Reviews For Collision Course

Name: Tiel (Signed) · Date: 24/11/07 - 03:08 am · Chapter: The Traitor
This is the story I always wanted to hear: The backstory! What was happening on the Maquis ship and how did they all get intertwined. This is why I read fan fic...More goodies than the show! This explains Chakotay's reactions to Paris in Caretaker as well. Thanks! And, I'll still keep reading! Say, any idea where the "Pookuh", "Poocah" pet name came from? It's a term for an Irish imp, but I don't know if that's why Chakotay uses it in so many C/P fics for Paris.

Author's Response: I haven't a clue where the Pookuh comes from. I've never particularly liked it, for some reason I can't fathom so my versions of Chakotay have never said it but it would be interesting to know the first mention of it. One a similar note, it's like Ayala's first name Greg and Chakotay's brothers Bey and Nayib, they just seem to be firmly stuck in fan fiction. Susie

Name: Tiel (Signed) · Date: 24/11/07 - 02:20 am · Chapter: The Friend
Chakotay, the way I want him!!! Gawd, I wish he'd been more like this in the "real" series. I LOVE the fact that he's leading this group, yet he's strong and fair!!! I wanted him to have his own moral compass, (like Mal in Firefly and for that matter, Kirk) not the "Starfleet ideals" that Janeway droned on about. Great work as always and I'm really happy to see you getting responses to your story! Thanks! I'll keep reading!

Author's Response: My thoughts exactly, TPTB could have made a lot more out of the Maquis rebel. I came late to the series and in every episode Janeway seemed to ignore Chakotay's advice and do the opposite. It was only as I watched the first series that I realised he wasn't just a puppet. Thanks for the feedback, very much appreciated. Susie

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