HELP Find a Fic!
by banshee on 02/03/11 - 03:22 pm ( 0 Comments )

Are you able to help your fellow users find a fic? Does anyone recognise these stories? Please comment with the name and/or link!

Tom/Chakotay 01

I am looking for a fic that is Tom/Chakotay pairing.  It has Chak pregnant with Tom's children and telling the story of how they got together in the end.  In the fic, Tom is origanally sentenced to prison on some planet but Chak takes the sentence for him.  Tom goes to visit him in prison everyday and they marry to be able to see each other more.  There is more but I don't remember much else except that it is a wonderful story.  I hope that someone can help me with this.

Tom/Chakotay 02

The only parts I can remember from it are an argument between chakotay and tom paris, in paris' rooms I believe. Chakotay leaves and tom follows him after a short time. When he gets to chakotays rooms, chaotays door is locked. Kathryn sees tom and lets him in to chakotays. Then while shes in her bathroom she hears tom and chakotay yelling followed by a bang, thinking he'd hit him, she overides the lock and catches them in the shower. Then chakotay and tom either they act like nothing happen or they continue figting alot(I can't remember). Kathryn decides to try and force them to get along by sending them to check on a malfunction in a jeffries tube and locking them in together. Tom turns out to be claustrophobic. Theres some bits with b'elanna and harry also trying to get them together and teaming up with the captain to rig a shuttle malfunction, which results in one of them getting hurt though which I don't know.