The Dark Prince by Stormraven23
Summary: The dark handsome Prince Chakotay rescues a young man from the executioner
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Part 1 by Stormraven23

Author: Stormraven23

Series: VOY

Codes: C/P

Part: 1/? Work in progress

Rating: NC-17

Archive: Wherever just leave the credit please and let

me know where.

Summary: The dark handsome Prince Chakotay rescues a

young man from the executioner’s axe by the name of

Tom Paris who is accused of murdering his father.

Feedback: Very Much Appreciated and would like to get

a lot of.

Disclaimer: They belong to Paramount and I just take

them out for playtime and than put them back although

sometimes I keep them over night. No monetary gain


He was sentenced to die and waited on the execution

block waiting for the axe to fall and he could be at

peace. The sun glistened off his golden hair matted

with sweat, fear and acceptance of his fate. With

brilliant blue eyes, his gaze swept across the skyline

for one last look at a cruel but beautiful world in

his life. Lying his head down on the block, he failed

to notice a dark handsome prince riding by on his

black stallion watching the proceedings.

The prince gestured for his manservant to find out

about the golden man on the block. His cock stirred

into life as he gazed on the golden vision in front of

him. Whatever his crime was, the prince was sure that

his punishment could be commuted into serving at his

personal slave. It had been a long time since someone

had stirred his interest for the bedchamber.

The manservant came back and reported to the prince.

“This one is sentenced to die for the death of his

father, my Lord. He confessed when they found him

bending over his father’s body still holding the knife

in his hand. The man has not said a word since they

found him and that he accepted his fate without any


“Well they are about to hear some fuss now, Bilo. I

want that golden man for myself and I intend to have

him,” The Dark Prince informed his manservant and made

the stallion walk over to the executioner.

His approach to the gallows halted the proceedings and

all bowed as they recognized their Lord and future

King. The golden man simply did not care nor did he

bow. ‘Fuck you all,’ he thought and felt a tear slide

down his beautiful face.

“I wish this one for myself, Head Executioner,” Dark

Prince informed the man in the mask, knowing he would

be obeyed.

“My Lord, he is a murderer,” the masked man objected.

“I don’t think he did it and I will do my own

investigation of this crime. For now, he is to be

released into my care as my personal slave and I will

do with him as I see fit. Any more objections,” The

Prince asked loudly for all to hear and listened for

any complaints. There were none.

The golden blonde was helped to his feet and his hands

cuffed in front of him while he was led to the

Prince’s horse. Reaching down, the Prince grabbed the

end of the chain and fastened it to his saddle so the

young man could follow his new master. Dull blue eyes

glanced up from under the mat of stringy blond hair at

the dark man in the saddle and wondered what would

happen to him now.

“What is your name, my golden one?” The Dark Prince

asked as he urged the stallion forward at a sedate

walk so the young man could keep up with the muscle

bound horse.

“Tom. Tom Paris, sir.” The young man stammered out

still in shock at this sudden change of fortune and

peeked up at his rescuer from under his shock of

matted and stringy golden hair suddenly aware of how

dirty he was. ‘What did this prince want with him?’ he


“Tom Paris. Your father is Lord Paris, is he not?” The

Prince was aware of the scrutiny the younger man was

giving him.

“Was, sir. He is dead and they say it was by my hand,”

he rubbed his raw wrists under the metal bands while

wishing for a drink of water. It had been two days

since he had had any food or liquid of any kind.

“Why do they say that?” His curiosity was up and he

admired the young man’s firm ass from what he could

see of it through the ripped and torn clothes.

“When I got home from the banquet, I found my father

in the study stabbed to death and I was pulling the

knife out of his chest when the local magistrate found

me. They said it was an open and shut case and that I

murdered my father. I swear I didn’t do it, sir. I

swear,” Fresh tears ran down his dirt stained face

while blue eyes gazed pleading at the Prince.

“I already said I would do some investigating of my

own. Meanwhile, you are going home with me and be my

personal body slave for the time being. I have a

hankering for long legged blondes and I believe I am

going to enjoy you for a long time to come,” He leered

at the young man who blushed when he realized what the

Prince wanted from him.

“Sir, I am a ladies man,” he protested and began to

pull on his chains in a vain attempt to get away. “I

do not go with other men, sir.”

“Whoa,” the Prince told the horse who stood still

while his man Bilo came forward to hold him.

Dismounting, the Dark Prince pulled on the chain and

brought the young man up even with him. Tom continued

to try and get away, his wrists were bleeding now and

he let out a small whimper when the Prince caught his

wrists in a strong grip.

“Where do you think you are going, my golden boy,” he

pulled the young man into his arms and studied the

frightened face under the mat of hair. “So beautiful.”

“Please,” Tom heard himself beg. He realized that he

was a couple of inches taller than his captor was, but

the Prince was a big stocky man packed full of muscle.

The intense dark eyes caught his sky blue eyes and

held them mesmerized with Tom finding his will to get

away fading.

The Prince was handsome with his short black hair,

broad shoulders and the curious tattoo on the left

side of his forehead. His full lips drew Tom’s

attention and for a brief moment wondered what it

would be like to be kissed by them. Remembering who he

was he started to struggle against his captor but the

arms were too strong and he was weakened by lack of

food, drink and hardly any sleep. Easily, he was held

until he collapsed exhausted by his struggles.

Smiling, the Prince leaned over the slim man and

kissed him on the lips enjoying the sweet sensations

the pink lips were giving him. Tom whimpered in his

throat when his tears were kissed away softly and a

gloved hand rubbed the back of his neck in an attempt

to soothe him. His knees were threatening to give way

under the assault on his senses.

“Please,” Tom pleaded as he placed his restrained

wrists on the Prince’s chest in a vain attempt to stop

the burly man.

“Why, when you know it will be so good between us.

However, I will indulge you this one time, but heed

me, young Tom, in the future what I want you will give

me no questions or hesitation on your part or there

will be punishment,” the Prince warned as he swung

back into the saddle and started off without looking

back. Tom trotted along very confused by his feelings

stirring for the big dark man.

When the sun started to set, they arrived at the

castle where the Prince resided with his father the

King and the court came out to greet him. Bilo took

charge of Tom while the Prince went inside to supper

with his parents.

Bilo guided the young man to the baths in the back of

the castle so he could get cleaned up and into new

clothes. Much to Tom’s surprise his clothes were

gently removed and he was placed in a tub of hot water

and washed to within an inch of his life inside and

out. He had never been scrubbed so much in his life

and was dried just as thoroughly with soft cloths. His

hair was washed, dried, brushed and pulled back with a

soft leather tie.

New chains were fastened to his wrists and Bilo than

made him bend over so he could inspect the new

territory that the Prince would be conquering tonight.

Tom felt completely humiliated and blushed at the

scrutiny that his asshole was receiving. A cool draft

on his pink puckered opening had him shivering at the

thought of what was going to happen to him when the

Prince got hold of him.

“What was that for?” he demanded to know when he was

allowed upright again.

“The inspection was to make sure you are not diseased

in any way that could harm the Prince,” Bilo said as a

matter of fact.

“Does the Prince have a name? No one has bothered to

tell me anything about him,” Tom demanded as his anger

started to surface from his treatment and his terror

receded for a brief moment..

“He is Prince Chakotay and the next king of the land,

young one. So you would do well to watch yourself

before you end up on the block again. If you behave

and do as the prince wants you will lack for nothing.

If you misbehave, you will suffer the consequences of

your actions,” Bilo warned him as he helped him into a

light soft blue tunic that matched his eyes.

“I see. Do I have any say in my life anymore?” Tom

asked curious.

“No. You now belong totally to the Prince, body, heart

and soul. It will be up to him whether you will gain

your freedom or not, Tom,” Bilo led the young man out

of the baths and up several flights of stairs to the

apartments of Prince Chakotay. “Even if you are found

innocence of your father’s murder, the Prince may

decide to keep you if you please him. Than again by

the time he teaches you what he wants you to know you

may decide to stay at his side of your own accord.”

“I can’t do this,” Tom was frightened again wishing

this just a nightmare and he would wake up to find his

father alive and well and he was safe and sound back

at the Paris estates.

“Tough,” Bilo said and pushed the man into the

apartment. “You belong to the Prince.”
Part 2 by Stormraven23

Author: Stormraven23

Series: VOY

Codes: C/P

Part: 2/? Work in progress

Rating: NC-17

Archive: Wherever just leave the credit please and let

me know where.

Summary: The dark handsome Prince Chakotay rescues a

young man from the executioner’s axe by the name of

Tom Paris who is accused of murdering his father.

Feedback: Very Much Appreciated and would like to get

a lot of.

Disclaimer: They belong to Paramount and I just take

them out for playtime and than put them back although

sometimes I keep them over night. No monetary gain


Part Two

Tom found himself in a richly opulent suite styled in

tan and gold, which would show off Prince Chakotay’s

coloring beautifully. He was currently in the day

room, which had a divan, two low tables, three chairs

and a fireplace. There was a serving area on one side

of the day room which had several different drinks to

chose from. Pouring himself a cup of rich red wine, he

explored the rest of the suite while waiting for his

captor trying to find any and all escape routes.

