Noodles, what noodles? by VoyParis
Summary: Tom's eating noodles, they taste like Noodles, They look like Noodles but their not Noodles
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1. Noodles?? by VoyParis

Noodles?? by VoyParis
Noodles, what noodles?
by Alex Calderwood aka Voyparis
all charactors are paramount's

He sat there in the messhall. Tom was sitting opposite him eating one of Neelix’s concoctions, a sort of noodle dish with some sauces.

Tom looked up at Harry, who was staring at him. “What” he asked, with noodles hanging from his mouth.

Harry just laughed.

“What?” repeated Tom.

B'Elanna walked in through the doors, holding a PAD, and she looked around. Seeing Harry and Tom she walked over to them. Tom just looked up at her, still with noodles hanging from his mouth. Harry just sat there pointing at tom and laughing.

"Very nice Tom, but food is meant to go in your mouth not around it," she joked as she sat down.

Harry broke his stare and drew his attention to B'Elanna’s PAD. "What’s that you got there, a love note from Chakotay?” Harry teased.

B'Elanna just rolled her eyes, and Harry snatched it off her, using one hand to hold her back. She threw a look at Tom as if to say ‘do something’.

"What do you want me to do?" asked Tom

She managed to get the PAD back of Harry without seeing it. "If you must know it’s a set of warpcore calculations," explained B'Elanna. “And even if it was a letter from Chakotay, you would be the last two people who I would show it to”,

Neelix walked over “ah lieutenant, what can I get you?" he enquired,

Gazing up at he she replied with “anything, as long as it doesn’t have noodles”

Neelix had a quizzical look on his face. He looked over at toms bowl, “oh them, their not noodles their Tannet worms, a delicacy”. The worms fell from Tom’s mouth, he was about to gag. B’Elanna began to laugh and Harry was trying to stifle one

Tom gave Neelix a look of disgust. “You could have warned me they were worms, good thing their dead” he looked down at his bowl then back to at Neelix “They are dead? Aren’t they?.....”
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