore leave and he had wandered away from the rest of the group and down some side alley, ending up in a dark but interesting bar. Chakotay had known it was against every regulation going but when he had spotted the long limbed, blond, blue eyed Adonis, rules and codes of conduct hadn't meant a thing. They’d spent the rest of the afternoon in a hotel room, enjoying as much of the each other as they could. Now, a lonely jerk off in the dark or an even lonelier fuck on the holodeck didn’t quite do it for Chakotay. He wanted to feel flesh against flesh or at least another’s hand, beside his own, on his frustrated cock. The one man he wanted had never shown any interest and Chakotay was never one to settle for second best. What he had settled for was lonely nights and the odd casual alien encounter when he could manage to get away from the rest of the crew.

As the week wore on, Chakotay’s sexual frustration began to build until most of the crew were giving the moody commander a wide berth. It didn’t help his equilibrium that Paris was the biggest flirt in the Delta quadrant, just not with him. After snapping at Harry, tearing a strip of the pilot and insulting Neelix’s lunch time special, Chakotay retired to his office, where he could lose his temper in private.

The chime rang. Chakotay ignored it. It rang again. He continued to ignore it.

“Chakotay, it’s me, Greg. Let me in.”

“Computer, release the privacy lock.”

Ayala walked in and sat on the edge of the desk, looking worriedly at Chakotay. “Okay, spill the beans, what’s eating away at you?”

“Nothing. Well, nothing you can help with.”

“Try me. You know the saying, a problem shared is a problem solved or halved, or something like that.”

Chakotay sighed. “How do you manage? Without the sex, I mean. I never see you with anyone and it doesn't seem to bother you. I’m climbing up the walls with frustration.”

“I get by. Is that all that’s bothering you? I thought it was something important.”

“It is important, to me. Sometimes, I just want to feel another body next to mine. Is that too much to ask?”

“There are plenty who are available and willing, especially to sleep with the First Officer.”

“Come on, Greg. You know Janeway and protocol, I can’t be seen to be having casual affairs all over the place.”

“No, I don’t suppose you can. There are other ways to get your gratification.”

Chakotay shook his head. “I’ve tried the holodeck, in the end it gets to feel a little bit sad and lonely.”

“I wasn’t thinking of the holodeck. Let me just say, its business as usual at Greg’s and old friends would be particularly welcome.”

“What do you mean? You don’t mean what I think you … No, not on Voyager. Greg if she finds out.”

“The captain won’t find out. Everything’s done in code. No real names are used. We’ve got a way of bypassing the normal communication channel. The credits are paid to me and I distribute them so there’s no trace of your credits going to any of my team. My group of people are happy doing what they do and the customers are more than satisfied. I make sure of that. There's a need out here, I'm just supplying the solution. In fact, you could say, I'm increasing efficiency and keeping up moral. I should be getting a mention in the honours." Greg grinned and pretended to add another pip to his collar. "You tell me your requirements and I’ll send someone along, who will be more than pleased to take away your frustration.”

“I can’t Greg. If I was even implicated in you running a brothel, I’d spend the rest of the journey in the brig.”

“It's not a brothel. I run a service, one that's very popular I might add. I’m telling you, there wouldn’t be a problem. It’s up to you. I’m here if you need me. Here’s one of my badges. You can get straight through to me on this.”


That night, as Chakotay lay in bed, once again trying to imagine a warm mouth around his cock, he stroked himself to completion and the idea of paying for a good time grew in his mind. Through the day, he looked around the crew, wondering which ones were in Ayala’s pay. He knew from the Crazy Horse, that both Gerron and Tabor had been enthusiastic in their extra activities. Adamson had been a regular too. Chakotay had turned a blind eye to the goings on.

