Foreplay: The drabble series by Mandy
Summary: Tom introduces Chakotay to a boardgame he finds in the database, told in a long series of drabbles.
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1. Let's Play Foreplay by Mandy

2. A Little Mystery by Mandy

3. Finding Out by Mandy

4. How to Eat Fruit by Mandy

5. Let's Keep Playing by Mandy

6. Smell, Taste and Feel by Mandy

7. The Bonus Card Series by Mandy

Let's Play Foreplay by Mandy
Disclaimer: I don't own the rights to anything Trek or the real boardgame 'Foreplay'. Not having personally played it, I don't know how much Tom and Chakotay's game resembles the real thing.

1. Foreplay

Tom set out the board game on the table, placing the cards, counters and dice with care. The box of props was on the floor nearby. He moved to the replicator to program supper, and then returned to the sofa to further study the instructions while he waited for Chakotay to return. They often played cards, together and with others, watched vids or used the holodeck for relaxation. Tom hoped Chakotay would enjoy the change.

Chakotay entered and warmly greeted Tom with a kiss .

“What have you got there?”

“A new board game. Wanna play?”

“What’s it called?”


2. Let’s Play


“Yes. A game for couples. I found it in the database and replicated it. I thought it had…possibilities. Also a change from Strip Poker!”

Tom retrieved the supper from the replicator and sat opposite Chakotay, who studied the board with interest.

“So how do we play?”

“We move our counters round the board in turn and draw cards from the appropriate piles. You read out the instructions, and roll the dice again. Evens you are the giver, odds you receive from the other player whatever the card says. I’ve only put the first level cards out ”

“Let’s play.”

3. First Move


Chakotay moved his counter eight places.

“I’ve landed on the eyes. What now?”

“Take the top card from the ‘Visual’ pile.”

“Do I read it out now?”

“You can choose whether to find out if you give or receive, or read the fantasy first. It doesn’t matter.”

“I’ll read the card out first. ‘Do a striptease for your partner. You may use music if you wish.’” A smile spread over his features. “Now what?”

“Roll one die to find out if you strip for me, or I strip for you.”


“Odds - you watch.”

Chakotay prepared to watch.

4. Visual Fantasy

Tom stood. He was glad he was out of uniform. He called for a suitable musical selection, and began to move.

He crossed his hands over his chest and caressed his shoulders, gradually moving them down his body and thighs. He flung a saucy look at the man sprawled on the sofa, licked his lips and turned seductively, swaying erotically to the music. He undid his shirt, and shrugged it from his shoulders, briefly touching his nipples. Jeans went next, leaving him clad in black briefs. He flashed one ass cheek, then the other, and removed the last item completely.

5. The Next Move.

“We’re supposed to keep playing this game now? After that little performance?”

“That’s the beauty of it. We can stop the game now and play ‘something else’, or we can keep going for a while.”

“You haven’t rolled yet, Tommy, so let’s keep going. Aren’t you going to stay naked?”

Tom shook his head, pulled his jeans back on, but left them undone.

He threw the dice, and moved seven, to land on a free space.

Chakotay threw again, and landed on another set of eyes.

“Send your partner a provocative picture within a week.”

“Now one die.”

“Three – receive.”

6. A Card for Tom

Tom rolled again, and landed on a space showing an ear. He drew the top card, and before reading it, threw the die.

“Four. Evens. Give.”

He flipped the card.

“Tell your partner about a fantasy you have never shared with them.”

Tom leaned back, stretched out his legs, placed his arms behind his head and drew a breath.

Chakotay found his gaze focused on that chest as it rose and fell. The tip of his tongue unconsciously outlined his lips.

“Lie back, close your eyes, Chakotay and listen to my voice. I’ll tell you my ‘Fuck or Die’ fantasy.”

7. Aural Fantasy

Tom’s voice unconsciously assumed the cadence of Chakotay’s story telling inflexions, as he began his fantasy set in the early years of Voyager’s journey. Janeway had sent the two hostile men on a mission which ended in a situation where they had to ‘fuck or die’.

