Reviews For Of Lust and Love

Name: fi_greenleaf (Anonymous) · Date: 06/01/05 - 09:34 pm · Chapter: Of love and lust
That was excellent! I love the way Tom runs out, making us think that he's in for one lonely angst-filled trek back to the Alpha quadrant, but then he comes back...and all is well!!! It worked much better than if he'd just jumped on Chakotay at the end - it was really well done! :-) will there be a sequel? *looks hopeful* :-)

Author's Response: I was nervous you wouldn't like the end. I hadn't considered doing a sequel but as you're the second person to mention one, you just never know. Thanks for the feedback and I am really pleased you enjoyed it.

Name: Fi_greenleaf (Anonymous) · Date: 04/01/05 - 11:55 am · Chapter: Reawakening ghosts
Wow - that was really good. Chakotay is now going to be a man on a mission, right?, to see if he can reach Tom and get him to admit the truth, right?!!! God - I'm getting so into this - you have to update again soon - please!!!!

Author's Response: As you asked so nicely I've posted 2 parts. Thanks for taking time to comment.

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