Before you attempt to contact the TPD staff please read through this carefully. You never know, the answer might lie herein for your problem.

01. Registration

Q - Who needs to sign up?
A - Please be aware that you only have to sign up for an account if you want to post your stories here. The members' login page is only for authors. We do not require readers to login in order to read or post reviews. However, we reserve the right to reconsider this policy of non-registration if problems are to arise in the future.

Q - I signed up a few hours ago and still haven't received my password!
A - Sometimes the e-mails are caught in a loop somewhere, if this problem persist after 24 hours, please contact the webmaster using the Contact Form, and they will assign you a password.

Q - I want to delete my accout, how do I go about with this?
A - While we're sad to see you go, just send us an email using the Contact Form from the e-mail address which you registered your account. This is to make sure that no one besides you have access to your account. Please be aware that once your account is deleted, all your stories, inluding the reviews will be gone.

02. Fanfic

Q - I have tried to upload my fanfic story but it doesn't seem to show up.
A - It is currently impossible to upload .doc files, so if you happen to have tried to do that, that might be the reason. If it's not, then you have to double check if you have filled out all the nessecary fields. If the story still doesn't turn up, please contact us via the Contact Form.

However, if you simply copy the text from your .doc files into the WYSIWYG Editor, all of the formatting (bold, italics etc) will remain in your story.

Q - When I upload my story it seems odd, long break between the paragraphs or what seems to be scripts/nonsense at the top of my story.
A - If you, converted your .doc file to html using Microsoft Word, the sever will have trouble understanding the file due to excess html tags that Word, as well as other programs inserted into the file. I recommend that you convert your story into a clean html page (meaning no coding and no secondary tags from various programs including Microsoft Words.) A good program to clean up any unnecessary tags is the HTML-Kit, which can be downloaded for free. Alternatively, try formatting your story as a plain text document.

03. Categories

Q - I want to submit a story but the category that I want to submit it into does not exist.
A - You can leave the Webmaster a note (using the Contact Form) with your request to the new category and she will make it ASAP.

Q - The story I have fits into more than one category, what do I do?
A - Select additional categories! This function is available, and if you need help adding a second category, please do not hesitate to contact us using the Contact Form.