A Little After Shift Relief by BossLady
Summary: What's a Commander to do after a long and boring shift?
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1. A Little After Shift Relief by BossLady

A Little After Shift Relief by BossLady
A Little After Shift Relief
by BossLady

C/P, NC-17

Disclaimer: Paramount owns the characters, I'm just borrowing them for a little while. This story may seem similar to another on this site, but a majority of the plot came from a story I have posted in a different fandom. Any problems, feel free to email me: thebosslady99@yahoo.com


"Finally!" Chakotay thought as he slipped from the command chair and handed the bridge over to the Gamma shift. As Chakotay left the bridge, he breathed a sigh of relief as he realized he was finally off shift and could go to bed and wrap his arms around his lover. It had been a long and boring shift, with absolutely nothing happening. After nearly five years out here in the delta quadrant, he was really beginning to enjoy his job as first officer and his time with the crew of Voyager. But after shifts like this, he would begin to remember one of the many reasons why he left StarFleet to begin with. Part of him wanted to plot some kind of revenge against the Captain for suddenly deciding to take the second half of the shift off, leaving Chakotay with the bridge to himself and get through the shift. The other part of him just wanted to get back to his quarters. Their quarters.

It had been a surprise to him when just over a year ago, he finally admitted his feelings to himself. Even more of a surprise when he admitted those feelings to the man who is now his lover. Of course it took nearly loosing Tom on an away mission before he could do it. Chakotay was in sickbay when Tom was transported up from the planet, and he looked awful. His broken and battered body lay on the biobed while the Doc worked his magic. He wouldn't leave Tom's side, holding his hand the entire time. When Tom finally opened his eyes several days later, the first thing he saw were the gorgeous dark eyes of the man he had been dreaming about for years. Chakotay leaned down and kissed the soft lips in front of him and poured out his feelings.

As Chakotay got off the turbo lift and headed to their quarters, he smiled as he remembered that day. How, when Tom was released from sickbay days later, they began dating and only a month later shocked the crew when Chakotay asked Tom to move into his quarters, their quarters.

The thought of holding Tom close, caressing his pale lean body with his darker hands made Chakotay walk a little faster to their quarters. He had plans when he got there, plans he knew would definitely help put an exciting end to a boring day. Although they had met earlier on his break for a quick snack, he missed 'His Tom' and wanted to hold him while they made love, slow and with passion. Even if they did have what Tom always called 'wild monkey sex' just before he went on shift.

As Chakotay walked into their quarters, he was a bit taken aback by the darkness, figuring Tom would have been waiting up for him. Then he smiled as he crossed the living area, headed for the bedroom, but it too was dark and empty. He did notice a rose on the bed with PADD next to it. Chakotay read the note:


I heard you were having a long and boring shift and thought I would help liven it up for you. Change into the clothes I laid out and meet me in holodeck 1 as soon as you can. I'll be waiting.

Forever Love, Tom

Chakotay smiled as he looked at the clothes Tom had laid out. They were definitely Tom's idea of comfortable clothing. A pair of well worn denim shorts and a soft cotton t-shirt. Not exactly Chakotay's first choice in clothing, but nonetheless, he changed out of his uniform and into the 'outfit' as Tom had instructed and headed out to holodeck 1 to meet his young lover. Young – that’s putting it mildly he thought. It bothered him at first, feeling like such an old man to Tom’s much younger self; Tom had just turned twenty-eight when they started dating and he was forty-two. But the age difference never mattered to Tom, and with Tom as his lover, age didn’t matter to Chakotay.

As he approached the holodeck, the doors slid open. Chakotay stood in the doorway for a moment, welcoming the sight of his beautiful soulmate before him. After all, Tom was bent over his prized Camero, diligently working on the engine. With Tom wearing a very form fitting tank top, Chakotay could easily see the muscles in his back flexing as he worked the wrenches. As Tom stood up, seemingly still unaware of his lovers arrival, chest sparkling with sweat, his round tight and very muscular ass holding up the top half of the work overalls Tom had pulled down to his waist, all showing his assets very well.

As Chakotay stood there, grinning at all the thoughts running through his head and feeling his shorts getting quite a bit tighter, Tom looked up and noticed his lover staring at him, "Chakotay! You finally got off. How long have you been standing there?"

"What? No, glad your here or I Love you, I've missed you?" Chakotay teased as he sauntered towards Tom and finally was able to put his arms around him and held him tight. Tom had no other choice, not that he cared to, but to put his arms around his older lover. Wrapped in each others arms, their embrace as strong as their love for each other, their lips met in a strong passionate kiss.

Tom was the first to break away to breathe. With his smug smile in place, he looked into the dark eyes he knew he would love for the rest of his life and told him, "I'm glad you're home, *kiss*, I Love you, *kiss*, I missed you," he managed to get out before surrendering himself to another series of deep and passionate kisses.

"So babe, what are you up to *kiss*, making me come all the way, *kiss*, down here when we could, *kiss*, be in our quarters, *kiss*, in bed?"

After several more minutes of sharing kisses over each others jaw lines and down their necks, Tom finally was able to get his thoughts together and remembered Chakotay asked him a question. "Ohh, I ahh ..... ahh that feels good ..... thought you would want ..... god, keep going Tay .....want some excitement to the end ..... ohh yeah Tay, god yes ...... to end your boring day."

Chakotay grinned as his lips passed over Tom's sensitive neck and murmured, "All this talk has made me very hot and for some reason these shorts seem a little tight, would you care to take care of my 'big' problem for me?"

Tom's first response was a deep groan, but then he looked deep into his Tay's eyes, dark eyes momentarily mesmerized by striking blue ones. "Are you sure?" he asked as his hands slowly pulled the t-shirt over Chakotay's head, letting it fall to the floor, "after all, you've had such a busy day?"