The following day, his frustration building to new levels, he tried to relax in Sandrine’s. Chakotay knew it was a mistake as soon as he sat down. There were taut, neatly packed butts all over the place; bent over the bar and stretched over the pool table. He grimaced as Tom Paris flirted with the Delaney sisters. After two drinks and half an hour of torture, Chakotay decided enough was enough and walked back to his quarters. Laid out on the bed, he found it hard to get up any enthusiasm for a little self-loving. Picking up the badge, he rolled it around in his hand, pausing before signalling to Ayala.

“Greg, what we were talking of earlier, is there any chance at such short notice?”

“You’re in luck, someone’s just cancelled. Do you require anything special?”

There was a moment's silence. “I’m still a little uncomfortable with this. Just the basic.” There was another quiet pause. “Nothing too in depth, just quick relief, if you get my meaning.”

“Yes, I think I do. I’ll send round the Pussycat. He’ll be there in five minutes.”


Greg walked out of his bedroom and turned to a couple of his team who were sat in his quarters, waiting for their appointments.

“Tabor, I’ve a new customer. Just wants a blowjob. As your client cancelled, I thought you might be interested.”

“Anything I need to know, like bad habits, a body odour problem?”

Ayala smiled. Tabor had just escaped an unpleasant time with Chell, the customer who had cancelled. Chell always had a bad case of wind and smelt of sour milk. “No, this one is clean and tidy. By the way, it’s a code gold, discretion is a must.”

Tabor nodded and Ayala handed him the slip with the cabin number written down. Tom Paris stood up. “Right, I’ll see you later. My ten o’clock will be waiting for me.”

Tabor knew exactly whose quarters he was stood outside of. On the Crazy Horse it wouldn’t have bothered him, not that Chakotay ever indulged. He didn’t have to; half the crew threw themselves at him. Now they were on a Federation vessel, it was a different matter and Tabor felt a little nervous.

The door slid open and Tabor stepped inside. He coughed and Chakotay turned around.

“You’re the Pussycat?” Chakotay smiled, a little relived that it was someone he felt relatively comfortable with. “Why do they call you that?”

Tabor put on a seductive smile. “Hopefully, you’ll find out.”

“Did Ayala tell you my requirements?”

“Studman, his choice of codename, explained. Now lie down on the bed and relax. I’m here to please you.”

Chakotay lay down, his body was stiff with tension. Tabor eased down the trousers. Chakotay groaned and closed his eyes as the Bajoran purred and licked up the hardening cock. No wonder they called him the Pussycat, Chakotay thought, as he clenched hold of the bed covers


Tabor walked into Ayala’s quarters, whistling.

“You sound like you’ve had a good session?” Tom raised his eyebrows at Tabor’s crooked grin.

“My new client left me so hard and horny that my next customer, Mumsy, got the fucking of her life. I just hope Skip becomes a regular.”

Ayala moved out of the room to take a private call and Tom leant over. “So why did Samantha get a good seeing too, instead of Skip and who is your new client?”

“Come on, Tom, maintain codenames. Skip, and you know I can’t say who it is, only wanted oral relief and is he built and he tastes so good. It was so good, it just left me over excited and Mumsy got the benefit. Next time, I just hope he wants the works.”

“Oh come on, Tabor, all the tricks are more or less the same.”

“Not Skip, he’s different. This trick I really want for myself.”

It was two weeks before Tabor got the call again. And like the time before, his next customer got the benefit of his pent up passion.


Ayala’s team was sat around his quarters, having a relaxing fifteen minutes before their appointments began. Tabor shuffled around. “Has he called?”

Ayala shook his head.

“Damn, it’s been three week.”

“Tabor, it’s just business, remember that.” Paris combed his hair into place. “If you’re looking for some action, you can take my next customer.”

“Why? You got a pervert or someone hygienically challenged?”

“No, it’s Music Man and when I want to make my departure all he wants to do his cuddle. You know me, I’m an, in out shake it all about, type a guy.”

“Oh, he’s cute but you know his soft spot is for you.”

“Do me a favour, go visit him, give him some variety.”

