The Sodomite Maneuver by mort
Summary: "169" word DRABBLE, Poor Tom No 56 "Sooner or later everyone comes in Paris"
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1/1 by mort
The Sodomite Maneuver

"We've run out of options. They won't let us past."

Janeway looked glumly at the huge battleship dominating the viewscreen.

"If we follow the course they've ordered it'll take months to cross the nebula instead of two weeks. We're low on energy already. We just don't have anything that they want to trade for, except our technology, and that's out of the question," she sighed

"Oh I don't know, Captain, there's always our secret last hope," Chakotay whispered softly


"A starship's last defense against undefeatable odds," he intoned solemnly.

"The Corbonite Maneuver?" Kathryn queried

"No, actually I was thinking about Tom's ass," he smirked

"OOOOH," she said eyeing the blond pilot speculatively, a smile playing on her lips

"It's never failed us before," Chakotay reminded her softly.

"Mr. Paris, please come to my ready room," she snapped in sudden decision

Tom swiveled in his chair, his blue eyes meeting hers in confusion before understanding dawned and a wide cocky grin stretched his face.

"YES MA'AM," he drawled happily.
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