HELP! User needs assistance finding a story
by banshee on 27/10/10 - 03:56 pm ( 2 Comments )

Reader Mary has written in asking for help locating a story. Please have a read of her summary below and see if you recognise it:

I am looking for a story I am sure I read on this site. Chakotay has a heart attack and Tom takes care of him. Harry does not like that Tom is doing this and is upset that everyone is so worried about Chakotay. Tom sees that it is because of Harry that he has no friends on board but with his taking care of Chakotay that all starts to change. Harry is unhappy and is planning on kipnapping Tom but the Captain stops him.


A helpful user said the following:

I hope this is how to answer Mary's request. I couldn't figure out any other way. I believe the story she is searching for is "Things Change" by Maxine.  It isn't on TPD but she might be able to find it on Maxine's website on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.  If not, I have it saved on my computer and could probably forward a copy to her.

banshee @ 31/10/10 - 11:29 pm

I found an archieve of the story at the site Paris Nights (  If that is the tale she's thinking of they have a copy of it there.  And I remember reading a tale similiar to that myself, but not sure if it was on TPD or another site when I read it.  I hope this helps out.

Skoshybabe @ 04/02/11 - 11:09 am