The bed in the master bedroom was a huge four-poster

framed with curtains to ensure maximum privacy and it

was decorated in dark tans and browns. Swallowing

nervously, Tom finished his wine and headed back to

the serving area to pour another drink. Maybe, if he

got drunk enough, he wouldn’t have to remember what

was going to happen to him tonight. He gulped that

glass and quickly poured another starting to feel the

effects of the alcohol in his system.

Chakotay slipped silently into his apartment and found

the young man passed out on the divan from too much

drink. Sighing in disappointment, he signaled for Bilo

to take all of the alcohol out of the rooms and leave

only water and fruit juice. Slinging the young man

over his shoulder, Chakotay took him into his bedroom

where he undressed him and threw him on the bed

watching the long slim body sprawl in a graceless


Pulling some restraints out of a drawer in the

armoire, he chained the pale long limbed body to the

four corners of the bed with fur lined cuffs so he

could not injure himself. Stripping down to his sleep

pants, the Prince crawled into the bed and laid next

to the blonde so he could take his time exploring his

new found toy.

Blunt fingers ran through the red-gold hair on top of

Tom’s head down to his forehead caressing the

aristocratic features to the slender sensual pink

lips. He spent several moments rubbing his thumb back

and forth over the lips reveling in their softness and

very much aware of them begging to be kissed. However,

he would wait until Tom was awake to enjoy the

attention Chakotay was going to give him.

In the early hours of the morning, Tom slowly awakened

to a pounding head and unable to move his limbs. Not

only were his limbs restrained to the bed there a big

bronze body was draped over his naked body with an

obvious erection poking into his inner thigh.

Panicking, Tom tried to get free waking up the Prince

who merely rolled over and lay on his side watching

the young man fight the restraints.

Moments later when he had exhausted himself Tom turned

his tear-ridden eyes to the Prince. “Why?”

“Because I desire you. You stir things in me that no

one has done for the longest time.” Chakotay stroked

the soft cheek wiping the tears away. Tom ducked his

head and closed his eyes in shame as he felt a slight

stab of desire himself towards the man beside him.

“There is nothing to be afraid of, my golden one.”

“My life is spinning out of control. I’m scared. I’m

being held for something I didn’t do. My father is

dead. You are making me feel things I don’t want to

feel or think about and now your telling me not to be

afraid,” Tom’s voice was getting louder and louder

with his hysteria and he started struggling in his

restraints again.

“I have patience, my dear.” Chakotay said as he

yawned. He had stayed up all night admiring this young

man and now he wanted a nap while Tom was learning to

adjust to his new life. Curling up on his side and

ignoring the outbursts of the blonde, Chakotay fell


Tom lay there and listened to sound of Chakotay’s

breathing while he slept taking advantage of the

moment to study his opponent. He was not going to make

it easy for the Prince to take advantage of him.

However, the man was gorgeous with black hair,

handsome face and had a rock hard body to die for.

Where did that come from he wondered to himself

wishing he could move but the restraints kept him

outstretched and at the mercy of the Prince. Plus the

man gave off an intense sex appeal like animal


Looking down at the firm round ass on the Prince, he

found himself staring into a pair of intense dark

chocolate brown eyes fill with wonder, curiosity and

desire framed with long black lashes.

“So beautiful.” A bronze hand came up and caressed his

cheek causing him to flinch in fright. “Don’t be

afraid. I would never hurt you intentionally.

“Please,” Tom cursed himself for begging as fresh

tears fell from his liquid blue eyes. “Please don’t.”

“Why not? I want you and you want me. You just don’t

know how to ask for it yet.” Chakotay said as he moved

his hands up and down the lithe pale body at his

discretion drawing grasps of pleasure from the young


The golden skin excited him and he couldn’t get enough

of it as he lay his entire bronze body on top of the

long lean body in his bed establishing tactile contact

as much as possible. Using both hands to cradle the

golden head gently, Chakotay proceeded to ravish the

pink lips with his own full lips until he had the

young man whimpering with need. Tom looked so

beautiful with his glazed blue eyes and swollen lips

and his body wiggling with passion to be taken by the

dark man above him.

“Please,” Tom found himself begging shamelessly

wiggling his body in invitation.

“Please, what?” Chakotay asked as he lowered his right

hand gently stroked the long pale cock, which was

standing up and pleading for attention.

“Why do I feel like this?” he was confused. His

upbringing told him this was wrong, but what was

feeling so right could still be so wrong according to

the way he was raised in the beliefs of his father’s


“When two people love each other the feelings are

there and the bodies call to each other despite the

gender.” The Prince nipped his way down to the pale

chest beneath him and gently bit the nipples there

causing Tom to lose any more semblance of speech.

Feeling the body arched up under him wiggling an

invitation, Chakotay decided it was time to stop and

forced himself away from the beautiful man beneath


“Don’t leave me like this,” Tom wailed in despair

pulling on the cuffs feeling empty without the man

standing over him.

“You need to eat and regain your strength before I

introduce you to the delights of my bed, Tom,”

Chakotay put his robe on and left him lying there with

fresh tears running down the beauty’s face.

“Did I do something wrong?” Tom asked outloud in the

empty room. No one answered. “Don’t leave me, please.”

In the outer room, Chakotay rang for Bilo and gave him

instructions concerning the young man in his bed.

“I wish for Tom to have food and juice, no alcohol and

something to relax him. Also, I want the best man

possible to investigate Lord Paris’ death, Bilo. Who

do we have for that?”

“Donato the Captain of the Guard is very good with

mysteries sir, shall I ask him?” Bilo advised.

“Yes, please do.” He took a seat at the window and

watched the scenery in front of him. This was his

favorite window with the view of the valley and the

mountains in the background inspiring to do a lot of

his meditation here.

“As for the young man in your bed, may I release him

from the restraints or feed him like a baby,” Bilo let

his distaste at that thought show.

“You may release him, but watch him I have a feeling

he’s a tricky one,” Chakotay smiled remembering the

feeling of that long lean body wiggling underneath him

inviting him to take him. “Also have a selection of

oils and other things available for me when I retire

tonight with my new toy.”

“Yes, sir. Will you be dining in this evening or with

your parents?” Bilo asked as pulled the bell rope to

summon the Prince’s servants.

“With my parents, Bilo. With the campaign coming up, I

won’t get to see them for quite a while.” Chakotay

rose to get ready for dinner with Bilo helping him.

“Very good, sir,” Bilo sighed as he thought of the fun

that young man was going to present when he was

unfastened from the restraints after the Prince left.

He could sense a strong will beneath the surface of

that one and hoped the Prince would not be to badly

hurt if the young man failed to please him.

“Bilo, if he gives you any trouble use the almond

flavored liquid. Some of the ingredients have some

pleasant side effects and will ensure his cooperation

if needed,” Chakotay grinned in anticipation as he

left his suite for dinner with his parents and the

meeting with the military leaders to begin the final

plans for the upcoming military operation.

With two burly servants backing him, Bilo released Tom

from his restraints and let him relieve himself in the

side room provided for that service. Tom was taken to

the baths and cleaned up before going back to the

Prince’s apartment. Bilo saw that he ate decently and

only had water and fruit juice to drink. They didn’t

want the young man to drink himself senseless again.

“Time to return to the bed, young one. The Prince will

be returning soon and wants you ready for him,” Bilo

announced after the supper dishes were cleared away

and they were relaxing in front of the fire.

“No,” Tom said as he jumped up and made a dash for the

door. The two burly servants stopped him and he began

swinging his fists hoping to get away. However, he

still had not regained his full strength and they

easily took him to the bedroom.

“Cooperation is so much easier, Tom,” Bilo admitted as

he approached the now nude golden man with the bottle

of almond flavored liquid in his hand. “Hold him

still.” He commanded the servants.

“I won’t cooperate with you,” he yelled and gave one

last struggle before his strength was gone and he

sagged bonelessly in his captor’s arms.

“Drink this. You will feel better,” he tilted the

bottle into the young man’s mouth and poured a

generous helping of the drink down his throat. There

was a tear in Tom’s eye as he gave in and swallowed

the good tasting liquid.

“I hate you,” he spat as the servants undress him and

placed him on the bed while fastening his arms to the

bedposts once again but left his legs free for the

time being.

“You can hate me all you want as long as you please

the Prince and make him happy, nothing else matters,”

Bilo answered calmly as he waited for the almond oil

to take affect.

“Bastard,” Tom closed his eyes so he didn’t have to

look at the manservant.

Bilo sat in a nearby chair and waited. The effects

were not long in coming as the young man began to move

restlessly against his bounds seeking yet not knowing

what he was trying to find.

“Oh gods!” Tom screamed as a powerful shudder of lust

tore through his body and his cock became hard. “What

is happening to me?” He panted feeling frustrated that

he couldn’t play with his cock and his hips undulating

back and forth looking for some kind of friction to

obtain some kind of release and satisfaction. “Please,

I feel so strange.”

“Now I see what the Prince means,” Bilo remarked as he

watched the young man fight for his self-control only

to lose under the power of the aphrodisiac.

“Please. I’ll do anything you want. Anything.” he was

begging now and his blue eyes were dilated with lust

while lifting his legs in an oblivious invitation.

“Fuck me.”

“Sorry, that pleasure is reserved for the Prince, my

sweet,” Bilo chuckled as he left the room.

Part 3 by Stormraven23

Author: Stormraven23

Series: VOY

Codes: C/P

Part: 3/? Work in progress

Rating: NC-17

Archive: Wherever just leave the credit please and let

me know where.