“…by now we know longer remember the audience. You are on your hands and knees, moaning. I lean over you, kissing, nipping, licking your back, as I push one finger into you. So tight…”

Tom finished. In unspoken agreement the two men stood and moved towards the bedroom. They would continue the Foreplay tomorrow.

continued in chapter 2.
A Little Mystery by Mandy
Drabble 8: Visual Fantasy Number 2 - double drabble.

Chakotay opened the parcel and laid out three large, black-and-white toned prints. He picked up the first to study it.

Tom was at a beach, naked and lying prone in the shallows. His head, supported on his folded arms, faced away from the camera. His wet hair curled riotously around his scalp. Small waves washed over his lower body, frozen in time as they caressed his thighs and the crack between his buttocks, the globes of his ass rising just above the foam. Sharp focus showed individual drops of water, discernable on the well-delineated musculature of his back.

The second was almost a side view. Tom was sitting in deeper water, leaning back supported on his elbows, with his face tilted to the sun. His closer leg was stretched out and the farther leg bent at the knee. Waves obscured the detail of his groin. However it was to Tom’s face the gaze was drawn. His eyes were closed and he wore an expression of unabashed ecstasy.

The third was a close-up of Tom, still naked, standing in a myriad of water drops he had just splashed up into the air. He was leaning forward, smiling joyously.

Chakotay inhaled deeply.

Drabble 9: A Little Mystery

Chakotay considered the three prints Tom had sent to him. He had been expecting a blatantly sexual holopic, not three stunningly sensual poses. These were worthy of displaying, though Chakotay did not want to hang them in his office.

He wondered who the photographer was. Not the Doctor. They were definitely not his style. He propped them up on the desk and stood back to get a better view.
The door chimed, Chakotay wasn’t thinking and responded distractedly, “Come.”

“Oh, he gave them to you already. Which ones did he choose?”

“You know about them?”

“I should. I took them.”

Drabble 10: Playing Again

Tom drew a card from the visual pile.

“Do not read this out loud. Ooops!”

He continued silently reading; a smile broke over his features. He tucked the card into his pocket, and drew a ‘couples’ card.

“Aren’t you going to tell me what the card said?”


“Then when do I get to find out what you have to do?”

Tom considered. “In forty-eight hours. We need to invite some people over for cards and supper, if that’s okay.”


“Because. I’ll ask Harry, B’Elanna, Kathryn, Tuvok and Greg. Anyone else?”

“Geron’s with Greg.”

“Okay. Now, ‘a couples’ activity.”

11. A Card For Two

The picture was a silhouetted couple. Tom consulted the rules.

“It’s something we do together, no need to throw the die again.”

He gave Chakotay the card.

“Choose a selection of music and dance together for at least ten minutes. You must have some physical contact with you partner.”

Deemed a useful skill for Starfleet functions, Tom was an accomplished dancer. Chakotay was good but not in Tom’s class. They rarely danced together in public on Voyager, usually just swaying together in a corner. They stood; Tom grasped Chakotay’s hips and pulled him in close. Now they could let loose.

12. Tactile Fantasy

Dancing over, they sat.

“Keep playing, Tom. I haven’t done anything for you.”

“It’s your turn.”

“Eleven…Hands. A tactile fantasy… Two. Give.”… Smiling… “Use your hands and mouth on your partner’s hand and forearm. You have the option to heighten the experience by removing other senses.”

Tom handed Chakotay the blindfold from the box, and extended his left arm.

A single finger traced circles on Tom’s palm. His fingers were stroked slowly, individually, then his forearm massaged to his elbow. A wet tongue followed the same path and then each finger was sucked strongly into a warm mouth and laved.

continued in chapter 3
Finding Out by Mandy
13. Teasing Chakotay

“Everyone’s coming?”


Tom arranged supper, including a bowl of fruit, while Chakotay set up chairs.

They took seats opposite each other at Tom’s insistence.

“We can play footsies.”

“Is that what the card said?”

“No, but we can play footsies anyway.”

“Are you going to make faces at me?”

Tom leaned back, partially lowered his eyelids, and lasciviously licked his lips.

“No, not faces,” he laughed.