Chakotay groaned as he once again began to trail kisses down Tom's chest. Stopping only long enough to pull the shirt over Tom's head and tossing it to the side, not caring where it landed before continuing his erotic trail down his lover. Stopping once again only to place a kiss on of the pink nipples in front of him, sucking it hard.

"Does that tell you how sure I am, my beautiful angel?"

Tom moaned as his lips returned the favor and attached themselves to the dark nipples on the smooth chest in front of him. His hands, not being idle, began to travel down his lover’s muscular body, pausing only briefly at the waistband to the shorts his Tay was wearing. His hands sliding between the soft skin of his lover and the top of the shorts, sliding them down over the hips and down the solid thighs as they fell to the ground. His hands moved back up the powerful legs, trailed by soft kisses.

Tom moved his hands slowly, sensually in circles over his lover’s thighs, moving them even slower and upwards until he found his 'prize', his Tay's hard cock as it was suddenly swallowed by Tom's lips, moans of pleasure escape from both men.

Tom's lips left the throbbing cock of his lover, moving his lips back up to the soft skin of his lover’s chest, one hand gently squeezing his lover’s stiff member while the other began playing with his heavy sac.

The usually stoic commander began to run his hands over Tom's chest, reaching to squeeze his nipples, eliciting moans of pleasure as the passionate kissing continued. His hands continued down the sweet pale body of his lover, unzipping the rest of the work coveralls, pushing them down of the slim hips and letting them fall down to the ground, not surprised at all to find nothing on underneath.

Both men standing completely naked, arms around each other, their hard cocks rubbing together, continued their almost fanatical kissing, fondling every inch of each other's bodies.

Tom turned around in Chakotay's arms, walked over to the work bench and proceeded to push all the tools off before turning around to his lover and leaned against the bench as he told him, "Tay, come make your boring day exciting," before turning around and leaning over the bench giving his ass to his lover, practically begging him to take him.

Chakotay didn't need any further words, only pausing to bend and reach into the toolbox he noticed sitting on the ground next to the camero and quickly squeezed some lube onto his fingers, gently slipping them inside the intimate opening of his lover.

"Ohhhh ... Ohhhh god Tay," Tom moaned.

Chakotay just grinned as his lover moaned and squirmed beneath him. Spirits how he loved having his Tom in this position. Hell, Chakotay thought, I just love having Tom in any position.

Chakotay slowly thrust his finger in and out, moving it in circles over and over. He was so gentle in his movements, just as he always was with his lover, Tom could only continue his constant moaning of pleasure as Chakotay slipped in a second finger, then a third.

As his Tay began moving his fingers more aggressively, Tom's moans began to grow louder. Tom tried to meet each thrust of his Tay's fingers into his puckered opening by pushing his hips back.

Chakotay smiled, Tom's movements were becoming more frantic as his fingers were finding his Tom's 'sweet spot'.

Knowing Tom was ready; Chakotay quickly rubbed more lube on his thick shaft before he slowly pushed the throbbing cock into the sweet, hot opening waiting in front of him. He couldn't keep the feeling of such pleasure escaping his lips as he felt the muscles in the velvet soft tunnel swallow his thick shaft.

Tom screamed in delight at the feeling of his lover hitting his special spot while constantly moaning. The feeling of such ecstasy couldn't be kept back any longer, "Aaaaaah ... aaaahhhh ... faster ... Tay ... faster," he finally gasped out between breathes.

Chakotay leaned over the pale sweat slicked body of his lover, laying kisses across his shoulders and down his back, "Love you Tom. You're mine and I'll love you always."

Chakotay's thrusts had started out slow and gentle, but were quickly turning harder and faster. His passion growing as he filled his lover as his balls slapped against Tom's perfectly round and firm ass. He continued to pound into his lover over and over as he reached around the slim waist and grasped the raging cock that had been ignored until now.

Chakotay started his rhythm. Stroking his hands up and down his lover's achingly hot shaft while he pistoned his own heat in and out of Tom's sweet ass, causing his young lover to cry out in such bliss as he was repeatedly filled.

The thrusts became faster and faster as both men neared the edge. Tom came first, exploding over his lover’s hand, still fisting his long shaft.

Chakotay could sense the muscles surrounding his aching cock tighten around his thick heat and it sent him over the edge with Tom, screaming his young lover’s name.

Silence filled the room as the two lovers began to slowly come down from the passionate loving and begin to catch their breath. Still connected in one of the most intimate ways possible. Chakotay leaned over and kissed his lover, his arms still around his waist, holding him tight not wanting to ever let go.

Both lovers enjoyed this part of their love making nearly as much as the act of making love itself. Having made love but still having the feeling of connection and fullness, to still have the ultimate feeling of intimacy with each other. Their love for the other radiating of their bodies. For Tom, this was especially important, for love was not something he had much of growing up.

As Chakotay slowly pulled from his lover, the sudden empty feeling nearly caused Tom to whimper. Chakotay turned his lover around and pulled the glistening, sweat covered body to him. Looking deep into the most magnificent set of blue eyes, "I Love You Tom, with all that I am. Marry me. Be not only my lover, confidant and best friend for the rest of my life, be by husband".

Tom was stunned. He couldn't believe it. He knew his Tay loved him, but having never really been loved before, a part of him was always waiting for Chakotay to leave. He couldn't hold the tears back as he choked out his answer,"Y..y..yes, Tay, God yes, I'll marry you. I'd be honored to marry you and be your husband," as he pulled Chakotay to him, "God I love you so much, you don't know how happy you've made me."

Chakotay wrapped his arms tighter around his husband-to-be as said, "I Love you to Tom, for the rest of my life."

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