Summary: The dark handsome Prince Chakotay rescues a

young man from the executioner’s axe by the name of

Tom Paris who is accused of murdering his father.

Feedback: Very Much Appreciated and would like to get

a lot of.

Disclaimer: They belong to Paramount and I just take

them out for playtime and than put them back although

sometimes I keep them over night. No monetary gain


Part Three

Tom felt every minute of helplessness and lust for the

next three hours before the Prince came back. His cock

was so rock hard that it hurt when time passed and

there was no relief for the pressure on his balls. It

was an eternity before Tom felt hands on his body

softly stroking his cock urging him to release to

orgasm so powerful he passed out in relief. Chakotay

smiled at the limp body beneath him. A few sessions

like this and the young man would be eating out of his

hand so to speak.

Releasing the restraints, Chakotay tenderly bathed the

sweat and semen off the pale body kissing the soft

skin with reverence. Tossing the cleaning cloths to

one side, he gathered the golden man into his arms and

went to sleep dreaming of taking him on the campaign

to keep him company on the long cold nights.

In the morning, Tom found himself wrapped around the

Prince with his head resting in the crook of

Chakotay’s shoulder. He tried to move slightly and

found big arms tightening their grip on him and soft

lips kissing the top of his head. His body was

exhausted but strangely alert and every movement was

sensuous sending the intense feelings straight to his


“So beautiful,” Chakotay opened his eyes and regarded

the wary blue eyes gazing at him. “I have waited long

enough for you, Tom. I will make you mine this


Tom felt trapped by the intensity of those dark eyes.


“Roll over, baby and lay on your stomach,” Chakotay

urged him gently.

He rolled over onto his stomach and cradled his head

in his arms trying to keep his panic at bay and fears

from upsetting the Prince. A pair of board hands began

to massage the tight muscles in his shoulders and

slowly he began to relax under the skilled digits.

Nearly in a light doze from relaxing, Tom didn’t

notice as the hands began to drift down his back to

more erotic spots on his body.

Chakotay let hand gently slide down the cleft of the

pale firm butt cheeks until he reached the pink

puckered opening that beckoned. Feeling the muscles

tense up under him, he began to rub Tom’s lower back

to soothe him. “No danger, baby. Just the road to

delight, my golden one.” The bronze man crooned to the

younger man who was shivering in fright.

Blue eyes filled with fear stared at his pleadingly

and yet there was a instant flash of arousal in them

that Chakotay saw and knew with a little coaxing that

arousal could be there for a long time to come.

Reaching for a bottle of oil, he poured a generous

amount down the cleft of Tom’s ass and tenderly

massaged the area around his opening. Glancing up, he

saw Tom’s eyes were closed and his fists were opening

and closing with the tension and his face was stained

with a bright pink flush. Stroking the smooth back,

the muscles gradually relaxed and Tom’s breathing


He slipped his oiled index finger into Tom’s tight

hole and received a small whimper of need as the heat

spread through the younger man of arousal and need.

Keeping the stroking of Tom’s lower back going, he

slowly prepared the younger man until he was up to

four fingers in that lovely pale ass probing and

stretching the tight muscles. Satisfied that the

golden man was ready, Chakotay withdrew his fingers

and liberally coated his long dark cock with oil

letting it tickle between his balls as well.

Slowly he filled Tom’s hot tight channel with his cock

and let him adjust to the fullness in his ass before

departing on a long slow rhythm that him thrashing

mindlessly beneath his big body. Tom had never known

of such pleasure and gave himself over to the

sensations whimpering and groaning out his enjoyment.

Chakotay increased his pace and hit that special spot

sending Tom into his own orbit and coming without

anyone touching him. Within mere moments of that,

Chakotay himself came with a roar collapsing on top of

the younger man.

It was a long while before either one had any strength

to move.


Captain Donato of the King’s Royal Guard rode to the

Paris estates with a small contingent of loyal

soldiers to him to investigate the death of Lord Paris

and the suspect, his own son, Thomas Eugene Paris, who

was now in the custody of the Prince until the

investigation was complete. After hearing the story

from his Prince, Donato was of the same mind that the

young man was innocent, but the real murderer needed

to be found and the motive to the death.

Lord Paris had already been buried by the time Donato

arrived on the estates, but the local magistrate still

had the knife in his possession, which he gratefully

turned over to the Captain of the Guard and relieving

him of the responsibility of finding the killer. The

Captain spent the rest of the day questioning the

staff about the Lord’s only son and the whereabouts of

everyone on the night of the murder.

Bringing the knife with him back to the palace,

Captain Donato had several questions of his own for

young Lord Paris and no one could place him on the

night of his father’s death. Plus his latest fact that

the knife was from Tom’s collection. It didn’t look

good for the young man after all. This was going to

take some thinking on the Captain’s part, but he did

love a good riddle to solve.


Tom glanced shyly at the man asleep beside him and

wondered again how lucky could he get and how things

in your life could change in an instant. If the Prince

had not come for him he would have been dead and

missed out on how wonderful the love of another man

could be. He was hoping the death of his father would

never be solved and he could stay here in Chakotay’s

arms forever. Sighing softly, he fell back to sleep

with a tear running down his cheek.

His dreams started again. Coming home late at night,

no one noticed as he entered the main house from the

side door hoping to reach his bed before his father

found out he was with the neighbor’s daughter again.

Erin was a girl with a body that wouldn’t quit, only

he couldn’t figure out why his father objected to the

two of them marrying. It would combine the estates and

make the Paris family even more powerful in the land.

Creeping down the hall, he noticed the light was on in

his father’s study and peeked in out of curiosity. It

was quiet and there were no sounds of the feather pen

scratching away at the ledgers that his father kept so

meticulously. Entering the room he saw that his

father’s white haired head slumped on the desk with

his face turned to the side and the lips were blue.

Fear drove his feet to his father’s side as he lifted

the body and saw the knife sticking out of his chest

and the blood that pooled on the desk and on the


“Father,” he cried and knew that his beloved father

would never speak to him again. They had been the best

of friends for a long time outside of his choice in

chasing women around the countryside.

He couldn’t bear the thought of that hideous blade in

his father’s chest so he was gently pulling it out

when the magistrate walked in and found him. The shock

of their accusations sent him into shock and he had

stayed that way not noticing the hasty trial and only

vaguely hearing the sentence of his death by axe until

a certain dark haired man with a strange tattoo on his

forehead made him wake up.

“NO!” he screamed and was relieved to find a set of

strong arms holding him safely while he wept for the

loss of his father.

“Shusss, Tom. No one will hurt you. I’m here, beloved.

Go back to sleep. I will keep watch,” Chakotay

couldn’t stand to see the tears from the blue eyes he

was falling in love with and his heart lurched in

response to the younger man’s suffering. He felt Tom

relaxing and going back to sleep holding on to him



In silence they ate dinner and sat on the divan

snuggling and kissing before going to bed. Chakotay

slowly undressed his golden man sliding his hands up

and down the lean body. He loved the soft feel of

Tom’s skin under his hands.

“Tell me you love me,” Chakotay said to the man lying

beneath his stocky body.

A soft voice whispered shyly back, “I love you.”

Hearing that Chakotay removed his own clothes and

started making love to the moaning man beneath him.

When he felt that Tom was ready, he gently prepared

him for entry until it was time to start thrusting

into the warm and flush body. Thrashing under him, Tom

moaned and arching his body each time Chakotay hit

that little special place. He came with a muffled cry

and a moment later he felt Chakotay released his

fluids deep into his lover’s bowels. Pulling Tom into

his arms afterwards, they drifted off to sleep.

Part 4 by Stormraven23

Author: Stormraven23

Series: VOY

Codes: C/P

Part: 4/? Work in progress

Rating: NC-17

Archive: Wherever just leave the credit please and let

me know where.

Summary: The dark handsome Prince Chakotay rescues a

young man from the executioner’s axe by the name of

Tom Paris who is accused of murdering his father.

Feedback: Very Much Appreciated and would like to get

a lot of.

Disclaimer: They belong to Paramount and I just take

them out for playtime and than put them back although

sometimes I keep them over night. No monetary gain


Part Four

Upon his return to the castle, Captain Donato

requested an interview with the Prince and his new

slave he was told to report to the Prince’s apartment

first thing in the morning.

“Wake up, Tom. We’re having company this morning,”

Chakotay whispered in the younger man’s ear and

nuzzled on his neck until the blue eyes opened all

dreamy eyed and contentment.

“Do we have too? I’d rather spend the day in bed with

you,” he whined beautifully and stretched his long

limbs gracefully like a feline sending a chill of lust

down to Chakotay’s groin.

“Sorry, sweet thing. Captain Donato of the Royal Guard

has been investigating your father’s death and has

some questions for you to answer. So get up,” the

Prince was back and Tom knew he had to obey.

“Yes, sir,” he obeyed authority figures automatically

that training his father had instilled that in him as

a young lad and the training stood him in good

standing these days living with the Prince in the

capacity as his body servant.

Getting up, he helped the Prince dress in his good

clothes while he put his own sky blue tunic on along

with a darker pair of leggings. He waited until the

Prince sat down in front of the vanity and began to

brush the long black hair out and plait it into a

single long braid that would lie in the middle of his

back. Than he brushed his straw colored hair and let

it flow free as the Prince like it that way so he

could touch it anytime he wanted too.

