The Fantasy Of Tom by Cassatt
Summary: What happens when a fantasy takes form? Chakotay gets a present for his birthday which has a lasting effect on two committed relationships.
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Part 1 by Cassatt
Disclaimer: Paramount owns them, we get to play with them.
Rating: NC-17 Contains graphic scenes of consensual adult M/M sex.

Summary: C/P, J/C, P/T. Chapter One: Chakotay gets a present for his birthday.
Copyright July 2001 Cassatt

The Fantasy of Tom

"Happy Birthday, honey," Kathryn said, snaking her hand up Chakotay's chest to the back of his head. She rubbed the short, soft hair there, grinning crookedly at him. "Well?" she asked.

"Well what?" he teased.

She slapped his chest with her other hand. "Well, aren't you going to express your thanks?"

"Oh, you want me to express my thanks. Like how?" His head dipped, his lips landing on the side of her neck, moving against her skin seductively. "Like this?" His kisses continued, his tongue darting out occasionally to taste her.

She moaned softly. "Yes, that works. You know that always works..."

"Thank you, Kathryn, for my wonderful birthday," he said in between kisses.

She smiled. He didn't even know that the best was yet to come.

They were on the holodeck. A program Kathryn had designed herself in her spare time over the past few months. The cottage was set in the mountains. Just two rooms; one with a couch, a fireplace and a number of pillows on the soft rug, the other a bedroom with a four poster, a very plush quilt and another fireplace. They were in front of the couch, having had dinner catered by the replicator and having danced to the music she programmed in.

She moved her head so her lips met his roaming ones. They melted together with a sigh, which turned into a moan as the kiss got deeper and deeper. The bottle of wine they had consumed lowered their inhibitions even further than they already were, which was considerably low. They'd made love on the holodeck before, many times. With their command codes no one could open the doors without their permission, not that anyone would dare try.

She pulled his shirt up, following the fabric with her mouth and her hands, kissing his stomach, then his chest, getting the shirt over his head and down his arms, tossing it aside. Her mouth returned to his skin, kissing and licking anywhere she felt like, his moans intensifying when she zeroed in on his dark nipples, sucking and nipping them gently. She worked on them while letting her hands travel down his back, under his waistband and down as far in as she could reach. She loved working him up, and this being his birthday - she had big plans. Unfastening his pants, she slid them down, over his erection and hips, down his legs while he slipped out of his shoes. He stepped out of his clothes. He looked magnificent. She sighed with anticipation and directed her attention to the organ bobbing in front of her.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Chakotay let her do whatever she wished, enjoying being the passive one for the moment, feeling himself getting more and more excited, fired up. Wanting her, badly, as he always did. He watched her as she worked on his erection with her hands and her mouth, running his fingers through her hair, feeling moans coming out of his throat, the sensations she was building up inside him making his knees weak.

Suddenly he heard the door knock, his brain only half understanding the sound. She stood up, stroking him one last time, smiling deeply at him.

"Your final present is at the door," she said softly, "and remember, he's a hologram..."

He's a hologram? His heart began to pound, the few possibilities shooting through a mind dulled by alcohol weren't making any sense. Then one name came forth, unbidden. Gods, she didn't mean... He felt his erection harden at the thought.

He watched him come into the room, being led by Kathryn, and his heart started beating wildly in his chest. He'd never be able to control himself, he thought, not if that man did what Kathryn had been doing to him. Never.

Tom came toward him, a smile on his face that was almost seductive. This was a holographic Tom, the man who'd fueled his fantasies for years. One off-hand comment made on an away mission, when oxygen was dissipating, and they thought death was close. One last orgasm, Tom had joked, that's all he wanted. He'd offered to mend the fences between them, to give mutual pleasure in the last moments of their lives. Before Chakotay had had the chance to answer, they'd been hailed by the ship, rescue was imminent. He was surprised at himself, he would have agreed. Not that he'd ever thought of it before then. But once he did, he found the whole idea an amazing turn on. Tom's hand on him. Tom's mouth on him. Frantic movements in a shuttle, coming together, having intercourse inside Tom while he jerked Tom off, making him come, slamming into his body, Tom screaming out in pleasure. Chakotay moaned to himself as Tom approached.

Kathryn reached his side first, and motioned for the hologram to stop. He did.

"Happy Birthday, honey," she said, sliding her hands up his chest to lock around his neck.