“Just a hint?” Chakotay pleaded. For two days he had tried to find out what the Foreplay card had instructed Tom to do.

“It was just a ‘Torture Chakotay’ plot, huh?”

“Not exactly!”

14. Visual Fantasy 3; double drabble

Tom chose some fruit from the bowl and returned to his seat. He caught Chakotay’s attention, quirked the corner of his mouth and lowered one eyelid.

He sat and unobtrusively placed a banana on the arm of his seat, then licked a large strawberry with the tip of his tongue, before biting into the ripe flesh. He ran his tongue around his lips…twice.

Cards were in hiatus. Tom joined in a discussion about modifications to the Delta Flyer. He ran his index finger along the banana several times then grasped and, seemingly unconscious of his movements, peeled it…slowly, caressingly.

Chakotay tried to listen to Greg and Tuvok’s conversation, without drawing attention to the fact he was watching Tom’s performance. This was what had been written on that Foreplay card.

The top of the banana was inserted into Tom’s mouth, and withdrawn without a single bite having been taken. It glistened in the light from the room. B’Elanna was involved in a detailed explanation that did not require any comments from Tom, so he was able to repeat the maneuver twice more, the banana going a little further each time.

That was around the time Kathryn Janeway realized something was happening.

15. The Horns of a Dilemma

Kathryn Janeway was on the horns of a dilemma. Should she get coffee, which she sorely needed, and risk missing part of the performance, or should she remain seated and distracted?

B’Elanna now had a PADD and was using it to demonstrate a point to Harry. Greg had turned towards Tuvok as they talked, so at least three of these four were unaware of Tom’s antics.

Kathryn was amused to observe Chakotay had broken out in a light sweat and was squirming uncomfortably.

Unexpectedly Geron caught her gaze. He winked, and nodded towards Tom, who was now deep-throating the banana.

16. One of Those Moments

It was one of those moments, when something in the air causes all conversations to stop simultaneously, and everyone’s attention is drawn to one event.

Tom’s head was tilted back, his eyes were closed and seven people with varying expressions watched as his throat muscles swallowed several times. As he lowered his head, the saliva-coated banana was slowly withdrawn.

He returned to the present and realized he was the centre of attention. A wicked expression appeared on his face as he looked directly into Chakotay’s eyes. He licked along the length of the banana, and then bit off the top.

17. Please Explain

Tom finished the banana and smiled beatifically. He began cataloging everyone’s reactions.

Tuvok predictably raised one eyebrow, though not to its maximum height.

Geron grinned widely.

Greg turned to Chakotay to stir him.

Harry blushed, and a comment by B’Elanna only deepened it.

The plan had been to go with ‘subtle’ and stop if anyone other than Chakotay noticed him, but he’d become immersed in a private fantasy and…

“Tom…” It was a rare occasion Kathryn was lost for words, but this was one. Taking refuge in her command persona she started again.

“Mr Paris. Would you care to explain?”

18. It’s all A Game

“The devil made me do it?”

Tom’s angelic expression was too good to be true. Janeway shook her head.

“C’mon Tom. What gives?” Harry spoke out.

Tom looked at Chakotay, who shrugged, then nodded.

“It’s a game.”

“A game?”

“Actually part of a board game we’re playing,” Chakotay confirmed.

“You’re both playing?”

“We’ve been playing for about two weeks now.”

B’Elanna snapped her fingers.

“The photos were for the game! Neither of you let on.”

“What game?”

“What photos?”

Anyone going to the bathroom would see the photos displayed on the wall, so Tom led an entourage into the bedroom.

19. What is That Game?

“Your photography is of a high standard.”

Tuvok broke the silence. He made further some comments about light, shade and artistic composition.

“You’re a lucky man, Chakotay.”

Kathryn turned to Tom. “Be proud. They’re beautiful!”

She beckoned and he leant down. She whispered something, causing him to grin and blush.

Embarrassed, Greg nonetheless asked, “B’Elanna, could you take some pictures for us?”