Chakotay reached down and drew Tom into his arms and

gave him a deep kiss leaving him shaking with desire.

“Turn around, Tom.” He asked quietly. “I have to do


“What?” Tom was wary, but did as Chakotay asked.

Turning around, the Prince fastened restraints on his

hands leaving him bound. Feeling betrayed, tears

filled his eyes as he looked into the Prince’s dark

eyes questioning these actions. “Why?”

“You are being questioned as a suspect in a murder

case and they would not want you to bolt if guilt is

eating at you,” Chakotay replied kissing Tom until he

needed air and used his hands to try and reassure his

body slave. “This won’t take long at all.”


Tom sat in front of Captain Donato with his beautiful

face full of dread and upset at the first question of

the interview. They were seated in the receiving area

of the suite with the Captain sitting across from

them. Chakotay and Tom were sitting side by side on

with the younger man curled up to the Prince as close

as he could get with big burly arms wrapped lovingly

around him.

“Why did you kill your father, Thomas?” Donato asked

in a cold voice while his brown eyes searched the

young lord’s face for clues to his guilt or innocence.

“I did not kill my father. He was already dead by the

time I got home that night,” he replied. “I was with

someone that night.”

“You have an alibi than. Who were you with, Thomas?”

Donato wanted to know. A collaboration of places and

times could save this young man’s life from the

headman’s axe.

“I can’t say, Captain. It would ruin her reputation,”

Tom was going to defend Erin under a gentleman’s honor

to protect the ladies honor.

“You should tell the Captain, Tom. You can trust him

to be discreet and not ruin the young lady if it will

save your life,” Chakotay said softly suddenly afraid

he might lose this young man and he silently vowed to

do whatever it took to keep Tom with him always.

“If you don’t tell me and we can’t find out who the

real killer is, there is enough evidence to try you

for the murder of Lord Owen Paris,” Donato informed

him in a neutral tone believing the young man’s

innocence, but the laws were a given in this land.

Since Tom was the last one with his father and

actually had the weapon in his hand when found was

enough to get a trial started on a charge of murder

unless the King intervened.

“I can’t. It wouldn’t be right. I have her honor to

think about,” Tom pulled against the restraints that

bound him and tried to escape the arms holding him as

his frustration built up and he started to look for an


“Her honor versus your life, Tom. It’s not that

difficult of a choice,” Chakotay said as he held onto

the struggling young man. “We can always see to it

that she has a good marriage for the right dowry and

no questions asked.”

“That’s not the honorable thing to do, Prince,” Tom

cried out in disbelief and struggled harder to get

away from the man he thought he knew.

“I’ll do what I have to too keep you by my side, Tom.

What did you plan to marry the girl yourself?”

Chakotay asked as he turned Tom to face him searching

for the truth. He saw the look on the Tom’s face and

knew it for a fact. “You did intend to marry her, but

your father didn’t want the wedding. Why?”

“I don’t know. He never told me and I never got the

chance to ask why when he was murdered?” Tom sagged in

his Prince’s arms his fight gone with his head bowed

in defeat.

“What is her name, Tom? We need to clear this matter

up?” Donato asked in a firm voice. “You do her a

disservice if I find out from another source who she

is and the word gets out about you sleeping with her.

Of course, she would be ruined and no one would have

her in marriage than.”

“The Lady Erin Lacey, daughter of Lord Lacey, from our

neighboring estates,” Tom confessed full of weariness

as fresh tears ran down his face. Would this nightmare

never end? “I honestly wanted to marry the Lady Erin,

but now I don’t know.”

“Thank you for your help, Lord Paris. Now if you will

excuse me my lord, I have work to do and not that much

time before the campaign begins,” Captain Donato took

his leave of the lovers who were in intent only on

each other.

Tom was exhausted as he let Chakotay lead him into the

bedroom and laid him down on the bed, he fell into a

deep slumber while the restraints were removed and a

blanket was pulled over his long body.


He was thirsty when he awoke later in the afternoon

and his stomach let him know in no certain terms that

he required nourishment. Twisting in his blanket, he

found himself alone in the room and felt abandoned for

a moment. Raising, he took care of his personal needs

and wandered into the receiving area looking for

something to drink, but all he could find was water

and fruit juice, all the alcohol was gone. Come to

think of it, he hadn’t seen any alcohol since the

first night he had come to stay in the Prince’s suite.

Getting some juice to ease his thirst, he sat on the

chair by the large window and stared off into the

fabulous view thinking.

Chakotay watched the blonde from the darkness of the

doorway silently and was puzzled by the display of

emotions on his beautiful face. Finally with a deep

sigh, Tom stood up and saw his lover watching him.

“Supper is on the way up. Do you want to get cleaned

up, Tom?” Chakotay asked softly as Tom approached him

for a hug. He felt comforted having his arms around

him and could feel the slim body trembling.

“Yes,” Tom answered wearily. “Will I ever stop being

so tired?”

“Once this is cleared up, I suppose you will get your

full health back. The emotional roller coaster ride

that you have been on for the last fortnight is enough

to wear anyone out.” Chakotay kissed the top of his

head. “You can lean on me as long as you want, love. I

will never leave you.”

“Thank you.” Tom nuzzled his neck. “I would like to

get cleaned up for supper.”

“Good. I have some news to share with you over food,”

Chakotay smiled as he let the young man go and got

himself a drink of water from the sideboard.

The servant arrived and set up supper for the couple

and left them alone when the food was served. Tom

picked at his food still upset over naming Erin in his

alibi and how at one time he really had good

intentions of marrying her if his father had allowed

it. It’s amazing how fast your life can change by one

action or decision. Chakotay watched him with solemn

eyes and hoped he would take the news in a good way.

“Tom, you know the campaign season is ready to begin

in a couple of days. I’ve made arrangements for you to

accompany me as my body servant unless you care to

make other arrangements,” Chakotay told him over the

roasted chicken he was tearing apart with his bare


“What kind of arrangements could I make?” Tom asked

wondering where he could go and did he really want to

leave the Prince and the new world he had opened up

for him in the bedroom.

“The prison here in the castle town or the one on Kile

Island. Both have accommodations for suspects,” he

offered knowing Tom would more than likely turn them

both down.

“Prison? You said accommodations!” Tom exclaimed in

anger and slammed his utensils down on the table.

“That is totally unfair. I’m convicted before I even

have a trial.”

“If one has money one can have a fairly comfortable

life in prison, Tom,” Chakotay said flatly ignoring

the outburst.

“Why can’t I just go home until this is all over

with?” He whined as he got up from the table and

headed for the bedroom wanting to think, but he was so

confused these days. Did he really tell the prince

that he loved him? What was he thinking? This whole

situation was fast spinning out of his control.

However, he did know that he did love Erin Lacey and

would gladly make her his wife in a moment despite all

the new things the Prince was showing him and making

him feel. “Father, why did this have to happen now of

all times?” he cried to the heavens for answers to the

questions which could only be answered on his plane of


If he left the Prince, he would simply be exchanging

one prison for another it seemed like from all

accounts. With a heavy sigh of despair, he sank to his

knees and laid his head on his arms off the edge of

the bed and tried to think and go over all the options

and choices available to him. Not many. Prince

Chakotay or one of the two prisons unless Lord Lacey,

Erin’s father took him into his custody. Lord Lacey

had always been favor of the marriage for the two of

them. He wiped the tears from his eyes and set his

resolve to try and get a message to Lord Lacey.

Chakotay watched him from the doorway, knowing that no

matter what Tom decided he would do his best to keep

the slim young man by his side. The more he was with

him, the more he wanted him like a growing addiction.

He wanted to soothe the battered spirit, protect him

and never let anyone ever hurt him again.

Part 5 by Stormraven23

Author: Stormraven23

Series: VOY

Codes: C/P

Part: 5/? Work in progress

Rating: NC-17

Archive: Wherever just leave the credit please and let

me know where.

Summary: The dark handsome Prince Chakotay rescues a

young man from the executioner’s axe by the name of

Tom Paris who is accused of murdering his father.

Feedback: Very Much Appreciated and crave and would

like to get a lot of.

Disclaimer: They belong to Paramount and I just take

them out for playtime and than put them back although

sometimes I keep them over night. No monetary gain


Part Five

Tom couldn’t believe his eyes as he read the reply

from Lord Lacey regarding his request for the Lord to

handle his custody and arrange the subsequent marriage

between him and Lady Erin, his daughter. The message


“With all due respect, young Tom, but I cannot have

you with a sullied reputation around my innocent

daughter. I regret I cannot handle you custody for

you, but Prince Chakotay would be the best guardian

for you at this time. My daughter has another marriage

being arranged for her so do not bother her. She sends

her regrets but knows she must do her duty to the

Lacey family and fortune. Good luck in finding your

father’s killer. Much regrets, Lord Cabal Lacey.”

He went into shock as the impact of the letter and his

last thread of hope vanished in his mind and his eyes

were full of unshed tears.

When Prince Chakotay found him later that day he was

sitting in the corner rocking back and forth in his

misery. The Prince’s heart went out to the younger man

as he glanced at the missive on the floor beside. Tom

glanced up at him with troubled eyes and asked, “Why?

What did I do to make someone hate me so much? Why did

my father have to die?”