“Okay, I like the cuddling. I just wish Skip would try it.”

“The older you get, the softer you get, Tabor.”

When the others had moved off, only Tom and Ayala remained. “It’s not like you to give up custom, Tom.”

“Oh Har…, I mean Music Man’s getting too cosy, sometimes I’m sure he thinks we’re courting. Let Tabor show him a good time for a change.”

There was a noise from the bedroom. “Just a minute, it sounds like a customer.” Ayala walked back out. “Typical, Tabor’s been waiting for this call and now he’s gone.”

Tom looked up. “Is this the customer that’s been getting Tabor all het up”?

Ayala nodded.

“I’ll go in his place.”

“I don’t know Tom, I’m not sure if Skip would want anyone besides Tabor. He’s a little, let’s say, reluctant to use the service I provide.”

“Go ask him. Tell him he'd be in for a treat.”

Ayala moved back into his bedroom. “Pussycat’s not available. I’ve someone else. He’s highly recommended and discrete.”

There was a pause. “What’s his name?”

“Mr Martini.”

Another pause. “Why do they call him that?”

“Anytime, anywhere, anyplace, just like the drink.”

An even longer pause. “Okay but make it plain. I just want the basic as usual.”

“He’ll be over in a few minutes and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.”

Ayala joined Tom. “He says yes. This customer likes a straightforward blowjob, nothing else. Once the deeds done, get out. And Tom, keep the patter to a minimum.”

Tom walked out of Ayala’s and looked at the slip with his destination. He gave out a long whistle. So the commander wanted a little human contact of the sexual kind. Tabor’s mystery man was The Skipper, a term only the Maquis used. He should have guessed. The doors opened. Tom nearly broke out laughing at the shocked look on Chakotay’s face.

The commander stood up, staring at Tom. “I don’t think this is such a good idea.”

“Please yourself but as far as I’m concerned, this is a business transaction only. Nothing at all to do with our normal day to day business. I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed.”

“You are so full of yourself, aren’t you, Paris.”

“I can’t see the point in false modesty. I know what I’m good at, flying, and if you give me the chance, you’ll find I’m more than good at giving oral satisfaction. Now, Studman says you want it plain and simple. So why don’t you sit back down on the couch and let me do my job. If it makes it easier, you can close your eyes and pretend I’m someone else.”

Chakotay hesitated, but he was hot, horny and frustrated. He sat down on the couch, still uncertain. Before he had a chance to change his mind, Tom had undone the trousers and began to stroke the flaccid cock to semi-hardness. Tom was just about to compliment his reluctant client on the ample size of his cock, when he remembered Ayala’s warning words, no unnecessary talking. Ignoring the bronze shaft, Tom slowly tongued the balls, relishing the unique flavour. He didn’t mind fucking and he quite liked being fucked but he really enjoyed sucking cock, especially one as magnificent as the commander’s. Tom moved his attention to the now solid erection. Some made the mistake of going straight in for the kill, taking in the cock from the start. Tom liked to tease, to draw out the agony and the ecstasy. First he would lick his way up the throbbing vein, until he got to the glistening crown. There he would take his time, tonguing the slit. As he did just that, enjoying it so much he had almost forgotten who was moaning and writhing about under his ministrations, he glanced up and was pleased to see the dark hands gripping the cushions in pleasure. Only when Tom knew that he had given as much pleasure as he could without sucking on the shaft, did he slowly encase the cock with his moist, warm mouth. Within seconds, he was swallowing spurt after spurt of warm come. At the first taste, Tom began devouring the cock, enjoying every shudder and every moan coming from his client. At the last spasm, Chakotay lightly pushed Tom away, stood and readjusted his clothing.

“Thanks. I’m going to get a shower. Let yourself out.”

Tom stood, his painfully hard cock rubbing against the seam of his trousers. He knew exactly what Tabor meant. He tapped his badge. “Any more instructions? Preferably someone who likes the full treatment.”