Spirits, this woman... "Come 'ere, you." He cupped her buttocks and pulled. She chuckled as she jumped him, burying her face into his neck once he had her in his tight hold. His erection was squeezed in between them, and she took full advantage of the situation, rotating her hips, her dress now pushed to her upper thighs, her legs locked around his waist. Their mouths met and they kissed deeply.

"I love you, Kathryn," he whispered. "But are you sure you're okay with this..."

"I'm giving it to you because I love you. Everyone should enjoy their fantasies, don't you think? And I know that you love me, I don't doubt that. I know you desire me, I don't doubt that either. How could I? But you desire him, just in a different way. And he desires you, too. He wants you," she said seductively. "I'm fine, and I'm staying right here..." She unlocked her legs and slid down the front of him slowly, causing him to groan from the friction.

His heart started pounding again. The holographic Tom came toward him again. Chakotay's stomach flip flopped again. His erection throbbed again.

Tom stood right in front of him now. Kathryn was behind him, stroking his back lightly, just letting him know she was there, turning him on even more by staying, and watching. Please, touch me, Tom... Tom's hands hadn't reached out yet, but his face was getting closer and closer. Suddenly, Tom leaned in quickly and kissed him, hard, then softer, deepening the kiss, moaning as he thrust his tongue far into Chakotay's mouth. He thought he was going to faint as his stomach dipped and Tom's tongue worked the inside of his mouth pursuasively, Chakotay's brain automatically transferring the sensations to his erection which was now thrusting blindly, trying to make contact with Tom in any way it could. "Touch me...." he moaned, only half aware the words had actually been formed against Tom's lips.

Tom pulled away, smiling, and yanked off his shirt. He brought his hands to Chakotay's chest, rubbing his palms lightly, straying further down but not yet touching Chakotay where he was desperate for a touch. Just a touch, that would do it. Then Tom did something that almost made Chakotay come right there without being touched at all. He dropped to his knees in front of him. To his knees. Tom's hands were on Chakotay's hips, his touch feather light, Kathryn's touch equally so behind him. Dear Gods, he's really going to... another moan came out of his throat as he watched Tom's face getting closer and closer to him. Tom opened his mouth. Chakotay's heart was pounding so loudly he was sure the other two could hear it. His stomach was flip flopping wildly.

Tom flicked his tongue out and swiped the tip of Chakotay's erection. His knees got weak. The motion was repeated, this time a little slower. And again, slower, taking more time for contact. His lips barely brushing the foreskin, the erection throbbing, the urge to thrust into Tom's mouth was almost completely overpowering. He held back only because the anticipation was so erotic, the excruciating slowness with which Tom's mouth was finally touching him was turning him on so, the need to faint was returning. Gods..... Then in one swift movement Tom took it all in, licking, sucking, and stroking him, the intensity of the sudden sensations causing an orgasm to begin snaking its way from between his legs through his belly to the very tip. His hips were thrusting, thrusting his erection across Tom's tongue, against his palate, hitting the back of his holographic throat.

Tom continued to work on him, licking up and down, slowly, then quickly, the sensations mind boggling. Stars were beginning to form behind his eyes, but still he kept them open, watching everything, memorizing each movement the man was making. Suddenly, Tom frantically unzipped his pants and pulled out his own cock, hard and strong and fully erect. He started to pump it with his left hand while he worked Chakotay's with his right. Chakotay moaned aloud, seeing that Tom was as turned on by this as he was.... or holographic Tom anyway. Good enough. He didn't care.

Tom's left hand was working steadily and Chakotay could feel the moans Tom was producing humming against his erection, as Tom's own orgasm was beginning, causing his to spiral even faster. Then, as suddenly as he began, Tom pulled away, causing the older man to groan and thrust at the younger. But Tom had other ideas. He unfastened his pants completely, then, making direct eye contact with Chakotay, he stood and took his pants down, kicking everything off. He then reached for Chakotay's hand, pulling them both down to their knees. He placed Chakotay's hand on him and once again, Chakotay thought he might come right there, as he slowly felt Tom's hardness, watched the man's face change as he increased the speed of his pumping, then rubbed the tip of the erection slowly, causing Tom's eyes to close briefly with a soft moan.

"He wants you....." Kathryn whispered in Chakotay's ear. "Take him...."

"Gods..." Chakotay moaned in response.