The Prince pulled the young Lord up off the floor and

into his big warm arms feeling the trembling racking

the slender body. He held him for the longest time

until Tom was nearly asleep from the emotional roller

coaster that was draining his strength. Lifting him

up, Chakotay took the youngster to bed and just held

him all night stroking, patting and trying to rub the

tension out of his body.

“Please,” Tom whispered as he woke up and started to

nuzzle Chakotay’s bronze neck with his soft lips

causing the older man to moan his pleasure. “Make me

forget about everything.” His need was evident by the

hard cock pressing into Chakotay’s hip as the youth

grew more demanding.

“Easy, baby.” The prince growled as he flipped them

over pinning Tom beneath his bulk. They both gasped as

their erections met through the heavy layers of


Whimpering, Tom arched up into the stocky body wanting

as much skin contact as he could get while the prince

devoured his lips and tongue. Neither heard the door

opening to the suite and the man entering the bedroom

like he belonged there.

A loud cough and a throat being cleared made them jump

apart startled by the figure intruding on their time.

“Your highness,” Bilo found their blushing downright

charming. “Princess Kola is in labor and you wanted to

be informed.”

“Yes, Bilo.” Chakotay pulled himself away from the

temptation with great reluctance. “I’ll be back soon,

baby.” He gave Tom a parting kiss and listened to him

moan as he gave Tom’s cock a parting stroke.

Tom pouted as Chakotay stood in the doorway. “Bilo,

will you take care of Tom for me.” The prince asked as

he left the suite.

“Certainly, your highness,” he muttered with glee and

mischief in his eyes. Tom didn’t like the sound of

Bilo’s voice or the look in his eye meant trouble for



The proud uncle of his new nephew and successor to the

throne behind him returned to his suite to celebrate

with his lover at the crack of dawn. Smiling, he found

Tom waiting for him in the center of his bed.

Bilo had taken care of Tom all right. They had bathed

and cleaned the long pale body and restrained him to

the bed. The manservant had placed a couple of pillows

under Tom’s hips to make him more accessible to his

prince and to keep his cock from touching anything.

Tom was spread-eagle on the bed and ready for Chakotay

as Bilo made sure Tom had spent the night in exquisite

torment. Using the almond favored liquor and a certain

massage oil, Bilo had Tom prepared for his cock and

his undulating hips had kept him awake and suffering

from his own hard cock wanting release.

The kicker was the gag and blindfold on his golden

lover so he could only ride the waves of lust and

frustration while not knowing how much time had

passed. It had made the night feel like forever to his

torment. Tom was nearly mad with the sensations and

didn’t know how much more he could take.

Knowing someone was in the room with him, Tom had long

since lost his inhibitions and was moaning loudly

hoping to have someone ease his suffering while

wiggling his hips and ass enticingly and shamelessly.

Chakotay felt his cock leap to attention at the feast

in front of him and all thoughts of sleep was left

behind as he felt Bilo take his coat and helped him

get undressed. His dark eyes stayed focused on the

body in front of him the whole time. There was a light

sheen of sweat glistening on the long legged blond and

his cock hardened further at the beauty of the man.

“Does this meet with your satisfaction, my Lord?” Bilo

asked knowing the answer all ready from the lustful

look on the Prince’s bronze face.

“Yes, Bilo. Thank-you,” Chakotay said absently to the

manservant as he knelt beside the restless blond who

was moaning even more loudly while pulling restlessly

against his restraints his head whipping back and

forth seeking but not finding, his muscles straining

for some kind of relief.

Chakotay settled in between the long pale legs and Tom

increased his writhing hoping to get some attention

from his lover. Tom could hear the prince’s breathing

but it was his smell, which drove him to a higher

level on intensity. Putting a dark hand on each leg,

he ran his fingers up the legs reveling in touching

the silken skin and the ripple of the muscles. Leaning

over, Chakotay ran his tongue hard from the pale hairy

balls to the weeping purple head of the long pink cock

giving Tom the friction he needed.

Screaming into the gag, Tom came and came shooting his

cum all over his stomach and chest while Chakotay

watched the movements of his body slave. The release

and relief was so great that Tom passed out from the

intensity. While he was out of it, the prince removed

the blindfold and gag so he could see the beautiful

blue eyes and kiss those soft lips he had yearned for

all night. He could never get enough of those lips.

He settled on washing the younger man clean of sweat

and semen while enjoying the feel of the silky skin

beneath him. There was too much temptation and

Chakotay laid claim to his prize.

Tom moaned under his latest kiss and woke up when he

felt the long dark shaft entering his puckered orifice

while Bilo had kept ready for the prince all night. He

felt full and connected to the prince while feeling

out of control as his orgasm built up again. “Please,

take me, your highness, I’ll do anything you want.”

“Do you mean that, Tom?” Chakotay asked as he slowed

his rhythm down and watched the play of emotion on

Tom’s face.

“Don’t stop, please,” Tom was wiggling for all he was

worth as a light sweat broke out on his body. His face

was pink with shame and embarrassment at his actions.

He shamelessly begged, “Anything, please, don’t stop.”

“Do you mean it, Tom? Tell me and I’ll start again

otherwise I can stop and wait.” Chakotay felt a rush

of power knowing his actions were controlling the

amount of pleasure or pain he could give to the young

man under him.

“Yes, I’ll do anything you want, I promise,” Tom said

between clenched teeth fearing he would go mad if

Chakotay didn’t get going again. That bastard Bilo had

made him drink that stuff again while rubbing some

similar all over his body making him feel out of

control. Tom was very much beginning to hate the

manservant of the Prince.

“Thank you, my golden one,” Chakotay slammed home into

Tom’s ass taking him long, hard and lasting quite

awhile while Tom screamed his way to another climax.

Several moments later, the prince groaned loudly and

collapsed on top of the pale body in pure pleasure of

satisfaction and some contentment.


Bilo was summoned to the King’s private chambers,

where the elderly version of his bronze prince


“Your majesty,” the servant bowed deeply and knelt

beside the King’s left knee in supplication.

“How is my son, Bilo?” A large hand rubbed his graying

blond hair in affection. Blue eyes gazed at dark

intense eyes gentle with love.

“Content for the moment, Kolopak. However, the young

one is fighting and will not be easy to tame,” Bilo

reported to his long time lover.

“Mayhap he will prove to be a challenge for my

Chakotay and make him work for that love. At least, we

have similar tastes and longings for blue eyed

blondes.” Kolopak chuckled smiling at Bilo who blushed

even after all these years.

“It would have been easier if the young Lord had not

come home that night and someone else had found the

body like we planned,” Bilo admitted. It was the first

time he had made such a mistake in the service of his

king and lover.

“I don’t blame you, Bilo. If Paris had been more

cooperative, he would still be alive and young Paris

would still have his father," Kolopak was still upset

over the incident. “I trust the Lacey’s are taken care


“Yes, my lord,” he kissed the palm of his king’s hand.

“The marriage of Erin Lacey to the prince’s cousin

will more than make up for the lose of the Paris

estates to Lord Lacey’s credit.”

“Join me,” Kolopak led his lover over to the bed.

“Always my love.”


Prince Chakotay and Tom Paris sat in their receiving

area talking with Captain Donato once again regarding

the death of Lord Owen Paris. Tom was not restrained

this time, but the Prince had his arms around the slim


“The investigation is at an stand still, your

highness. There have been few clues and vurtially no

witnesses to the murder and Lady Erin has verified

young Tom’s alibi,” Donato reported nervously.

“What happens to me now?” Tom asked unsure of his

future. He would now always have the stigma of his

father’s murder hanging over his head no matter where

he went. He was still greatly disappointed of Lord

Lacey’s desertion and Erin’s regrets and new marriage.

“I have to make a report and it will be in the king’s

hands. He will make the final determination,” the

Captain felt bad for the young man, but knew the

Prince could give him a good life if he would let him.

Donato could see that the Prince was head over heels

in love with young Paris.

“I’ll take care of you, Tom,” Chakotay said hoping Tom

would believe him. “Don’t worry about a thing, baby.

If you let me, I’ll always take care of you.” That’s

when the Prince knew himself he was in over his head

with the blond in his arms.

“Thank you for all that you did, Captain,” Tom said

softly realizing his future rested in the hands of the

King, the father of his lover and captor.

“I wish I could have done more, young one. Will you be

joining the Prince on the campaign?” Donato asked

hoping for a chance to get to know Tom Paris.

“I don’t know,” Tom stammered and turned to Chakotay

for help. He looked into a pair of soft dark brown

eyes full of love, care and felt his own heart thaw a

little. ‘Oh, shit, he was beginning to feel like he

was in over his head and didn’t know which way to swim

against the current.’

“Please,” Chakotay asked and kissed the tip of his

nose while gently hugging Tom.

“Won’t it depend on what your father says?” Tom asked

with concern.

The Prince signed and leaned his head on Tom’s

shoulder; “I suppose so.”

There was a knock at the door.

“I’ll let them in. I have to go anyway,” Donato said

as he stood up.

“Thank you, Captain,” Chakotay said.


The King wanted to talk to his son regarding young

Lord Paris. Chakotay was a bit apprehensive as he

entered his father’s rooms and found him waiting for


“Have a seat, my son,” Kolopak noticed his son’s

nervousness as he sat his stocky body down.

“Father,” Chakotay intoned hoping his father wouldn’t

notice his fearfulness over the possibility of losing

Tom to prison or the headman’s ax. He just couldn’t

bear it if that happened.