“I’ve just got one in. She wants the works. It’s Ms Ridges. Do you think you can handle her?”

Tom looked down at the bulge in his trousers. “She’s in for a treat. I’ll go straight there.” Tom took one last look at the closed door, shook his head and departed.

When he got back to Ayala’s, for the end of the evening roundup, Tom was surprised when Tabor grabbed hold of his shirt.

“You bastard, you know Skip’s my client. You couldn’t wait to muscle in, could you?”

“How the hell was I supposed to know he would call? I’m tired, let’s get things sorted so I can get to bed and get some sleep.”

They dished out the credits, arranged who was on shift and who was available for the next day and then made their way out into the corridor. Tabor grabbed Tom’s arm.

“Did he fuck you?”

“No, just the basic blowjob.”

“Good.” Tabor set off walking.

Tom chased after him. “What’s going through your mind, Tabor?”

“I want him to make love to me. I want to come, while he’s still inside me. I know it’s daft, he’s only a client but …”

“It’s not daft. I was pretty hard myself.” Tom stood for a moment, thinking something over. “Look, I know you’re a gambling man, much like me. Do you want a little wager?”

“Go on.”

“If I can get Skip to fuck me first, then you give me all your takings for that night. If he fucks you first, then I give you my takings.”

Tabor considered it. “I don’t just want him to fuck me, I want him to make love to me.”

“Tabor he’s a paying client. He wants sexual relief not a romance. Are you in or not?”

Tabor thought some more. “Okay, count me in.”

The visits settled down to once a week. Sometimes Tabor got the call, sometimes Tom. Always the basic.

Two months had passed and both men were getting desperate. Tom decided to take matters into his own hands the next time he got the call. Fate was against him. The next two calls went to Tabor. Tom watched the ensign for signs of triumph but the gloating never appeared. Then his luck turned and he was the one to get the call.

He caught Tabor just as he was on his way out. "So, still not cracked Chakotay?"

"No. In fact I think I came on too strong for him. I asked him outright if he would make love to me and he acted like I'd phasered him. I bet that is why he's asked for you."

Tom filed the information away and made his way to see the commander. His campaign began slowly, his hands wandering further to give an extra caress on the thigh, the odd stroke on the chest. After they had done the business, Tom found reasons to linger awhile. The first time he asked for a drink, the second time Tom claimed he felt faint. Over the next few appointments he was staying behind a little longer, his touches were getting a little bolder. Tabor took the next appointment, and then Tom was summoned again. Tom put his all into giving Chakotay satisfaction. As he came down from his climax, Tom moved to sit next to him.

"Chakotay, I think I might have to stop coming here."

Opening his eyes, Chakotay stared at Tom. "Why, have I offended you?"

Tom reached out and briefly touched the other man's face. "No but coming here is driving me crazy, you're driving me crazy. You are so hot and …"


Tom picked up Chakotay's hand and placed it on his erection. "I can’t keep coming here and leaving like this. You’re going to have to find someone else to take care of your needs because I want you too much."

Chakotay stood and fastened his trousers. "It can’t go any further, Tom. I like you visiting, I like what you do to me, I like you, Tom."


"I can't make love to you, knowing you're moving on to someone else in an hour’s time."

"Forget everybody else. Just you and me, making love." Tom slipped his hand under his shirt and began rubbing his chest, all the time keeping his eyes locked with the dark orbs that stared back.

Chakotay reached forward, taking Tom's chin in his hand and leant over for a kiss. Tom turned his head. "You know the rules, Chakotay. I don’t kiss."

Chakotay stepped away. "I think you should go now, you're going to be late for your next client."

"We could have something good, if you gave it a chance." Tom grabbed Chakotay's shirt and pulled them both together.

Chakotay stepped away. "Maybe, but I'm the possessive type. I'll see you later."