Harry looked from Tom, to B’Elanna and back to the prints. Once, he glanced at Chakotay. He shook his head, and enquired, “Why did you need to get these photos taken? What is the game, Tom?”

“It’s Foreplay!”

continued in chapter 4
How to Eat Fruit by Mandy
20. Evocative Vs Provocative

Geron indicated the board game at the side of the room. It was obvious a game was in progress. He picked one of the cards and read it. He started to speak but Chakotay interrupted.

”Don’t read it out, Geron. Tom and I haven’t read the cards in advance. The surprise is part of the game.”

“But this sounds…fun!”

“It is,” smirked Tom.

“How do you play?”

Tom explained.

“You drew a card that told you to become a nude model?”

“Actually Chakotay had to receive a provocative picture.”

“But Tom, these were evocative. I took some more provocative poses.”

21. Now That’s Provocative

B’Elanna returned from her quarters and handed Chakotay a photograph. It was labeled, ‘The View From the Commander’s Chair’ and showed a back view of Tom seated at the Conn.

He passed it around. Tom guessed what was coming next. Sure enough, the second photo, same pose, was labeled ‘The View the Commander Would Like to Have’. The back of the seat was missing. Tom was wearing only a pair of tight jeans.

B’Elanna presented the last two shots, showing Tom first in a tiny pair of black bathers, then nothing at all.

Heard amidst the laughter,

“Now that’s provocative!”

22. The Banana Instructions

“So, Tom, what were the instructions for …the banana?”

Tom closed his eyes and recited, “ ‘Do not read this card out loud. When you are both in a group situation, choose a piece of fruit and eat it in an erotic but unobtrusive manner. If you achieve this with only your partner noticing, you draw a bonus card. If anyone other than your partner comments on your actions, your partner draws a bonus card.’ Some group situations are then listed.”

“Why couldn’t you read it out loud?”

“Ask Chakotay how he’s felt, wondering what I was going to do.”

23. A Choice Tidbit

Greg considered his best friend. He smiled and spoke teasingly,

“Okay, Tom’s had to send you pictures and …eat fruit…for you; what have you been doing for him?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?”

“You bet! A few choice tidbits?”

Chakotay thought, and answered blandly,

“I’ve given Tom a massage or two, cooked him a meal, we’ve danced…”

“I’ve seen you guys dance. Bor-ring! You just stand and sway.”

“That’s all the crew is going to see…Stop it, Tom!”

Tom had started singing raunchily while grinding his pelvis into Chakotay’s butt and running his hands up and down his lover’s chest.

24. A Package For B’Elanna

“Let’s return to the card game.”

“Tom, you haven’t drawn any cards telling you to turn this into strip poker?”

“Very funny, B’Elanna.”

“I might have wanted to wear extra clothes.”

“You’re safe. The banana was the only outstanding card… this time.”

“If we get other invitations to play cards with you, we’ll know there’s probably an ulterior motive and to come prepared.”

* * * * * *

Tom slipped B’Elanna a package as she was leaving. Neither had mentioned the photos he’d taken of her. Tom hoped she’d appreciate the computer enhancements he’d made to some of them.

25. No Apricots Either

“That went well, didn’t it?” commented Tom as the two men tidied up.



“Tom. You are NEVER to eat a banana in public again.”

“Even if one is all that’s available?”


“What about apricots?”

Tom picked out two apricots from the bowl and rolled them together suggestively. He raised them to his mouth and ran his tongue over the fruit.

“You’re incorrigible! No apricots either. Only when we’re alone, okay?”

“Is that why you didn’t serve any bananas or apricots to me last week? They were on the list.”

Tom remembered the last card Chakotay had drawn.

To Be Continued
Let's Keep Playing by Mandy
26. A Fantasy For the Taste Buds

“ ‘If you want to know how somebody is during lovemaking, watch him closely when and how he is eating.’

Below is a list of edible items. Prepare your partner a pleasing meal choosing from these ingredients:

Anchovies, asparagus, chocolate, licorice, onions, oysters, pinenuts, celery, artichokes, scallops, ginseng, honey, chili, bananas…”

Chakotay stopped reading the card he’d drawn as Tom started laughing.