“I wanted to talk to you about Tom Paris, my son,” the

King could see the tension in the broad shoulders and

the worry lines around his eyes.

“What’s going to happen to him?” He burst out.

“That will depend on Captain Donato’s report and what

I learn from you, Chakotay,” said Kolopak as his son

finally let his eyes meet his father’s dark eyes.

“What do you wish to know, father?” His father’s eyes

held only love and concern and there was no

condemnation anywhere.

“Do you love him, Chakotay?” The voice was caring to

his ears, as he blushed hard enough to see against his

dark skin to tell.

“Yes, I do.” Chakotay admitted as his heart started to

pound in fear.

“I see.”

“Are you going to take him away from me?” Chakotay’s

fear was increasing over the blond.

“I don’t know. I’ll let you know what is going to

happen to young Paris after I’ve spoken with Captain

Donato. But I believe he can stay in you custody for

the time being,” Kolopak was realizing how scared his

son was of losing the young lord.

“Thank you, father,” Chakotay kissed his father’s hand

in relief and hurried back to his suite to make sure

for himself that Tom was still there.

Tom was waiting for Chakotay in the day room. “Do you

require anything, my lord?” Tom asked seemingly

resigned to be the Prince’s body slave once again.

“Just the pleasure of your company, Tom,” Chakotay

said quietly as he gathered the young man in his arms.

“We leave on campaign tomorrow and you will go along

with me. Father will have to send word on your

disposition with a courier.” The Prince grinned at the

sudden plan.

Tom sighed and leaned into the big man.

Part 6 by Stormraven23

Author: Stormraven23

Series: VOY

Codes: C/P

Part: 6/? Work in progress

Rating: NC-17

Archive: Wherever just leave the credit please and let

me know where.

Summary: The dark handsome Prince Chakotay rescues a

young man from the executioner’s axe by the name of

Tom Paris who is accused of murdering his father.

Feedback: Very Much Appreciated and would like to get

a lot of.

Disclaimer: They belong to Paramount and I just take

them out for playtime and than put them back although

sometimes I keep them over night. No monetary gain


Part Six

‘This campaign business is not for me,’ Tom complained

to himself for who knows how many times in the last

few weeks. He was dead tired, but still kept going as

he mended a leather jerkin for the Prince while

sitting in the shade of the tent during the late

afternoon. The chain around his ankle attached to the

center pole was a painful reminder of his first night

on the campaign trail.

On the first night on the road, Tom had been left

alone in Prince Chakotay’s tent adjacent to the

command tent. Chakotay was in a strategy meeting and

expected to be up quite late so he told Tom not to

wait up for him. After the prince had left, Tom had

grabbed a few items made a dash for freedom, had been

caught and was not kept chained in the Prince’s tent.

“I was hoping to be able to trust you, Tom,” Chakotay

had said quietly while watching the blacksmith attach

the anklet to Tom’s left ankle along with a length of

sturdy chain.

The final blow to Tom’s stubborn defiant mood and

fašade was when the tears of disappointment had fallen

from those soft dark brown eyes. “I’m very

disappointed, Tom,” Prince Chakotay said as he walked

away and disappeared into the command tent.

Chakotay’s remark shattered his defiant spirit and

made him feel lower than the bugs crawling under his

feet. Feeling ashamed of himself for putting the hurt

look on the Prince’s face, Tom crawled into his

bedroll and cried himself to sleep. He didn’t hear the

blacksmith fasten the chain to the center pole of the

tent and leave shaking his head at the foolishness of

the young Lord.

Dark eyes that were once filled with desire had turned

into cold black eyes full of disdain as he was led

away the next morning to have his custody remanded

over to the head cook. Under the head cook’s

supervision, Tom spent the following two weeks

miserably peeling roots, scrubbing the big black iron

kettles, tending fires and every other menial task the

cook could come up with.

During travel time his chain was fastened to the back

of the wagon and he was made to walk from before dawn

after a cold breakfast was served till the caravan

stopped for the night. The cook would give Tom at

least a few minutes to himself to tend to his personal

needs and than off to work with the food until late at

night. Only when the wagon was repacked for travel the

next day was Tom allowed to crawl under the wagon for

some much-needed sleep.

One week into his cooking detail, Tom overheard the

conversation that rocked him to his foundations. He

was under the wagon trying to sleep when a couple of

the Royal Guards wandered near unaware he was under

the wagon. Holding his breath, he listened in

astonishment at the words about the Prince and


“What will happen to young Paris if he continues to

reject the Prince?” the tall guard asked in concern

for his Prince.

“Most likely he’ll end up on Kile Island prison while

they try one of the cousins, Kato,” the shorter guard

remarked in anger. “Lord Paris should have told his

son about this instead of keeping him in the dark.”

“Why did he do that? He was aware that Tom was most

likely to be picked,” Kato mused. “I mean most of the

cousins are not half as good as Tom is for Prince


“Who knows? No one will ever know since Lord Paris is

now dead and his son is highly suspected it of doing

the evil deed. Also who knows what was going through

young Paris’ mind that night in question,” Shorty

said. “There has always been a Paris companion to the

Prince or King going back many generations to help

keep the rage under control.”

“Sounds like Paris could have a very good thing for

himself if he thought about it the right way. I mean

the Prince has been miserable these last few days,”

Kato commented. “He has it bad for the Paris kid. It

was the other way around when Bilo came to court for

Kolopak. They hit if off right away with no trouble at


The two guards moved away leaving a stunned Tom Paris

behind trying desperately to put all the facts

together. Sleep eluded him as his mind started to put

the pieces of the puzzle together.

That he was more than likely to have been picked as a

companion to Prince Chakotay. Paris companions have

been around going back several generations-the Paris

males who went into service to the throne.

‘More like whores to the throne. Where was the fucking

honor in that?’ Tom decided to fight harder against

becoming a pawn in the Royal politics. He was going to

have to bide his time, let the Prince think he had

capitulated and make his escape to parts unknown. Let

the Prince have one of his cousins, no good,

money-freeloaders as his father had called them.

A soft sob escaped him as he realized how much he

missed the gruff old man with a little resentment as

to why he had never been told about the Paris

companions. Just before dawn, he fell into a troubled



Chakotay felt cold inside while his blood raged on the

battlefield against the raiders. Every fall, the Royal

family sent out the military to guard the southern

borders from the raiders. This year there were more

than usual and there were frequent pitched battles,

which the Dark Prince was enjoying way too much.

His advisors feared that the rage would come on and

his Royal Highness would become unmanageable. Chakotay

would call for a bottle of the finest red wine to be

brought to him each night drinking himself to sleep.

The prince’s temper grew shorter and shorter with each

passing day and finally Captain Donato was called to

intervene before the Prince went on a rampage.

Turning his unit over to his second in command, Donato

started staying with the Prince keeping the bronze man

on an even keel. Each night, Chakotay’s pain-filled

eyes would find the kitchen tent looking for a blond

head by the cooking fire. It hurt the Captain to see

his future King in pain and decided to have a talk

with the young Lord.

When Chakotay fell asleep, Donato wiped the tears off

of the grief stricken face and pulled the bed covers

over the stocky body. He felt the pain of his Prince

as he smoothed the raven black hair back from his


“Tom,” he whispered hopefully in his sleep. “Please.”

Scowling, Donato left the tent.


Tom jumped awake when he felt a foot kicking him under

the wagon along with an angry voice that sounded

familiar to his sleep-laden mind.

“Get up, you little worm. If it wasn’t for Prince

Chakotay, I would escort you to Kile Island myself.”

Donato got angry when the young man came up from his

bedroll with defiance and bitterness in his stance.

His face was unreadable.

“I wish I was at Kile Island instead of here playing

whore to the Prince,” Tom figured he had nothing to

lose at this point as he glared at the Captain of the


Tom’s anger at the entire situation had left him

unprepared for the gloved hand that slapped him to the

ground spitting out blood from a split lip and cut

cheek. His anger propelled him to bounce back up only

to have a fist in his gut put him retching in the


“One week at Kile Island will show you what a true

whore is as you use your pretty face and ass just to

stay alive. Why is it so hard for you to understand a

simple concept?” Donato asked vehemently as he hauled

Tom back to his feet. “It is a simple duty to your

kingdom and the throne."”

“Then you do it if it means so much to you, bastard,”

Tom spat bloody foam in the Captain’s face in pure


“I would do it in a heartbeat since I love the Prince

that way and always have, Tom. Only two things keep me

from it,” Donato confessed as he dropped the blond to

the ground.

“What’s that?” His anger left him at the sudden

confession from the Captain.

Donato ducked his head, “I am not a Paris and the

Prince is not in love with me as I am not a blue eyed

blond. No matter what I would even do the Prince has

his heart set on you and I think you would be a total

fool to break his great heart.”

“I didn’t ask for any for any of this, Captain,” Tom

didn’t believe him as his voice grew icy again and he

crawled under the wagon into his bedroll.

“I use to think you were a smart man, Paris. Now I see

a fool about to meet his own worst enemy.” Donato

remarked with a twinge of envy. “Chakotay would have

given you the world for just a little bit of love from


The Captain spat his contempt turned on his heel and

left Tom to his misery.