The following week, when the commander called, Tom said he’d another appointment. Tabor stepped in. The day after, Tom was walking down the corridor when he was pulled, not too gently, into a storage room.

“I’ve missed you.” Chakotay began kissing Tom’s neck and rubbing his cock against the hardening body of the pilot. "I wanted you last night, wanted you badly."

Tom slipped his hands into the commander’s shirt. “Are you going to make love to me, like I want you to?” He lowered his lashes and gave Chakotay a seductive glance.

Chakotay placed Tom’s hand on his stiff cock. “No, you know I can’t. Please, just touch me.”

Tom pulled away. “And you know I can’t. Business is business, I’ve a free spot if you want me to come over tonight. Just get in touch with Studman.” He opened the door, scanned the corridor for crew and departed.

Chakotay slammed his fist into the wall. He wanted the pilot so bad, wanted to feel his cock caressed by Tom’s tight ass but most of all, he wanted this man all to himself and he knew that was the one thing he couldn’t have.

Sitting on his couch that night, Chakotay deliberated about calling for a session with Tom. He’d already used most of his credits on Tabor. It would mean Neelix’s food for the rest of the week. Thinking of Tom and rubbing the bulge in his trousers, he picked up the special communicating device.

“Ayala, any chance of Martini Man?” Chakotay’s cock hardened further as he thought of the oral delights to come.

“Sorry, he’s not available. Do you want someone else?”

Chakotay paused. “No.”

He stood and paced the room. Paris had got under his skin and he didn’t like it. “Computer, location of Lieutenant Paris?”

“Lieutenant Paris is on deck 4, Ensign Vorik’s quarters.”

Chakotay reached over, picked up his jacket and stormed towards the turbolift. As he waited, hidden in a recess outside Vorik’s room, anger and need built up within him. Twenty minutes later the doors opened. Flushed and with a smile on his face, Tom walked through the door. Vorik hovered in the doorway.

“As usual, you were more than good, Tom.” Vorik’s hand crept around and squeezed Tom’s ass.

“Same time next week?”

“Yes, and bring the handcuffs.” Vorik slapped Tom’s rear and moved back into his quarters.

Chakotay moved back into the shadows and watched as Tom walked cheerily down the corridor, whistling a tune that he had come to think of as theirs. He felt a level of jealousy and possession he hadn’t felt since his teenage years. Knowing there was nothing he could do about it; he gritted his teeth and made his way back to his cabin.

He couldn't settle, pacing up and down his room, splashing cold water on his face, kicking the chair and hitting the walls.

"Computer, location of Lieutenant Paris?"

"Lieutenant Paris is on deck 4, Ensign Nicolletti's quarters."

Again, like a demon possessed, Chakotay stalked down the corridor and hid in the shadows. Eventually, the doors opened and Tom strolled out, readjusting his trousers. Susan Nicolletti, looking suitably ravished slid her arms around Tom's waist and reached up to kiss him. Tom turned his head away.

"You are one hell of a fuck, Tom. I just wish you'd kiss me."

"Look, as long as you've got my cock I shouldn’t worry about the kissing." Tom reached over and caressed one of her nipples. "Same time, next week?"

"I wouldn't miss it."

When the corridor was empty, Chakotay walked back to his quarters, his mind made up. Chakotay sat down on the couch, thinking over what he had seen. Was it a foolish fancy, thinking he could have something with a man like Paris? If he could persuade Tom to give it all up, maybe they could try. Reaching over for the badge Ayala had given him, Chakotay hesitated for a moment. "Greg, can you call by when you've a moment?"

"I'm free now. I'll be there in five."

Chakotay jumped back up, pacing up and down, his growing feelings for Tom causing his thinking to become erratic. He knew that if they had any chance of a relationship they would have to get rid of the business based relationship they had at present. More importantly, Tom would have to say goodbye to Ayala's little enterprise. The door chime announced Ayala's arrival.

"So what's the deal, Chakotay?"