“Oh man! They are all aphrodisiacs, aren’t they? Go all out Chak, I’ll spring for half the rations.”

“Onions? An aphrodisiac?”

“Yeah. They restore sexual vigor. And the smell of black licorice increases penile blood flow.”

“No kidding?!”

27. Aphrodisiacal Delights

Chakotay stripped the artichoke of its leaves, dipped each in melted butter and held them up to Tom, who scraped the tender flesh with his strong white teeth, occasionally licking or nipping the brown fingers.

Some asparagus spears followed accompanied by a flavorsome dipping sauce. A green asparagus tip traced Tom’s lips, before being slid between them.

Small pots of spicy vegetarian chili, accompanied by saffron rice and salad followed.

Chakotay solemnly informed Tom that saffron made erogenous zones more sensitive, and avocado was known as the fruit of the testicle tree.

A classical aphrodisiac finished the meal; chocolate-dipped strawberries.

28. Strip Foreplay

Tom drew another Couples card.

" 'Chose a card game you know and play the 'strip' version.' "

Chakotay shook his head.

"We've played strip poker before. Let's keep playing this."

"Okay. How about 'Strip Foreplay'?"


"If you throw a six, you have to remove a piece of clothing."

"We're using two dice - do you mean a total of six?"

"How about totalling six, and if a six appears on either die, plus
it's two pieces for a twelve?"


Chakotay threw a twelve, smirked and removed his shoes.

"Tactile. Six. Give."

Off came a sock, and he flipped the next card.

29. Another Tactile Fantasy

Tom was on the receiving end of another massage from Chakotay.

Chakotay often worked the kinks out of Tom’s back after he’d spent a long day at the helm, but this was different.

He lay face down, spread-eagled on the bed. He’d elected to wear the blindfold again, as that was not something he did for a regular back rub.

Tom shivered, lost in a sensual haze as Chakotay’s large hand, encased in a nylon glove, stroked along his spine, hips to neck only, as per instructions. Lightly, firmly…
And then the vibrations started.

“It’s a Fukuoku glove,” murmured Chakotay.

30. Tom’s Turn Again

“A Fukuoku glove?”

“You’re not the only one who can research items in the database.”

“Leave the glove here. I can think of some other places that should be vibrated!”

Tom began pulling his clothes back on.

“Why are you getting dressed again?”

“Gotta have something to take off in case I roll a six. Now back to the game. It’s my turn.”


“Eight.” …Grin…”Olfactory. Four.”…Another grin.

“ ‘In the box you will find a selection of oils. Atomize the scent throughout the air and place on the skin. Discuss with your partner which aromas they find sensual.’ ”

to be continued
Smell, Taste and Feel by Mandy
31. An Olfactory Fantasy

“They say the scent of vanilla increases lust. Are you feeling lusty?”

“I might be. Let me smell it again.”

“Well, what about cinnamon? Surveys show one of the most arousing scents for men is the smell of warm cinnamon rolls.”

“Can we warm it up?”


Tom poured a little of the cinnamon scented oil onto his hands, rubbed them together, and then inched them under his shirt and massaged over his belly and chest. He waited a minute and then moved next to Chakotay.


Chakotay raised Tom’s shirt and ran his nose along Tom’s torso.

“Mmmmm…I’m aroused.”

32. Sensual Heaven


The other sock was removed. Chakotay landed on another ‘Tactile’ space.


Chakotay stood and peeled off his shirt…slowly.

Tom’s protests of ‘rigged’ died away. His favorite view was mouthwatering. He grabbed the bottle of cinnamon oil, poured some more into his hands and proceeded to attack the smooth bronze expanse. Chakotay gave up trying to draw his card and enjoyed Tom’s ministrations.


“Hmmm?” Tom was in sensual heaven…

“About my Bonus Card…”

“Hmmm?”…licking and biting cinnamon flavored nipples…

“Six people noticed your performance with the banana. I think that deserves six Bonus Cards, don’t you?”

“Hmmm?…Sure…Six cards…Whatever…”

33. Teasing Tom

“But I wasn’t concentrating. Well, I was, but…ummm…not on the details of what you actually said.” Grumbling.