As Tom tossed restlessly hoping for some sleep, he

tried to remember Erin Lacey’s hazel eyes and red

hair, instead a pair of deep dark brown eyes framed by

raven black hair tormented what little shut eye he got

that night. Eyes that were filled with a soft love and

concern for him only to turn cold when he tried to run



“What are you looking at?” A very hung over Chakotay

opened his bleary eyes the next morning only to find

Donato waiting for him.

“A drunk pretending to be a Prince of the Realm. Why

haven’t you made sure this whole situation was

explained to Thomas so that he understood what was

going on after you rescued him from the headsman axe?”

Donato asked for an explanation sure that Thomas was

so confused that he didn’t know what to expect or how

to handle this whole situation.

“I was waiting for the King’s judgement, Donato,” the

Prince snapped as he groaned into his hands with his

head. “I was hoping he would feel something for me at

that would make him stay of his own choice.”

“Sounds like you both need a good long talk with each

other and be honest. And be sure that you tell Tom

everything,” Donato advised.

“I’ll take it under consideration after I’m alive once

again,” Chakotay snorted.


Kato and Shorty were assigned to bring Tom back to the

Prince’s tent for service at the end of his second

week. They made sure that he was bathed and put on

fresh clothes. After checking to make sure the ankle

chain was fastened to the center post, he was left

alone in the tent wondering what to do. His bedroll

looked inviting and he decided it would be a good time

to catch up on his sleep and deal with other things


Chakotay found the young man still asleep when he

entered the tent that evening.

Tom was regulated to doing menial chores and body

duties for the prince, but the dark man never laid a

hand on Tom. He only spoke to him regarding his duties

and nothing more.


Four weeks later,

The King’s Courier arrived on his lathered steed

dismounted and handed the message pouch to Captain


Tom breathed a sigh of relief knowing that it would

finished one way or another once the missive was read.

Part 7 by Stormraven23

Author: Stormraven23

Series: VOY

Codes: C/P

Part: 7/7

Rating: NC-17

Archive: Wherever just leave the credit please and let

me know where.

Summary: The dark handsome Prince Chakotay rescues a

young man from the executioner’s axe by the name of

Tom Paris who is accused of murdering his father.

Feedback: Very Much Appreciated and would like to get

a lot of.

Disclaimer: They belong to Paramount and I just take

them out for playtime and than put them back although

sometimes I keep them over night. No monetary gain


Part Seven

With shaking hands, Chakotay broke open the seal on

the missive and read the words from his father, King


“By order of the Throne of the Maquis,

If the following conditions are met and agreed upon,

Lord Thomas Eugene Paris will be granted a conditional

pardon pending the further investigation into the

death of his natural father, Lord Owen Robert Paris.

Lord Thomas Paris will marry the Lady Mauve of the

King’s choosing to keep the Paris name going and to

sire a new companion for the Prince’s nephew whom will

follow Prince Chakotay as successor to the throne.

An administrator, a schooled manager by the name of

Ben Sisko, has been appointed by the throne to oversee

the Paris estates and will report directly to the

Crown. Lord Paris will receive an income as befitting

his station as a Lord of the Realm. Lord Thomas Paris

will remain as Prince Chakotay'’ body slave and

companion for as long as the Prince sees fit. His

release or status upgraded to purely companion may be

gained on how well he serves and pleases the Crown

Prince Chakotay and his future king.

Lady Mauve will be available at court for Lord Paris

to have relations with once a day until she is

confirmed as carrying a Paris child. Afterwards, Lady

Mauve will retire to the Paris estates to deliver and

raise the child. After the child is one year old, Lady

Mauve will return to court to be gotten with child by

Lord Paris once again. This process will continue for

as long as she can bear children.

Lord Thomas Eugene Paris will take up the call to

service for the glory of the Kingdom and dedicate his

life to Prince Chakotay as a Paris Companion as many

have done through the years to continue the legacy.

Since the murderer of Lord Owen Robert Paris has

apparently vanished and to keep the Paris name in good

standing since all remaining suspicions will likely

fall upon young Paris, thus he will remain in

servitude to the throne for the rest of his natural

life. This stain will be a blot on the family name and

reputation, but should be forgotten in a generation or


If Lord Thomas Eugene Paris cannot accept these terms

for his conditional release, he will be remanded to

Kile Island Prison immediately and all conditions will

be revoked while the Crown will dispose of the Paris

line and property as it see fits.

Kolopak Rexus”


Chakotay looked at Tom whose face was so pale that the

prince feared the young man might faint. As Donato

reached for Tom, his legs gave out and he sat down

hard on the ground of the tent, tears threatening to

fall at any moment.

“I’m trapped no matter which way I choose,” Tom gave

in to the despair in his heart and mind as numbness

filled him.

Chakotay stared at Tom for a moment and realized that

the youngster needed time to absorb the information.

He motioned for the Captain to follow him out of the

tent so they could give Tom some space. Tom did not

even notice that they were gone as his mind churned.

His life was not his own and apparently never had

been. Certainly, his father had never even warned him

that this could happen and now he was angry with him

over that. Tom laughed bitterly over his choices,

Chakotay or Kile Island. Some choice, he was trapped

no matter which way he decided to choose. Slowly, he

crawled into his bedroll feeling sick to his stomach.

The sound of horses stopping caught Chakotay and

Donato’s attention as they turned to see the latest

guests arrive at the camp. To the surprise of the

Prince, it was his manservant, Bilo, accompanied by an

escort of six Royal Guards. The men glanced at each

other at this unexpected surprise since Bilo had never

been know to go anywhere near the battlefield even

back in King Kolopak’s fighting days.

Dismounting, Bilo knelt in front of the bronze man,

“My Prince. Forgive me for the intrusion, but I need

to speak to Lord Tom Paris.”

“Regarding what?” Chakotay felt a chill go down his

back as he looked into blue eyes that seemed familiar

and the facial features now that he thought about it.

“Family business, my Prince.” Bilo refused to say


“Don’t hurt him,” cautioned his future king as he

gestured for the manservant to rise.

“Thank you, my lord.” Bilo mused at the play of

emotions crossing Chakotay’s face. The Prince was

highly curious as to his business with young Paris. “I

have no intentions of hurting him, only passing on

some information regarding his status. I assume you

received the missive from your father, the King.”

“Yes, we just gave the news to Tom a little while ago.

He’s not taking it very well,” Donato said as he felt

the tension rising between the two.

“I shall talk to him now, if you will excuse me,” Bilo

dropped his gaze at the cold stare of his prince. The

man scurried away into the tent.

“Something is up, Donato,” remarked the Prince to the

Captain of the Guard, his sixth sense warning him that

his manservant was no longer to be trusted. “When he’s

done talking to Tom, I want him sent back to my father

with a fresh set of guards.”

“Yes, sir,” Donato flashed him a wide smile and walked

away chuckling under his breath. This could prove to

be fun.


Hands pulled him roughly out of his bedroll and he

blinked in sudden confusion stumbling to his feet.

“Get up, you stupid asshole.” A familiar voice made

his eyes open in shock at the sneer on Bilo’s face.

“What do you want?” Tom didn’t understand why Bilo was

here when it was his job to care for the Prince here

on the field. Besides, his mind was still reeling from

the King’s missive.

“To talk some sense into you, nephew,” Bilo smiled as

realization dawned in Tom’s sky blue eyes as he tried

to pull out of the older man’s grip, but Bilo held

onto him easily.

“Uncle…Uncle Bill?” he relaxed in the grip and looked

closer at the older man. “You’re the Paris companion

for King Kolopak?”

“Yes, I am Bill Lowell Paris, brother to your father,

Owen Robert Paris,” Bilo said calmly. “I used to visit

you when you were a little boy before your father

forbade any further visits.”

Memories of a tall blond man, presents and stories

visiting him in the nursery as a small boy. Warm

gentle memories of a man who had no hesitation about

playing in the dirt or playing at whatever game he was

asked too. His favorite times were of being held in

the big strong arms while Uncle Bill told him stories

of the King, his son the Prince and service to the


“But…why did you…stop visiting?” Tom wanted to know as

Bilo sat him in a chair and poured him a glass of

wine. Two shocks in one day were taking its toll on

the young man.

“Owen heard me telling you stories of the Paris

companions and sent me away. He banned me from ever

seeing you again." Bilo handed him the wine and poured

himself one. “Only it was too late, the King had

approved my choice of you for his son, Chakotay.

Needless to say, we had to wait till you were of age

to arrange for you to be taken by the Prince.”

“Why me and not one of the cousins?” Tom took a big

gulp of wine nearly spilling it with his trembling


“None of them were good enough to be a Paris companion

like you. You fit the qualities the throne looks for

with your honesty, goodness and willingness to serve,”

Bilo remarked as he took a swallow of his own cup

aware that Chakotay was nearby and he needed Tom to be

aware of his upcoming responsibilities. The Prince

needed Tom since he was so fixated on him to keep the

rage under control that plagued the Maquis Royal line.

“Bullshit,” Tom snorted.

“Believe me, you are more than worthy. Owen was mostly

mad because I got picked and he didn’t. He wanted to

be in service for as long as I can remember as

children where as I wanted to run the estates and be a

manager. Shall I tell you the story of Maquis and the

Paris’, Tom?” Bilo sat back in the chair and watched

Tom’s interest perk up with the lifting of his

eyebrows. He seemed calmer and more in control of

himself as he nodded yes to the question.