"I don't think I can carry on with our arrangement. It was alright while it was just the basic but things seem to be moving up a notch." Chakotay hesitated, as he got his thoughts together. Before he got a chance to continue, Ayala gave an understanding squeeze of the shoulder and a knowing laugh.

"I knew this would happen. As soon as Tabor and Tom placed the wager, I knew they would scare you off."

"What wager?"

"Which one would be the first to be fucked by you." Oblivious to the change in Chakotay's face, Ayala continued to ramble on.

"Not that I'm complaining. You get them so turned on, that the next client gets the fucking of their lives. I'd have put a wager on myself that Tom would be the favourite."

"You misunderstand, they haven't scared me off. I want to book a session with Paris, the full works, tomorrow at 2000 hours, Tabor the day after at the same time. A goodbye gift to myself. After that, I have to disassociate myself from your little business venture. I hope I can rely on your men's discretion?"

"No problem on both counts. Tabor won't be pleased that Tom's won."

"I’ll make it up to him."


"Okay, Adamson, you've got Spanking Man." There was a loud groan of disappointment. "You know you're his favourite. Tabor you've got Twin Peaks and Tom you've got Skip."

Tom winked at Tabor. "He's mine, Tabor, get ready to pay up."

Tom tried to hide the smirk as he made his way to the commander's quarters. A night's takings from Tabor would mean he could pick and choose his clients for a few sessions. Most of them were all right, some he even enjoyed but the odd one, made his flesh crawl. Those he tried to avoid and now he could for a while. Tom had known that if he played it cool, Chakotay would come running.

He walked through the door to an empty room.

"I'm in the bedroom." Chakotay's husky voice drifted into the room. Tom began to get hard at the promise in Chakotay's voice.

Instead of seeing a naked Chakotay laid out on the bed, Tom looked around to see a fully clothed Commander, leaning against the wall.

Slowly he pulled down the fastening of his trousers and pulled out his dick. "Come on, Tom, work your magic."

Tom knelt down and began to go through his usual routine. He was just getting to the part where he took in all of Chakotay's cock when he felt a hand on his head.

"Are you hard, Tom?"

Tom stopped and nodded.

"Undo your trousers and lay face down on the bed."

Tom glanced at Chakotay and then did as he was told. As lubed fingers pushed in, Tom knew he was going to win the bet, without any shadow of a doubt. Chakotay was going to make love to him. He yelped as Chakotay pushed in.

"What are you doing?" Tom had been thrown by the sudden turn of events.

"You wanted to be fucked didn’t you? Well I'm giving you what you wanted."

Chakotay began thrusting. The fucking was over in a matter of minutes. Chakotay pulled out. "Straighten the bed clothes before you leave." Tom closed his eyes and waited till the other man had left the room to get a shower. He had been involved in many things, fucked many people but he had never felt so cheap and dirty as he felt now. Chakotay had taken him without any warmth or feeling at all. It hadn't even been that sexual, it had been an act of cold calculation and nothing else. Tom got up off the bed, straightened the bedclothes, pulled up his trousers and stumbled towards his quarters. After communicating with Ayala to say he was sick, Tom curled up in bed. He'd won the bet and that's all that mattered.

Tom sat around Ayala's, gloating to Tabor about being the winner. Ayala came into the room. "Gerron, you've got Ridges, Tom you've got Music Man and Adamson yours is the Blue Ball, sorry. Tabor, get yourself to Skip and I'll warn you, he's booked a full session."

Tabor stood and smiled at Tom. "Obviously, you just couldn’t satisfy him. Maybe you are just not the good fuck, you think you are."

Before Tom could reply, Tabor was out of the door and making his way speedily to Chakotay's quarters.

"Come in, Tabor, it’s good to see you. Before we begin, have you a problem with kissing."

Tabor shook his head. "No problem at all."

"Good." Chakotay took hold of Tabor and kissed him hard before taking his hand and leading him to the bedroom.