“You agreed to six Bonus Cards, Tom.” Patiently.

“But Chakotay, that’s not fair.” Whining

“Don’t you want to play any more?” Teasingly.

“Yes.” Pause. “You’ll use all the Bonus Cards up.” Triumphantly.

“Where are the cards, Tom?” Sternly.

“There’s a packet in the bottom of the box. The Level One cards are in the blue envelope.” Huffily.


“Found it.” Pause. “Listen to this. ‘As the winner of a Bonus Card you may choose whether you give and/or receive the fantasy.’ ” Suggestively.

34. Another Tactile Fantasy

“Should I have my regular turn first, before I check out the bonus cards? It’s another Tactile Fantasy.”

“Tactile, hmmm? And I’m receiving again?”

“Yes. You wanna play now?”

“Okay – I really like these tactile things. Don’t forget I want to try out that vibrating glove some more.”

“ Me too. One Tactile Fantasy coming up. ‘ Experiment with …’ hang on; this will be better if you don’t know what’s coming. Get your shirt off and go lie down on the bed again. Afterwards we’ll play with the glove.”

“That good is it?”

“Oh yeah! Trust me…”

“I do.”

35. Fire and Ice

Tom lay spread-eagled on the bed; naked, blindfolded, restrained.

His mouth was dry with nervous anticipation as he waited for Chakotay.

Several unidentifiable clatters sounded from the side of the bed, signaling he was now in the room. There was a rustle Tom’s experience told him was Chakotay undressing. The edge of the bed dipped, but not a word was spoken.

A warm tongue licked along one thigh.

A huff of air…


…was followed by…


…as a whistling breath was blown over the dampness.

Goosebumps appeared on Tom’s skin, his breathing became irregular and he moaned with the repetition of licking, huffing and blowing in unexpected places.

A hand applied oil to Tom’s thigh. Breath caused the lotion to heat.


The sexy-toned voice had roughened.

Another fragrance, complimentary to the first, permeated the air as different oil splashed onto Tom’s other thigh.

Now the breath chilled his skin to the sound of …


One hand then the other stroked Tom in random order, so he never knew whether to expect heat or chill.


That sent a chill, as hot candle wax dripped.

An ice-block stoked his skin to the sound of…


And Tom burned.

to be continued
The Bonus Card Series by Mandy


The Bonus Card series


1. Chakotay's Idea


"You want to have sex in a semi-public place where we run the risk of getting caught?” Tom looked quizzically at Chakotay.


Chakotay nodded. “It wasn't so bad when the others were here. And the banana thing was really rather fun.”


“But you ordered me never to do that again.”


“You won't be. We'll be in this together. Besides, it's just the risk of getting caught. I don't plan for that to actually happen.”


“You've got somewhere in mind then?” Tom was not averse to the idea. “Not one of the Jefferies tubes, I hope. That's so passé.”


“No. Airponics.”





2. One Afternoon in Airponics


Neelix had already been and gone. Nobody was scheduled to work there for the next hour; Chakotay had made sure of that.


Tom pushed Chakotay against the wall as soon as they entered. He kissed him hungrily for a few minutes and then stepped back. “No locks,” he reiterated and dropped to knees.


“Wait, Tom. Behind the seedlings. Please.”


“All right. No point getting caught out straight away.”


Once they were in the far corner of the room, he freed Chakotay's cock, stroked it to hardness and used his hands and mouth to bring him off.


Then the doors opened.



3. Caught!



Tuvok entered the Airponics Bay to check on some transplanted orchids.


Chakotay tried to calm his breathing. He touched a shaky hand to the leaves on the closest plants. He trusted Tom to fix his clothing as quietly as possible.


Catching sight of him, Tuvok spoke. “Commander, I was unaware anyone would be here.”


“Tuvok! We were just... just seeing if any of the tomatoes were ready. Neelix promised us fresh soup.”




Tom stood slowly. “None on the lower levels,” he announced.


“Those trays contain basil and coriander,” said Tuvok dryly. They were playing their game again, he surmised.






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