Sure enough, Tom began to turn away, bending over, putting his hands down and his ass in the air directly in front of him. How am I going to do this, I'll never last more than ten seconds if I do this. He wants me to.... Tom reached back and felt for Chakotay's erection, grabbing it and moving himself back towards it.

"Take him...." Kathryn repeated, kissing Chakotay's neck, licking it slowly, up to the earlobe. "Now...." she finished.

His resistance disintegrated. He put his hands on Tom's cheeks, parting them, his heart beating wildly again as he saw the opening. It looked so small. So inviting. So tight. Seska was the last person he'd done this with but she'd wanted him to be almost brutal about it. He quickly pushed those memories aside. Kathryn handed him a tube of lubricant and kissed him deeply. He put some on Tom, who moaned softly at the contact. He placed a finger on him and Tom moaned a little louder, rocking backwards slightly. He slowly pushed his finger in, then moved it around in circles, Tom moaning even more, causing Chakotay's heart to jump and his cock to twitch frantically. He added another finger to loosen Tom up, the groan coming from the man on his hands and knees deep and seductive. Gods, I want him.... badly.

"Your turn, love," Kathryn said in his ear, picking up the lubricant. She squatted down, facing him and opened the tube, put some on her hand, then slowly stroked it on him, again kissing him deeply. He groaned into her mouth, the feel of her hand on him, so familiar, the taste of her taking him to another place, as always. The love he felt for her growing exponentially by the minute, for what she was giving him. She pulled back and their eyes locked as she touched his face. Then she just moved away to somewhere behind him. He closed his eyes for a moment, feeling the anticipation surge through him. The hips under his hands moved, drawing his attention once more. He let out a small moan at the sight before him.

He could wait no longer. He placed his tip at Tom's opening, the touch sending electrical currents straight to his stomach, turning it over. Tom rocked backwards. Chakotay pushed the tip in and Tom moaned. He pushed a little further and a little further, trying to give holographic Tom time to adjust, but Tom rocked backwards, pushing himself further onto him. A few more nudges and finally he was completely sheathed inside. Tom was panting. Chakotay wasn't breathing, the full reality of what he was doing hitting him almost at once. Please let me last more than a nanosecond... He began to move, gently, the tightness of Tom so incredible, clutching Chakotay's penis in a firm grip as he started to thrust.

"Do it," Tom panted out, "hard... please..."

He complied with increasing force and surety, thrusting into Tom who was moving right along with the man who was fucking him. Oh-h-h... An orgasm was once again clearly, quickly, snaking its way from between his legs as he pulled back and shoved into Tom, over and over and over. He placed his left hand on Tom's back and reached under him with his right, taking Tom's erection and pumping him as he thrust. Just like he'd always dreamed of doing. Virtual reality was much better than his fantasy, for Tom was moving his hips in rhythm with Chakotay, his groans matching Chakotay's, the sounds of their bodies hitting each other mixed with their noises was sending him spiraling up even more quickly. Tom appeared to be right behind.

Suddenly, Chakotay knew he was close, very very close, the stars were appearing behind his closed eyelids so he slowed his movements and opened them.... he continued to pump Tom rapidly though, wanting him to come first, knowing that might be the thing to send him over the edge and needing that to be so. A low gutteral moan began to come from Tom and his hips slowed, too, but Chakotay kept working him. He felt the erection surge with blood the moment before Tom's noises became a loud groan of 'oh God!' and his hips thrust forward forcefully, the shooting warmth of Tom's semen pumping out onto Chakotay's hand. Oh Gods.... He felt his orgasm begin to take him over the precipice and he resumed his thrusts, as Tom continued to leak cum in slow spurts. Chakotay closed his eyes, and with one final shove deep into Tom, the stars exploded as he came, hard, spilling himself inside the man, only vaguely hearing Tom's loud groan but feeling him move even further backwards as if trying to take Chakotay even further in. Sounds and movements and feelings became a blur.

Somehow he pulled out and somehow he ended up on his back with his eyes closed and the room still spinning. He smelled her the moment before he felt her on top of him. He came to enough to pull her up to his face, to kiss her, devour her, pull her dress up and out from between them, needing her desperately.

She sat up to get her dress off and watched the hologram gathering up his clothes. It was odd, she thought, that his walk looked a little shaky. He even stumbled a bit before he opened the door and left the cabin.
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