Bilo began:

“About fourteen or fifteen generations ago, the Maquis

line came to power over the throne becoming the new

Royal blood in our Kingdom. At the same time, the

Paris family were moving up in the ranks and starting

to become noticed by the upper echelons for their

military and administrative abilities.” He paused to

refill their glasses with some more wine. Tom’s head

began to buzz a little bit. “Within the next

generation, it was becoming apparent that there was

something wrong with the male Maquis in power. They

had been fighting for so long that the rage of battle

had become part of their nature. Since we were at

peace, the rage had nowhere to go or be diverted into

something else. The first Maquis King turned his rage

on his wife and killed her. What made it really bad

was that she was also pregnant with an unborn

daughter. Everyone agreed that something had to be


“Good Lord,” Tom sputtered. “What did they do?”

“They covered up the fact that the King had killed his

wife by saying she had had an accident. It wouldn’t

look good for the new King to be deemed a murderer and

mar the Maquis name. No one ever found out and it

became part of the Paris companion history. The Paris’

during this time were starting to attend court when

the King noticed Passer Paris.”

“Now the Maquis are very lusty lovers and they love

both men and women. King Kotapak soon had Passer as

his lover and for some reason seem to settle down

while Passer was at his side. In the meantime, another

wife was found for the King and they had three

children to continue the line. When the King felt his

rage coming on, he became focused on Passer staying

settled down. That was the start of the Paris


“As the generations passed it was found that having a

Paris nearby whether as a lover or not has kept the

rage at bay. Mainly, we advise, sooth and comfort the

King or Prince and sometimes we have become the power

behind the throne.” Bilo paused to wet his dry throat

with the rich red wine.

“Talk about being a fancy whore to the throne,” smart

mouth Tom said in disbelief. “I refuse to be a whore

to anyone.”

Moving fast, Bilo back handed Tom so hard he fell over

backwards out of the chair spilling his wine all over

him. “You thick-headed little twit, this isn’t about

me or you or what we do for the throne, it’s about

keeping the peace and harmony for the Kingdom and the

people. Not what we want, but for the good of the land

and the Royal line who have kept the peace largely for

the last fifteen generations. I’m not about to let you

ruin all that work the Paris’ have done.”

Standing over the prone body, Bilo watched as the

pieces of the puzzle fell into place. Extending his

hand, he helped Tom to his feet. “I think I can

understand this.”

“You were stuck no matter what, Tom. Chakotay is

fixated on you that he can’t see straight sometimes.

There was no way he was going to let you go,” Bilo

said as he made to walk out.

“Where are you going? You just got here,” Tom cried

out. He wanted to know more.

“Back to my King. You’ll have to wing it from here,

Tom. Each Maquis has his own way of being handled by

his companion. Good luck to you and Chakotay,” Bilo

walked out of the tent, mounted a fresh horse and left

the camp followed by his escort of fresh guards.

Tom sighed and crawled back into his bedroll trying to

absorb and process all the stuff his uncle had told

him. The wine he had taken was making him sick to his

stomach, but his confusion was nearly gone.


When the tears finally came, he did not even try to

hold it in. The dark prince who was sitting just

outside the tent could hear the sobbing. Chakotay did

not know what to do. He wanted Tom to stay with him,

but if it was going to cause the blond this much

grief, maybe he should let him go.

The sobs were tearing at his heart and the next thing

Chakotay knew he was kneeling beside the bedroll

gathering the slim man into his arms. Tom buried his

face into the Prince’s neck flinging his arms around

the board shoulders seeking comfort. The Prince sat

there and let the younger man cry his heart out.

“I’m sorry, Tom. I never meant to cause you any

suffering,” Chakotay said softly as he kissed the top

of Tom’s head. Tears of his own were falling from his

dark eyes and landing on Tom’s cheek.

The tears of the Prince caused Tom to make up his mind

right then and there, but only if the Prince answered

one question for him the right way. If Chakotay had

real feelings for him, really cared for him, he could

do this in good conscience. If his father had taught

him one thing it was to accept his duty and


Tom looked up at the dark man holding him with hope in

his blue eyes; “Do you love me?”

“RAIDERS! The camp is under attack, Chakotay,” Donato

yelled as he drew his sword to protect his Prince from

the doorway of the tent.

Chakotay turned around pushing Tom behind him drawing

his own sword. Galloping horses and the battle cries

of the raiders tore through the camp while the

soldiers rallied together to fight them off.

“Don’t leave me helpless,” Tom shouted out swiftly

taking in the situation.

“Not a problem, babe,” the Prince used his sword and

chopped the chain on Tom’s ankle a mere three inches

from the anklet. “Stay with me, I need to get to the


“Right behind you,” Tom answered as he followed

Chakotay out of the tent and into the battle zone.

Slaying the raiders in front of him, Donato pushed the

dead off of his sword and joined his Prince as they

pushed to gather with the others.

Tom scooped up a sword sticking out of a dead raider

as they ran by. Shouts from the west side of the camp

indicated where the latest fighting was taking place.

Other soldiers and officers joined the group as they

saw their Prince heading into battle. No one

questioned Tom’s right to be by Chakotay’s side as the

next batch of raiders, about eight to ten, charged the

small group.

Swinging his sword and shouting his own battle cry,

Chakotay gave way to the rage that was in his blood.

Tom had never fought in a real battle before but he

was learning quickly that the raiders had no

hesitation about fighting dirty.

Donato pulled a raider from his horse killing the man

with his sword through the ribs. The horse kicked in

terror and caught the Captain in the thigh with one

back hoof. Both Tom and Chakotay heard the bone snap

and the yelp of pain as the man went down while the

horse ran off. Catching him, Tom drug Donato to a

nearby tent while the Prince and others formed a

protective circle around the men.

“Tom, behind you,” Donato said hoarsely as his hazel

eyes got wide.

As Tom twisted around and thrust his sword into the

enemy’s ribs, he saw Chakotay go down bellowing his

outrage. And then there was blood everywhere.

Everything went into slow motion as he dove to the

side of his Prince slashing and pushing the enemy out

of the way. Dark eyes filled with the pain of his

injuries locked onto the fear filled blue eyes.

Falling to his knees, Tom’s whole world focused solely

on the bronze man lying in front of him. He was

obvious to the fighting around him.

Blood was gushing from a deep slice to the Prince’s

left side just about his hip, but his eyes were locked

on Tom. Ripping his tunic, Tom wadded it up and put

pressure on the wound.

“Tom,” Chakotay hissed in between gasps of pain and


“Stay quiet, my Prince. We need to get this bleeding

stopped,” Tom ordered. He heard Donato yelling for one

of the field surgeons to attend to the Prince.

Chakotay fainted from the blood loss. The field

surgeon had to move Tom out of the way so they could

stitch their Prince up. He fought with them. Keening

his distress at the thought of leaving the injured man

caused a shout from Donato having the surgeons backing

off and letting Tom stay seated on the ground holding

Chakotay’s head in his lap.


The battle was over and the military won but only

marginally as the raiders had done extensive damage to

the camp. Twenty-three were dead and sixty-seven were

injured including the Prince.

With his thigh in a splint, Captain Donato took charge

of the camp and got things organized. Patrols were

doubled and a burial detail was established while

everyone else worked on repairing the camp and tending

to the injured. Donato was glad that relief troops

were due any day and they just needed to hang on until


The Prince was running a high fever and the wound had

become infected. Despite the danger to Chakotay’s

health, Donato was glad to see that Tom had stayed by

the Prince’s side and had refused all offers of help.

Tom preferred to take care of the Chakotay himself.


“Hot, too hot,” Chakotay whimpered trying to push the

blankets off. Cool hands captured his hot ones in an

effort to calm him. He felt coolness on his forehead

and soft words in his ear. “Easy, my Prince. You’re

not well. Sleep.”

“Tom, please, don’t leave me,” Pain filled dark eyes

opened for just a moment catching startled blue eyes.

The proud Prince begged in his delirium. “Please

stay.” A tear fell.

“I don’t know, Cha. You haven’t answered my question,

but I will ask again when you are well,” Tom kissed

the bronze cheek as tears of his own fell. Everything

would hinge on the Prince Chakotay’s answer.

Tom was so tired that he fell asleep while resting his

head on Chakotay’s chest. Broad arms pulled him into

the cot so he was lying beside the Prince. Chakotay

smiled up at Donato as the tucked of them both in.

“Go back to sleep, Chakotay,” Donato teased as he saw

the lustful look in the dark eyes.

Chakotay’s fever had broken a few hours ago and the

Maquis men were famous for their recovery time. The

big man just grinned at the Captain who left the tent

while the sleeping blond was having his clothes pulled

from his slim body.

Tom woke up and found Chakotay lying on top of him

with his cock buried to the hilt in his own ass that

made him feel full. His own body was betraying him as

desire coursed through his veins and he wiggled his

ass to entice the Dark Prince to move above him.

“Please,” Tom begged as he ran his hands over the

smooth dark skin of the Prince’s back. Chakotay loved

the touch of willing hands.

“I love you, Tom Paris. Will you stay with me?” There

was hope and fear of rejection in the soft dark eyes.

Tom felt his heart and mind lighten at the Prince’s

words. He could do this. “I will stay, Chakotay. I

will stay.” A pair of lips found his ending any more


“Let me show you the way home.” The Dark Prince did

just that.

The End?
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