Tom was sat in Ayala's quarters as the credits were being distributed. Tabor walked in, a dreamy look across his face.

"You're still the loser, Tabor."

"Doesn't matter, after that bout of lovemaking, I don’t care. It was worth losing the credits for. That man is the most tender, most loving, most talented lover I've ever slept with."

"He's a client, Tabor, not a lover. I'm going to bed."

Tom fumed as he walked down the corridor. He'd got fucked and Tabor had been made love to. Half way to his quarters he changed his mind and marched back to the commander's room. He tapped his foot as he waited to be let in.

As the door opened, Tom marched in. "What's going on?"

"What do you mean?"

"You make love to Tabor and I get the most cold hearted fuck of my life."

"But that's what you wanted wasn’t it? That's what the wager was about? The first to get fucked by me and that's what you got, no kissing, no emotion, just a plain, simple fuck."

Tom gritted his teeth. "So why didn’t Tabor get that?"

"Because Tabor didn’t pretend to care, Tabor didn’t try to make out we’d got the possibility of a relationship. I was beginning to have feelings for you and you played on them. So I thought I’d put us onto a more familiar footing; I'm the client and you're the man I pay to have sex with. Or did do, last night was my last appointment. Thanks for your professional services."

"You’re finishing this because of a wager. Come on, Chakotay, there's no need to take this so personally. It's what happens, a side bet. It shouldn’t make any difference."

"I said it’s over. Now if you don’t mind, I’d like to get on with some reports."

"Your loss, Chakotay."

It was business as usual on the bridge the next day. Tom did his job, Chakotay did his. Two weeks later, Tom couldn’t help smiling at Tabor's forlorn face. At least Chakotay had turned his back on both of them. Tom wasn't sure why that thought should be comforting. It was a month later, when Tabor walked back into Ayala's for a spot of debriefing, with a big smile on his face.

"So who's put the smile back on your face? Whoever it is, Ayala best put them on my agenda."

"Oh, you won’t be visiting this one, Skip requested me and me only."

"You're welcome to him, Tabor. I'd rather have someone who puts a bit of feeling into his fucking."

"I don’t have any complaints with his lovemaking. Maybe you’re just not the stud you think you are, Paris. Face up to it, you might have got the night's credits but I got the prize." Tabor gave a big smirk and patted Tom on the back.

Tabor’s constant, smug smile began to irk Tom. The look of total sexual satisfaction ate away at his peace of mind. He began to watch Chakotay in the mess hall, look out for him in Sandrine's, slowly he began to obsess about the man who had coldly fucked him. Over the coming days and weeks Tom looked for ways to elicit praise from the commander. He flew perfectly, behaved by the rules, anything to get some positive attention. The pressure built up until one day, Tom cracked. He watched Chakotay as he played pool and then as the commander said his goodnights and departed, Tom followed.

"Chakotay, can I have a word."

"Make it quick."

"In private. My quarters are nearest."

Chakotay looked around the room, quirky object' art showed Tom's personality and interests. "So what's so important that you need to speak to me now and in private?"

"I want you to know, I'm sorry I made the wager, it was a mistake." Tom reached out and touched Chakotay's cheek. "I want what Tabor got, I want you to make love to me."

Chakotay let the pale hand rest on his cheek. "I'm sorry, Tom but I've no credits left. I used them all on Tabor and maybe we're best leaving it alone."

"I can’t leave it alone and I don’t want any credits. Why can't we just make love, man to man, equal to equal."

“Because we’re not. I’m you’re client, remember, or was. Just one of many and I can’t cope with that. I don’t want to make love to you, knowing in an hour’s time someone else will have their cock in your mouth or up your ass, or you’ll be fucking some woman, making her groan with pleasure.”

“What do you want?”

“I want what I can’t have, you in my arms, every night. I want you next to me and I want to feel your lips on mine.”

Tom shook his head. “I don’t do relationships, Chakotay. That’s why I work for Ayala. I like to fuck and then sleep on my own. I don’t want to be responsible for someone else’s happiness.”

“In that case, Tom, there’s nothing more to say.” Chakotay didn’t wait for a response. He walked out of the room without another glance.


Harry sat down next to Tom in the mess hall, giving his friend a fond look. “You going to Neelix’s Easter party.”

“No. It’s nothing but stupid nonsense anyway.”

“I don’t know what the matter with you is lately, you’re grumpy, you’re no fun and you are never available when I call.”

“Harry, if you want to get laid, there are plenty of others and I can’t be smiles all the time.” Tom watched, as Harry moved to another table. He was angry, he was more than angry, he was royally pissed off that Chakotay had crept into his heart. He didn't want to get close to anybody, didn't want a relationship and most certainly, didn't want to fall in love. Tom was scared.

That night, the mess hall was decorated with fluffy bunnies, Easter chicks and speckled candy eggs. Some of the crew were in fancy dress, the others in casual clothes. Lively music played in the background. Chakotay stood reluctantly with the captain, watching proceedings. Tabor nodded and gave a little wave. Janeway looked at Chakotay and raised her eyebrows. The commander shrugged his shoulders and gave a wry grin. Looking around, Chakotay scanned the room for Tom. He was nowhere to be seen.

“Right folks, if you’ve brought an Easter egg for someone who you are close to, now is the time to hand it over.” Neelix passed over a gaudily decorated egg to Kes. Various other members of the crew swapped chocolate eggs. There was a loud drum roll and the Delaney twins pushed out a seven-foot egg, wrapped in a big purple bow. The drums rolled again and the egg cracked open. Tom, dressed all in black, stepped out. Chakotay looked at the red words on the black shirt, ‘I’m all yours and only yours. Kiss me – please.’ Unsure of Chakotay’s reaction, Tom took a step forward and then stopped.

Shaking a little, Chakotay walked forward and took Tom’s hand. “Let’s get out of here.”

As they walked through the cabin door, Tom stopped. “I mean it, Chakotay. Ayala, the others, all in the past, if you’ll have me.”

“I’ll have you, any way I can but preferably all alone.”

Tom gasped as the shirt was ripped from his body. Chakotay placed his dark hand on the pale chest and gently pushed Tom towards the bedroom. As the back of his legs hit the bed, Tom toppled and sprawled invitingly on the bed covers. With trembling hands, Tom eased down his trousers. Stripping off his clothes and joining the pilot on the bed, Chakotay watched with hungry eyes as Tom began rubbing his own hardened nipple. Leaning over and taking the quivering pale cock into his hand, Chakotay’s tongue reached out to take the first taste of his lover.

“Stop. Just a minute.” Tom jumped up and rushed out of the room. Smiling as he re-entered, Tom threw himself back on the bed. “I don’t want you to miss out on the Easter chocolate treat.” Tom squirted chocolate sauce on his glistening cock.

Chakotay ran his tongue up the full length, spending some time teasing the tip. Looking up, he winked at Tom. “You taste so good, the sweet juice is just what I need.” Licking his lips, Chakotay smiled. “And I don’t mean the chocolate.”

Panting and gripping the cover, his fists white with the effort, Tom cried out as Chakotay brought him to orgasm. Gently preparing Tom, Chakotay slipped in his cock, relishing their act of loving. As the movements became more fevered, Tom reached up to Chakotay’s face.

“Please, stop.”

“What’s the matter? Are you regretting this?”

“No, never. It’s just… Kiss me, please. Kiss me.”

Tom moaned as full lips caressed his. Chakotay’s firm body rubbed against his own and as a tongue pushed into his mouth, Tom came for the second time. Chakotay sucked on the probing tongue and joined Tom in the ecstasy as they clung to each other.

“Happy Easter, Chakotay.”

A big smile filled Chakotay’s face. “Happy Easter, Tom.”
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